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These anti-pirates seem like they are what, 3 minutes old? This little wave actually did something? All it did was went after the kids who are 2 minutes younger then these 3 minute old anti-pirates with bigger balls. If they knew "ANYTHING" at all, they wouldn't get banned. Those anti-pirates on here had better be one righteous dude or chick, something I highly doubt.

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Major_Tom.... dumb users is right on. I like free software. People who buy their crap can b!tch all they want, I could care less.

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The weapons don't match the era. Space ships, intergalactic travel... crap transports, WW2 weapons. WTF. Other then that, the game is pretty cool.

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and it'll be sold out in Japan...

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Upgrade your PC! No, 512 megs of ram on your PIII will not cut it.

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I just played this through again a year ago. This game was and still is an awesome game.

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Windows 7 couldn't be easier to install. I'm surprised they can make it so easy. Not like back in the day.

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Time to upgrade that 486 my friend. =P

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Play CnC3, not red alert. This game sucks balls.

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Early PS3 adopters win
Early 360 adopters lose

I'm still pissed that my launch 360 doesn't have HDMI. Stupid microsoft. Now I have 2. Can't really complain though, my launch 360 is hacked... mwahahaha.

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Online life is a limited sh!t place for people who have limitless time to waste.

I barely have enough time in this life as it is, let alone spend countless hours on MMO's and 2nd lives. Haven't even logged onto home yet and will never will.

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the 360 is a cheap piece of PC hardware stripped down to the T. I own two, I know. I also own a [email protected] PC and the PS3 so yes, I know. I am not surprised at all that it's maxed out. Frankly, I'm surprised, they were able to do what they did. I don't care if they find new ways to talk to it(laymen terms), when you know everything about a console, you can't squeeze anymore out of it no matter what you do. For the record, spending $600 dollars on a PS3 is nothing. My PC Speakers cost more ...

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everything is causing some sort of disease. So what, we don't live forever, I'm enjoying what I got right here and now. I'll eat whatever the heck I want, I'll use whatever the heck I want to use. I don't do drugs though. That's just dumb.

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at least some camel toe action.

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If this BS is ever pulled off, I have no intention of upgrading. There's plenty of material out there that if Microsoft goes the way of communism, I can jump ship.

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I'm be in front of my HDTV enjoying this game in all it's glory.

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F'ing MS. Their greed never ceases to amaze me.

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is with verizon. It'll cost me around $120 per month for unlimited data and 450 minutes on a Storm. Sprint with my Touch pro costs $70.

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my PS3 in the long run has better graphics than my 360? I care why? When you have both systems folks, it doesn't matter one bit. You guys have too much energy.

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I could finally say that the PS3 now is one hell of a media center. Here's hoping I can finally get rid of my aging HTPC and use the PS3 for it's true purpose.

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