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When you consider the fact that Bastion was made by 5 people in a garage, yes 5 people, a day one multiplatform release was probably impossible.

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Single platform owners are not getting screwed over. Lets not start making mountains out of molehills here lol.

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Media, nobodys on the net, same thing to me. But yea I agree. A lot of people are still stuck in 2006/2007. Its time to move on already.

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I cannot believe I have to even state this but no PS3 gamers are not getting screwed over. But just like with almost every other multiplatform game, the media wants us to believe that the PS3 version is an unplayable, steaming, pile of garbage. The sad thing about this is that these tactics usually work. Every time I see a PS3 gamer make a list of current or upcoming PS3 games to buy/anticipate said list is almost always never including multiplatform titles. Some of the best games the PS3 ...

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Strange how non-PS3 gamers care more about these installs than we do...

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This will be my first Move game. $40 is a great deal.

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I buy all my games brand new from Amazon and I have saved hundreds shopping there. It is up to you to go out and find good prices. I find great deals all the time without having to buy used games from gamestop. I do not support them and their crooked policies. I make sure my hard earned money goes to the devs who worked hard to make these games we all love.

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And here we go again making mountains out of molehills with multiplatform games :/

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Same here. I've saved hundreds of dollars buying through amazon.

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One of my favorite franchises from the current gen. I am really looking forward to closing out Ezio's trilogy. Constantinople could be the best setting yet for the series.

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A lot of these "up and coming" websites get attacked because the majority of them produce garbage that nobody wants to read. Not to mention their lack of professionalism and their tendency towards producing flamebait articles designed at luring in fanboys for hits. If you do not know how to properly spell or punctuate then you should just stop pretending to be a "video games journalist."

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With the NGP coming soon maybe we'll get lucky and get a NGP/PS3 Monster Hunter...

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Yeah this along with Skyrim will make it an awesome holiday for RPGamers and a nightmare for students :)

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PC versions will always be technically superior but a lot of people prefer the user-friendly nature of consoles.

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I vaguely remember seeing the Splinter Cell Trilogy and the Prince of Persia Trilogy getting rated for the 360 in Australia I believe. They may show up on 360 down the road but as of now its exclusive.

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Geez what a ****ing tool. If Sony cares so much about us then why was the security infrastructure they used to protect our private information a total joke? I'm glad they are fixing the problem but the breach never should have happened in the first place.

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Theres nowhere else to go for me. PS3 is the only console offering me a fall lineup of Uncharted 3, Dark Souls, Battlefield 3, Twisted Metal, Mass Effect 3, Elder Scrolls V, Resistance 3, Deus Ex, and Ratchet and Clank All 4 One.

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Exactly. Some of these websites like to take one interview, chop it up into little pieces, and make a dozen sensationalist articles out of it. Lameness to the nth degree.

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Yeah and his opinion of your review is that it sucks.

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