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Would be interesting to see if Sony would come back and counter that if ms did something along them lines. But I all fairness both would loose 100's of millions so probably wouldn't happen.

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Yeah especially the mask doning ninja girl.

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How can it be linked to games when isis are the ones who have a clear agenda. Stupid shit like this should be removed from existence.

Terrorism in the form of journalism.

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I'd say less of a unity more of covering losses to be honest. it's good for pc gamers bad for xbox fans.

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Cory 😁

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Next it'll be sweatshirts and jeans on the beach.

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So am I but I gotta say this is the only x1 game Ive been jealous of this gen.

I been playing it with my nephew on his and its alot of fun.

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That's what happens when you let interns do the presentation lol.

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I prefer systems like that no point having sweaty matches all the time sometimes it's good to thrash or be thrashed.

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My 3 year old pc performs netter than the one so there's no reason for me to waste 200 quid.

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@Murkc0re it's nothing to do with brexit what you on about.

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I'm thinking more along the lines of a toaster with kick start running on two stroke.

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Yeah I agree wholeheartedly but o still had a lot of fun with destiny and still will with rise of iron.

But yeah integrate a proper story into the patrol maps with npc live event / quests etc.. Like an mmorpg.

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I'm glad it's delayed means they can make it more epic.

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Then your a donut.

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True and that doesn't take into account the number of Sony and Microsoft fans talking about the other consoles camp.

Meaning there could be way less xbox people talking about the good of the conference and that void filled by others saying how pony it was.

Whilst everyone was talking about the games on the other end.

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So Microsoft are basically saying fuck you to all their hardcore fans and all the poor kids that bought an xbox one. That's harsh I feel sorry for the fanboys, I wonder what they gonna say next.

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I did but I got money to burn so don't really matter too me. I can play all my ps4 exclusives at better quality now.

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Hardware is nothing without the software, Scorpio is a powerhouse but what's the point in buying it if all xbox titles are on PC.

I think Microsoft are shooting themselves here and could wind up alienating some fans, like many others I can just dust off my PC now and buy xbox exclusives meaning I don't need an xbox.

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VR will be dead on arrival if that's the case. Me personally will support the crap out of it.

I'm gonna put in extra hours just so they can have all my money. If you want I can buy all your VR games too seeing as though your a tight ass.

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