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Leave it to Gamingbolt to confuse "Game Engine Footage" with actual gameplay graphics in 2015. #1.3 was a neat cutscene, I guess.

It's still an EA game, though. It will probably shove the space battles (confirmed to not be in the game!!) into DLC. #1.1.14
After seeing that leaked footage, this DICE game sounds like a major downgrade. #15.1
BF4? S****y campaign? I thoroughly enjoyed BF4's campaign. #12.2
He already knows that a major feature from the other games is gone. He can call it ruined if he wants to. #10.1.2
I'm officially de-hyped. I knew EA would find a way to screw us over (no doubt we will see space battle DLC).

This is why I just want to see my favorite game series of all time take a bow (Banjo-Kazooie, SW:BF, Spyro, etc), not live long enough to be abused by companies like EA and Activision. #1.1.5
This is getting really pathetic.

It's been a year and a half, 90% of Ps4 games are 1080p/50% on Xbone, and people STILL can't get over Ps4 being more powerful? Sites like GamingBolt can still use this premise to get thousands of hits?

Just go back to pretending like lesser graphics somehow translate to better gameplay; this dead horse has been beaten into a paste. #1.1.26
An "xbox article" that directly compares it to Ps4... #25.2
50%, actually, but you're still right. #7.1.1
Out of nowhere? ~50% of Xbone games are under could half of the games be "out of nowhere"? #5.2
Let me know when the gap closes. Meanwhile, the Ps4 is holding steady at 90% of its games being 1080p and Xbone at 50%. #1.2.3

And in sports, everyone can win some games, and even almost as many as others, but someone still gets the most wins.

I'm not saying that sports are a good analogy, but your point is rather moot. #3.1.4
Chewie! YEAH! #1.1.5
I certainly wouldn't choose that cash grab, Hardline, over Bloodborne. #1.2.2
Support from third parties are my dividends. lol #3.3

Riiiiight. Nothing significant there. /s #4.3.5
My bad. I've read so many fanboys make that claim (that the load times are intentional) that I couldn't be bothered to read the entirety of what I thought was another. #1.1.9
"This is like putting the sock over the shoe"

lol, that's a great analogy. #1.2.2
ikr? WTF is going to be different about a gay character in a fighting game?

Is he going to be a stereotype and run around acting effeminate? Is there going to be a gay sex scene? Is his finisher going to involve something gay? Is he going to have a rainbow flag at a weapon?

I mean really. What does a fighter game character's sexuality have to do with anything? #2.1
But not in Burger's Worth. And even if I go through the entire forbidden woods, I won't be full on vials by the end. #2.2.2
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