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Dramatic price drops? I apologize...... but why does Microsoft needed to stop with these smoke and mirrors you speak of? Unless you have stock in them.... Should not really be that big of a deal if the numbers are shipped or sold, as long s the company stays healthy and can sustain the system; everything else is pretty much just to keep the way going on. #1.2.7
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Think this is a non long as both games are purchased some where around the launch window they should be good. #10
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How? #8.3
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Haha.....bubble! #3.1.1
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If everybody was buying 5 consoles, explain the game attachment rate; guess in your mind it makes more sense to purchase a whole new console rather than pay the smaller repair fee once the extended warranty ended. #1.24
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Because the team that produces updates and responsible for games are the same people...... as if both can't occur. Riiiiiiiiiight... #4.3
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Obligatory knock on COD huh? While I don't necessarily agree with Mochachino that COD 4 revolutionized FPS games, thought that honor had been given to Halo, it is often considered as the pinnacle of the COD franchise. #1.1.3
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But game cases are not that big.. #2.3.2
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So essentially the Killzone of racers? #9.1.2
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I can see how your comment was necessary...:-/ #9.2
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Perhaps because when you think of a drive club, you think of being able to bring whatever car you desire to your club as you drive around or through a city. In NASCAR and F1 you already know what type of cars are available on closed tracks. Not to mention having such a major delay increases people's how for more. No need to try and justify what is an obvious shortcoming for most.... Especially when you are on the same platform brand as the legendary Gran Turismo. #1.2.2
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Or interest in an article about a game they have no interest in. #8.1.1
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Of course they won't "by" it, they will buy it. #4.2
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Oh please no.... don't add even more value to an already great bundle. If they could have added them without sacrificing the quality of the others, what does it really matter to you? #1.3
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Probably being too literal here, but there is not a single game in the world that I need to play at any cost. With that said, I'm ready for Hell Blade, somewhat The Order, and would love an updated Hot Shots Golf. Surprisingly I don't have the same level of anticipation for this Uncharted. #18
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Pretty sure this was not the reason why.....especially since Microsoft has brought on some pretty good developers, purchased Gears, and helped 3rd parties fund titles. Then add in that there is nothing that said Microsoft can't fund new ips in addition to this purchase. And what about this.... This purchase could partly be about funding new ips. Or this purchase brings in new money for new ips. #3.2
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Hmmm, perhaps Kobe score is not that high because of his lack of playing time last year, mixed with the level of injuries and age...... not exactly rocket science there. How many MVPs did Kobe win in the last couple of years? Now what about Lebron? Kobe has 5 rings, but how many times was he MVP of the finals? Yeah, he can definitely thank Shaq. If you think right now a health Kobe matches Lebron..... Then it's evident you haven't watched basketball in a wild. Kobe is on the way out,... #1.2.7
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Yelp..... Because sports games developers decided you would be best suited to know how overrated a player is. :-/ #1.4
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Ummm, Ryse? Titanfall? Clearly not established brands. And come on, how hard was it for Sony to back s new IP from the company that produced one of the best selling console games. #7.1.1
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From a business point would it have not benefited Sony even more to be able to say come play online on out system for free? From my understanding you can get some online gaming for free through Sony. What you want us to believe is that the Market leader was forced to adopt money grabbing policies of its competition...... How come Sony was not forced into DRM, and all that some you are giving Microsoft so much credit? #1.1.7
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