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Who pissed in your cornflakes bro. Did you overlook all logic?

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In its current state, the division is a very good game with tons to do.

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Microsoft just want to convince people their end single player games are not worth it so they can get away with milking their cows with gaas.

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If your getting a ps4 why complain? You solved your own problem and answered your own question.

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I have a solution to your problem, either one of you buy a switch or ps4.

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Fortnite is thee BR game and with the steady stream of updates will remain hard to beat.

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It would be but remember EA retain licenses afforded to them. If MS aquire EA would fifa etc... Allow them to continue that partnership under new ownership.

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I'm with you brother although I've been sailing that ship for another year.

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E3 is for announcing and showing of games to us the consumer not announcing silly partnerships.

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Free online for 10 years is not greedy. Ps4 online services have gradually improved with ps+ offering free games long before MS. I can see where the greed truly sits.

The game pass / gold is for one month which still charges you after that month which many people forgot.

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Advertising bro celebrities don't come cheap these days.

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There's nothing wrong with with QTE's in an open world game. In fact having alot in an open world game if done right adds to it not detracts.

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I think the opposite for some who does. T own an Xbox one, if I was ever to pick one up it would be the X. Unfortunately that day may never come unless they start making games again.

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You cannot detract from sonys talented developers. By giving there games away for next to nothing would be an insult.

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Still no new content just changes to what is already there. Osiris was the biggest let down in destiny's life imo.

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A full priced game should not have a lot of room to improve. No man sky, destiny 2, mass effect, FF15 all got slack for the same reason. This should be no exception. Its a flop simple and supporting them is wrong.

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One by one they will fall, mark my words.

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They say the same every year and every year we are disappointed. Atleast on a positive it won't take much to make it a great E3.

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A portable only version and switch Pro would be nice. Still useless without proper online but hope that comes.

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I think the question is not 'if' but 'when' sony enter the multiplayer domain, what will happen to MS's market share?

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