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"There will never be a language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad programs."


What does this mean? Simply speaking, games will be limited by current console hardware for another decade or so. Great :/

On the other hand, it does offer some more opportunities for students such as myself, as limited hardware means a bigger need for technological improvements. #14
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Weak justification. Piracy has been possible on the Xbox 360 and Wii for years. Killzone 3 leaking does _nothing_ good for gaming. All it means is that even more security measures will be put in place, that hackers will simply crack, but that us normal users have to live with.

DRM is one example that comes to mind. That's how good piracy is for gaming. #9
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There's nothing wrong with Piracy? How old are you, 12? That's the age on which I would've agreed, because back then I didn't know it damaged other people. #2.6.1
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Badly written article, but most of all - how many ads can you fit on one page? Honestly. #20
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Look, I know where you guys are coming from, and yes I do believe a reward for work & effort is in place. But at the same time, I don't believe a title is the kind of reward you should be looking for, either.

The title is there purely for giving you a sense of accomplishment, whilst at the same time it is cheap and utterly useless. Therefore, I don't see it as a big deal to take it away. In fact, I feel titles shouldn't be there to begi... #4.1.5
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Someone argued before that people play WoW for enjoyment. I'm sure you agree on that.

Now given that, does the removal of the title take away any of the enjoyment that the players had with the game? They're two words, and I'm sure there's different ways of showing how much time you put into the game, in case the removal hurt your ego.

If you enjoyed those hundreds of hours, you wouldn't mind this title being taken away. If you did not enj... #4.1.2
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From the beta, the only thing I don't like about Killzone 3 is how long the characters scream for. #5
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It's due to the amount of additional network processing that is required. The engine consistently has to ensure that it displays players at the right place, at the right time. There's also significant delays between getting the character locations, as of course even NPC locations have to be consistent with the player.

The more players in one single location, the higher the number of delays. The trade-off there is that, given such delays you don't want the player... #4.1
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Surprisingly (or perhaps not so much), when humans are stressed, which Ethan definitely was, they resort to having sex. #1.4.3
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Not completely unexpected. As long as my Nokia 3220 works, I won't be buying another phone. Though when it breaks, I'll go for an android - not sure which one though, depends on which one is the best for the lowest price lol. #7
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I understand where they are coming from, even though I feel this is not the way to go. But truth of the matter is that, given that these fansites accept donations, they are in fact earning money on Bioware's material.

On top, marketing wise it's risky to have a direct line with Bioware, as the information doesn't go through several channels to ensure that it's good for the game. Add to that accidental reveals, and you've got a risky relationship.
... #3
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This is one of the few titles, very few titles, of which the demo tempted me to buy the full game. It's actually really entertaining, and the game design is superb. #2
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Hope we get an HD remake of Final Fantasy X, would love that! Not counting on it though :( #4
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I'm gonna sue Intel cause their processor caused some random guy's hard drive to be corrupted. $$$.

Seriously, all the judge is going to say about this, if it even goes that far, is that it was their own damn fault to replace the hard drive in the first place. As far as I know, anything going wrong with that is at your own responsibility #32
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If they want to compete, first they'll have to change the name. From Metro 2033 to Metro 2034 simply won't strike many people as a sequel, but people will instead believe it's the same game... #9
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Grand Theft Auto: Modern Warfare

Lol should be interesting. We'll see what happens though. #6
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How about this?

Instead of videogames and movies making people more aggressive and violent, did it ever occur to you that the people who already are violent and aggressive by nature would be more inclined to play a lot of aggressive video games?

That would still give the same results in research, but it also means that entertainment media doesn't make one more violent. #6
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"scripted events that would make Hollywood proud (Modern Warfare's nuke scene)"
Ok, gotta give this one, though is this really such an important improvement to shooters?

"emergent gameplay (creative use of weaponry and plasmid powers in BioShock)"
This is nothing new, System Shock had it back in the Playstation 1 era.

"cooperative campaigns (Halo: Reach)"
Lol? What about Perfect Dark on Nintendo 64? No... #8
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"Why? Gameplay and grahpic and story is not standard in 2011. "

As in, it's not Call of Duty? #1.1.1
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To get the key, reverse engineering was used. To publish the results of reverse engineering online, without a written permission of the owner of the software, is illegal as well.
If this case was anywhere but in America, it would be a guarantee that Hotz would have fines piling up in front of his front door. Either that or jailtime, depending on how serious the court would consider the issue.

"also prohibits the public release of information obt... #8.1.4
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