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I'm sure plenty of people got the deal just to flip the TV or the Xbone for other things. It's like getting a brand new TV or Xbone for a hundred or so dollars.

And "just several" is quite the contradiction.

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I think I've played this almost every day since its release. Indies can craft some great games.

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Leaps and bounds? Play Red Faction Guerrilla. Crackdown is just on a bigger scale, as should be expected on a newer generation.

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"Upscaling! Upscaling! Upscaling!!!"

Maybe if you repeat it again, it'll be true.

"If I were to have multiple logins so I can give myself more bubbles, THAT would be trying too hard!"

This might be difficult for someone like you to understand, but some users get to a high bubble counts by making good comments.

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1.0 was only around for a year and half in 2002-2004 before 1.1 released. How many TVs before May 2004 even went up to 1080p?

You're trying WAAAAAY too hard there, buddy.

edit: Actually, you aren't even right on the resolution limit on 1.0, so IDK WTF you're talking about.

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It's because the Japanese are xenophobes that refuse to try other cultures. They don't find things of interest because they don't try, not because we don't have anything to offer.

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"Japan gets us, we don't get Japan"

You've got that 100% backwards. The homogeneous nation of Japan doesn't get the west and the diverse, open minded west has plenty of people that understand Japan.

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That's technology, grandpa.

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Nintendo has just dropped the ball in so many ways on Wii U.

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I just miss the XMB and blades. You pick a category horizontally and you go to the item in that category vertically. Made lots of sense (but would have made more sense with customizable folders).

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Several PG-13 films contained excessive violence and frontal nudity in the mid-80s to early 90s because there was a short period where the PG-13 rating was new and they were adjusting to it. (there are a couple of exceptions past the mid 90s, too, though)

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And you can just steal console games, too. In a couple of years, cracked Ps4s will be common enough anyway, and then you can say the same thing about pirating PS4 games.

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But the goal is profit, not offsetting. I doubt that the quarterly subscription prices are related to the PS4 hardware price. They would have raised the price of PS+ across the board if that was the case.

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Who the heck buys the quarterly subscriptions to PS+/XBL anyway? They're a total ripoff compared to the yearly ones.

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Here come the insecure PC elitists.

I've actually played (and enjoyed; I'm not even counting freebies that I didn't end up liking) games with a total value over that of the price of PS+ every year, so it's been more like a chunk of my game budget than a service fee.

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PS Vita sure has gotten a lot of....erotic material, over the years.

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Tell that to Red Faction: Guerrilla, which came out an entire 6 years ago.

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"You are altering the numbers to support your opinions instead of forming your opinions around the numbers. Sony sold half as many PS3's as they did PS2's"

Because that's not at ALL what you just did with that last sentence. Could you be any more salty?

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It's like soccer if it was given the "blernsball" treatment.

Like, this should replace soccer. Immediately.

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I'm kind of shocked that it was only 1 million. I guess it's past its peak. Not that the numbers aren't impressive.

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