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People can't hate a weird restriction in a game without being a fan of the series? A restriction on one game today could be another restriction on a game tomorrow. #11.1
Gotta sell them toys! #9.1
Not all of us have our heads up the ass of the console war, Septic. Just because I don't care for Xbox as a gamer or MS as a consumer, doesn't mean that I wouldn't work with MS (or hell, FOR Microsoft). At the end of the day, their money is as good as anyone else's.

Xbone will be the easiest console to get into as a brand new indie dev. Of course I'm going to consider developing for it. #2.2.3
I'm guessing some doofus reporter didn't follow up on "As far as I'm aware there are no plans. I'm not aware of the reason why we didn't manage to do that."

So HE isn't aware of plans. So call up Microsoft for a follow up.

I was pissed reading that they changed their plans. This is going to create the lowest bar of entry for console development. #2.2
They sure do. It was such a great call by MS, right? #5.2
Got to love the Xbone fanboys that defended MS's supposed decision when it wasn't even true, because they give away dev kits to established studios (not even the main benefactors of the feature; it was unestablished new indies that wanted their Xbones to be dev kits). Microsoft could break any promise if they wanted and get fanboys to defend them. #3.4
So many idiot fanboys defending this and it didn't even turn out to be true. Bravo. #1.1.22

edit: Looks like KinjoTakemura beat me to it. #1.2.3
If you think PS is Sony's "only" recent commercial success, you don't know anything about Sony's businesses.

Or you're just a troll and we all know what the case is here. #1.2
Let's see fanboys downplay something lost that was for new indies because of something that benefits established studios.

Oh that's right, you guys don't like indie games anymore anyway, now that MS doesn't harbor so much control over them. #9.1
O rly? NO ONE bought one even partially because it was promised that it would double as a dev kit? You sure about that? #10.2.1
" So how many of you were gonna develope games for it? Honest question. "

It would have given Xbone the lowest console bar of entry. I and many, many others learning game development definitely would have considered it. #1.1.11
"You know indies developers get two dev kits FREE, right? Where is the sense on buying one if you can get two for free"

From article: "However, **STUDIOS** applying to the ID@Xbox programmer will receive two free developer kits from Microsoft" brand new indie developers without an established studio, the sort of up and comers looking forward to this feature who would have benefited, not included? I doubt they're just going to se... #1.1.10
It says "stuidos" will get free dev kits. Does that include people just starting out with no studio, who were looking forward to this feature? #2.3.1
So if sign up for ID@Xbox right now, they will send me two dev kits, no questions asked? Even if I'm just some young up and comer with no studio and I just want to try my hand at developing for it?

Because that's the sort of people that would have been doing so with their consumer Xbox Ones, and were looking forward to this feature.

And I am asking. Because if that's true, I'll go sign up right now and wait for my two dev kits. #1.2.3
40GB DL? Me buying it on disc revealed. #10
Did you even read the description, n4rc? Apparently not. #2.1.3
"NES,SNES,PSX,PS2... 360" #2.2.3
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So what? PC and mobile have the lowest bars of entry.

Stop trying so hard to look for a way to invalidate the data. Devs prefer Ps4 over Xbone...get over it. #2.4
There's absolutely nothing wrong with the line “I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.” Idiots just found it funny and repeated it until we got sick of hearing it.

How about anything from Bulletstorm, a game written by 13 year olds trapped in adults' bodies? #6
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