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There is still no such thing as video game journalist. Might as well call them advertisers since thats all they do. They never support consumers they only care about themselves. When government attacks gamers what do all these big sites do. Not a damn thing. So them whining about not getting nothing free they can leave the industry for all i care. They get to play it free thats good enough. Not like movie reviewers get a free copy of the movie day one. #1.16
Shouldnt be surprising he bitches about everything. He even got a damn trophy renamed because of him. I hope he leave the industry anyways. #7.1.1
I guess you didnt do your research. AC2 had a GOTY edition. AC3 got a Washington Edition. Thats why i said i might wait until next year to get it on PS4. #7.1.1
I'll buy it next year on PS4 when they have a GOTY edition. I hope its not as bad as AC3 and Revelations. #7
Naw but is the menu layout good for once? I hated the game menu in the past 2k titles. #23.1.1
I just hope they fix the shitty menu they always have. I'll buy it next year i refuse to buy sports games year to year. #23
dont waste your time wishingw3l he is a very sly troll. #1.4.2
I really hope they add Kenshiro then again he's pretty much a killer he dont put up with BS like most of todays characters in Jump. #2
Thats what im wondering. I didnt hear nothing about the FCC approval yet. #1.5.1
Well you can unlock some in story mode. Seems like they making her after the game is released. I believe BBCP is out in Japan now on PS3. I'm not sure. I really hope they port it to PS4. My ps3 died and i dont want to buy another one. #5.1
Look like the shinsengumi in that trailer. #1.2
Yeah Lupin is my all time favorite comeday anime. I like One Piece too but like you said it doesnt represent all of anime. Anime has so many genres its not even funny. lol #4.2
Yeah im suppose to take him serious after being that bias. lol #4.1
I guess if they can get it good on US speeds it will work anywhere. lol #1.17
Yeah i know about the mainline Yakuza series but like Baka said this a spin off so I'm not really sure. #2.3
Still dont know if this is on PS4 or PS3. Probably ps3 though. #2
I want Raoh in the game too but i dont have my hopes up high. I notice they didnt add a single villain yet. #5.1.1
Now if they add Kenshiro it really will be a day 1 for me. #5
Yeah to complete everything i bet. #3
LOL, I guess your a troll with a new account or something. What does Sony conference got to do with KI video. #1.1.1
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