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Dammit, tried getting CnC The Ultimate Collection but didn't go through cause I'm in Canada and downloads are USA only :(. For $17 that's an amazing price for that collection.

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You do know that is nothing new with Nintendo. The Wii also didn't have a RJ45 port built in with the Wii, came as a usb addon. Have no idea why people are only now getting mad at this....

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That and Final Fantasy 10 for Vita and PS3 and please cross buy and play! I love that game and can't play it anymore since my fatty died:( have been dying to play it again on the go mostly.

Edit: Oh and Kingdom Hearts 3 please! Something to let us know that it's coming!

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It is in fact real according to BestBuy Canada:

Right on the homepage.

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Hmm so seems we are better off with the the PS1 classic which can be played on the PS3/PSP and soon Vita. Where we will not need an internet connection at all to play the game. Sad, as I was thinking about getting this and putting it on my laptop so I could easily play it anywhere but since you have to login first I'll just stick to my PS1 classic that I bought from the PS Store.

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Ya, way too many T/FPS have been released this gen. They really need to make serious changes to those genres if any developer expects to sell a lot (other than CoD of course).

I too am currently taking a nice break and playing RPGs and racing games since not many of those have been released compared to T/FPS.

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So this is where you're hanging out now? Was wondering why you haven't been posting on the other site anymore....

Not that I don't like your posts, just saying I noticed you left is all.

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I'm thinking it's for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale since then we could help them balance the characters mentioned while they add new ones to it through patches a bit after they are announced. This would add more hype to the game too since Sony already knows their are a bunch of us that can't wait til it's released.

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Final Fantasy X is being worked on right now for both the Vita and PS3 but no release date has been announced. I myself can't wait for it, getting it for Vita whenever it does land:D

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I did a bit of searching and found this: - IGN article saying when it's going to be released:)

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Ya it does suck how the 360 got it upgraded to sub HD with achievements and all the PS3 people get is the PS2 port.

Oh well, at lest it only costs $10, better that than nothing:P

On topic, can't wait for this! Hot Pursuit was fun and if only it had a story and more of my friend's list were playing it, I would have kept playing it for far longer. Hopefully they dont screw this up like they did with Undercover - their first attempt at making a true Most...

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I believe before the Vita was released it was one of the apps listed as coming soon (on the main vita site by Sony) but now they no longer have it in the list:(

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I too love the dynamic themes, they are just soooooooooooooo fun to have on there. The stuff I wanted added to them are: better animations (they only last for about a min max then reset), would really enjoy it if the makers were aloud to move around the XMB icons (instead of always being in the centre they could be at the bottom too actually fit the theme). Overall, they are nice but could of course be a lot better, if only the PS3 was slightly more powerful:(

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How could you guys forget the kingdom Hearts characters (Sora and Riku especially? Would be nice to have some Disney characters from there as well but Disney would never allow it, damm :(

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Sad that the last good game I remember them making was Mega Man Mavorick Hunter X for the PSP. I loved it sooooooooo much since it was just a lot of fun to play and added some much stuff as well as changed others. I was happy that I bought that game.

Oh ya, Another good game they made was RE4 for Wii, that was a lot of fun. Sad that they are pissing fans off everyday now since they used to be one of the best.

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I got one from Gamestop awhile back and their return policy on Hardware just blows! After you open it, you can only return it for the same product. After a day I started using it as a computer monitor so i could watch 3D movies on my comp in 3D easily. After a few hours it started "blinking" (black screen for about a sec). After that I decided I didn't want to chance it so I sold it on Ebay and have been happy to not have it.

I plan on getting one from a differe...

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Well even if they do go all digital, they can still allow you to rent games like Onlive does for PC players, where you pay a small price depending on how long you would like to rent the game for. The only problem I see with that is that a bunch of ppl have data caps and so downloading huge files is never nice.

That is why I hope a deal is made with Onlive so that Game companies (such as Sony) can also use the Streaming technology for there games too, would really love that fe...

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Samehere, I hate it how with BOTH the 360 and PS3 we get less than the states when it comes to updates.

We had to wait FOREVER just to get Netflix streaming service started. after that it was the Playstation Video store.

I do wish Playstation Plus had some perks going toward the video store, since then I would make better use of it (both on my Vita and PS3).

Other features I want include more PS2 games with Trophy support (KH1 and 2 mainly), ...

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Ya, I love the fact that with Onlive you dont have to download a single thing other than the app itself since even in Canada we have bandwidth limits so can only download a certain amount before it gets expensive. With that said, I've always wanted to use Onlive (can't right now due to low income and bills) since then I don't have to worry about spending a lot to upgrade my comp (that I built myself and do plan on keep upgrading every so often).

A bit off topic bu...

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Actually you can play some of the Onlive games on the iPad. Also, if you don't like touch controls no problem since you can easily sync their controller to work with the iPad app. In conclusion, the iPad 3 only helps make Onlive games look and run even better.

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