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"Fans just want the same old crap over and over again"

"Games like Fire Emblem Awakening. A Star Fox is on the way. A new Xenoblade...So whatever" #18.1.3
They took the wrong franchise to make massive changes to, if there are even a lot of their IPs. The fans have told you countless times what they want; a 2D classic style metroid game and/or another Prime type game. #18
Because sooooo many Xbone games are 60fps... #16.2
The complete and utter garbage that people will say to defend their beloved corporations...

Splitscreen is a staple of the Halo franchise. #3.10
Why should it be a question of "sacrifice"?

Plenty of developers manage to have splitscreen without major trouble and they don't have (1) the sort of money that Microsoft can afford to spend to get this game right while still making a massive profit and (2) intimate knowledge of the hardware that only first party studios share.

We've had splitscreen since Halo 1 on the Xbox, FFS. This is only a technical issue if 343 lacks the talent. #1.4.6
Comparing Rare to Naughty Dog...smh. #12.1
Someone other than Beenox needs to be given a chance to make a spiderman game.

ANYONE other than Beenox. #12
I would rather actually get the system cheaper (which is what the headline made it sound like) than get an assortment of digital games decided by MS. The value behind those digital copies is arbitrary and I'd prefer to choose my own hard copy games anyway. #13.1.2
I'm surprised that the big three haven't capitalized on emulators for PC.

I'm glad they haven't, but I'm still surprised. #5
Steam has had some slip ups in what they approve of lately, but I doubt that they would let this pass without evidence that they have the rights. #1.2.2
Well, at least that money is being pumped back into the economy! #1.5
I can't stop reading the headline in Woody Allen's voice now.

"...and just...and leave it at the hotel! Like it was nothing to them!" #5.2
"Let people see who are rating them"

Awful idea that will lead to users being harassed over a single disagree because someone is salty that they got some disagrees or that a comment they agree with got disagrees.

Discourse would get worse, not better. #13.2
No. Bundles do not mean that you're "effectively" getting a system for $[base price] - $[bundled "value"]. Clickbait. #13
I've been here 5 and a half years. It is true. #5.1.2
Let me call in my expert on PS4s. #4.1.2
Done. lol #2.2.1
Their IPs aren't the problem. It's the lack of third party support. They don't make systems as powerful as developers demand and they keep creating interfaces that complicate porting games to their system, leading to gamers having a more limited selection of games.

Not a lot of gamers want to buy a system for JUST first party games.

You can argue "chicken or the egg?" all day long about who's more at fault ("Nintendo or the th... #1.2
It should definitely be "is". #11.1
How often do users REALLY expend all of their bubbles on Techspy, though? That's not exactly something I've seen a lot of.

"Heat" of hottest N4G stories (today): 830, 580, 460, 370, 290, 230, 220, 200, 190, 180, 180
"Heat" of hottest Techspy stories (today): 220, 180, 160, 120, 110, 110, 100, 90, 90, 80, 60 I assuming too much to think that Techspy has a less active community and less traffic, anyway?... #6.1.2
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