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To be fair, every female in the first game looked a mess

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I dont get people like this, blizzard was never going to make any changes based off one frustrated guy who threatens them, he's just spoiled his life over literally nothing and that potential 250K fine just makes me shiver.

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Isn't this bad for xbox sales though? if i have a gaming PC, which i do, why buy an xbox?

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"The company claims its gonna run all PC titles no problem"
come on now, they did not say that.

They have a small list of tested games stating what FPS it ran at, graphical details are usually ultra low to medium, on forums they have gone as far as saying this will be able to run older games but not to expect to run the most demanding titles

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If their claims about cooling are true the size of this device should not matter to much, lets just see a retail iteration of this running something first

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The kickstarter states what this can and cant do, the surface 3 has the same processor so youtubing either will show you proof either way

tl:dr - this can play old PC games at a decent frame rate, fallout 3, skyrim on ultral low etc, this is acceptable for me because nothing else like this exists so it has to start somewhere

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Really hope this device becomes real, but there is tons of scepticism about PGS labs and if you do some digging it is justified, however, i sincerely hope this is legit, i will be one of the first to pick one up

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You just embarrassed your self with that silly tirade of nonsense, no need to lose it over a civil conversation.
you could have easily googled if you really don't know what your talking about. there are a few "firsts" in american history here, could an interesting tale to tell

Since when does historical significance equat...

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I dont recall DICE proclaiming that battlefield 1 would be a historical reenactment, but i'll address this anyway
anti-reality? there were blacks in WW1, you can argue their role but you cant deny their existance in the war
Some of us welcome a story that has not been told in gaming before

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Europe could not defend its self against russia? proof?

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People already do, did you not see the race wars or gender moaning because a game studio dared to not put a white male as a protagonist? people hide behind PC but its just good old hate seeping into video games

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I have no idea why that matters to you at all, if you want to play the white male, I'm pretty sure 9 out of 10 times that is the only option, but yeah, brexit for some reason will make it 10 out of 10

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you mean Brussles

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What would this journalist prefer? for activision to continue pumping out shitty spidey games? or with the intervention of sony and insomniac we will actually get a decent spiderman game for the first time in about a decade?

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Gotta say this looked impressive, we have needed good super hero games for ages now.

Batman did his thing, im ready for someone else

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From what i know about zombies, they dont stop chasing you, your better off stopping them or impeding them

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your opinion i guess, this was one of the best for me, orchestra from beginning to end, just game after game with no "fat" in-between and almost nothing was spoiled, no BS just games

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Nice, i was wondering for a while what sony bend was doing, glad to see they have not wasted time

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God damn that was epic, and kratos is back, god of war is looking epic, can't wait

And an orchestra from start to finish? major win

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Doesn't look to bad to me, i get that everyone doesn't like rap, im sure you can play something else, I've never played a open world game that locks you into one type of music genre.

Why such a drastic change you ask? blame watchdogs 1, to early to say if this is actually better

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