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I can image that being open to abuse, people might just use a a secondary account to boost someone else's league points and wins.

What i don't get is why people do this, its like winning a marathon because you took a uber to the finish line, no accomplishment is had from that

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I'm just sitting here wondering what would make me even consider buying an NX, nintendo exclusives have not interested me in over 10 years

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Watching someone else play games is more of a TV replacement rather than a gaming replacement, i sometimes watch twich while playing games

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It's an MMO this xbone version would have greatly benefited from cross play, the last thing an MMO player wants is a mostly empty world

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I would be the first to jump up and down if this were true but it seems pretty speculative, the naming scheme is on point but nothing suggests sony are even thinking about another handheld

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The guys looking for an easy mode should be looking for a different game, yeah i said it

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15 minutes implies MGS is all he is known for, others have already mentioned his accomplishments so i wont reiterate them.

Although I will agree that he should move on, and I'll add that MGSV is crap so its not a huge loss and with the amount of lines kiefer had, i cant imagine the pay would be great either

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@morganfell, just look at how his Japanese counterpart was treated, you can call what hayter is doing as childish etc fact is, out of the main cast he is the only one who has been replaced while still being willing and able.

do some research guys, kojima treated the Japanese voice actors as gods while i'm pretty sure he would replace all of the English cast with hollywood actors if he could

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kojima, at least jokingly, considers himself a god, search youtube, type kojima is god tape MGS peace walker

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you have to keep in mind that there is a japaness snake voice actor who didn't have to deal with any of this, quite the opposite actually.

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Looks legit and yes im hyped, its been to long kratos

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It's very simple guys, sony are the console kings right now so they don't need to try that hard with PS+, none of us want that but its the truth.

MS are behind and thus need to try harder and are doing so

if i knew sony's PS+ would be this crappy for this long i would have thought twice about buying a years sub since i rarely play online multiplayer.

i didn't get PS+ for endless indies, sorry but they aren't my thing, i ju...

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I agree, don't forget about MGS1 though

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If you do some research about kojima you would know that he is in love with Hollywood but apparently gives no fu*ks about english voice actors, seems kinda weird to me but that is why we've got kiefer even though no one asked for hayter to be replaced.

And for those of you who think hayter is crying and should just forget it, look and see how kojima treated the Japanese voice actors, nothing but love and the utmost respect.

im a kojima fan but what he did...

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I want to be open minded about this if its true but if it costs the same as a gaming PC i can justify it

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I doubt that, there are android TV boxes that can already playback 4K video, the PS4 and Xbone are many times more powerful and can already do the same

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I can get that the excitement has gone after 10 years of waiting, i can even get that you might pick it up some sometime down the road, but to say you will pick it up on day one? why do this for a game you have no hype for

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maybe but I'm pretty sure i'm more likely to one day buy PSVR vs the competition

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And that is the main thing, the casuals who would pick this up for a month or 2 are annoyed about the lack of content though

core players are okay with whats here and know whats coming

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i wish i was wrong but just look at apple for proof, not saying their products aren't good but they sell on popularity first

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