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More PAIN...
...for the xBot Zombie Lemmings on this!!! ;-D

SEXY;)Box-Art;-P #7
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Killzone 2 demo coming to PSN prior to launch
;-P ;-Q ;-] ;-* ;<) ;-[] ;-o ;-O ;-D

;) #7.1
'PlayStation 2 Here Until 2010'
That's AMAZING!!!
Micro$oft can only DREAM of doing that!!! ;-D

Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Gaiden - Ten no Haoh (PSP, Interchannel): 6 / 6 / 7 / 5 - (24/40)???
Hokuto YES, YES, YES, Sir Ken: Raoh Gaiden - Ten no Haoh (PSP, Interchannel): 10 / 10 / 10 / 10 - (40/40)
Was better!!! ;-D #3.1
"For those of you anxiously awaiting media reviews for Killzone 2"
Er no not really, i couldn't care less what internet site + reviews say!!! I can see it looks AMAZING and i want it!!! Easy ;-P #1.5
...Just want this Game NOW!!! ;-P

2009 -

PS3 = The Console for AMAZING GAMES ;-P

xBox 360 = The Console for Out-of-Date Looking DLC ;-D #3.3
Yeah i saw said -
"Don't buy the xBox 360 Version!!!" ;-D

...I run out of Spray Paint to write more...Oooooops!!! ;) #5
Do NOT Underestimate the POWER of...
|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;-P

I'm not clicking on that Pile of SH!T!!! ;-D

Why don't they Preview all their boring DLC they got coming out this year??? ;-D #4.4
On this Site now are -
Active Users: There are 113 members and 3698 guests.

;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D

It makes me Laugh that people on this(xBots)think the whole world reads this **** site(so they think their LIES will bring down SONY's PS3)!!! ;-D

It's populated by a few, read by a few gamers and that's it(THANK GOD!!!) ;)

As long as i get my copy and PS3 fans get theirs, then i couldn't give a Rats-@SS about how many it sold!!!;) #4.2
Sony Giving Away Money In PlayStation Home

Micro$oft Giving away free Blankets to the xBot Zombie Lemmings because they are HOMELESS(And always will be)!!! ;-D

Er erm i said 'Free Blankets'??? WTF!!! Sir Ken!!! Micro$oft don't do FREE!!! ;-D #9
...Is anybody out there??? ;-D
(No one here???)

I liked it anyway;) #9
Just because...
...the BEST EVER Looking Console game is coming out on the PS3 next month(i.e KillZone 2) Micro$oft say "Faster" and "Prettier" don't matter!!! ;-D
Oh Dear...The next xBox will be a Wii Clone!!! ;-D #6.3
Microsoft: those who really care will find the Jasper 360s
That's no one then!!! ;-D #8.2
@Kratos19 ;) I don't like any of them ;-D
(power of)Greenberg: "we're not even thinking about the next generation at this point" "We won't make a 3rd Failed Console, two is enough!!!" ;-D #7.2
They should rename this site - ;-D

Only a few more weeks my Dear??? :-/ xBot Zombie Lemmings of this to read!!!;)
Is it HURTING you yet??? I hope so;) #6
Just 2 comments on the Open Zone??? I'm so shocked, i can't comment!!! ;-D #16
'Besides, everything looks pretty gosh-darned amazing these days'
YEAH on the PS3!!! ;-P

'Wii Toy'??? Er NOPE!!!
'xBox 360 Maxed-Out'??? Er NOPE!!!
(ALL xBox 360 Maxed-Out 2008' Exclusive Games looked dated to me...Me??? bias Never!!!) ;-D

+ Why can't PS3 Fans go on about the Look of the game for???
If it was on the 'xBox 360 Maxed-Out'
(I know, never in a Million years could the 'xBox 360 Maxed-Out' run this game!!!) ;-D the internet would have been calling the xBox 360 the best thing ever!!!
... #1.2
...I found 'xBox 360' Exclusive games in 2008 looking well er erm hmm you know...outdated??? Will Micro$oft fix that for 2009??? ;-D

MORE PINK!!! A WAR in PINK and Silly Colours we need!!!
Oh we got 'Halo 3' for that!!! ;-D

+ It's been 2 Months i haven't looked at a 'KillZone 2' Video or any Photos...WHY??? I don't want to spoil the game when i get it;)

FPS NEXT-GEN Starts when i say so!!! ;-D

+ What next??? - 'KILLZONE 3[D]'... #2.5
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