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"Did I say anything about them being gaming savy? Nope. I said they are a reliable BUSINESS source and that's exactly what they did"

Yes, I know you edited the word BUSINESS and other things in after simply commenting "Forbes is a pretty reliable source" (paraphrase). Which is why I responded to your edit. I thought I made that pretty clear.

edit: I posted my comment within 60 seconds of you making your clarifying edit, before editi... #1.1.4
Forbes has never been a reliable source for anything gaming. They can talk sales, but overall they're clueless as to how gamers' minds work, what gamers want, and what exactly drives sales.

Oh yeah, they're definitely a decent source for the shorter term "business" side of things. But I'm just saying they're not the best source for examining like, long term success of consoles and stuff. Examining current stats is the easy part. #1.1.1
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Ahh, a Youtube comparison. #28
"Social game"? It's a shooter with chat limited to certain groups, it's not really a "social game". #9
You're not new to this site, Ice. You know that people don't like Sasuke. But that wouldn't fit the narrative that you wish were true, would it? #1.5.3
Superhero sale, yet no Infamous:SS. Disappoint. #24
In case you're not aware, Susuke comments first in just about every article he comments in, frequently completely useless things. He makes lame jokes about whatever cartoon/manga/whatever his username is from.

THAT is why he is getting disagrees. Not because of what he said, but because people simply can't stand him. #1.3.1
That's the most emotional thing I've heard in a long time.

I've got something in my eyes now...don't look at me! #7
At least I wasn't alone. I thought it sounded like that song too. #16.1
The stability patch is ready now.

What do you guys want? For them to wait to release a stability patch for when more features are ready? That's like turning down Windows 8 security updates until Microsoft reintegrates the Start button. #2.18
Are you joking? Any HDTV with the proper specs can pretty easily be given 3D support by the manufacturer. Even if it's not the most popular feature, it's not going anywhere.

3D Bluray support should have happened at launch on both systems. Along with a lot of features found on Ps3/360. #1.2.10
"If there was a $20-$30 upgrade available to those that already bought it, I don't think many would complain"

There is; it's called "selling your Ps3 copy".
Gamestop even has a promotion for $25 towards Remastered if you trade in. #1.1.16

I'm a fan of the Dead Rising series but I didn't buy an Xbox One. What's the big deal? You can be a fan of a VG series and not buy the system with that series. If a similar IP was coming out on both Ps4 and Xbone, I would just be all the more tempted to go with the Ps4.

"Fan", not "Superfan that can't go without" #1.1.14
"Why would Halo fans come over to a system that doesn't offer their favorite game?"

It says Halo "fans", not "people whose favorite game is Halo that could never live without it" #1.1.7
I haven't played TLoU yet and plan to on Ps4. Sure isn't a cash grab for me. #1.1.3
Yeah, that's a pretty freaking ridiculous thing to claim. #7.1

No one takes your ridiculous wannabe PR posts "seriously" #1.5.6
He's lucky the 18,000 layoffs didn't affect him. I mean, really... #1.1.9
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