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They should have at least made a Vita version at the same time, considering 3 mainline games (well 2 and that shooter spinoff) are on the device. #1.1
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It really comes down to what brought about these decisions. MS has pretty much made it known that they wanted some to compete against Uncharted so went for TR instead of making something themselves.

We know Bayo2 is WiiU exclusive because the game had stopped being funded by SEGA and was not going to be released.

We dont really know the situation as it stands with SF5. All we know is that Ono has publicly mentioned that he didnt have the resources of finances... #1.1
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I guess that would explain why the teaser had someone (Jaffe?) drawing. #1.1
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I know there was meant to be a PS4 reveal at this event... if there is more then BONUS.

Cant wait. Even if a bunch of small announcements with the big PS4 reveal, I look forward to seeing what Sony has in store from Japan. #1
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that would be incredible if true. i am just ok getting a trailer but if a playable demo is there then even better. #1
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Im saddened that they cant even be bothered to bring FF Dimensions or this new FF Legends to the Vita.

Yet they port some random FPS card game to the device. Why... #1.1
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More game support too. Remote play is definitely a neat bonus, but it needs more than that. #1.1
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You know, I would take a Vita version of this if it were made. But yeah the game is out on PS3 and no other Sony platforms unless the devs say otherwise. #1.2
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Wish they would bring this to the Vita. That would be sweet. #1
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Honestly, SA HD and a SA Stories for Vita would rock.

But, who knows if either will actually ever happen :/ #1
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The amount of indies announced for PS4 over the last couple of days is cray. And some look really fun too. #1
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Awesome! Been a good 20 years. Lets keep that going Sony! #2
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Author didnt read the disclaimer at the bottom. That invite system is for PS4 only.

And this is not share play in terms of how the PS4 defines it. There are quite a few differences, mainly that the 2nd player is not streaming the game . #2
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While you are at it SEGA, why not bring over the Vita port of the game. #1
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Thats cool. I would personally prefer a vita version though, but hey another game to look into for PS4. #1
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How is any of this unexpected? Sony clearly said that publishers and developers could block content. Clearly, if something like Minecraft or Shadow of Mordor is not working, that is a publisher decision and clearly they are not in favour of share play as of yet.

Its not unexpected, nor does it cast a bad shadow on the feature. If all major publishers begin to not use the feature then there is a problem, but clearly that is not the case. #1
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This is such a great ad. The girl is sad and feeling a little lonely so her friend share plays some co-op games with her. Then he share plays Destiny for her to play alone and it works. Then by sharing she becomes more connected with people.

I think it really plays on the whole sharing and playing aspects quite well. #1.3
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Good to hear. Hopefully great things come from this. I think its a really smart move for SCEJA to be pushing their reach into Asia more. We are seeing more, and quicker localisations, into other Asian languages for Japanese games. Initiatives like this and the PS study in a university in Korea helps those who want to get into the gaming industry. #1
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It was, sorry :) #2.2.1
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Both games are like 2 weeks apart... this hasnt stopped Nintendo from releasing their games on the game day and seeing the same results as if the games were separated more.

If people really want these games they will buy them. Feb 2014 basically looks to be fairly strong for the PS4. A good start to the year is what Sony will want to keep momentum for the rest of the year. #2
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