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no longer available :(

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Dark souls is incredible... I'm addicted! Still need to finish Borderlands before I pick up 2.

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the down scope transition is wayyyy too fast

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I have yet to try co-op in dark souls, not even sure how to do it

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just charge me 10 bucks for yearly roster updates and I'll be happy with last years.

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bait and switch... probably only have the $40 games in stock. Not as much of a deal then.

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finally a positive article... sick of all the haters. Playing Resident Evil during my commute on the vita has been addictive so far.

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what is with the gripe that they are PS3 games as well? A big reason I bout the vita is because of the ability to play PS3 caliber games, and they are delivering!

I dont have as much time to play the PS3 as I would like so I get to rock the vita on the go!

Ratchet, LBP and definite buys for me.

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will have to tell the woman, only fellatio allowed while I battlefield 24/7

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yes, needs an online pass... i foolishly bought it used.

multiplayer is incredible, and vietnam expansion feels like an entirely new game.

it is very tough to find good full matches on vietnam anymore though

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I hope they have Rush game modes on these new maps... anybody know if they will?

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holy hell... was looking forward to this, even though I'm a battlefield fan boy. Looks very dissapointing, can we have a Battlefield vita?

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its an official debut trailer... they would not show game play that they did not feel was an acceptable representation of the actual game.

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this guy does great commentary

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best uncharted game as well

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they will also think... I want the drugs hes taking

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looks incredible... but definitely worried about conquest on consoles. Rush will be incredible though.

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and both show off in game graphics!

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not sure how hard it was... but the controls were a friggan disaster. Only reason I didnt finish it.

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I don't get the argument that it gives premium players a boost. Is this in regard tot he new unlockable weapons? If so, thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

Another note, these are NOT map packs, new game modes, and new weapons and vehicles as well (which can be used in all maps).

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