There will never be a language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad programs.


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Glad to see I wasn't the only one lol

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So one gay man being okay with it = all gay men being okay with it?

You're trying to disprove me by anecdotal evidence. Good luck.

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1. So putting something like Rape into a game is acceptable as well, under the banner of artistic freedom? Artistic Freedom has its limits, and if it's contributing to a social problem it can be offensive. Either you allow everything under the banner of Artistic Freedom, or you're consistent with disallowing things based on social acceptance. If hetero sexual relationships are allowed, so should gay sexual relationships.

And let me spell it out for you why this is so ...

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"accusing Japan of having some "serious issues with homophobia""

Having lived in Japan for 8 months now, I can tell you that homophobia is a major problem in this country. As is patriarchy.

I think the response is completely justified. It's great that the game is making its way over to the US, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be scrutinized. It's unacceptable to ignore the existence of homosexual, lesbian and bisexual peo...

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Square root = 29
Days in February = 28

The idea is that there's a countdown which ends on June 2nd.

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I don't really feel that America is the savior in this one.. As they describe it, this game is about an operation to topple the US government and transform the country into a dictatorship. The operation is run by US nationals, so for once it's not "America fuck yeah".

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Whilst visually not the best it could have been, the concept behind the story as well as setting hit the right notes. I've been away for a while but count me in for this entry!

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I'm confused. I've now heard about a dozen reasons as to why it's exclusive to Xbox One and not on PS4, and many of them seem to contradict each other. On top of that, this story really doesn't match up with what other developers have been saying.

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Just 4.8 million yen? Guess they're not doing it for the money.

Ah, the article states Billion, not Million. So they're selling it for

4.800.000.000 Yen, not
4.800.000 Yen. That would make it about 40 million USD, quite the difference.

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This story sounds awfully similar to that of Free Radical with Battlefront 3. I think this shows that LucasArts and BattleFront 3 had a lot more to do with their demise than Haze did.

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They did with PSP.. which then got hacked into oblivion. It's a security issue created by the sheer amount of people that pirated PSP software.

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I look forward to seeing screenshot comparisons of this version with the one on PS3. Wonder how big the difference is.

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In the interview the CEO doesn't sound very professional. For that reason alone, I'll assume that their product, even if it exists, will never hit the market.

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End of fiscal year, start of a new generation.. This stuff is pretty normal.

Santa Monica - project gets cancelled, Stig is not happy about it and leaves.

Evolution studios - guy's kid has an illness and he can't travel 2 hours to work every day because of it.

Amy Henning - unsure but probably creative differences

Justin Richmond - More interested in working with Riot Games, but emphasizes that Naughty Dog is still a...

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I'll bring snacks for the show.

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It took like 2 months for me to get accepted, and that lasted about 2 weeks until I got banned lol. Mods on Neogaf can ban you for simply disagreeing with you, so you have to be really careful on the site.

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I suppose posting a comment here won't hurt. I've wanted a PS4 since its announcement, even had a pre-order with Amazon, but unfortunately I ran out of money. Fingers crossed.

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Both Linux and OSX are unix-based systems. Porting from one to the other is trivial.

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Calm down, this is Ubisoft, not EA. It's okay when they do it.

On a less sarcastic note, I thought this was an online-only title since the day it was announced.

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Not so much. Disinterest I presume.

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