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My mind was blown! I couldn't believe I was freely driving around a three dimensional city and could do anything I wanted! I could barely play missions because I just kept driving around causing havoc, using every unlock code to see what new weapons and destruction I could do. #100
oh how disappointing a CHARITY EVENT! What a scumbag article. Good for you Sony! Make a wish foundation is a fantastic organization! #17
t-rex! #3
#onlyinbattlefield gotta love it! #3
have you seen anime?!?! #1.25
Playing Saint Row IV on PS3 right now... the Saints game are so much fun. The new twist of being in a simulator is genius; now there is reason for everything to be insanely over the top. #11
wow this site has more ads than content #10
if you could access it; it would then be repaired... humor ammirite? #1.1.2
"I can't breathe" #43
all I saw was a flight simulator with a band playing in the background. I guess you love "Proteus" as well. #9.1.1
borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring #9
but does it have a first person mode? #30
backlogs backlogs backlogs... darn platinums! #10
what email would it be, your PSN account? Also how do they determine the purchase time? I got it at best buy. #24
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ohhh snap! #2
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Daddy wants some trophy hunting on vita! #7
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zero escape is fantastic.. great story! #6
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because I live in NYC, and have a 35 minute commute to and from work each and every day on the subway... I refuse to play candy effin crush for that long. Sly Collection, Guacamelee, God of War Collection, Persona, and countless other titles have made my commute an enjoyable one #25
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how does this guy get a post every week? #3
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will this do remote play for the vita, or are the physical games restricted to the portable device?

It says you can play your vita games on big screen, but I assume that only works for the digital vita games.

Anybody know for sure? #1.1.4
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