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Wasteland Disney World would be something else.

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I don't think a company being handed $500 million(as they say) to create a new franchise to topple the likes of Halo would base its logo on a character's crotch.

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Because of Crytek's success in the Free 2 Play market, they're also adopting a brand new Free 2 Work model.

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Star Wars is first and foremost a film series...

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They mention a franchise that hasn't even seen a retail release yet?

And no Halo? A series that's spawned fairly popular book adaptations, live-action features seen by millions, and Marvel Comics deals?

It nearly even saw a Peter Jackson-produced feature film.

C'mon now...

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'Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Pirate Villain Revealed'

"I wouldn’t really call this a reveal"


I hate people

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inb4 rihanna lawsuit, r* is using her likeness

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Looks very fun!

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A remarkable, unprecedented achievement

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Troy Baker playing your Mom cofirmed

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Why the Halo series is so absurdly overlooked in most of these lists, I have no clue...

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That actually sounds quite plausible, although I'm unsure if a short teaser for Guerilla's next game can pass for a megaton.

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You know gaming journalism is at its finest when it reports speculation originating from an anonymous NeoGAF user.

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The dream is dead.

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Assuming it even sees the light of day.

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Implying you know exactly what context I was using 'stopped' in? I could have stopped eating a sandwich at Polygon.

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I stopped at Polygon.

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The lead?

After 343 single-handedly lost half of the Halo fanbase?

While PS4 is completely dominating?


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My guess is it didn't differ much from the all-but-confirmed Gran Turismo 7 and they're possibly restructuring it around the rumored VR headset.

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