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I'm hoping we seee gran turismo and twisted metal. Those 2 started out on ps1 and been in every ps since, except vita.

Would be nice to have those 2 join wipeout and hot shots golf #2.1
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Interesting, maybe its just me but the colours on the characters themselves look more pronounced then what they were at the original reveal (where they were lighter and far more subtle). #1.2
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Sony made a better first impression. #1.1
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I feel like Sony shouldnt let the KZM engine go to waste. They said themselves the engine cost a lot to make and that is partly why thy were moving away from AAA expense games on Vita. But they have the engine. Optimise, and use it on a sequel or other games. That should lower the cost barrier at least.

Hopefully Sony can surprise us with something. Its a pity about the Vita but I still love the device an the games coming for it. #1.1
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I think the biggest issue is that for both EA and MS is that the first game didnt have as big a push on X1 sales as they may have liked.

I dont think it makes sense for EA to keep it X1 exclusive, and I dont think MS seems much point in it either. The brand is still going to be more strongly in favour of the X1 (unless PS4 influence really is that strong to make the sequel a bigger game on PS4).

MS will use their money on either their own games or other 3rd... #1.2
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Considering we know next to nothing about the holiday period for any of the consoles atm, I think it is quite premature to say the PS4 is going to have a tough time. #1.3
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While Sony never ever really gave PSM the space it needed to grow, this is just stupid. Not sure why they would end this when they should really be looking to expand it to other regions too.

Its a software flow for the Vita, in digital form too. Why stop that? #1
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Oh? thats cool.

Unexpected, but cool. #1
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I dont get why there are still ppl who think Uncharted 4 is going to ditch the narrative context of the trilogy and prequel, in favour of something like TloU?

All UC's have some serious/ dark tones to it at some point in its story. UC4 is going to be UC through and through. No need to worry about that. #1.3
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Would suck if this is true but I guess on the bright side, at least it is coming to the West and the PS devices are region free if push comes to shove.

Still would be lame if only the PS4 gets a disc release but it is better than nothing I suppose. #1.1
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Its merely a situation where a lot of big titles on PS4 also happen to be on PS3.

And console sales have declined in Japan over the last few years.

DQ selling better on PS3 was obvious. That will begin to change as the year goes on. #1.2
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Yeah its nice and quaint. Its just really small... like maybe 5 or 6 tables. So you can be standing around waiting for quite some time. Even their items on sale are not huge in variety.

But its def cool. Ever in Tokyo, go visit. #1.1
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Yeah I dont think its any indication. They do different publisher deals in Japan for PS+. #1.2
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Im amazed by the comments im seeing. Glad im not the only one who loves this game. I do wish there was something of a SP mode. Its a great game. Good mechanics, good variety between classes with an unrealistic but fun art style.

It looks fun, and it plays well. Highly recommended. #1.3
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Played it at TGS and loved it.

the sense that you can be killed by your own weapons/ team mates really makes you think about situation awareness.

its hard, but a lot of fun. #1.1
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an update on the game would be great.

I do know that there are test screenings happening in LA atm (or about to start) so its def movie related at the very least. #1.2
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I dont really know what to say to this news. 50... interesting. #1.1
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Got this error for like a minute. Then the file downloaded perfectly fine after that. #2
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This is the secret game?

Lol the hell ubisoft. Really ? #1.1
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hmm I dunno, I dont really refer to CG films from the US/ EU as 'anime films'. Dont we normally refer to JPN animation by `anime`?

Though an actual anime RC would rock too. #1
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