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lol, darts? Seriously? #3.1
"so that Sony And MicroSoft can have a straight up one-on-one battle"

As if that weren't already virtually the case... #3.2.2
You sure you don't need a few more million dollars to release it, Double Fine? Maybe you can break it into *3* parts? lol #5
translation: "For as long as it gets me hits" #4.1.1
I tried that two or so summers ago (not just for video games, but that was definitely something I was on the lookout for), and it wasn't worth it (at least for me). I even targeted higher income neighborhoods and still couldn't find much.

Good luck, though. Maybe you'll find better stuff than I did. #1.1.1 being a generic old school shooter. #10
I'm disappointed about 95% of the time I look for video games at garage sales. Usually just crap. #1
So uh....Gamingbolt really is going to do this every week, aren't they? They're just going to bait an indie dev to say something that can be made into an Xbox vs Ps4 title, over and over and over? #1.10
banana-fana-fe-fi-fo-fana #8.3

I love satin. All hail satin. #1.3.4

Dang it, I have the really old (launch) 360. For $175, I would have considered it; it would have been almost half off. For $75....nah.

Oh well, I still play GeOW, Crackdown, and Dead Rising 1 every once in a while. #1.1.3
Let's pretend like there HASN'T been a campaign by the media to defame gamers and overstate the amount of harassment that women get on the internet for a second...

Was the main contributing factor REALLY the cyber harassment?

edit: Nope. http://thecolorffooff.tumbl...
No doubt this will be cited for years to come anyway, and probably be talked about the next time Anita/Qui... #1.1.32
Please stop enforcing the false definition of "hate" as "doesn't care for it and expresses that".

There is no "hate" here. #4.1
Fool me a dozen times, then I'm a COD fan. lol #1.4
Kojima was involved in MGS5 and it's actually getting what message are you sending by not supporting the game?

If MGS5 sells below expectations, Konami will just take it as a sign that they did the right thing. If it at least reaches expectations, they might at least second guess themselves for a minute and make better decisions in the future. #1.3.14 has been 2 days. #4.1.1
Valve used to be the cool dev/pub that made some of the best games, offered a fair but regulated channel for developers to get their games out, and made money because they created an awesome store for gamers.

Now they have a near monopoly on PC games, make games far in between, constantly let broken games onto their store because it makes them money one way or the other, and pull stunts like this. #2.3
I loved GTA5 (because the gameplay was great and the characters were funny most of the time), but as usual, their satire was shallow and weak.

The "satire of America" consists of racist stereotyping and oversimplifying everything to the point that there's nothing left there for a practical satirical joke. #5.1
The radicals and the liars have become mainstream, though. When a lie like "women make 75 cents on the dollar for the SAME work!" (the "same work" being 8 less hours on average, different career paths, different jobs, etc) gets uttered by the president of the United States, you know that the moderates aren't in any control whatsoever of the movement.

Frankly, it has become rare that I meet someone that associates with an advocacy group that is also a... #1.2.1
"has policies" =/= "same as Microsoft's policies" #1.1.7
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