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I want to know about durability.

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So what you are saying is that you not going to explain how it's a huge deal?

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No, in reality they all won. Why, because they are all in the business of making money, and they all did just that. Did you really just say PS4 won because of marketing contact? Unless you have stock in Sony, stop being so blind. The US holiday season starts late November and goes to early January. Tell me the diverse games released in that window. Most games available had nothing to do with this holiday season. Did the Xbox not also have a redesign and upgrade? And most articles say neither ...

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Is it not exclusive to the Microsoft platform?

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Wow all XXanderXX did was ask a simple and logical question and people have gone crazy. There is no guarantee that Scorpio will release next year or any of the games that were mentioned. We don't even know what new games that could be revealed for Scorpio or the PS4...... Yes the list sounds good, but because it's no guarantee they will be released, the title and article are premature. These games could also come out and fail miserably. Then for the _ infected to make his statement ...

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Perhaps people who own a Xbox and like playing Xbox games? I know, crazy logic.

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I know... Tired of businesses doing business stuff. Then you can't even get away from it, their tooting their horn in every area of my life. If only there was someway to get away from the constant tooting

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Me either, but about to watch it on YouTube.

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Why, because people can't own both?

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So casual gamers stay up to date on sites like this now? Please explain to me exactly what a casual gamer is.

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Just say you don't like Microsoft, and that regardless of what they do you will find issue wish it.

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If only you realized looks in games aren't everything.

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Hands on with the console?

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Best Buy has them cheaper for the most part.

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Silly gameAr
Stop being so sensitive. What happen with No Man's Sky is sad, so it's very relevant in ranking the saddest stories of the year.

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Just a question, and I'm sure I'm going to get disagrees because people are irrational, could this simply mean that the ps4 is price gouging? 3 years in, should/could the ps4 actually be going for cheaper? With that said, I was able to sell my original for $200, and purchase the pro for retail at $299.00 while getting a free 4K copy of Sausage Party with 2 T-shirts. At first I debated on whether or not I should upgrade, but the price made it a no brainer. Bring on Horizon and God of W...

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Just stop...... Forza, Halo, and Gears have all been system sellers. Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Recore, Titanfall were some good exclusives. You act like mashing exclusives games and a more powerful console can't take place at the same time. No need to lie just because the xbox isn't your cup of tea.

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You do realize there was rumblings about Scorpio well before Neo.... And then they announced it first at their conference. Ahhh, but the heck with facts, it doesn't fit your story line.

Why is it vaporware, because you don't have your hands on it? You think things just go poof, and then are on there store shelf the next day. Your post is desperation..... Microsoft doesn't need to beat Sony in order to be profitable, b...

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Ummm, that was more than two words.😂😂ԅ 14;😂

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Have you ever consider that it's just not Xbox media users and fanboys who are making the comments? Have you considered you going to GAF, something most anybody can do, is irrelevant as it might not be an appropriate sample? Why don't you consider those who responded on GAF to be fanboys? And finally it's evident the disagrees bother you, if not, you wouldn't have mentioned them.

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