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What a dreadful article.

It goes from 'I haven’t played it' to '[it's] not a bad game by any means at all’ in the space of a few paragraphs.

Lazy. #16
@ License2killgo4

It's here:

(the third paragraph below 'PlayStation Move vs Kinect: limitations').

So the news story was perfectly well sourced. #23
The PlaySation Eye could - with the correct software - easily support voice commands though, could it not?

I believe it can also support full body tracking to some extent - i.e. take a look at Kung-Fu Live. How well it can do this though (especially in poor lighting conditions) remains to be seen. #1.2.7
Microsoft really need to curb the release of videos such as this (if they can)....I don't think they do Natal any good in terms of PR.

This one, for example, makes it looks horribly inaccurate (see 30 seconds in) and just doesn't look like fun to use. Plus, the users just look like fools.

Additionally...I genuinely wouldn't have room in my living room to play like that - in fact, I think a padded cell might be the most suitable place for such anti... #49
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