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"[insert status]"


Came for the atmosphere , story and unique gameplay...stayed for the boob wobble.

Also, came for the boob wobble ;) #1.1.4
That's uh...not as big of a difference as I was expecting. #22
Changed your name I see, Salty. I can't believe you and others are STILL using the regions excuse. #2.1.16
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It's always funny the way that politicians mention specific brands, like they have an unemployed nephew with certain products that they modeled their "modern lazy teen" after. #3.2
If it's not specifically stated "sold", 99% of the time that means it's shipped. We'll have to see some sold numbers before we get any idea of how popular it is.

They "shifted" ~30K Xbones on day one in Japan, but they sure didn't sell them all on day one. #1.12

Not what I meant. I meant that they can be less powerful than consoles, too. And I don't think there are really real guns that are less powerful than airsoft guns.

Furthermore, consoles don't have as much variety in range as airsoft guns do. If there were only 3 or so options in airsoft guns, the analogy would make more sense. #1.1.4
The trick is to only use curse words for poignancy.

If you go around saying stuff like "fiddle sticks" over little things and then are all of the sudden like, "ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME, JOHNSON?! GET ME THOSE DAMN REPORTS NOW!"

It's even more important if you're a woman, according to The Dilbert Principle:
"...if a man comes to the office of another man and offers to show him a report, a typical response might be '... #4.1
How many Kmarts are even left? #2
Destiny is clearly one of the most popular games this year, including among N4G (as the top news section continually contains guides/tips). Yet, a lot of individuals, that think a bit too highly of their opinion, are populating EVERY Destiny article to say how terrible the game is. It's clear that some of it is driven by fanboy butthurt over the negligible exclusive content, as you see a lot of 1 bubble persons with a slant towards a certain system throwing a fit in every Destiny articl... #3
Except that analogy leaves little room to explain that PCs can range from less powerful to more powerful. And that's the real reason that comparing consoles and PCs is unfair; PC rigs vary to an extreme degree. #1.1
Resolution matters so little to Microsoft that they send in a strike team every time major games' resolution isn't up to snuff. They should have focused from the beginning on providing a strong game console, instead of Kinect, but now they're stuck with what they have. #1.1.16
"That's called liable if its in written word and slander if he spoke it"

If that's the case, HE can deal with the consequences. In the meantime, "just in case he's lying" isn't a reason to not allow an article about tweets from one of the most popular youtube game journalists out there. #2.1.4
"Are you really defending Sony's security after a group of hackers walked right in and copied an entire DB a few years ago?"

Is PSN the same service it was a few years ago? And considering they only got the most basic information and CC info was securely encrypted...I never was all that worried about their security. They had the most important bases covered and have since hardened their infrastructure.

And if you didn't notice, powerful go... #1.2.17
"Notice how PSN constantly has to be taken down for "maintenaince"? Isn't that a clue?"

Scheduled maintenance downtime is a clue to it not being as secure? Really, Salty? #1.2.10

It's in HD, mah boy. #4
Pretty sure that didn't last the "entire" day, at least not in all regions. And way to completely over-react to me asking what day you were referring too, btw.


"while with PSN it got shutdown for the entire day"

What day was that? #1.2.3
Other generations simply didn't have the internet to express their directionless malice.

Violence is way down ( ), internet haterz are way up. #1.3.1
1) Steam has been down before.
2) The Destiny servers are ALWAYS down on PC. Literally 100% of the time.
3) Stop being a sad troll. #1.2.1
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You guys are forgetting that Ps4 has an extra 2GB reserve of POP and Xbone only has a 2GHz comptroller. And it's difficult to filter 1080p through Xbone's mere 13 pixel operators.

*Looks around to see if anyone's buying it* #2.1.7
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