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"due to an unbalanced team lineup"


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Super Dodge Ball was great, but how do you forget Track and Field, Double Dribble, Skate or Die, Paperboy, Bad Dudes, Top Gun, Blades of Glory, WrestleMania, Tecmo wrestling, bomberman, etc

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Perhaps because it's cheaper in price, and they can always upgrade a year later should they desire to.

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It's called "allotment". Amount of product that will be made available by release date equals amount that can be reserved by consumers. In certain countries having all reservations filled is considered selling out.

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You all should check letgo and 5 mine for a really good price. Tried the game streaming last night and works well.

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But didn't you just say it?

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Apparently there is an even better deal where you also get a $50 gift card.

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Lovely deal if you were considering a surface pro 4..... luckily I was able to get the surface pro for much cheaper than retail.

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Insecure much?

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He didn't mention his criteria for what made it the best racer for him, so it's irrelevant to bring up someone else's viewpoint in looking for one thing. Not to mention being overwhelmed with 15 titles.

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Missed opportunity. You should have said....5 Xbox one S combine to form Project Scorpio.

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1) It's not they expensive. 2) It's called preparing future proofing.

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How is Horizon a megaton? They showed it last year. And I say that as someone who plans on playing it day one, as it's my Heavenly Sword for the ps4.

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The Google linked had this:
"compatible with or involving more than one type of computer or operating system"

So technically it could be considered multiplatform, as they are seen as two separate platforms. If they weren't, Sony would not be worrying so hard to make sure developers keep things uniformed between the two.

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What's so wrong is that you can usually find subscription card from $34.99 to $39.99. As get as games go, between Best Buy and Amazon, you can always get games for 20% off. Yeah, so no need to go all extreme.

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Wow, not sure how you thought it was him.

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"But there can only be one winner."

According to who? That screams I'm about to to bias. With that said, God of War, Horizon, and Recore top my list. We Happy Few has me intrigued as well.

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You do realize NEO is a ps4 which has been on the market for almost 3 years correct? So of course it should immediately make profit.

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Good thing you don't have to dominate a market in order to be successful. Who cares if they don't release their numbers? Pretty sure there is no plans to release a console version of Numbers Muncher. Please define true exclusives.

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