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But this doesn't help at all though, you want to get the player base back? This isn't the way.

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Even if he did buy pre made assets, that doesn't mean anything, look at steam green light as a perfect example, tons of asset flip games, 99% are garbage. This guy managed something good, it could even pass as AAA from a gameplay standpoint.

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I hope we dont go all digital any time soon, all digital on PC isn't that cheap compared to used games on consoles, so i dont want less choice that is actually more expensive.

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What a sweeping statement, are you basing that off anything other than your own thoughts?

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Honestly its not

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Exactly, i'll also add that a lot of people dont even have time to play a lot of games but they can watch them (almost like TV) while doing something else. I'll list some more.

Watch someone play a game you like at a higher level
Watch competitive play, tournaments
You like the personality of the streamer, no different to youtubers
Charity streaming has its niche audience
live interaction with a streamer if that's your thing ...

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i know right? out of all the comparisons he could have made he goes with that, unbelievable.....

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The X seems decent but its price and lack of exclusive games will hold it back

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This is why i am loyal to playstation, you simply wont get games like this made by microsoft or nintendo, and that is not a shots fired comment, both of those companies have a different focus, playstation simply caters to what i want

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I finished it, and thought it was okay, until i watched someone else play it, after they picked out its flaws just towards the beginning of the game....that opened my eyes to more issues i ignored.

I doubt i would have finished if i watched that video first.

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And yet it still looked like the most interesting xbox exclusive to some people, including myself

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Alright, i get everyone saying this is the expected response from MS PR, but this is also a straight up lie and everyone who would care already knows it.

My question is if he can blatantly lie about something so obvious, what else could he be lying about.

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I cant say im happy about this, being a long term ME fan, it is the game series i have replayed the most, especially the single player, i couldn't even finish ME:A but i like its multiplayer a least that looks safe for now.

It's a shame the damage Andromeda has done to the series, god knows when we will see another ME.

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They wont, and even if they did, MS still lacks games, and diverse games at that, these are the reason why i have a PS4, a more powerful console is just a bonus

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I wouldnt have minded because i didn't play PS plus games at all (there not good enough imho) and barely played online in the past, now im playing online multiplayer weekly and PS plus looks to be getting better games....this price hike hurts.

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If he were telling the truth he could have shown some AAA exclusives alongside the new hardware, im not even talking about finished games, just something, but.....nope

MS have always been about the hardware and relying on third party games, not good enough for me, I have a PC with a 1070 and i7, it will play multiplats better, MS need to give people in my position a reason to by an X

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I'm fine with delays these days, especially after ME:A

but cant we get a shenmue HD collection for current gen consoles to hold us over?

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When it comes to throwing out the word snowflake, the people on the right are such hypocrites and trump is among the worst.

A president who has only been in power for less then 6 months proclaims he has been treated the worst among all other politicians ever. Even if we limit that to just the USA, others have been racial abused, sexually abused and assassinated but no, trump has got it the worst....

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Self entitled snow flakes crying about nothing, ubisoft better not change a good damn thing

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Pretty much, they are different enough for most people so they wont complain, and constantly being portrayed as the bad guy even in books and movies makes it easier

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