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Ripped of for what I've sunk in 100's of hours in the game for me the beat £80 value I've had in entertainment in a long time. Remember a blue ray is £20 for 2 hours movie. #1.1.2
But your not gaining an advantage your gaining what you can get through playing by buying for example if I was to play someone since launch but pay money for packs they still win because they know what they doing and already have what I have.

The definition of pay to win is acquiring something that isn't earned through normal gameplay that give you an advantage. Get it right. #4.1.2
Definitely not pay to win you can earn everything through the game might take a while but you can. #4.1
Piece of shit Sega been waiting year for this. #19
Well Locke is a man of colour so masterpiece has to be a man of no colour. Good v bad dark v light. #12.1
What a load of crap still waiting for that full blown mmo pokemon game. #2
Looking good, nice article breaks it down very clearly. #3
That twitch reveal was sick yesterday and there's still two more, hopefully one concentrates just on the dreadnought. Can't wait. #5
You can either use the website or bungie app I've used it and it's just a case of adding 6 people you don't necessarily need them on friends list you can invite them straight or you get invited takes few minutes and you got a team. The problem with matchmaking you could end up with randomers with pre defined teams you sorta know what your in for. #4.1.2
Read my reply above bro it's easy to join groups through the destiny app where you'll get messages through it for raids etc... or destinylfg / destinytracker. #4.1
I advise you to jump in the raids they are extremely fun at the beginning when you have never done them. Destinylfg or destiny tracker will get you a party pretty quick or add me up on ps4 I'll run you through it. #3.1
That's just the way it goes early adopters pay more to get it early. What you want bungie to do make new players pay full wack and piss more people off. Long time destiny fans get to jump straight into taken king whereas new players have to put the work in, that's what we have paid for. #2.1.2
Where's the Blood? Nice cosplay. #2
How is it shady when your getting rewarded for your donation. Also what everyone else said. Don't be hating on a company trying to bring back a legendary game. #1.30
Same thing happened to me with my 360 controller. #1.1.2
That's a contradicting statement considering I could burn the shit out of skolas last week with it. The casuals I think deserve a chance at it to ease it up for them because let's face it skolas ain't a walk in the park. #1.1.3
Level 28 is matchmaking and can be done unlimited times, the 32+ is done via weekly reset with no matchmaking. Their taking feedback and catering for all. I wouldn't be surprised if eventually the low level VOG or CROTA gets the same treatment as gear gets powered. #1.1.1
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Tbh it's no different then any other shooter out there, I'm not defending it but all the major aaa shooters offer the same bang for buck. #7.1
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Good stuff loving the new changes looks like a slow move in the right direction. Destiny still has huge potential. #6
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I want candy and a back rub with my preorders. #8
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