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InFamous is as popular as Halo....

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This and Alan Wake are looking very solid. I'm so going to be broke next year with This, Alan Wake, God of War III, Bayonetta, Heavy Rain, Bioshock 2. ... etc.

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I see that you made up numbers. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

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It is a new franchise. Sony has really been pushing for new hits and I hope that they can give us the 'next God of War' on PS3. Doesn't mean I want the next game to play like God of War, just be as big as God of War. To me GOW came out of left field and kicked me right in the arse.

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I don't care about Playmotion (that is what I'm calling the Wand) or care about Natal. I think both are NOT needed at all in the gaming world and that they are gimmicks to get casual audiences.


In reality it is all 'trick' of marketing that Microsoft excels at. I want to see REAL games. Its cool that a...

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The PS3 headset sounds great, 360's wired headset= sh&t. But I agree that Sony should have a headset solution in every console sold.

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For simple reasons:
- Free online
- PSN games appeal more to me
- Sony has great 1st party line up
- Blu-ray
- Wifi

Just a less hassle system than the 360, plus they are more open with accessories, which is a huge bonus.

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God, please tell me this is a joke post. I think 360 is a capable system, but reliable? I loved the PS2 but god forbid, I would never lie to myself and call it reliable.

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Its the truth. So far, Bayonetta rocks faces. I think Sony should show MORE of God of War III. The demo was good, but it was from E3 and wasn't much new.

Not saying the full game will be like that and I think its a bit early to judge the Bayonetta vs God of War. I think we should wait for the FULL game to be released.

So what if Bayonetta is better than God of War? I can buy them BOTH on my PS3.

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Both versions look MEH. Like all the PS3 version has is a bit more bloom, so it is funny watching 360 owners make a big deal out of it when most games on 360 overuse it.

But in all seriousness, what it is up with the bad focus? Both systems have like SUPER blurry background, looks like the XMB XD.

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Now its just a matter of what version has the best loading, framerate and less screen tearing.

If I get it, I'll be getting it for Playstation 3 most likely. My 360 won't read disc and that makes me sad.

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They fixed the online of Gears 2 before they screw over 360 owners and port/make a new game.

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Let's be honest, why would PS3 owners want GOW? I mean, I'm more interested in when he says they have new 'ideas' and that they could be on PS3/360/PC...

I experienced Gears of War, I think it is a nice concept that Epic can take to another level with PS3 and PSN.

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He is a down to earth guy! Yes, I was listening to the podcast and let's be honest, the game is not going to head to PS3 anytime soon. I doubt Microsoft would allow that, especially after all the money bags they dropped with marketing.

Good to see he liked Uncharted 2! It is a well polished game and his studio should take some lessons from it and apply them for Gears of War 3, which we all know is coming exclusively for 360.

Epic is a smart studio and obviously are...

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Seems that this Generation is full of 'short' RPGS. I beat Mass Effect in under 10 years, doing most of the side stuff. Good to see this is going to take awhile.

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Here I thought Sony was going to start taking over Japan, wow, kudos to Nintendo.

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This is pretty much correct, it is hard to catch pirates that are smarter about the issue that other people. I think those pirates, like my friend that IS one, buy big games and play them on their unmodded console, while smaller games (that actually need sales) he pirates.

Especially if the game is not online. I was at his house and he was playing Assassin's Creed 2.

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