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Please tell me why it's not in the same ballpark. Do they both not speak of the fact that at times we don't complain of our current technology even though better might be available?......and then when we experience better we adopt it?

Oh, and in the early days some did return to SD, because without the proper HD programming the channels looked horrible.

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Ummm, you asked for 5 exclusives.... Why can't Halo, Forza, and Gears not be listed? Don't people purchase an Xbox because of those titles? Way to restrict the criteria to serve your needs.

Your logic doesn't make sense.....Live isn't better because less people use it? Huh? Adding features mean you aren't good? What?

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Most of us never watched our SD TVs and was like wow this picture sucks.

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It appears you don't understand the reasoning behind this. On another note, I do feel it should be unlimited if connected to the same IP address.

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Quick search shows I've been here 5 years longer than you, so perhaps you are too green to realize the jaded views of n4g members does not equal the gospel.

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The WiiU didn't fail mainly because of third party, but because it didn't do enough to differentiate from the Wii. What you fail to realize it's thatI even if it is underpowered, we rarely see a huge gap in power. How did the Vita pan out in comparison to the 3ds?

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I'm confused... Is your 60" the same size of a theater screen? If not, then the comparison you are making just failed. On another note, an article was just released that said people are buying less TVs and using phones, laptops, etc to consume programs. So yes, people might prefer to stream new movies to their cellphone.....I mean there isn't a Kodi app for nothing.

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You have no clue what you are telling about. People were upset about the memory card prices because they were a ridiculous price to save games on, when other memory cards are way cheaper for the same capacity. I hope you would see purchasing a game for the Switch is completely different than that of a memory card...But I'm guessing your comment proves you don't. And why is it considered a rushed approach? Their product seems to be well thought out as executed.

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Underpowered in what regards? Unless you are constantly upgrading to the last and greatest as soon as it's released, everything is underpowered, so please stop quoting this lame line.

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So why do some laptops and phones have docking stations?

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Wouldn't the true gaming giants be Nintendo and Sega? Or were you just going for the more controversial response by leaving off Microsoft?

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It's up for discussion because fanboys can't understand the logic that while Microsoft isn't outselling the ps4, it still is in fact making money. Likewise, they can't grasp that some are simply about the yearly release of Madden, NBA2K, FIFA, etc.....which often shows up in sale comparisons. Another piece, and not necessarily the final piece is that the thoughts on n4g are not indicative of the whole gaming community, as many consumers are not as informed our biased.

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If only in your attempt to bash, you realized that Xbox is not a company.

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I'm guessing you don't know what subjective means. Did you read the article?
Price- irrelevant if money not an issue
Game Content- irrelevant if I'm interested in Microsoft 1st party games or 3rd party.
Tried and Tested - really? This is a point because the pro has been out longer?
PlayStation Plus- people have been just fine with live.
Cross Play- irrelevant if I'm not interested in a Vita or I can just utilize Windows and it's...

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And posting that did absolutely nothing.

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Ahhh man, there was nothing like the arcade! I remember the first time I saw Mortal Kombat and Time Killers in the arcade! Street Fighter! The days before game saves.

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What exactly is the console war? And what does the victor receive?

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You both sound like my kind of people... Shared experiences! Anybody else use to geek out going to the grocery store because it meant access to the gaming magazines? I sent the Nintendo route, while my good friend had the Genesis. I remember being excited to visit my cousin because he had a bunch of NES games.... Bad Dudes, Contra, Paperboy, Double Dribble, etc...

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I agree, between work and family I don't even have the time, and often lack the motivation of my younger years when the opportunity presents itself. But I do like having the options when the desire arises, and I'm looking to get back into it. Right now my son gets more use out of them, and his current flavor is Mario Kart on the Switch.

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