I've always equated "feelings" with "getting caught"...they both get in the way of my money.


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I agree, they're all VERY similar with a few subtle but meaningful difference, mostly related to community or logistics of running the game.

Whamlollypop7, can you make a comment on the page referring readers to Souls and Scrolls, maybe include a link to their site for reference?

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Sexah Article!

Damn good games!

*pc master race*

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I should have prefaced my comment with "PC Master Race"...

I know Gears of War is in there, but the pc version was worth it.

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Wait, you don't like Mass Effect? I thought the plot was damn good, it kept me playing until the end.

I do feel dirty for including Gears of War though...

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I know, it's a stretch... My only consilation is that I spent a lot of time shooting red coats and patriots in ACIII.

Can you suggest an alternative?

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I mean... you're absolutely right. It really is that simple.

But you'd be surprised how often I get asked this question.

It needed to be documented.

But your right.

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How is that special? Are other games designed to not be fun?

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I never did understand the point of lego video games. I mean, they have intentionally shitty graphics like minecraft but without the amazing gameplay.

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Wait... Killing an American (Patriot) is gray morality... but Killing Just British is perfectly fine???

That's racist!

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Actually, I think this guys is doing it solo.

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So basically, you're building your house... and it's single player, right?

Wrong... by virtue of being in the game building your house, you're connected to the networks and listed on the tracker as being online.

Any thief can connect to your game peer-to-peer, sneak in and rob you.

You may think you're alone, minding your own business building your house... but there are thieves in the shadows watching you, waiting for you to ...

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Angry pack of girls that like to frag. Love this.

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Here's one source: http://videogames.procon.or...

Here's another: 40% of video gamers are female... http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

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LOL! I think this expansion is pretty epic.
It focuses on new gameplay elements instead of just aesthetic additions, and that makes such a difference in a really great game.

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