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The game is not as hard as he made it look, really. The guy is just :
- saying what people expect him to say about the game
- he is just bad at playing games

Also , reviewing games by just playing the first zone is not cool . The guy didn't try to play cooperative or anything.

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i heard the same thing when SC4 came out...and it was just a good game
come on...
metal gear is in another level.

Talk about SC features and how good they are, don't compare it to another game just to get hits

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I hope for him to return someday, he deserves a better way to die.More epic, he is not a sh*tty monster, he is WESKER!

I hated all the monster wesker fight, one of the worst parts in any RE games.

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Im sure this game will be a good game but not worth of the castlevania name. Castlevania is not a mindless action game, since the guys of mercury steam said at meristation that the game was action oriented and that it wouldn't have all the exploration elements of the saga im listing this as another failure of this spanish devs ( Jericho and Scrapland were bad )

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Really? A 9?
Reviewers this days....

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It's not that hard really, it looks that way at the begining but then when you learn all the basics the game is not more difficult than a lot of games out there.
Anyway, it's one of the best games for the ps3 , and my fav game of this year so far.

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He is right , i mean, ID should be in a better position right now.

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You should listen to Drakengard and Drakengard 2 OSTs

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Splash Damage are great developers, they know how to make really impresive graphics.I don't think as good as K2 , but they will be good.
They aren't using Oblivion's and Fallout 3 graphic engine so...
i think they are using ID tech4

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It's a great game ( one of the best this gen ), it's not as hard as people say but it will make you suffer

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This game's graphic style is completely the opposite of killzone 2. The comparisson is pretty stupid.

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I like DEVO

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GT will be released this fall?

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splinter cell and mass effect2 have a lot of chances to be on ps3

alan wake in the other hand will be 360 exclusive on consoles for sure

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well, he should also point that splinter cell, alan wake, mass effect 2 etc aren't 360 exclusives because we can play them on pc too.

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guys, that was cruel to the poor forza 3 ...

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I think it will be a new IP. The same one it was rumoured to be SONY exclusive a few days ago. I bet EPIC was seeing who paid more money to have the timed exclusive MS or SONY... now it seems MS won and they are going to pay more.
it will be a timed exclusive for sure

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not only that...the game is beign developed by double helix , the same guys that ruined the silent hill franchize with homecoming .

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che, riquelme?
after the libertadores cup you should be ashamed of that nick... :P

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Im a little sad, collin mc rae were serious rally games, they should have made two different franchizes :(
This is not a collin mc rae game , and i want one

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