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lol, the store is not "flooded" with games like Putty Squad. #2.2
I hope that's true, because Dead Island was a really tedious game. #1
They're killing the Youtube app (or more like, pulling the plug), so I doubt it. #16.1.2
I'll give you $400 imaginary dollars for your imaginary Ps4.

Welp, Sony is working towards dropping Vita. If they're not even going to put the effort in to save the Youtube app (even if you can still watch it in the browser, how cheap would Sony have to be to not keep up with the app?), it's doubtful that they're going to do much with it anymore. Vita has been a real waste of potential. I hope that Sony doesn't give up on handhelds aft... #1.1.9're really referring to a bunch of unreleased games as "must play"? #10
It was a bad HDD. Replaced it myself a few hours ago (why send the entire ps4 in just to have Sony cram another one of those exact same HDDs in and get it back to me as late as a month later?). I'm so glad the fix was that simple. #1.1.2
I guess someone has to be on the ass end of a low defect rate and we're two of those people. #1.1.1
1. I guess we had different experiences, but I ran out of HDD space quickly last gen. Also a 20GB 360.

2. They also have resale value, though.

4. There were a LOT of remasters last gen.

6. Yeah, that's definitely an odd change from the norm. But I guess a system in the middle in terms of price (now equal, I guess...I'm not sure if One is officially $400, but you can still EASILY find it for $400) but on top in terms of power is pret... #1
F2P? F2P?!?!?

*Flips table* #17

Because he doesn't run around in super tight pants with the camera staring down his rear when you crawl, right?

/s #1.2.5
That's really not a good analogy. #1.1
Oh, well if the famous "" says that they have an inside source...

/s #4.1.2

My understanding is that a lot of actors do stupid little commercials for a small (relatively, that is) amount with the stipulation that it's only shown in Japan (or whatever country it's for), done quickly with little to no rehearsal. They don't want it hurting their reputation in other markets (although, with the internet that's hard to hide these days) and Japanese advertisers want big names. #3.1.4
Alien Fanboy: "N-n-no! It's just too good for them!" #12.1
"Free the nipple!", she shouted before turning to yell at a video game developer for designing a woman showing off too much skin.

Third Wave Feminisim is just one giant paradox. #1.2.2
"You can tell playing videogames today that 'men' are still at the core"

And? Are there not industries and forms of entertainment that women are at the "core" of? #1.1.10
DirectX spends most of its time a mile behind OpenGL. Don't worry about OpenGL. #1.3
Considering the last few Leisure Suit Larry games, I think it would be best if we let him RIP.

Except maybe some more remakes. #1.1.2
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