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yup its called Season Pass ;-) #2.4
everytime there is a sale I see that purchased tag on so many games and remember how massive my backlog is! #16
R&C are some of the most enjoyable games, and it looks like they are taking it to the next level! #20
woweeeeeeeeee, love Ratchet and Clank and wow that looks fantastic! #7
"he couldn’t get into his condo — now we’re both assuming it was some freakish glitch that caused him non entry, but what if it was built into the game you couldn’t get in because you didn’t or in this case couldn’t pay rent, that would be epic."'

wow, the word epic really has no meaning any longer. #12
just reading about battlefield makes me want to launch it again... and whenever I launch that game, I become hooked for at least a few weeks. #21
yea, totally got hardline because I love battlefield, but ugh more frustrating than fun #2.1.3
people just throw money at things and complain that they spent it as if it wasn't their choice. #1.2.1
yea... everyone will use third person if thats the case. Especially since there will likely be no accurace penalty for hip fire. #2
ugh, was hoping Treyarch coming back would do something good to this series... unfortunately more futuristic robotic crap. Its time for World at War reboot! #52
how dare they update their product #48
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im buying playstation silver headset for 50% off... site matched amazon #2
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yea talk about misleading #6
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My mind was blown! I couldn't believe I was freely driving around a three dimensional city and could do anything I wanted! I could barely play missions because I just kept driving around causing havoc, using every unlock code to see what new weapons and destruction I could do. #100
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oh how disappointing a CHARITY EVENT! What a scumbag article. Good for you Sony! Make a wish foundation is a fantastic organization! #17
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t-rex! #3
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#onlyinbattlefield gotta love it! #3
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have you seen anime?!?! #1.25
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Playing Saint Row IV on PS3 right now... the Saints game are so much fun. The new twist of being in a simulator is genius; now there is reason for everything to be insanely over the top. #11
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wow this site has more ads than content #10
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