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Apparently you can't have a conversation without getting excited...I can. And I wasn't defending AGAINST the person saying free.

What the heck are you talking about? Please tell me you see the break down in your logic. Do you not consider the Star Wars movies that were labeled as episodes full movies? And a episode can be considered a full season.

Should I not consider the PS+ versi...

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Are free to play games free? Yes. Can episodes be games? Yes. Can episodes be free? Yes. Did the article in fact convey the same message as the title? Yes.

The fact that the article list the games, it gives you an opportunity to somewhat know what you are getting into. Just stop trying to rain on the parade.

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Do you even pay attention to what you write? You say that it's about perspective, but then go on to say August is nothing to shout about. Could the perspective not be that August is something to shout about. Imagine your response if Microsoft DID NOT sell more for the month of August. Sometimes being able to hold serve is something for people to shout about..... especially considering people continue to say that Xbox doesn't have "real exclusives".

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Everyone knows it's not world wide stats.....chill out, it's okay if Microsoft sold more in the US. Most people don't even know about the stop trying so hard to justify.

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It doesn't to me, and I like the flash of gloss on the original.

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Cause I don't fully understand the upgrade, and if it's worth me spending an extra $170. Her son wants a ps4 for Christmas, so this gives her the cheaper route from my pristine hardware, while giving me more than typical trade value .

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I definitely prefer the original ps4 design. Debating on whether i should get somebody who would probably pay $250 for my current one.

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You mean like what Sony did with the ps3 and Blu-ray?

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Your bias is showing. Microsoft didn't copy Sony to a T, they simply returned to gaming as we have known it since creation....a creation that predates Sony's entry.

And did you really just say the network couldn't be the best because you couldn't access your list when this has happened on the PlayStation several times.

Does a Lamborghini now suck because you can purchase 5 Hyundai Sonatas and still have money left ov...

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Everybody was tripping over themselves for motion control, and how did that pan out? Nothing about VR is a guaranteed success.

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Tells us more about your endeavors in life.

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Why do you keep saying its business, nobody is disputing that. This is simply talking about how quick the fall was. In addition, your rational for Amazon makes no sense. Given they cover shipping and have s more involved process should warrant a lower price. And what exactly is all their rules? Select the appropriate condition, print label, put in box and ship.....get credit to a place that offers more than just games?

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How is this taking rumors too far? The article is simply saying that what some hoped for and/or assumed my not be present.

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NES.... That's where it all began for me.

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"due to an unbalanced team lineup"


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Super Dodge Ball was great, but how do you forget Track and Field, Double Dribble, Skate or Die, Paperboy, Bad Dudes, Top Gun, Blades of Glory, WrestleMania, Tecmo wrestling, bomberman, etc

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Perhaps because it's cheaper in price, and they can always upgrade a year later should they desire to.

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It's called "allotment". Amount of product that will be made available by release date equals amount that can be reserved by consumers. In certain countries having all reservations filled is considered selling out.

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You all should check letgo and 5 mine for a really good price. Tried the game streaming last night and works well.

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