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Nintendo could have made the switch Dock add additional power,

And the nvidia processor that i assume is using the ARM architecture rather than x86 will just hurt third party support

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Some will say "of course" but keep in mind that MS have had years to roll out Xbone hardware then focus on software, they haven't done this unless you count BC which i dont

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This is un-excusable for a number of reasons, its 2017..., all you competitors including mobile phones and tablets have higher capacities, for $300 i would have to go out of my way to find any competing device with the same or lower storage, yes it has a SD card slot but this is a console, i would want a hard drive or at least 256 flash storage.

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One of the very few MS exclusives i was looking forward....gets cancelled, why boast about scorpio when so few exclusives are available?

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Call me crazy but im not that concerned about 4k, just give me good software first, MS have failed to do this so far

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I dont even get why the founders edition is more.

Your paying more for a louder, hotter and less overclockable device

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I would have thought that because AMD have finally got their hands on the same manufacturing process as their competitors, excessive power use wouldnt happen

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Those other games you mentioned didn't straight up lie about what to expect from the gameplay

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Not to boast or anything but i was never really hyped for this, mostly because it didn't have a end goal or direction from what was shown, just exploration, this is always a side activity for me in games.

If Murray kept his mouth shut and just let the game speak for it's self, it would have just been an okay indie game rather then the biggest disappointment of 2016

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Give me crap then, diverse crap that i can test and move on from, give me countless options rather then just same old franchises

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They could just buy studios, that's still not an overnight thing to do but it's possible

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I still dont get why people who see representation in 99% of games (white males) complain THIS MUCH about others being represented.

Just reading comments here you see dumb stuff like "play sports games, their all black", this isn't even true but w/e, and then we have even dumber stuff such as :

"they want revenge. They never considered themselves equal to those that once treated them like crap. They always considered themselves superio...

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Everyone is pandering to kojima for some reason, i kinda get sony/ND but MS too?

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Can't help but agree, this is why i play on playstation, right now i couldn't tell you what in house games MS are bringing

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It's what were all thinking anyway, its nice that someone with a little clout is speaking up

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Great score but my backlog is so real, it's never been this bad, quality games coming every month + my last year at uni = 5 to 10 games i cant touch

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that sh!t is crazy, i no its a cultural thing but still, can't imagine working even the shitiest job and allowing that to happen for 6 months

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Marvel have tons of characters but for you its the x-men or nothing? what a waste, i want them to use the lack of x-men as an advantage, bring a bunch of never before seen characters

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Yes, and get rid of zero, anyone interested in competitive MvC will no why

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True, that does hurt but it also means that marvel can bring in a bunch of new characters

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