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"There will never be a language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad programs."


I wouldn't let my kids play GTA either Tubers, and I doubt SilentNegotiator would let them play the game.

Think Cyguration is spot on with this - these games indicate that molestation is normal and fun. It's not an exact reflection of the way the Japanese think about women, but it is a reflection of how most men here would like to think about women. Japanese women are often treated like products one can buy at a supermarket, rather than actual people. If and when I h... #10.1.3
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Dunno - I'd say this title will never be released if it wasn't for Duke Nukem Forever and Final Fantasy XV actually releasing after even more time.

It's not been quite 8 years though... Title was announced in 2009, and started development in like 2007. That's 7 years development and 5 years that we've known about it. Final Fantasy Versus (now XV) started development in 2006 or 2005, and we've known about that game for 8 years now #9
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First off - what type of forum it is really doesn't matter. If you wanted to quote the book, you should have quoted the book. If you wanted to quote an important document listed in a 67 page long forum discussion, you should have quoted that document. Posting a forum topic, regardless of whether it's neogaf or a government run official forum, it just doesn't qualify as evidence due to the basic nature that anyone can sign up and claim to be anyone. Discussion 101.

... #1.6
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A forum topic with verifiable documents and people working for Atari? Did you personally verify that those people had any history working for Atari? Or could they just be people that say they worked for Atari?

A forum topic is not a verifiable source of information, no matter how much you want it to be. But lets say, for the sake of your argument, that everything on the forum is true - I still don't see how that somehow implies that Atari didn't bury E.T. copies, nor... #1.5
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Cnet vs. Forum post and Youtube video. Regardless of what they say, I wonder which is more credible.. #1.4
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Packaging.. The plastic wrapping would've prevented damage from the landfill. #2.1
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Err.. They did bury copies of E.T. in the desert, and they recently uncovered them. That's what this article is about. #1.3
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Just because he works with Naughty Dog doesn't mean he's not got experience with DirectX. People have free time and a career that has likely taken them through many different companies, and it's highly unlikely he's not got significant experience with DirectX. This experience gives him an understanding of how the API works, and what the things that Microsoft says during GDC actually mean, other than "OMG BETTER GRAPHICS".

He's a lot more credible... #6.2.1
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Awesome, thanks! I normally spot the free titles but I missed that one. Now just need to get a computer that can actually run it. #2.5.1
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Perhaps not, but they're the ones producing 90% of that shovel ware, and the Japanese consumer is buying. #6.4.2
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"Each character’s voice is modeled after the Zelda universe, "...

Which part of the Zelda universe? This one? #7
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Acceptance is a topic that applies to everyone, not just adults. The ability to have a homosexual relationship is just as relevant to children as the ability to have a hetero sexual relationship. Either have both or neither, anything else and you're essentially telling children that not everyone is equal because their preferences don't match that which the materials they are exposed to reflect is "correct".

If "romance is gross" is the group of peo... #1.2.2
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Holy damn, I can't believe how many people are so against this. I honestly don't see anything wrong with the option to have a same sex relationship. I don't see anything wrong with a company showing that it is okay to be whoever you want, instead of pushing into your face that the only thing that's normal is to be hetero sexual. I'd say the latter is an agenda, the former is equality. #28
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This is fake. Battlefront won't be called "Battlefront 3". It'll just be "Star Wars: Battlefront". #101
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But if it's just an oversight on Nintendo's part, how come they're not trying to meet a clear wish of gamers? Allowing relationships between characters of the same sex is a 10 minute fix on their end, so finance is hardly an argument. #3
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For games nobody plays anymore? The games that are still being played will be updated with new support, e.g. Battlefront 2, Bulletstorm, Civ.

But there's really no financial reason to setup new servers and a new infrastructure for games that only 10 people still play. #6.1
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Except that this has nothing to do with EA. #5.4
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Glad to see I wasn't the only one lol #3.1
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So one gay man being okay with it = all gay men being okay with it?

You're trying to disprove me by anecdotal evidence. Good luck. #2.3.4
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1. So putting something like Rape into a game is acceptable as well, under the banner of artistic freedom? Artistic Freedom has its limits, and if it's contributing to a social problem it can be offensive. Either you allow everything under the banner of Artistic Freedom, or you're consistent with disallowing things based on social acceptance. If hetero sexual relationships are allowed, so should gay sexual relationships.

And let me spell it out for you why this is so... #2.3.2
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