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"[insert status]"


Your child won't be unmolested once it's done. May as well take a couple million and give the kid some therapy and an N64 (or whatever system was new back when that happened; I don't know the year/s without looking it up).

Besides, how many years would the king of pop get for anything short of a killing spree? Of probation, I mean. #8.1.1
Besides Xbone losing to Ps4 at the same price in June, there was always the Wii U if people cared so much about the price. #5.1
Shhh! That doesn't fit the narrative of Xbox beating the odds! #11.1.2
Besides that:

1) The Ps3 delivered better/more content for the last 3 years of the 7th gen, so there were more excited fans on the PS side of things.

2) Ps4 was cheaper, and now has the ball rolling while Xbone is still trying to regain momentum (And they haven't yet...selling double of the sales of May in June when there was such a dropoff in May - thanks to their announcement of the Kinectless bone a month ahead of time, probably intentionally so that t... #1.1.15
I just wish websites took more responsibility for who they hosted ads from. I haven't had a single ATTEMPT at an infection on my system since I started blocking ads. Malvertising is the only reason I even use adblocker. #2.2.3
"I wanna work for Google"

We all will soon enough at this rate. #1.1.7

90% of Ps4's big titles are 1080p30fps or higher. "At will" isn't much of a stretch. #11.1
They aren't vampires. They're just irrational. #1.5.2
"the only CONSOLE"

Now go away, Elitist. Use your PC to play TEH SUPRIR MASRT RAEC games instead of trolling N4G. #1.9.1
And this is an article about the graphics, so go away. #1.2.4
Yep. The previous installments fled to South America and can no longer be reached.

Just get the older installments and play them. #1.2
I think it'll go something like this:
lol #3
Three of what will definitely be some of Wii U's biggest sellers have already released; MK8, NSMB, SM3DW, thanks to its year head start.

Once games like Halo 5 come out, Xbone will outsell the Wii U again. If Wii U can barely keep ahead with all of those titles while Xbone has so few of its big hitters out yet, then I have no doubts that Xbone will make 2nd place this gen. #1.10
Or we could focus on the fact that Ps4 is selling way more software THIS gen (despite all of the desperate 1-3 game(s) pack ins on the bone), since Xbox 360's successes won't transfer to Xbone. #1.2.11
Oh shut up. There's nothing wrong with discussing sales. Quit wasting space with "yay gaming!" posts every time people try to discuss sales. #1.1.17
"Please send proof other than Sony saying the CC info was the only thing encrypted"

Sony; guilty of losing your CC data until proven innocent. /s #7.4.7
Not gonna happen unless the SP is all corridors and the MP maps are all tiny. #17
There was never any evidence of useable CC data being stolen, just the basic info. But shocker, that won't stop Gamerfan####/Gamefan####/ Gameon####/etc#### and Death from claiming that it TOTALLY DID GUIS. #4.1.4
"Did I say anything about them being gaming savy? Nope. I said they are a reliable BUSINESS source and that's exactly what they did"

Yes, I know you edited the word BUSINESS and other things in after simply commenting "Forbes is a pretty reliable source" (paraphrase). Which is why I responded to your edit. I thought I made that pretty clear.

edit: I posted my comment within 60 seconds of you making your clarifying edit, before editi... #1.1.4
Forbes has never been a reliable source for anything gaming. They can talk sales, but overall they're clueless as to how gamers' minds work, what gamers want, and what exactly drives sales.

Oh yeah, they're definitely a decent source for the shorter term "business" side of things. But I'm just saying they're not the best source for examining like, long term success of consoles and stuff. Examining current stats is the easy part. #1.1.1
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