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I just want to bite it. #9
They are just hating for whatever reason the only comparison is the third person shooter aspect. That's fanboys for you, this game looks brilliant. #1.5.2
Ima get me a rocket launcher, booom #14
Ultimately that's what is going to happen they are gonna remaster shenmue 1 & 2 and use that to pump money into 3.

I have a feeling Sony are in talks in trying to get some sort of exclusive deal going on. #11.2
Can't wait for this patch to drop. #3
Amen brother. #1.1.1
I was a bit sceptical at first but once I saw the alpha gameplay I was sold on it. It's old school shooting but thoroughly unic and massive multiplayer, this is what shooters should start striving towards. Can't wait for this to stores. #1
The latter prices are outrageous but i can definitely see a benefit in the 4$ for 4 hours only because you can trial the game to see if you want to actually buy it. #42
It's not the land of the free no more the whole constitution of America has been flipped on its arse. All these new bills and laws being passed are basically destroying the very fabric of what once was. #5.1
Maybe he wants to hack their vaginas. #7.1.1
It's not just the PC crowd i can get a PS3 or Xbox360 with every known game pre-installed and most games 2-3 weeks before release.

I am almost certain in a few months the same goes for current gen hardware. #14.2
It keeps getting better and better :-) #3
Looks good I'm hoping these transition into the final product. #1
That's fanboys for you my friend Sony or MS could tell them they should pay 100 a month just because they should and they would say it's amazing. #3.2.2
It's only really milking if the franchise doesn't evolve and from my experience halo has evolved over the years although 4 I wasn't too keen on but I still enjoyed it. Something like cod is milking because it's rehashed year on year.

I personally wish the bring halo to PC because I won't be getting a X1. #8
I disagree I think Microsoft have ruined the gaming industry in so many ways. #4.2
Then why do I say devs always using ultra powered pc's to code on. I find it very hard to believe that to be the case and if true 2 bit games is as far as you will go. #3.5
No their kinect will just stop working during games which sort of defeats the object of having one. #4.1.2
To be fair to his question it is pretty valid they are claiming the cloud will boost XB1 performance by a huge margin.
So ask yourself this are they un-bundling the kinect for more power or more choice.
Them stating they will free up resources proves to me further the power of the cloud is still a ways off. #8.1.3
That is probably the smartest comment I have seen on this thread. #1.4.1
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