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So in conclusion, your take away from this article is that you needed to talk about Microsoft? Ooookay.

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The PS3 flew off shelves at $600😂😂😂 ;😂😂😂. Which territory was this? And I say that as someone who still owns the original monster.

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Pushing all my chips in....I want a collector's edition!

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Only think I was, and continue to expect is a great game. Put my pre-order in when Target had their buy 2 get one free sell.

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Why do you think people have to be jealous when if they really wanted to play it, they could purchase a PlayStation or find a friend who has one. Some of you all are too bitter for logic.

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Well given that some on here think Horizon looks better, and others liking Uncharted, is it possible PlayStation users hit disagree? I know, mine blown.

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Or perhaps enjoy a wider range of games and customizatios at cheaper software prices like those with a gaming PC.

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Better than PC? Because that is considered a gaming platform by the "master race".

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Why? Will xbox games no longer work because of PS4 exclusives?

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But they didn't go portable one, despite how much some of you don't want to recognize it as a home console first. The best decision was making sure there was a bigger difference between their generations, and being able to advertise bring the games.

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"full grown adult"🤣🤣& #129315;🤣. As opposed to a half grown adult? That statement alone knocks your credibility.

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Because that would change what for you?

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PS3-Heavenly Sword
PS4-Horizon (Yes I know the pro enhancements)
PS4 Pro-Ghost of Tsushima

This game gives me the same level of excitement as those titles. I AM READY!!!!

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Hahah.... You literally said everything was sold out and got agrees. 😂😂😂 28514; If everything was really sold out, then Sony are no betterthan Nintendo when it comes to stock, and I would assume it should be reflected in missed sales. PSVR could easily be found, and please tell me the games that are sold out everywhere.

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Why would it be hilarious? We have been told that Xbox has no games, and the X is over priced. Seems more like common sense that a $200 PS4 (with a $50 gift card at GameStop) with all these exclusives would sell more. What's more intriguing is that you find humor in sales figures when Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all eating just fine.

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Some people buy consoles just to play Madden or are out of touch if you don't think so. Everything else for them is icing on the cake.

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You are correct, when the Xbox gets games the verbage will change to 1) Those games don't interest me; and/or 2)I will just play them on PC.

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Any console that turns profits wins November.

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What's up is that there is no proof that paying attention to marketing is the reason that first party games are not being cultivated. As a matter of fact, one could argue that spending too much time cultivating their 3 main first party titles is the reason that other titles can't manifest.

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Your common sense and logic shall not be tolerated. We all have to blindly select sides and argue to the bitter death.

In other words, I completely agree. My reality is, I have been in gaming so long I feel obligated to it. Between a 4 year old and 19 month old twins the time for gaming is just not there...but my 4 year surely does appreciate being able to game on any system of his choosing.

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