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Its so simple isn't? yet sony just wont do it for whatever reason

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I was a big fan of the originals so yes i'h happy this is happening

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It's not a scam if its a choice and a easy one to make

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By next generation, i just meant something to compete with the 1070 and 1080, never mind the 1080ti
just a refresh which really wasn't needed.

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I wasn't paying attention to rumours so i assumed this line up was going to be a new generation similar to ryzen..... So yeah I'm disappointed

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But if the character is canon that becomes problematic

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I'm more surprised people aren't complaining about her race.

For the record i don't know her race and whatever she is doesn't bother me but going by the comments section in other articles i thought i would be a problem for some.

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Small minded racist can't think of a worthwhile remark.

Classic racist

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I seriously wonder if people like you have only had experience with a black female through TV, it would explain the ignorance at least.

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I know right? If you've been on this site a while you have seen how bad it can get, but this is just toxic in the worst way because it's just fan art, nothing more

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I've been a member of this site for over 8 years, I've seen all the console wars, sexism, racism, the rise of the sjw but this comment section has to be the saddest of the lot.

People proudly displaying there hatred and ignorance over.... Fan art. Not even fan art done by an industry vet, just a guy like any other.

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All the criticism this is getting is deserved but it is still a good game, a few more months polish could have done wonders

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I feel sorry for mass effect fans who didnt by this game simply based on reviews and and stupid memes, this is a game with obvious problems but still a great game.

Actually ask fans who own the game whether its worth a purchase. I'm confident most will say it is

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I feel like its just the expected thing to do now, to give this game a low review, i've played it for hours and hours, its not a 5/10 game

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That's pretty low, to use what happened in London to push your unrelated narrative

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Weird comment, do you actually care about this guys personal fortune over his racist remarks?

Even if you are a fan of his (i'm assuming)

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I'm really enjoying it, yes the bugs/animations are really off sometimes but im still glad i purchased it

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If it comes at that price it would be a massive flop

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As a heterosexual who does not hate anyone i can't understand why some of you get so up in arms about these things, it doesn't matter, put your energy into something that does.

This is just a game after all, enjoy it or move on.

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Maybe its not big news but at least its not something you see every day, its better then the useless opinion pieces that get repeated

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