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How is it shady when your getting rewarded for your donation. Also what everyone else said. Don't be hating on a company trying to bring back a legendary game. #1.30
Same thing happened to me with my 360 controller. #1.1.2
That's a contradicting statement considering I could burn the shit out of skolas last week with it. The casuals I think deserve a chance at it to ease it up for them because let's face it skolas ain't a walk in the park. #1.1.3
Level 28 is matchmaking and can be done unlimited times, the 32+ is done via weekly reset with no matchmaking. Their taking feedback and catering for all. I wouldn't be surprised if eventually the low level VOG or CROTA gets the same treatment as gear gets powered. #1.1.1
Tbh it's no different then any other shooter out there, I'm not defending it but all the major aaa shooters offer the same bang for buck. #7.1
Good stuff loving the new changes looks like a slow move in the right direction. Destiny still has huge potential. #6
I want candy and a back rub with my preorders. #8
My 42' and touch pad have more capabilities tbh. I see what your saying though. #1.5.1
That's like saying its a COD or Destiny clone because its a shooter. DICE have a good track record in my books they had a shakey launch with BF4 but they are the only ones that do what they do. I feel they are the best to do battlefront out of all the devs due to the experience of designing multiplayer around player count / vehicles and environment. Look at it like that. #9.2
They have to start from somewhere it's a reboot they can't just bam in a load of stuff at once otherwise there is nothing to work towards just more to fix.

They know people want space battles i can almost be certain it will come. #2.4
Reminds me of that game of thrones episode 'DRINk' #2
I get the hate from some people I really do, the only thing that would satisfy me with the current arrangement is if they upgraded current raids to extreme with class specific exclusive loot and weapons.

Edit: I'm still getting the expansion. #8
Couldn't really see the benefit of this in everyday homes. It's just a pc monitor blown out proportion like the movie, it could actually lead to cocounterproductivy having to jump around the room to do stuff. Where the keyboard lol. #25
I really want to play a full blown remake of both before I die. #3
Clearly hasn't been in them depth 4&5 chalice dungeons lol #6
I never thought I would say this but this one game will make me want a console. I'm gonna wait for more info but it looks like a rpg I've always wanted. #25
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People killing me left right and center by just magically appearing on my screen. #10
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Graphics ain't everything mate if your that concerned play it on PC and get the same experience bar graphics. #5.2
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I'm pissed I completely forgot I had 2 tickets for me and my mate to go to the fest today and it finished half hour ago :-( #3
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Isn't the whole idea of share play to help your friends out though. So it makes sense although an option to turn it off would be nice. #1.8
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