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"There will never be a language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad programs."


That's because minorities are disadvantaged and discriminated against. If everyone just accepted them for the way they were, we wouldn't see them "bitch about shit". #4.1
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"Them not thinking about it is my guess"

That's a poor guess though, considering gay relationships come automatically when you're creating a game. The way that code works is that if you implement a method for two characters to be in a relationship, you need to also include a bunch of checks. These checks include whether or not either character is in a relationship, whether or not the characters have both agreed to be in a relationship, and indeed, whether or... #1.4
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I've been excited for this game ever since I found out John Noble is voicing scarecrow. And with the E3 gameplay demo I can safely say that this is one of my most anticipated games. #2
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It's still got distinctive Japanese qualities, and it's unlikely that a developer would create a product like it.

But it's like I said, some games, such as Shaun Cameron below highlighted very well, have universal appeal. But it's very difficult to create these types of games due to the cultural differences, and that's why I believe Nintendo deserves it's position in the industry perhaps more than any developer out there. #16.1.1
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Vehicle to Vehicle hijacking was done in that Vin Diesel game, grapple hook has been done plenty of times before as well.. I'm guessing they mean "the only Far Cry game in which you can do these 15 things"? #4
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Because people create the games that they are interested in playing. American developers will, surprise surprise, create games for American players. Japanese developers will create games for Japanese players. There's always titles that are the exception to the rule, but it's very difficult to create a game that appeals to a market other than the one you're part of, because it's too difficult to measure what is considered fun for those people. #16
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I don't see how this is somehow overhyping. The game is one of the best looking titles that is currently in development for PS4.

We don't know a thing about how good the game actually is, but that's completely unrelated to the statement OPM makes here. #10
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"many pedophiles do eventually act on their fantasies"

That's a slippery slope you just put yourself on. You have any evidence for that statement?

As far as I see it, I have my own sexual fantasies, as do many others, but as long as I can vent those through videos I don't feel the explicit need to actually experience them. I'd imagine it's the same for people that consume child pornography.

In this way, I'd much... #8.1.2
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To hell with cultural differences, guns are guns, and those that get off on that kind of thing have a welcome avenue that panders to their sick fantasies. How long before the money behind these weapons ends up in the pockets of the law-makers?

Before you know it, certain laws are repealed, the weapons market flourishes, and children get access to these dangerous weapons at an early age. This sickens me.

You see how playing this card doesn't really work, as y... #6.7
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It's an ill representation of the world, unbalanced. You might say that it's for marketing or appeal reasons, but then so is this:

Just because your dominant audience is male doesn't mean you should alienate female gamers from the world.

On top of that you have... #1.1.2
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You wanna go out with me? #8.1
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"A skeleton for a female assassin in Assassin's Creed would take "a day or two's work" to create, rather than a replacement of more than 8,000 animations, according to Naughty Dog animator Jonathan Cooper."

""You can quite easily put male animations onto the female character, and it... #7.1
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Yeah that must be it #5.2
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I don't see how incompatibility of romance options between Kunari and Dwarfs is in any way reflective of some of the crap we're still seeing from the industry.

The term "Political Correctness" gives a negative connotation to activism against a serious problem in the world. #1.1
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If he doesn't interest you, you could just.. you know.. not look at news and videos with him?

I always enjoy watching his show Pach Attack. He might not always get everything right, but then most shows relying on predictions don't. The views he gives are often insightful. #7.2
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Captured directly from PS4. Though technically that could mean they're just running a CG trailer on a PS4 and capturing it, it would be incredibly poor marketing on their end.

These are in-game assets being rendered in real time on PS4. So.. Not CG.

Just as a matter of reassurance:

Check the beginning - same st... #65.3
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That wasn't CG though #35.1
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I've not been this excited for a game since.. euhm.. Uncharted 3. #48
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1. If the design was complete, all they really need is a consultant. It's the next game that they might run into trouble with.

2. ICO was originally in development for PS1.

3. Can't argue with that. But you never know - the game might just match the expectations. They're clearly putting a lot of work into it. Though I suppose this is also the reason we never see Valve releasing anything that ends on a "3". #4.1.3
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How am I being a hero? I'm simply stating my opinion regarding this topic.

Games are designed for men, yet women use them. Most women wear clothes from men's sections as well, and that's considered normal. Though those clothes were designed for men, so are you arguing that, because those clothes cannot be found in women's sections, those women are not normal?

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