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It is a logical way of looking at it though I don't see your problem, if you can't afford it then I understand but the gane is great. Mmo costs more I know cos I banged ff14 for 2 years and it was the same you grinder until you had to wait for next update. #13.1
It's less of a grind there's so many ways of getting top tier gear. Drop rate increased massively, exotics and legendaries from quests no rng and more daily activities with rewards with more weekly stuff still to come. #2.2.1
Few legendary engrams, materials and calcified fragments and that's it I think. #1.1
Bot really because while your grinding to 40 I got all year 1 exotics and hitting the raid etc... Just like all games early adopters play first. No shafting just common practice. #10.3.1
That's great already handed in two stacks of 5 lol :-( #1
My bad I didn't read the notes properly lol. #3.2.1
That's the taken thrall. #4.1
Don't keep them mate they will get lost on tomorrow's release. Use them to level up any old crap you got lying about. #3.1
Get over it almost every game known to existence really skin older enemies but make them tougher. Atleast they actually have new mechanics and don't look wholey the same. There's tons of things in the ttk which are new, and you nit pick the one thing you can think of. Alot of the new content they have changed / added shows they are actually listenning to the community. #2.1
Don't Carr what anyone says Ff8 was my all time favourite game. Even so PlayStation have always brung the games at still a tough choice. #56
The difference is destiny is a game that is going to be supported for 10 years so you can always come back to it. All the other games you mentioned will be wholey forgeton in a year. #1.1
Baaaaaahh #5.1
Wholeheartedly agree. It's just people are sheep these days they jump on any bandwagon they can to feel apart of something, may be due to not having real life friends. #3.1
You mean the deep pits of the summoning heh heh #1.1
I think it's the people who can't afford to fork out for the DLC lol. #9.1
Get away with keeping a gane fresh every few months is the same as a sub to an mmo if not cheaper as you can but TTK and get all previous installments aswell. IMO I'd rather a game last year's that's enjoyable. Have a break and you still get all previous content. I think it's fairly priced. #2.2.1
It has been confirmed that your characters will transfer over so I assume you can still play the original content as you have paid for it. Might be some character transfer thing so your original characters are in both. #3.1.1
Doubt it the original game was meant to release in 2013. #2.1
That's probably because most of the fanbois don't have a lot of money and the I devices make them feel part of some exclusive club or something. Everyone I speak to with a iPhone makes a point in saying they have one, they actually refer to their phone as iPhone with everything, like me saying yeah I took that picture with my Sony phone lol. #8.1.1
People will only lap this up from media hype and the huge advertising they do. My phone already does the microcontroller crap and ps360x already is cheap enough to have a quality system. Alk this would be is another example of mindless consumers. #5
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