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Bah. The Japanese have nothing to fear with the US and half of the militarized western world in their corner (and essentially no one in NK's...China only helps them to keep the region stable, so what's the incentive to help them if they go off the deep end?). If NK attacked ANYONE, they would be blown to kingdom come and they know it. #4.2.4
No, he's just working hard to spread PS FUD, as usual. #8.2.3
Keighley and a bunch of Xbox heads have even been hacked before. #6.5.1
Reported as fake.

They say about half of a dozen times that Sony acknowledged it as fraud/hacking, but they clearly do not. Not in the call, not in the letter, never. The only certain fraud here is this article's premise. #1.1.21
There's no "ifs", "ands", or "buts" to my opinion!

/s #22
"Submitted by Meltic 29m ago"

How did this end up back at the top of the feed? I KNOW that I didn't comment on this article when it was still pending.

edit: It looks like it got unapproved, then re-approved. But since when does that send it back to the top of the feed? #1.1.4
Ps4 has sold almost twice as fast as Xbone and it's getting a LOT more games as a result. I will ALWAYS care about sales because it means more or less games. #7.3
Why would MS be smiling about losing their 12th month in a row? #1.1.18
An open world Zelda game? What a completely new, never even conceived of before idea. How will Zelda fans EVER come to terms with this mind blowing development?? #4
"Its funny that most of comments on this are from white men"

And you got that "statistic" how? #22.3
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She doesn't want everyone's tastes "accommodated", she wants the "wrong" ones to not be made at all. #19.1.2
The penis physics alone would take a month. #18.1.2
Well, have you seen that character? They pornificatifiationfied her...or whatever made up feminist word she used. #4.1.5

HEY HEY WOAH! I know SJWs like Anita have spread a lot of anti-intellectual fear, but that's no cause to kill them by making their brains explode! #1.3.3
25% misidentified "downgrades" for other reasons of stupidity.
25% actual downgrades. #1.1.3
Thanks for the tip. #2.3
And 50% of the time it's just a change in the current lighting.

These "downgrade?" articles are really getting old. #1.1.1
Can we stop pretending that Hatred is "like GTA" or Fallout or any other mainstream game?

I'm not taking any sides, but these comparisons to defend the game are incredibly dishonest. This game's entire focus is psychopathic homicide. It's not GTA because you can kill people (like a billion other games in existence) or because there's a single torture scene.

There's a difference between a game that HAS psychologically charged ho... #1.1.6
It's a good sign that they're at least in touch enough to know that the average gamer doesn't shop at Sears. Too bad being OUT of touch got them to the point that no one buys games at Sears. #14
THE ILLUMINATI ARE MOVING IN! Soon the video game will no longer exist and we'll all be mining coal for the lizard men! Get to your shelters!!!!

Oh wait, Kmart is owned by the same company as Sears. Carry on. #6.2
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