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"[insert status]"

Comments it says "It's true"
Never EVER EVER seen that one.

What is it with all of these corrupt gaming feminists? It's disgusting that people hijack actual causes (there are plenty of things that some feminists are doing right, even if a lot of them are overzealous and inaccurate) to make money.

We have a word for people that sleep with lots of others for favors (and ultimately money). Several words. None of them are very nice. #1.1.13
I have NEVER seen the rumor voting thing say "yes" #1.1.11
IDK, you still risk shaming people that already donate to several charities and decide to do neither. #9.1.2

72.4% goes to the program. There are plenty of charities that use more than 27.6% towards admin/fundraising. #11.2
You'd better hope that they think Wii U versions are worth making, then. #5.1
Because no one could possibly be a fan of both.

But "I don't even want it" responses are typical with these types of reveals. #1.2.1
All I've seen in terms of criticism, and only in two or three comments, is the fact that it's so vague and that a lot of it is trial and error. But that is the point (I wouldn't say that there's NO merit to some of those criticism, though). #1.2.2
They didn't announce Silent Hillz as an exclusive at Gamescom, so I'd say there's a 90% chance it's not; the biggest indicator of lack of exclusivity is always what ISN'T said. The 10% is just because PT is exclusive, which is an odd move if no one is paying for it (but they might have just paid a small amount for the PT exclusivity; it is technically separate from SH anyway). #19
...I've overwhelmingly seen more praise than criticism. #1.2
So long as they're going to hold basic Sims features hostage to DLC, like pools and toddlers, I'm not going to consider Sims 4 for even a second. #2
Why would I EVER ask/want Sony to spend money to get games that they're going to get anyway?

I switched from Xbox to PS early last gen because Sony was creating, and paying for, lots of interesting, REAL exclusives; Not a few months alone with a multiplat title. LBP, Demon's Souls (the spiritual successor is multiplat, but the game was and is exclusive), inFamous, KZ2/3, etc. #4.2.2
Is there a duration, DragonSpencer? #5.2.1
"but I'm not about to cry over it because it gets me nowhere"

Not expressing disgust with publishers will get you even less...where.

TR has a larger fan base on PS systems than Xbox, and PS4 has double the systems as Xbone in general on top of it. Not to mention PC fans. Fans, especially a majority, would prefer to not be treated second rate and are expressing that. #4.2
How much did N4G pay you, sellout? :) #5
Pay for DLC that we have no details on, ahead of time, with a game we're already paying $60 for?

I'm IN!!!! /s #8
OMG stop teh bullying, Foxtrot!! /s

Ahh, "bullying"...another word that the PC police, and others looking for a quick, cheap way to discredit anyone they disagree with, has raped to meaninglessness.

edit: Okay, it's a little ironic that I chose the word "raped" when describing words abused. In the future I will find an alternative; I consider myself a bit of a wordsmith and I can do better than that. #1.6
The only way to avoid offending anyone in 2014 is to not say anything.
....nah, someone will just call them a "speechist" or some s**t like that.

F**k SJW and special little snowflakes. #2.1.1
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I was born and raised in Spain, got a degree in Spanish, and I still can't speak it. #6.2.1
Same here. Glad it's not just me. #26.3
Plus he's Japanese. He gets +5 humble points from birth. #1.1.4
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