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Don't screw it up this time, Rare. Platformer. PLATFORMER. Open world 3D platformer. #11
How about I don't forget about resolutions and still complain about massive installations and patches? #25
It might not happen. I think publishers are starting to learn that allowing the game to become cheap over time allows them to get more people in and thus more people buying always expensive DLC. #1.1.6
"people credit card information was stolen"

Except, no, it wasn't. The CC data was safe behind an encryption; the other data was not.

It has been 3 years; time to get the facts straight. #2.3.3
The PS+ Edition news is that there will eventually be PS+ Edition news?

This is just getting pathetic, Sony. In the future, don't make promises so far in advance; especially ones you can't keep.

They could have avoided half of the frustration by simply delaying it a month. Concise, concrete news would have helped. #1.1.6
Welcome to my crap list, ScrewAttack.

"borderline dangerous"? Really? I've got news for ya, champ; every movement, set of ideals, etc has some crazies...that doesn't make every single movement, ideal, etc "borderline dangerous".

Is environmentalism a movement that's "borderline dangerous", because it has some terrorists? Hashtag StopEnvironmentalism? #13
Well they better get their crap together by 2.0, that's for sure. #2.3.1
NO ONE said that you couldn't be both, darkpower. There is just clearly more liberals gunning for gamergate than there are conservatives. And (as Shaun puts it) "when liberals control the media, the education system, the entertainment industry and general public opinion" and they're the ones spreading the lies, it's largely a liberal problem. #2.2.5
Except PSN isn't down. Stop saying PSN is "down" when one or two things aren't working -_- #1.1.12
Can we ban Pachter articles now? Please, N4G? #1.1.18
But theamazingathiest and thunderfoot will probably never see multiple appearances on CNN and MSNBC.

Exposure is still an issue as far as pushing Gamergate goes; the mainstream media still refuses to admit to its legitimacy. #7.1.1
Why would a movement against journalistic corruption be refocused at violence when there's already more than enough movements against violence? #6
The media is heavily liberal controlled, though, and there seems to be a disgusting trend of liberal-minded people being okay with lies/exaggeration and corruption for the "greater good".

College sexual assault statistics, pay gap claims, rate of homosexuality...they all CONSTANTLY get exaggerated and warped by the media. They all come with the good intentions of bringing equality, but that doesn't make them right.

The 1 in 5 figure? The produ... #2.2.1
How was that a fiasco, though?

Do you mean fiasco for Sega, Atari, Commodore, and 3DO? Because I wouldn't so much attribute that to there being too many systems as I would to the fact that Sony and Nintendo had WAY better offerings and some of those companies were on their way out anyway. #2.1.1
"What makes you think its Kinect?"

....their last 3 games, maybe might have made him think that was some sort of a possibility. #1.1.5
If Google had gotten this thing going before Ouya and the unlimited supply of crap android systems came, they might have been able to do something with this.

But now, "Android console" has too much of a stigma to it, and that's really going to limit how successful this thing will be unless they put a LOT into it. #1.1.2
1280x720 = 921,600 pixels
1600x900 = 1,440,000 pixels
1920x1080 = 2,073,600 pixels

Difference of 720p and 900p = 518,400 pixels
Difference of 900p and 1080p = 633,600 pixels

Diff. of 720p and 900p < Diff. of 900p and 1080p
It's math, son. More pixels means a sharper picture no matter what stupid argument about diminishing returns you make. Let's talk diminishing returns when 4K and higher become the norm, m'kay... #1.4.2
"I don't know if anyone has ever disagreed with that"

Are you new here?
He's just one example of someone arguing that native resolutions are matched by upscaled resolutions unless the textures are different qualities. Apparently, they have no ide... #1.3.1
These sites know what they're doing; if they put "in South Africa" in the title, they wouldn't get 1/4 the amount of hits. #1.1.3
They're a brand new developer and you're assuming they could afford to release on multiple platforms with their very first game? #2.2.1
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