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I can't wait to see more on Anthem also but no one in their right mind can say that it is more interesting than Destiny after a short game play reveal. Yeah it looked good but don't get your hopes up.

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Can't wait!

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Just hope you never have to suffer at the hands of a refugee.

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'The Legend 27', Do you know what they say about the Legend 27?

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They got Phil Spencer Syndrome.

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The eye dropping ones are.

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I had steam and a lot of early accesses you would have to pay to play first then again for full release.

This looks like one step towards that model which is not good.

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Probably most areas i would say.

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True 4k would be playing on Ultra settings.

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I just got mine of game website in UK.

There in limited stock but it if you look there easy enough to get.

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The original kotr games still outclass any star wars game I have played to this day.

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Lets hope they take the game in a positive direction, i for one am bored with the 3DS iterations that have been milked to the point you can see the cows ribs and nipples dangling like a pair of saggy grand dad balls.

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I was hoping for a Old republic theme, TBH i am fed up of the 1 - 9 time period being milked.

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The last of us says hi!

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I would love that.

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I think nap time is in order.

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Looks good. Let's hope they put that magic in a new IP.

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Nintendo suck balls. Selling little characters for DLC in a game, then purposely producing less than demand.

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Sony are desperate please, you xbots all seem to forget the 3 great years we have had so far and that is before the dozen AAA exclusive we will be getting in he next few years.

Keep playing your BC titles and be happy.

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