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Good stuff loving the new changes looks like a slow move in the right direction. Destiny still has huge potential. #6
I want candy and a back rub with my preorders. #8
My 42' and touch pad have more capabilities tbh. I see what your saying though. #1.5.1
That's like saying its a COD or Destiny clone because its a shooter. DICE have a good track record in my books they had a shakey launch with BF4 but they are the only ones that do what they do. I feel they are the best to do battlefront out of all the devs due to the experience of designing multiplayer around player count / vehicles and environment. Look at it like that. #9.2
They have to start from somewhere it's a reboot they can't just bam in a load of stuff at once otherwise there is nothing to work towards just more to fix.

They know people want space battles i can almost be certain it will come. #2.4
Reminds me of that game of thrones episode 'DRINk' #2
I get the hate from some people I really do, the only thing that would satisfy me with the current arrangement is if they upgraded current raids to extreme with class specific exclusive loot and weapons.

Edit: I'm still getting the expansion. #8
Couldn't really see the benefit of this in everyday homes. It's just a pc monitor blown out proportion like the movie, it could actually lead to cocounterproductivy having to jump around the room to do stuff. Where the keyboard lol. #25
I really want to play a full blown remake of both before I die. #3
Clearly hasn't been in them depth 4&5 chalice dungeons lol #6
I never thought I would say this but this one game will make me want a console. I'm gonna wait for more info but it looks like a rpg I've always wanted. #25
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People killing me left right and center by just magically appearing on my screen. #10
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Graphics ain't everything mate if your that concerned play it on PC and get the same experience bar graphics. #5.2
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I'm pissed I completely forgot I had 2 tickets for me and my mate to go to the fest today and it finished half hour ago :-( #3
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Isn't the whole idea of share play to help your friends out though. So it makes sense although an option to turn it off would be nice. #1.8
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Yea baby epic teaser right there. This expansion is gonna be huge. #6
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Google destiny tracker mate you'll find parties on there. #1.1.3
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But you'll paying for an ever evolving game it's not like a £40 game then £40 for a few DLC maps.
Every 2.2 2.3 and 2.4 updates bring alot of new content and small patches in between add little bits and bobs.

To me this is the first ever sub game I've paid for and I completely justify the sub. #4.1
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I hear you I felt the same up until Wednesday in which I got 8 legendaries in a day. I got 4 from the raid 2 from weekly and 2 drops. #2.2
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That's like saying xbox copied everyone by creating a console. Mate just don't go their competition learn from each other thus driving innovation. I'm not defending Sony but grow up mate. #1.2.2
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