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COD is dying already, infinite warfare has the lowest numbers ever.
Halo died with reach.

GTA is a beast.

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Destiny is a brilliant game sunk 100's of hours in that bad boy.

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Yeah dem cod sessions get intense.

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I came here expecting to find some new revolutionary screen protector that is bullet proof.

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Costs over twice as much as a DS, no cross play and no shared games. That is the problem.

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Yeah would be nice. Can't wait for 1St party studios to give me a taste and take full advantage of my pro.

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Never assume because you'll make an ass out of me and you bro.

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I wonder who, fanboys?

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I'm not on ot I'm on bout n4g.

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I'm starting to get sick of the Spencer said articles. Please stop approving this junk, we don't get this crap from Sony and Nintendo all the time.

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Go away mate bought a 1tb ssd for 140. A 1tb msd your looking 200+ for worse speeds.

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Not really because it is about value for money, is what they should have done is made a power house console for cheap then released the portable console as a peripheral for those who want it.

The money is wasted on two pieces of tech which isn't that badly priced but considering the competition could be a lot better.

Nintendo love there gimmicks because they can sell the console dock, controls and handhelds multiple times to the same people by releasi...

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Planet poop.

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Damn so many bells, my head hurts.

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Vanquish was so underated. I remember it being a free game for ps plus and when I banged it on, I couldn't put it down. What a game.

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I agree with all the commenters saying this should have all been in from the start but you know what you can't fault them for re imagining the game. With new game plus added, in a years time I am sure to jump back in a re experience it all.

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For that price o just became interested. Sony and Ms may have a fight on their hands if the next reveals turn out to be good.

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Gonna be the bollox can't wait.

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Get a sshd or ssd should solve that problem.

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Not really ps4 sold 50+ million games digital compared to last year's 30 odd million during the holidays.

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