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Fair point, It also makes me wonder where PUBG's money is going?

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Brilliant game more polished and more content to come.

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It's a no brainer.

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Nice one, my post was a joke BTW.

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Because PC gamers are broke from spending all their money on Hardware :-p

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The problem is more with the content and lack of activities.
Game should have two raids running concurrently, a POE style dungeon, crafting system with farm points, more public events, world bosses, strike specific loot, Forge type area on each planet and varied PVP numbered playlists (i.e. 1v1 - 6v6).

I was hardcore Destiny 1 and beginning of D2 and i speak for my clan here also which was a 40 strong active clan of people i actually know.

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Its funny, all i see are articles for MS to revive this game or that game. Do they not listen to their fans? Why do these same people support a company that doesn't have the same passion we share for games?

In life i have principles and all i see is U-Turns and tricky marketing tactics with main franchises riddled with loot boxes, for me personally i cannot support them regardless of offerings until they sack existing management and replace with a competent team and cha...

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Sony bringing the games as usual, nothing new. Xbox list is dire and at least one of them isn't even console exclusive.

I wonder what Sony have in the pipeline that hasn't been announced?

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No that clip actually saved Xbox fans from not being able to trade their games in. I think thanks are in order to the two people in that clip.

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@jrshankill its MS the guys who paved the way for paid online, DLC and GAAS. 100% they will bring out ltd edition purchasable ones or put more time in the whole loot box contents to help sell their poor performing games with exclusive content etc...

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Bring to the west and that will triple.

Sega you are pure pony.

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Sony offer trophy score for discounts in the PSN store, albeit only NA at the moment, but its a whole different direction to loot boxes in which i am almost certain will pave the way for purchased ones.

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I prefer Fortnite, if you can look past the art style then the building mechanics and items take it to a whole new level.

Every game ends drastically different then PUBG.

In addition the content added in less time is more than PUBG and with the addition of the city map will only take it to a whole new level.

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Is it just me that thought the original fable was the best one.

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Sony invest more than just money in studios. They invest time in making polished experiences that ain't centered around milking the consumer.

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No passion for games just a passion for milking.

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You know when companies use celebrities to market their games that generally they are going to be bad. Looking at Crackdown 3.

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But ain't mobile graphics supposed to be on par with consoles by now, Sarcasm!

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Beast pistol.

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I agree but think of what Sony will do with that power.

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