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Ha, I saw this coming a long time. Xbox better proof themselves with ONE otherwise its exit.

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Better name.

The Setup Box One.

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It means Sony stock will rise all time high.

Once the Xbox one is out PS4 will sell like grazy.

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That is brilliant!


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PS4 is the best there is.

Sure they will wipe out xbox brand like they did with Sega.

Now lets hope there will be another competitor that can really make some difference. Also hope they can bring some true innovations instead of copycat kinekt stuff.

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Agreed, I do love Uncharted 2 a lot but the most influenced? Thats hard to say.

But COD 4 has the best moments and cinematic feel of all this gen.

When you crawling in the grass as a sniper and soldiers walking by with huge Tanks.

That moment alone is EPIC.

Best game this gen is COD4.

Not to mention the standard how the control scheme is being made for all shooters.

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WTF are you smoking?

PS4 is all about gaming. Stupid article wants to spin in favour of the next xbox, cause its a TV setup box.

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Keep on dreaming.

If this the roadmap from Microsoft it will be very sad for all gamers.

Btw you should change your nickname cause its an insult to gamers.

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Wow a lot of xbox fans are commenting lately on N4G now.

Welcome back guys cause this Microsoft road map is not good thing to hear.

Damage control! Lol

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PS4 and PC really looks the same.

One thing I noticed is the PC brightness is Higher thats why you see a little more details.

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Maybe it's 1 April joke.

He does signed on 1 april.

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Battlefield looks to GREY!

Killzone looks much better.

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PS4 will be maybe released this summer.

Microsoft is sweating like crazy now. RROD incoming.... LOL

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Yep, last minute changes... I foresee a lot off RROD coming.

Sony sure making them sweat. Lets hope the next box will bring something new and innovative stuff. Otherwise its nothing but a setup box for your tv.

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Seems like you still dont eat The Adams Apple and try to defend windows crap.

I have a 27" iMac and I watch porn website almost every day and I still don't get viruses also no ransom ware or mallware.

I guess you have to be very unlucky to get some virus on a Mac.

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Logo looks like a crying Y.

Windows 8 stile looks terrible.

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Interesting? Not at all.

"First, Microsoft doesn’t actually lose money. If the person who only or mostly plays used games doesn’t buy MS’s console, MS doesn’t take a loss on the sale. That event alone improves the profitability of the console."

They already lost cause the instal base. If nobody buys you're console then you already made production cost.

PS4 already won if the next xbox block used games.

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Nice! Well done Microsoft!

Just screw your fans right in the face and they like it. Xbox fans will buy youre crappy box no matter what.

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Can you name some racing simulator games on pc?

As far I know there is none near as great as GT.

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What on earth are you smoking?

Keep living in a box and you will miss the best. Go explore and you will get richer.

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