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ok, thats just fine. Then i would be able to play the game at 4K with no problems right? or are this game also badly optimized?

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It sound like they know how to make great dlc and not the rippoffs we have been getting from different game devs so far. Good job guys

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Its not the first time, i have made a utube video of gesrs of war one. But still, its an awsome game so im looking forward to try this enhanced version on pc.

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Lol, watch out steam controller. Im getting this one ;)

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Good for them, they deserve every penny.

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People will stop complaining when they stop using that shitty graphics engine that makes games look like crap.

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agreed mate

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Wrong mate, dont compare emotions to marketing stragegy,

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And so the pc market are slowly taking over the gaming industry, mooahahahaaa, sorry consol guys ;)

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Agreed, that engine looks really awful. I sure hope they make the next game with a different engine.

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Man, i have stopped listening to igns revews two years ago because i have noticed that most good games get bad reviews from them, eather they have bad judgment or bad taste in games, or maby we just dont like the same games. Maby they gave isolation a bad review because sega didnt open their wallets and paied for the expensive ad space on their website.

Ign, you are getting old. Just roll over and die.

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I hope they can add an option to skip the loading doors everytime you enter a new room. It takes too long time to enter a freaking room lol. The latest remake have a mod for it, but it would be nice if it had an option for it.

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Agreed, it rund like crap. Even with a 970 i dont notice any difference comparred to my old card 7970. Ill stick to H1Z1 that are very well optimized and smooth.

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I sure hope they optimize the game really good this time since they decided to change the release date. I for one are glad they did it because i dont have time to play it the 27th.

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Very good and accurate article, i got my gtx970 when it was released and i am still happy with the card. Head over to my utube page for som performance videos with this card.

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The game looks good and all, but i dont loke that they stole the lock opening mechanic from skyrim. I wich they would come up with their own idea.

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Actually, if the visuals were better then they are i couldent play the game on multi monitors. And that works just fine with everything almost at its highest settings. So no, i am glad it dont look better then it does for once ;)

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What hardware were they playing it on and at what settings? Thats what interests mee.

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