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It is - as stated in the preview - 4 players with Wii Remotes plus the player with the GamePad, so 5 in total.

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Yeah they've handled the build-up and release of info really well for Arkham City.

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Still gutted it's not making it here for Xmas - the wife would have had an easy time when it came to buying me a present :)

Understand why launching it worldwide is pretty much impossible after what's gone on, though.

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A new Star Wars Battlefront would be aces, especially with what they could bring to it with all that's been learnt about console multiplayer over the last 5 years.

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Great on iOS, but can't help feeling i'd be tied out after 5 minutes playing on Kinect

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And where exactly are these super Intel-based computers that can emulate a triple core Power PC CPU going to suddenly spring from in the next couple of years - let alone the issue of how heavily used the EDRAM on the 360's GPU is by developers? It's a very different issue to get 360 code running on anything like a standard PC set up as opposed to a dev environment.

And then you have the obvious lunacy of why Microsoft would decide to throw away all the advantages of i...

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Looks like it's time to upgrade to a quad-core then...

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Yeah, I had exactly the same frustration with Bad Company 2.

Proper class based team multiplayer always seems to work better on PC than console though. Everyone always seems to want to just treat it like CoD Team Deathmatch and play individual super-soldiers than actually play the best psition for the squad on Live.

On PC there's more of a tradition for class-based multiplayer shooters, I guess.

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Yep, duplicate of this one:

Easy to miss - I mean it only reached 920 degrees yesterday :P

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Great gear to be won, great cause to support. Well done, PopCap.

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Looking forward to Episode 2 already :) the thought of the devastation that could be wreaked upon our roads is enough to scare anyone :)

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Ah, Mercurio Silver! More of this please, gaming journalism. And I thoroughly agree with everything the mysterious Mercurio said.

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'Old school' RPGs are fine by me - I'll be definitely checking this out after reading that.

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No I submitted it as it was titled on the site - the mods here have changed it.

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The story that kicked all this off was based off the claims that 62,000 emails had been hacked by LulzSec that we all heard the other day. One gaming site has twisted a report on a Canadian website - which was all about Facebook and Twitter, and barely mentioned Xbox Live - and now suddenly it's gone mental.

No one's claiming Live is inpenetrable, but the original source never claimed Live had been hacked. Instead, a gaming site that should know better has twisted it ...

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People need to click through to the actual sources before going off on one. The real source for this is a Canadian website reporting on the supposed 62,000 emails hacked that we all heard about the other day - the article is deliberately twisting things to make it sound like it's about Xbox Live when the original story barely touches upon it.

This sort of "reporting" isn't doing any of us any good. It's just trying to inflame all of us no matter what ga...

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It'd be great news if he does return - his performance as The Joker is fantastic.

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Yeah, but they're hard work now. My skills have long since gone with old age - the original Ninja Gaiden's like hitting your head against a brick wall :)

Guess I'm too old to have the patience anymore, Then again in those days one game could last you months - and often had to!

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In Britain the phrase "cock up" is used to mean things going embarrassingly wrong. Certainly not meant in a foul language way.

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It may have started with Sony, but with Nintendo, Codemasters and now this it's beginning to look like the hackers have got a vendetta against the games industry - or they think they're easy targets with lousy security...

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