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"There will never be a language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad programs."


I'll never really understand why Bethesda fans feel this urge to go into Bioware articles to hate on the games. The only thing that Bethesda games have in common with Bioware games is that they're classed as RPGs, but judging by the comments in this article, people seem to think that because it's an RPG it has to be a carbon copy of every other RPG that already exists with a new story plastered on top (just to clarify, I'm not saying that that's what Bethesda games are, bu... #6
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I don't really understand how this can be sexist. It's now sexist to look at boobs? #25
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Read the small notes in that article:

"While it is the vulnerabilities linked to individual operating systems that are probably most attention-grabbing, the main problem still lies with third-party software. 83 percent of reported vulnerabilities were to be found in applications, compared to 13 percent in OSes and 4 percent in hardware."

These are third party vulnerabilities presented as if they were related to the operatin... #1.2.10
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"For those asking, I repurposed mocap from Jade Empire. Shepard was always planned to be both male & female after JE's pre-set characters."

So in other words, this article is a complete waste of everybody's time, since no newsworthy information is provided. #6
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That one's not a glitch. That one's a 'Japan'.

Here's the game: #5
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He's apologising for a joke that was taken completely out of context by a number of people.

I think this is very much a case of people _looking_ for something to feel offended by, as it feels like nothing more than office banter. #1.1
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Dragon Age is developed by a different branch of Bioware, and won't slow down development of a new Mass Effect game.

I'd count on early to mid 2016 for a new Mass Effect, and a proper look at E3 this year. #1.3
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Isn't that the same as Sony did here? I'm a bit confused by the whole ordeal.. Most companies don't even give you compensation for downtime unless the law mandates it, so why is anyone expecting Sony to compensate them for PSN being down a few days? #2.1.4
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Nvidia and AMD don't make games, they develop hardware, which they are trying to sell to developers through videos like this. These videos aren't aimed at the average consumer. #1.3
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I think the plot of the game is a little flawed, given that we can already create diamonds in a laboratory lol.

Honestly though, anyone hosting their own videos and tries to earn money through Kickstarter already shows that they are unqualified to produce a low-cost video game. And a 20.000 budget for a game with suppo... #4
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Doesn't DDOSing get boring? I'd imagine after doing the same thing to dozens of servers and really not changing a thing in the world you'd get pretty bored. I probably would have been after the first time.

Congratulations guys, you temporarily took down some servers and inconvenienced some people. You have officially proven that you know how to google "How to DDOS". #14
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EA offers refunds for every game within 24 hours of its purchase, so if you bought Battlefield, downloaded and played it, then realized it's shit, you would have gotten a refund.

These refunds are unconditional, in that any game that isn't good in your opinion will be refunded. Then, if there's severe problems with a game and you treat customer support with respect, they'll also understand your problems and refund the game as well.
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The funniest thing about this article is that, in its attempt to tell people why they shouldn't buy the game, the author introduced the game to a wider audience, increased its exposure by reaching the top stories in N4G, and made it far more likely that people will actually buy the game. Pretty sure the devs are writing a thank you letter as we speak. #131
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To be fair, this doesn't only affect the women in the industry. Pretty much any prominent figure that makes any statements in their video game is bombarded with death threats, usually by 10 year old with nothing better to do with their time. #9
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How many games that offer character creation tools can you name that don't offer the option of creating a female character? Other than AC that is. #2.1
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Only used controllers on PC a few times, and have never seen the UI change after I plugged them in.

Considering the first two games didn't have controller support and no UI change in other games with it, it's really not that strange to question the authenticity of a video posted by an unknown user. #6.2.1
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This looks like it's the xbox version, not the PC version. The interface is too console-y for it to be the PC version. #6
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"despite the poster putting the text above in third person like a ten year old"

The poster did that in accordance with the N4G posting guidelines:

"When copying text from the source article make sure you read over the text and edit it if necessary. A good example is when a site writes "We" or "I" , as this should then be replaced with the site's or person's name, or you can quote the source. " #1.3
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The stretch goals seem a bit smelly... $10,000 extra funding and they create a new character? There's no way it takes that much cash to do that for a game like this. #5
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That trailer wasn't CGI for as far as I know.. #5
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