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To be released in 3 years and cancelled in 2 :-D

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The author is a joke, what the hell is he on about?

Some twisted little fan girl. Sony don't give a damn about the x when most if not all their first party offerings will look better than all of the third party crap MS have been touting.

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@obscure the pro is priced cheaper and had been out longer what's your point?

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6-7 years is a long time bro that's how long it's been since they truly delivered.

For some reason I feel all hope is lost and that E3 conference just proved it.

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@Bathyj that is so true LMAO

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Regardless if part 2 is even half as good as the masterpiece 1 was then it will still be good.

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There's a thing called inflation north America had the price hike a while ago and it's only natural Europe was getting it.

The price of everything including food, drink, tobacco, petrol and bills increases every year.

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Phantasy star online please.

Can't believe I'm the only one saying this.

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You ever been a restaurant or cafe and been given food that looks nothing like what's on your plate.

If not send me the details :-D

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After this update No mans sky will have a lot more than ED, i just started ED a few weeks ago and its pretty repetitive TBH with a lot less to do. There is no life on any of the planets and limited ships, ED is craving a long awaited update IMO.

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You do realise the game was made by a small group of lads with next to know funding aside from marketing and an office that got washed away.

The game has been improved and will continue to be improved whats wrong with that. Yeah they lied but jeez give them a break.

Look at ME Andromeda they cancelled all DLC to cut cost / ties. They could have made up for the failings with some free content instead of a multiplayer riddled with MT's and a game half ...

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@81BX for some reason i get the feeling regardless of the money they made they would have made it to what they wanted.

The backlash i think has just pushed them harder in that direction.

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The thing is they lied not wholeheartedly lied but yeah there was promises not in final release. Did the flood have an impact on their personal finances and development, well that is up for debate.

But for them to bring 3 heavy updates borderline expansions, why not jump back in i say?

They have redeemed themselves with this update and multiplayer is what was needed.

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I don't fall for their clever marketing ploys. Un-compromised 4k is 4k with maxed settings which the scorpio will not deliver.

Does true 4k mean that PC's running games at better fps and settings are very true 4k. When the PS5 releases does that mean scorpio then becomes un true 4k.

Just say it how it is exactly as Sony did with their conference. After hearing all the PR BS im happy to not give MS my money another time around.

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Needs multiplayer in this update. Me and a load of mates all want to jump back in but want to play together.

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It's OK bro they got the beast coming and all og Xbox titles to play.

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I disagree the PRO would have been out a year already and is still £150 cheaper. It is worse in the sense of power but value for money is unrivalled.

Xbox is the least popular brand and now it is coming at a premium, good luck MS.

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It's hybrid, a combination of both peer to peer and dedicated servers.

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Do your research.

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