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"There will never be a language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad programs."


Indie developers are never long time indie developers, because the business model doesn't hold up for extended periods of time - the business needs to expand to survive, which is exactly the point at which it becomes corporate. #3.1
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"My opinion is that developers should be engineers first, promise-keepers second, and "artists" as a distant third. "

That's a rather ignorant opinion, because those areas are mostly mutually exclusive - meaning that they're not handled by the same person.

Peter is a Game Designer, and fits mostly in the "promise-keepers", though I would rephrase that as dreams, ambitions and aspirations.

Just to emphasiz... #1.3.1
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Epic has no reason to sell themselves to Microsoft - no, Microsoft is not buying Epic as Epic earns too much from being an independent developer. #10
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never played GTA for the story, the world of SA just felt more complete and organic. And the getting fat mechanism was great. #6.3.3
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True, but I think there's two differences between the two games

1) Budget - Walking Dead is, like any other Telltale Game, rather low budget, where as Heavy Rain had a massive budget

2) Continuity - Heavy Rain was never going to get a sequel, regardless of how much it sold. Walking Dead on the other hand had to remain open for the possibility, which meant they had technical limitations as well

But I think they did a great job with both ga... #6.1.1
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I have the steam version as well, they carry over fine for me. Same for my brother. Strange that they don't for you :S #2.1.2
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What? They do carry over.. My choices in earlier episodes made a clear difference in the final episode - whilst the same characters died as they would've anyway, their behaviour towards me was different from when my brother played the game. This was on PC. #2.1
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Why would I want to buy a console so that I can play Linux and Android games when I already have Linux and Android? #5
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The article hits some points spot on, but there are some that I disagree with.

In particular, his statements about assumptions CheatCC made and how it should be unacceptable to call a woman a slut just because she likes having sex are right on the mark.

He misses it with his problems with women being judged based on their physical appearance though. That's not something that's related to the way society works, that's related to men inherently bein... #18
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The update being 400Mb had to do with a mistake on Valve's side. They updated the base SDK whilst they didn't intend to, hence why the update was larger. #25
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Difference being that you can play those 1 or 2 levels that you can beat in less than 5 minutes multiple times, where as now you get 1 or 2 levels that you can beat in less than 5 minutes for only 10 times.

Granted, I don't play most demos 10 times, though I do for some, and I wouldn't like to have a limit on how often I can play them.

Then again, this doesn't really matter to me, as I wasn't planning on getting a Wii U anyway. I just hope it&... #12.1
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I play demos of games that I have no intention of buying, and I often play those more than 10 times. #1.3.1
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To me no. If I wanted a different controller, I'd buy a different controller. If I want better graphics, I buy new hardware. #5
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"First week of sales"? The game released a day before the charts did. Saturday probably wasn't even included yet lol. Let's wait till the end of this week and see what the numbers say. #39
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Actually, it's just about a full day of sales. The game went on sale on Friday the 23th here in the UK. #2.3
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You do realize the engine doesn't determine how a game plays.. right? The engine is the technology behind it, it has nothing to do with the gameplay, only with the graphics. #9.2
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Oh look guys, another white knight here to rescue the women from the evil clutches of the games industry! #7
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Sell the system on something other than Graphics, as simple as that. It's what they did with the Wii, so I don't understand why he pushes such a blatant lie into this interview. #1.5.2
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I don't give a damn about the WiiU or its reputation, I don't really care what people think of it. And whilst I'm not getting a WiiU, I'm a big fan of Nintendo, having spend most of my youth years on their consoles. On the other hand, I have a Masters degree in Computer Science. I know how hardware works, and I know that a GPU can't replace a CPU, nor can a CPU replace a GPU.

Do you even know what makes a gpu powerful? Please... #6.1.4
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"Developers raise prices so they can get more money , Do you think if someone built a full proof anti piracy system thats 100% secure do you think games would lower in price?? "

Games wouldn't be at the price they are on now if piracy hadn't been a factor. Much like fuel prices though, or prices in general, taking piracy away now would not result in lowering of prices, as the damage has already been done, the price is already this high, and nobody's goin... #12.1
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