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Someone call Rick Harrison. lol

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It's outpacing Ps2. So yes.

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Better than an immature fanboy insulting people for wanting a feature in the latest of a game series that has always had it.

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Played MCC in splitscreen on friend's Xbox a few weeks ago. We would have played splitscreen whether I had my own Xbone or not, because it's Halo.

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I don't even.

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It's not like there's anything to artificially inflate; Ps4 is outselling the competition by a mile. At least they're not talking about "Maybe possibly shipping 10 million in the next couple of months" like a certain competitor did at the end of last year.

It's probably 25 million sold through. It's nearly doubling Xbone sales and making a mockery of Wii U sales.

And announced sales are reported as sold through; financial repor...

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Everyone buying/building a new PC is paying for it, not getting it free.

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It would add up to $72 in just 4 years! Why should anyone pay almost the cost of an OS for JUST SOLITAIRE over about the lifetime of an OS?!

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lol, "f***ing with me?" always reminds me of that one Adult Swim bumper.

What is it with Platinum Games employees and social media?

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They eased us into it by neutering and removing features since XP.

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*Gets redirected to infected website through exploit in ad, w/o even clicking on it*

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I'd rather pay <$100 for a copy of Windows than be nickeled and dimed with SaaS nonsense.

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$1.50 per *MONTH*?? I would be hesitant to waste a one-time payment of $1.50 on solitaire.

I'd rather just buy one of those "150 Games!" or "12 Card Games!" CD-ROMs at a Walmart for 5 or 10 bucks and have a bunch of time wasters on my PC instead of just one time waster for 3.3 to 6.6 months.

I'm really getting sick of "Software as a Service" BS. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should pay monthly for freaking s...

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Don't waste your time trying to resist SJWs with sales (especially if the game ends up being bad). SJWs have proven time and time again that they don't actually support games just because the dev tries to appeal to them.

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It's the end of the spectrum that the mainstream media never addresses that does an equal amount, if not more, of harassing until the guise of superior morality.

If you didn't already hate Adam Sessler and Jim Sterling, here they are publicly showing their support for SJWs obtaining people's home addresses and sharing them on the internet so that those who have the audacity to disagree with them can be harassed and bullied in their own homes:
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Don't tell me that you actually think that people will start murdering and committing necrophilia over this game...

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No one is downplaying, just pointing out that this is a terrible way to predict NX's power. There would have to be substance to your claim for there to be downplaying. And you know, maybe if we're waiting to see what NX can do before "downplaying" it, we're waiting to see what it can do before making silly assumptions about its hardware strength?

Dragon Quest games are in no way demanding titles for hardware.

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You don't need gimmicky hardware for great Nintendo games (see NES, SNES, N64, and Gamecube). There is zero reason that Nintendo couldn't create a console that would please third parties AND allow them to make fun games.

"Missing out on all Nintendo's AAA library of games because of your stubbornness...tough"

Just so you know, the vast majority of people don't buy EVERY game console for only first party games and that's why Wii...

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"It seems NX will be a powerful console"

...what? You're aware these games are also coming to 3DS, right? Not really a good gauge for the next game console.

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Passionate, passionate money.

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