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Missed opportunity. You should have said....5 Xbox one S combine to form Project Scorpio.

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1) It's not they expensive. 2) It's called preparing future proofing.

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How is Horizon a megaton? They showed it last year. And I say that as someone who plans on playing it day one, as it's my Heavenly Sword for the ps4.

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The Google linked had this:
"compatible with or involving more than one type of computer or operating system"

So technically it could be considered multiplatform, as they are seen as two separate platforms. If they weren't, Sony would not be worrying so hard to make sure developers keep things uniformed between the two.

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What's so wrong is that you can usually find subscription card from $34.99 to $39.99. As get as games go, between Best Buy and Amazon, you can always get games for 20% off. Yeah, so no need to go all extreme.

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Wow, not sure how you thought it was him.

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"But there can only be one winner."

According to who? That screams I'm about to to bias. With that said, God of War, Horizon, and Recore top my list. We Happy Few has me intrigued as well.

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You do realize NEO is a ps4 which has been on the market for almost 3 years correct? So of course it should immediately make profit.

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Good thing you don't have to dominate a market in order to be successful. Who cares if they don't release their numbers? Pretty sure there is no plans to release a console version of Numbers Muncher. Please define true exclusives.

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You are doing it wrong if you are paying $50 to play online, and $60 for games.

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The statement was that's how you do a conference, didn't say couldn't wait 3 minutes, but simply highlighted that I could have done without it. In addition, there is nothing to even suggest that I thought Sony was making Skylanders.

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Dag you riding Sony hard... Did they create the trailer for COD? Just maybe, Activision heard of the YouTube response, and decided to set up a clever trailer.

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Exactly how did they lose this generation? Are they not making money?

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Think you were watching the wrong conference.... Several release dates. I remember au least two... The Last Guardian for October, and something for January.

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I was at the e3 theater experience, and the orchestra was drawn out in the beginning, people booed Skylanders, can point out other points in general that are not signs of hours you do a conference. With that said, all I needed was God of War and Horizon.

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A special, limited edition launch edition of the Xbox One S will be available in early August with a 2TB hard drive for $399. Two standard versions will be available soon after: a 500GB edition for $299, and 1TB for $349.

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Here is a thought, perhaps Microsoft's focus doesn't have to be about closing the gap, but simply being profitable......I know, that thought is mind blowing as the two aren't mutually exclusive, and the headline most likely won't bring hits to your website.

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This article: Bad news for gamers, good news trolls.

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Looks the same to me............................ ............................... ..just kidding.

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Guess you don't understand what "on consoles" means, since you brought up pc.

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