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"I can't breathe" #43
all I saw was a flight simulator with a band playing in the background. I guess you love "Proteus" as well. #9.1.1
borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring #9
but does it have a first person mode? #30
backlogs backlogs backlogs... darn platinums! #10
what email would it be, your PSN account? Also how do they determine the purchase time? I got it at best buy. #24
ohhh snap! #2
Daddy wants some trophy hunting on vita! #7
zero escape is fantastic.. great story! #6
because I live in NYC, and have a 35 minute commute to and from work each and every day on the subway... I refuse to play candy effin crush for that long. Sly Collection, Guacamelee, God of War Collection, Persona, and countless other titles have made my commute an enjoyable one #25
how does this guy get a post every week? #3
will this do remote play for the vita, or are the physical games restricted to the portable device?

It says you can play your vita games on big screen, but I assume that only works for the digital vita games.

Anybody know for sure? #1.1.4
I play my vita more than my ps4 #3.3
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WaW was incredible! Had a gore factor that no other Call of Duty had. Grenades sent limbs flying! #61
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I aint a player i just fuck a lot #37
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not sure whats up but today its worse than ever! #12
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I love how things are blowing up and cars are calmly pulling up one behind the other... should be some chaos going on. GTA has cars speeding away; people yelling "WHAT THE FUUUUCK?!?!" and there is no reaction from civilians here.

still looks great :)

getting around looks much easier and fluent... it was such a hassle getting around the map in infamous1 and 2 #45
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I agree, it just takes away from the game. I want to earn the weapons. I know its voluntary but still.

Either way I love the game... i know there were problems but I mainly experienced it with Conquest. The game offers so much more.

My biggest gripe was with the single player saves being erased... I played that first mission 7 times; I havent been able to push myself to try it again!

Give me the free campain unlocks for multiplayer!! #2.2
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oh hell I cannot wait.. pre-ordered; Please have a Vita Souls game next! I would sit on the toilet at work for hours and get hemroids! #10
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Playstation NOW will stream PC titles... thats what she meant to say. #92
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