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Yeah looks interesting. #3
I still have a little faith in this game. Not expecting greatness, but a 7/10. #1
Game looks kinda sweet. Looking forward to this one. #1
Todd looks really well done for sure. #4.1
It's an indie title available only on digital content. So yes, it is, considering this game probably made them millionaires since it was all profit. Research. #2.2
Nice to see Kickstarter step in and do something. Too many red flags. #1
Well it's about time Nintendo got their ass in gear. Should be a fun ride. #1.1
REALLY looking forward to this game. #1
Cowabunga? Cowa f*cking piece of dog sh*t #1.1
Wii U, 3DS, Steam #4.1.1
It's a good sign as well. Not that "M" games are automatically good, but that they are now offering a better variety for everyone. #1.1
I don't get why some people don't like this game. It looks awesome. #1
SMB Deluxe is amazing. The end. #1.1
Bit Boy Arcade needs more commercial success. Solid ass game and gorgeous. Looks better then some full retail 3DS games. #1
Looking at your comment history, I don't think you have ever said anything intelligent. Good work, keep it up! #14.1
Yeah Nintendo needs to reach out and try and make it happen. #3
Whatever, I want the damn collectors package of BOTH GAMES IN THE US! #1
Fun "game" that deserves success. #2
Namco is a nice company. Not a huge E3 lineup, but they usually are full of surprises. #1
Nice interview! #1
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