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"As long as the difference isn't enough to make 3rd parties lose interest (which won't happen to either xb1 or ps4)"

Have you not seen all of the articles about indie developers choosing to develop first for PS4 (despite the fact that Microsoft then won't publish them, due to the parity clause) and how many more games have been published on Ps4 than Xbox One?

Developers, especially indie, HAVE been making such decisions (when they have t... #1.8
Can I kill them? #4
"Remind me ta check" #33
"We couldn't help wondering why people would be so excited about a direct sequel"

Because SA was the only good one.
*Runs for the hills* #5
One needn't look past Mario Galaxy's almost unanimous 10's to realize that Nintendo games don't get held to the same scrutiny as PS/Xbox; no game on PS/Xbox with a camera that awful could ever score that many 10s. #1.1.14
They keep blaming server issues for not releasing the PS+ edition, so...

Let's get rolling on that if the servers are stable. #2.1.4
And all of the 1-3 bubble fanboys agreed with each other that the bubble system was wrong. The end. I cry ever tim #2.5.5
"713k vs 515k is worldwide sales. To even talk about just one territory is stupidity"

Umm, no, it isn't. This is still the world's biggest territory. Just because Ps4 outsold Xbone WW, doesn't mean that this is "stupid" to "even" discuss.

I mean, both Ps4 and Xbone saw the exact same week over week decline...that's a pretty interesting point of discussion alone. #1.1.8
For starters, like MysticStrummer said, we had nonstop articles for about a week saying that the "tides had turned" I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about saying that I was repeating anything over and over, in regards to the topic at hand.

Second, yes, sales do make me happy. I have a Ps4 and the better the sales are (including as compared to the competition), the better the third party support and less likely I am to miss out on games (lots o... #1.5.3
We all know that Xbox One would be as good as winning if it launched in places like Luxembourg. It's literally missing out on HUNDREDS/week of sales with those other ~58 countries, guys!

/s #1.1.24
Heh...just a few short years ago, they were saying that Heavenly Sword didn't do well enough to make a sequel/exclusive. Then the time passed and Heavenly Sword is their best - or else about tied with DMC - selling game, despite DMC and Enslaved being multiplat.

Even if it is just a temporary exclusive, it's still interesting to think about. #1.3
Isn't Heavenly Sword still their best selling title, or else like, tied with DMC? #3.3
I guess I forget just how closely gimp rips...erm, is inspired by photoshop, sometimes. lol

Either way, that is a really neat image. #9.1.3
You've got to be joking. Consoles sales have a major affect on third party (and first party, too, really) support. And are, you know, actually about the hardware people play games on.

Notch's choice of home has nothing to do with gaming. #11.3.1
Bu...but the tides turned! Xbox outsold Ps4 for an entire week (in some regions but not WW) could this happen??!? /s

Pretty much to be expected. #1.5
*I meant "PS made the most revenue", not Ps4 itself. #1.1
That doesn't make it game news. #11.1.1
Quite interesting.

-Ps4 made the most revenue (Which explains its very healthy indie market)
-PC pushed the most units (no doubt thanks to Steam sales)
-3DS had the most consistency because the price was most consistent (it's interesting how Nintendo's consistency seems to keep sales steady)
-The Wii version tanked (I doubt that a lot of people are still playing new indies on the Wii anyway)
-GOG and Vita did okay (Not a lot of competit... #1
I wasn't aware that enjoying the female form meant automatically "getting off"...

Did you make that avatar? Did you turn the Gimp color selector into a Mondrian? Because that's genius. #9.1.1
"Demanding that men make games for women. Not making games for themselves"

Until they want to attack the industry for not hiring all of the women not applying for development jobs. #2.2.1
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