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Governments need to ban this practice and fast. Only then will we see improvements, i fear the mobile games and casuals are ruining the industry for all of us.

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Who cares. Xbox ain't bringing anything to the gaming industry and haven't done for years, why should Sony help them if they don't want to help themselves.

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You are right but remember not everyone cares for 4k or spending more for the same experience. I have a pro and 4k tv so am lucky. But for average people on average wages they will opt for the S or Vanilla PS4, lets face it there are more struggling than well off.

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I'm a ps fan and even so for a niche title like this, truly a great feat.

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You should become a developer because you clearly sound like you know what your doing.

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To be fare forza is just an arcade racer with a shiny coat. But that is really poor considering they release one every single year since the beginning of time.

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Stores have already confirmed they receive a fraction of what they received of the one s. Some stores still have them in stock. Ebay is filled with Scorpios.

Summary: it's highly unlikely but we'll see. It's going to be interesting to see how Phil announces, I mean spins his sales PR considering they don't report figures.

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Got to be the worst trailer for anything I have ever seen. Touting 4k but show images, Xbox marketing been on that brown.

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Your loss bro.

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Experience will still be the same though.

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Who cares about generations, it is just a definition. The point is what is on offer.

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what ever happened to their Halo series with Spielberg?

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My pro sounds like a jet engine.

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@kionic, the pro is over £100 cheaper with more exclusives and a higher player Base.


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Ms only want cross play to boost third party game player counts because their systems dead.

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My time on Xbox was riddled with these screaming kids.

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The problem stems from black people using the word in hip hop, rap and on the streets so casually.

The word becomes desensitised and casual to use by all. That's not to say I would use the word as I had a good upbringing and show respect to history and others.

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Buy the version your friends are on. If your solo by the version that will best perform for your budget.

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