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Good thing Ps4 has so many AAA games, then. #3.6
Incoming whiny elitists. #11
Are they making an order for copies of Project Cars, 5 years in advance?

They'll be the swankiest bargain bin in town. #2.1
They must be, since you approved it.

JBSleek (1) | 1h ago #4.1
1) They didn't fund it alone. PC demand is probably 100x higher (considering the genre), so I imagine PC support was way higher (where it counts, not internet polls).

2) They need to actually SELL the game to more than the original funders to make a profit. They need to establish a demand that makes them an actual profit, not breaking even.

3) No one got backstabbed. The game is still coming to the Wii U, just late. It's still coming to PC on time... #1.1.8
OH MY! Internet polls! Well, well, well then!

"With basic logic, we know that the Wii U is the only console this year not getting a racing sim, so the demand was obvious"

Actually, with basic logic, you have to establish a real demand (not internet polls) in the first place before you establish that a lack of something means that there will be a demand for it.

And it's a fact that core PS/Xbox fans buy a LOT more third party g... #1.1.5
Any women that's ever applied for a job at SexistDogs should sue for their right to a job there and a million dollars compensation, no matter how few qualifications she has. Hey, it works on fire stations in this PC country. #10.1
And selling much slower.

Xbone has done ~5 million in ~8 months, Wii U has done ~6.5 million in 1 year and ~8 months. Do the math. And Xbone is back on top of Wii U in sales after a few weeks of what will no doubt be one of Wii U's biggest releases in its entire lifetime giving it a short lived boost.

Xbone won't be behind Wii U for long. You fanboys were going on and on about how Wii U had the larger install base than Ps4, too, despite the fact th... #5.1.2
Months after launch? You mean month. Singular. #1.2.1
If Nintendo fans historically bought third party games, maybe Nintendo home systems wouldn't get the delays when developers needed to focus development.

It's like watching a chicken yell at the egg that the problem is all its fault, you fanboys getting mad at devs/pubs for doing what only makes the most business sense. No racer sim was ever going to do amazingly on a Nintendo console and anyone with the option to play it on another system was going to; Nintendo fanb... #1.1.3
That MW2 commercial was good. What's so baffling about it being created? It's kinda funny and it definitely got my attention when I saw it on TV for the first time, lol. #7
Poor Ric Flair. Anything for a dollar these days, it seems. #6
Maybe there's just more demand for potato salad than games from amateurs that will never be released (or else be in early access hell for eternity). #5
For the graphics and what went on, DA:O ran like crap on Ps3. Awful, awful optimization. #2.2.1
A little competition is healthy...ESPECIALLY with console digital sales, which have historically been overpriced. #5.1.4
"PS move failed,ps eye failed"

PS Move shipped over 15 million (And by extension, lots of PS Eyes sold as well). I'm not sure you know what a failure is, desertpunk86. #5.1.2
"the oculus is the wii of motion gaming everybody preaches revolution only to be disappointed at how much the hardware is limited"

It's literally just watching the same view with more is that like the wiimote? #5.3
It's speed, latency, and synchronizing that's the issue, not bandwidth. #2.6.3
"Project Cars will not sell on PS4 and Xbox One"

You've got to be kidding. You really think that a community that buys mainly first party titles and just got Mario Kart is more likely to buy Project Cars than the Ps4/Xbone community that just got DriveClub/Forza?

First of all, the Ps4 community alone is more active and spend happy than Wii U gamers. A MULTIPLATFORM BRAND NEW IP on Ps4 is currently outselling Mario Kart, the biggest game on Wii... #1.2.5
And fanboys will pretend like this chicken or the egg issue DEFINITELY started with the egg, and if only third parties gave perfect parity third party games wouldn't sell like they have historically on Nintendo home consoles for the last decade.

They had to delay something to focus development and the version that would no doubt receive the least sales was chosen.

Luckily for fanboys, this gives them the opportunity to exercise ridiculous hypotheticals a... #1.1.6
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