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looks like an intriguing music title. #1
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I think some points in this article are somewhat biased, I do think E3 will have some vita news. GC, TGS and PSX last year all saw a resurgence in Vita talk compared to E3. I think that will continue. At the very least Sony will talk about RE Revelations 2, since they are the ones handling the port. #1
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I feel like no Vita version was a missed opportunity. #1.2
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Im sure both will come at the same time, or close to one another. #1.2.1
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Amiibos do not hold DLC data. Their data is is an unlock key to data that is already on the disc.

Codename STEAM, Mario Party 10 and now Splatoon will all have content that was available on their discs, but which required a user to pay extra for an amiibo to get access to it.

Same goes for Kirby and Yoshi, but those are more designed to make the game easier. Other amiibo games had their content added via a patch.

In every case, the amiibo i... #1.2.1
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That literally makes no sense whatsoever.

`If it weren't for Amiibo, you wouldn't be able to access these challenges anyway.`

So if I dont pay extra money for an amiibo, I would not be ablt to access the challenges (and the gear that comes with these challenges, and the mini games that are unlocked from these challenges) that exist on the disc I buy?

That is content that is locked away behind a paywall. That is a form of day 1 dlc. #1.1.1
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Day 1 DLC that is on the disc, and locked away from the user until they pay an extra fee should never be encouraged or defended like this.

It is a horrible policy. Just because it is Nintendo and because you get a nice little figurine does not and should not change this. #1
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Layden was better at PSX. What Sony really needs to do is make sure all their non-game speakers keep to their time limit.

The problem with the Powers segment was that even though it was actually only 5 minutes long, the speaker was not mean to talk for that period of time. He kept talking more than he was meant to.

So just keep the pacing better and Sony's E3 will be better than last year. I do not think there is anything wrong with non-game announcement... #1.3
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Why would Square Enix be listed though?

Not saying its fake one way or another, just think thats kind of weird. #1.1
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Pretty much this. Concept art for the GG game is promising. #1.1
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I know some ppl might take this the wrong way, but I think Sony should be looking to get mobile games onto the PSV. I dont mean any mobile game, I mean those based off actual known gaming IPs or those that are recgonised as good mobile games.

For instance, who would not want to to play Dead Space mobile or Mass Effect Infiltrator? or even ports of games like TWEWY or titles from Game loft.

These would be a great source of software for the vita, especially si... #1
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I dont want to jump the gun and believe this is 100% legit but a new MediEvil on PS4 would be a really awesome announcement.

I look forward to E3 or even the Paris event and hopefully this is announced.! #1.2
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I think its fairly obvious that the conference will detail updates on :
Deus Ex
Tomb Raider
the new Hitman (that is supposedly in the works)
Triad Wars
Nosgoth (legacy of kain spinoff)
Just Cause 3

Considering the importance of FF14, the new Expansion will definitely get airtime and its been confirmed that FF15 will get a trailer. I do think Dragon Quest Heroes will at least get a trailer, and perhaps mentions (maybe more) of... #1.1
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Too bad they cancelled this. Would be great if Sony London had this reworked for PS4. #1
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Having content available day 1 on a game locked behind the requirement of an Amiibo figure, is not DLC done right.

Im sorry, but having a whole game mode not accessible in MP10, or the 45 bonus missions and costume gear not accessible in Splatoon without needing to first pay for an amiibo, is not in any way DLC done right. (especially when this content comes ships directly on the disc you buy)

Nintendo has had some good DLC avenues, but some of them others ar... #1.5
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A vita version would have been cool too, but hope this is a good game. #1
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if true would be cool if they pushed for a vita version.

guess we will see if sony really has the marketing deal. i think its more likely that Activision will just want all DLC released on all platforms from the get go. #1.3
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Not really. Sony has been don\ing this through the PS3 years too, with IPs like AC (which is now MS).

As for PS4. they have done this with Watch Dogs, you can see it with Batman, and even the upcoming MGS. There was even the big one: Destiny.

And then of course there is SCEJA who are partnering with lots of companies to get games into development and pushed on the PS4.

So this is nothing new for Sony, its just another move they are making in... #2
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Just need to ensure they continue with compelling software, which they have. Making sure VR is good and affordable will definitely be helpful (because of the resources its taking away from normal PS4 game development).

As cool as a price cut will be for many ppl who arent ready to pay for the PS4 at its current price, its really unneeded atm, and I dont think Sony will be forced into one any time soon.

They have many of their own games coming up this year (ra... #1.1
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I am good with my 8gb for now. Might upgrade. But I am the sort of gamer who sticks to a couple of games only, and when I am done with them I move on. So 8gb has not been an issue since I got my Vita back at the JPN launch.

I do think Sony should consider a price cut for all the cards worldwide. Would help make the Vita be a more attractive purchase. #1
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