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I think this reflects deeply on the age group, majority I know with xbox are kids and more clued up mature people with ps4.

Although the margin ain't that big I still think there's an element of what Im stating.

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Already been done buddy marketing by xbox as a budget Uhd bluray already.

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The author is a twat, simple.

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Then get a PC.

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Gonna go with my new 4K HDR tv nicely, can't wait.

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Xbone s with new fifa already 200 pound in UK. I think that's they way they going tbh.

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Is it any good? Need opinions people before I download?

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Remember how they designed the og ps4 in which the CPU can offload to the Gpu, correct me if I'm wrong I'm no expert but I'm sure that's how it was designed. In hindsight the CPU being crap is still somewhat restricting.

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A pokemon mmo would be nice.

If EA were going to clone pokemon they should make it similar to monster hunter and once you capture the monster you cage it, tame it and send it killing for you.

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You I just think that no one buys these uhd blurays anymore. Here in the UK why do you think so many blockbusters and hmv's closed down. Purely for that reason the future is digital.

I play games on my ps4 not dvd and most people I know do the same so I'm khappy to keep that 350 price tag and use that extra 50 for a game.

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I game on PC with a very expensive rig, even I can see the value of the pro.
£350 is a steal and when developers like naughty dog get there hands on it you'll see 95% of the pc library get blown out the water.

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Think of it this way mate. By the time Scorpio release the ps4 fanbase will be even larger and a bigger gap between it and xbox.

Look at the pro already not all developers are wasting their time porting a pro version.

So what's gonna happen to Microsoft when they release the Scorpio with its inferior install Base.

I see xbox loosing more support with this thing.

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No you didn't just compare the ps4 and pro to gundam. X-)

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£350 for a pro is not pathetic. Games will look better on it than on a £700 PC.

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Well said I completely agree.

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For 350 quid it's a steal with the combination of exclusives, hardware, software and form factor.

Yeah the Scorpio will be more powerful and so will the next console after that from whoever.

Imo if I want that much power per cost I'd jump back on PC as that's where all of ms's games are anyway. I think Sony have done well to cater to a wider audience with the pro.

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Difference is the ps4 pro costs half the price of a top end smartphone.

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Film is great, I watched it last night. Whoever picking up 15 has to watch it.

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Completely agree, that big demon looks like some sort of weapon from 7. Gonna wip this up and kick back with a bag of pop.

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I see what your saying but it all depends on the quality and quantity of what's included in the season pass and thereafter.

If it is a full blown expansion outside of the season pass then it's justified dependant of the aforementioned.

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