There will never be a language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad programs.


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Every time I tell my Japanese girlfriend something about Xbox, the first question I get is "What's an Xbox?". She's perfectly familiar with Nintendo and Playstation though, and enjoys playing games. Think that tells us enough about Xbox' chances in Japan.

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They wouldn't. Cartoon pornography depicting minors is legal in Japan.

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Lol, except that the people at Microsoft know very well that this will be circumvented within the first few months the console is on sale.

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What about the games that use "The Cloud"? Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Halo 5.. Will we be able to play those with phone tethering? Will those only require kilobytes?

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TitanFall's on PC too, Killer Instinct is being developed by Double Helix games, Sunset Boulevard looks like another Fuse waiting to happen, and there's plenty of alternatives to Forza on other platforms.

The only games that actually look promising and unique enough to own an Xbox One for are Halo and Dead Rising 3, the second of which is almost guaranteed to be a timed exclusive.

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Some of these titles should have been available at launch. I feel the WiiU launched a year too early.

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Rather than making baseless assumptions like you did, I actually provided evidence for my claim:

"SCEA CEO Jack Tretton told CNBC that that the plan is for PlayStation 4 titles to max out at $60, the same cost ceiling as existing PlayStation 3 games."

Also, PS1 games cost $49.99 back in the day, as did PS2 games. PS3 games got a price hike to $59.99, and PS4 games will again stick to $59.99.

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Amazon always lists the prices much higher than they will actually be because they have a price guarantee.

If they set the price of their products to be at the price they expect it to be and the products actually end up being more expensive, they are forced to sell those products at the lower price point that they estimated.

They're therefore a terrible measure of what the products will actually cost ;)

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Games are still £40 - £45 and the controller costs £54,-

I have no idea where you're getting your numbers from but they're incorrect.

Game prices:

Controller Price:

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When taking into account living expenses and salary, the difference honestly isn't that big. Exchange rate is a terrible measure of "unfair treatment based on region", especially now that the dollar is such a weak currency.

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This game looks great, I can't wait to play it myself. First the Last of Us though - just a few more days :D

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This was just in response to Microsoft's event, otherwise we could think of Mirror's Edge, Beyond: Two Souls and like you said, Bayonetta 2.

Her comment however is quite immature, but some of the people responding to it even more so. I personally love games with female protagonists, but I don't feel it should be a must, just like games with male protagonists shouldn't be a must.

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" It cost them nothing"

Yeah I bet the servers, maintenance, updates and service cost them nothing. Why else do you think Sony introduced PSN in the first place? They weren't earning enough on regular sales to break even with the costs of PSN.

If you want free online multiplayer, stick to PC.

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What about my friends who might want to play as other characters as me? And can I try the characters before buying them? Because I have no idea which character I'll like playing as, or am I supposed to go by looks?

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there's only one model for as far as we know, so that's the model with the 500 GB Hard Drive. I hope (and expect) it is replaceable.

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PSN cost Sony a lot of money in the last generation, so I'm not surprised by the move. Disappointing, but easy to understand.

Regardless, I'm already a PS+ member and the value is great. I'm glad to see Microsoft is starting to offer similar content on XBL Gold.

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If this is true, I suppose I'll get Mirror's Edge 2 on PC.

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Because all of those mediums except for books have various sources of income, whereas games only have one.

Books on the other hand lose value much quicker than games do, since they are affected by wear & tear.

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Euhm whoever submitted this article misread the tweet. It's a big day tomorrow, not big news, because the review embargo is then lifted.

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A faked software presentation (the reveal event) without a clear statement on the presentation being faked ahead of showing the proposed features is the same as showing a CG trailer of a game and passing it off as game play.

It's false advertising.

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