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interesting, didn't know that, that explains a lot to #5.1.2
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as long as they put in the effort they did with borderlands 2 and not the pre-sequel, borderlands 3 will be fine #5.1
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this type of thing isn't that uncommon, borderlands online only came out in china #15
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dont forget, PC gamers get delays all the time,, master race my ass #61.1
dieing and retryting just makes the eventual victory all the more sweeter #2.1
i was always going to get this but i am glad the reviews are excellent, if only so that we dont get annoying articles like with the order #14
what you said implies that he doesn't still kick ass, he does #2.2.1
i love god of war, kratos is probably my favorite protagonist in any game ever

so as a mega fan i have to ask why make a remaster with GoD3 only?? you could have added the hd collection to this and make it the ultimate legacy collection #59
your comparing to different genres to make your point?...

clearly we disagree so lets just leave it at that #19.6
come on be honest, most would agree arpgs feel like a more modern way to play an rpg vs turn based #19.5
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im not sure what you mean by playing as a general vs a soldier, i can imagine 2 ways though, in most jrpgs your playing as an adolescent with a pre defined backstory, usually starting from the bottom of what ever hierarchy is in place

or you mean that in a turn based rpg you feel more like a general because you command your squad i guess?

and by old i meant the feel of the way you play #19.3
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im not saying the following would have secured success, only that it would have given the vita a clear selling point over the 3DS plus being able to better compete with smartphones

sony should have used android OS instead of their proprietary OS, say what you want about android but it would have given vita owners access to hundreds of thousands of apps on launch day, plus the android games too, again, say what you want about android games but the option to play them would hav... #21
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i used to love turn based RPGs too, but once i played games from the tales series, star ocean etc, i couldn't go back, turn based just felt old and slow in comparison #19.2
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the wii because it pretty much has no games im interested in, plus nintendo cheaping out on internals means the visuals will always be a step behind sony and MS, then you add the lackluster inbuilt storage questionable controller etc...

same goes for the 3DS to a lesser extent, the handheld its self is good for what it is, but the only game i might play is monster hunter, nothing else #21
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if 1080p and 60fps (i would honestly take it at 30 too) why not, all three games too? go for it #18
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your post is pretty embarrassing and has purposefully missed out on games like bloodborn, which the xbone has no answer for.

and comparing the order to ryse? couldn't find anything released this year i guess... #33.1
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damn, i thought with this gen e were done with 720p at the very least, guess not #107
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damn, i means RIP

but its strange, i've seen people on twitch go beyond 19 hours, only stopping to take toilet breaks #58
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If you can, just get both a PC and console, if your into "hardcore" games both platforms will have you covered better than any other combonation #11
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lets just remember that ign gave this a 9 and gamespot gave it an 8
with problems like repetitive gameplay, one game mode (cus no one plays anything else), OTT dlc, needing to play with friends to get a good group going and online only for a very shallow game.

im starting to think these reviewers play these games for a week and are happy enough but dont consider longevity #14
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