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But apparently they are always horrible, so why would you evem expect better. No matter what Microsoft does, fanboys will find a way to knock it.

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So Microsoft doesn't get any third party games? If all I'm interested in is the yearly release of Madden or Call if Duty, are you telling me that I'm unable to play it on the Xbox?

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So in other words, no matter what Microsoft does, you will have a negative rebuttal.

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What exactly would be the salt? That there really is not a positive correlation between a game's review score and a platform being the best for new games? Or the fact that it just comes off as petty to even make that statement? Reception (sales) of a new game would be a better determiner than simply a review score. Or if the person said ps4 is the best gaming platform to play new games, it would completely make sense. But again, perhaps I should take that as a compliment, because salt d...

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My gosh, you are trying absolutely too hard.

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No, that's just your question to fuel respective fans.

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Have they ever not gone all in on a console?

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Haha, I came here to make a similar comment. Guy sitting next to me at the PlayStation Experience Event was almost in tears during the reveal. That's why I'm all about what can I get my hands on within the next 6 months or so, with the furthest being a year the Ghost of Tsushima, that's a different story!

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Ghost of Tsushima is my most anticipated title. Gosh I hope they get it right!

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Haha, isn't it amazing how we both spoke truths, but how the (dis)agrees vary.

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We know one thing for sure, some people will dislike it simply because it's a Microsoft product.

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Stop spreading lies, they were on the decline, why you think Nintendo let them jump ship. By the time Microsoft acquired them, a lot of the founding pieces had left.

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Dag, Microsoft must have really abused you.

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Here is where all of your bias show....the poster I'm responding to said Microsoft has no exclusives, I named four. That had nothing to do with thoughts on quality or personal thoughts on the games. Most anti-Microsoft fans are just like Bigger Boss, find random reasons to knock Microsoft.... For example, they say nobody buys Forza.... if that is true, it's sales should be zero. And even if nobody buys it, it still does not take away from the fact that it's exclusive, which the p...

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So Halo, Gears, Forza, Sea of Thieves aren't exclusive? Where else did you Gears at?

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No idiocy is responding to me without looking at the original post. The original post said "any company", so while this is a gaming sight, clearly the original poster made sure to talk about the company as a whole. Also windows is not the only reason why they are doing well, they are making a killing off of Android. Next up, this is the first time I have mentioned this, do dating "constantly" just refers to your hurt from others. Also without PlayStation, how much is Don...

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Well self congratulations must work, because they seem to be pretty successful as a company.

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I clicked only to see who they were saying the first boss is/was....if we are considering him a boss, he would definitely register as the second.

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Wait, why do games have a release date?

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