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Garethvk didn't say Sony didn't have games, he said that at E3 they usually just discuss hardware. Not saying they are right or wrong, but I think you read the post wrong. Now with that said, this topic is crazy, Sony always has a focus on games. #1.1.3
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Maybe because they have even bigger and better stuff to show? #3.3
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Ditto....bubble for you. #1.12.1
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Sample size? Population where the questions were asked? Can we see the questions? Was there consent by the parents for the underage? How was it administered? Control group? Independent variables? Yeah, those are just a free things missing that confirm the ignorance of the data.

You want to talk brand loyalty, look at preorder numbers before launch games were even finalized. #1.6
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"From what I’ve seen, no one is gonna be disappointed about that game."
-that is the full sentence from his quote, pretty sure you already know why the article title cut out the first piece. #5
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Just stole a wallet and then later returned it intact to his victim; immediately given the key to the city.

In other news, neighbor returned frisbee that was stuck on his roof. Made president of the home owners association.

Sony doesn't need this mediocre story to validate them. #50
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The math does add up, more people purchase the Xbox brand for Halo as opposed to Sony for Uncharted. Historically Xbox has been the brand that Halo built, where there is not necessarily a single game that is contributed to building PlayStation. #1.2.8
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So $10 from Best Buy is a b.s. preorder perk that is now worthless? Locking in at a price point $20 below suggested retail is worthless? It's apparent why you don't understand preording...... you been doing it all wrong. #1.1.5
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What exactly is the hope being dangled? #2.2
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Man just stop, there is no comparison. Give us a list of all the games released so we can tally the $1500. You are falling for the suggested retail you really think a company is willing to annually take a $1200 dollar hit just to get people to sign up for PS+? What AAA title has PS+ given us for the ps4? And I'm sure curse of Max is not 5 years old, especially given the Xbox one has just hit a year. Unless you have tons of stock in Sony, there is really no... #1.1.3
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Wait, we still using "swagger"! Please Microsoft don't get your swagger back, get something else. Now serious questions.... What exactly was Microsoft's swagger, and when did it go away? #6
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"Did you just find out that the game you’ve been looking forward to acquiring is only half-finished with masses of DLC planned to complete it? Well….tough, because you’ve already paid for it. Finally get the game and it’s a totally broken mess? Well that’s too bad because you bought it a week before release and there was a review embargo on it until today."

And that quote is why this article shouldn't have been approved. 1) Even if you purchased the game, if un... #11
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Preorder bonuses? Why not get $10 from Best Buy. #3.1
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That's how I feel, except I don't understand the hype to begin with. I'm fully aware that it's me... Because despite people's love, I don't understand Smash Bros or LBP either. Can't help but feel like I'm missing out, because apparently these are great games. #4.1
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SFV VS Project Nebula.....did you really just try to make that comparison? If they do care about a long standing fighting franchise, pretty sure they can do that without caring about Project Nebula; and if they don't care about SFV, there is no reason to think they would about Project Nebula. And if they really cared for either, they could always go out and get a PS4 or at least play SFV on the PC. #1.3.4
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Or some might say that gaming doesn't reset yearly, and steam from 2014 will continue to roll on.... Especially with those glued to the Halo beta and new comers having their holiday catalog to play through. #2.2
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To the writer, and if what you said does not happen, do you promise to shut down the site and never write another article again? #3
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Same way it benefited the 360.... If you can keep the lower priced system while maintaining what appears to be a similar gaming experience with your competitor. #1.1.2
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What Amazon cards? #5.2.1
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They check if the seal is broken or appears tampered with.... #12.2
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