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I've already considered the other side of the "argument." I already agree with it. I'm presenting different perspectives.

Is it possible Jonathan Blow created the level for his own ego? I think it's very possible.

Is it possible he announced it to encourage players to the challenge? Absolutely.

We both agree it's definitely about bragging rights but you believe that's the only reason. So I'm having a hard tim...

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Again, I agree. We're on the same page there. I got my Bachelor's. I worked for that. Not much has been handed to me and being married, I'm sure as hell not handed anything. So I'm right with you.

I don't mind that this puzzle is in there at all. Like I said in the podcast, I'll take the challenge. And I understand all this is for bragging rights even though I do think 99% wouldn't care.

What I'm getting at, and I this where ...

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I can completely agree with you but I'm not talking about an entire game that you would beat because of persistence, I'm talking a puzzle that you can't beat because we're, perhaps, not smart enough. That's different.

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That's also like making a part of the world so inaccessible only 1% of the world will see it. So it still raises the question of "What's the point?"

Might as well experience it vicariously through someone else, right?

We like exploring and discovering. But we also to actually discover. We like to see what we're adventuring towards. If I have a 99% chance of NOT seeing the fruit of my labor, I'll likely not waste my time.

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Looking forward to trying it at some point. Couldn't stand the first as you did but this second round seems appealing.

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You're absolutely right. Which is why 343 should forget the hardcore players - forget trying to satiate the ones who want old stuff - and do what they want.

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@Gamingskills You're explaining why the abilities exist. I understand that but that's a separate point. I'm speaking to gameplay.

I'm sure these abilities are canon to the story, so they have to be in multiplayer. I get that, but they still don't do anything significant or necessary in multiplayer. Except sprinting. That's a natural progression.

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@Gamingskills I can't reply to directly to your post for whatever reason.

I don't have a problem with sprint, personally, although that is a very present issue with others. But how long do you expect 343 to continue pandering to hardcore players when they clearly want to take Halo in an entirely new direction?

Hovering? What for? Ramming? What for? ADS on weapons traditionally lacking it? But 343 still wants to hold on to Halo's old ways for the ...

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I'm not sure what you're disagreeing with. Sounds like you agree because the other side that kicking and screaming when changes are made are the hardcore and traditional players.

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I wonder if people who own a PS3 get any value out of this. Is paying $20 to $45 for games on a console you own worth it? Especially since Gamestop is not the cheapest place you go to get these games. And not to mention the inevitable decline of price of time.

For me, I can pay $17 for Gamefly and have an assortment of games going as far back as the Xbox, PS2, and Game Boy Advance. I'm not going to play hundreds of games at once, so the only appeal is that I don't ow...

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Nothing contributed to this more than the mental illness did. I'm not saying the drugs or the video games didn't motivate but the voices in his head were the main issue.

The headline is a ploy to get more readers, though. Not mentioning the mental illness was very deliberate. And wording the descriptive summary the way it is proves the intention.

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That would really depress my spirits to get a bill like that.

Despite the title, I was hoping the guy would have some leniency and reduce the price.

That internet better not drop at all. Ever.

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