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Was this ever a question? #1.1.1
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After some research, it appears that the limited collector's edition willing release in the 20th? I wonder how Best Buy will handle this, and if I will get my preorder incentive on that that day. #2.1.1
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So now we have to wait an additional 3 to 5 days? #2
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Did you really just say 2 years is not a long time? Ummm, yes it is... Just because it's not long in comparison to industry standard, doesn't mean it's not long. We are almost 2 years and counting. And it's relatively fair for people to stop losing interest after almost 2 years.. #3.2.4
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Interesting question that most will fail to comprehend because "PlayStation" and "worse" are in the same sentence. Because my 60gb can play games from all three generations, I can't rank it as worse. PlayStation one had to do something special to begin the cult following. We all know the legend of the PlayStation 2 as expressed through the variety of games and sales. PlayStation 4's start out the gate makes it hard to believe it would earn that title, especially on... #11
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Haha...... At least 3 people won't. #5.1.1
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You good sir, have my vote. #1.1
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So a competitor is not in a position to talk about their competition? Ha... What? #7.1
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Haha...too deep for your own good. 1) We all know a price drop is coming, we are approaching the holiday season in the US... So either a price drop or good bundle deals. 2) if the price dropped in Japan already, not far fetched to see it happen in other regions. 3) You think gamers are hanging on to an Microsoft employee's words regarding what Sony is going to do? 4) whether they wait or not, eventually they would get a system. Sad that you went that deep with that. #2.3
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The interesting thing is that you are trying to call out "xbots" when you have no proof of who is hitting disagree. Sometimes people do it in error, and other times people do it just to get a rise out of people. Here is a thought, it could be a PlayStation fan who does not agree with the article, so in turn didn't agree with the post. #5.2
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Actually, according to most, the Xbox one is outpacing the 360...... So what are you talking about?

Why is everyone trying to act like most companies don't listen to fans (sales)? You think investors and board members would just sit idle while a company bleeds money. Some of you all love to bash and spin any Microsoft news to negative..why? #1.1.4
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What if they bought the Lingerie League? #3
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Was your original post supposed to be relevant and insightful? Ugh #2.1.2
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Yes, we know they were "inside" an airplane, and flew IN to the SIDE if the buildings. This is old news. #2.1
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But just because they have always represented characters from a ton of different countries doesn't mean they couldn't have been inspired by Tekken 7 to bring this character on board. The little plane is irrelevant here, especially if it never stopped in his home before. #8.2.1
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So you mean the first console want the best thing? Or the people who support consoles? Wow #1.3.2
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Please go in detail on her they shaped the entire gaming industry as we know it today. Also give detail on how Don't is responsible for the Xbox #1.2.3
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Wait, there is no work that has to be done on their end correct? Except if there are some expired licenses right? #23
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Wrong! There is a box around the controller. #1.2
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If your friends come over and not play with you, that's called something else. 😓 I do wonder how present day multiplayer meet ups in college dorms compare to back in the day. #6.2
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