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I don't see what the point of your comment really is, but it made me laugh. #4.1
Considering the awful state that EA Sports titles have been in lately, I doubt that they resolved core gameplay issues and glitches. #2.1.2
I doubt that you actually care, aside from the stance of an ideologue; you couldn't even be bothered to READ THE FIRST FREAKING SENTENCE of the article description! #1.3
What? Nuh uh. #18.2
That's right; everything is a "micro-agression" against your beliefs. Go to your happy place and pat yourself on the back a few times. #12.4
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Why is it that when anyone that makes an argument that isn't "yay women!" in an discussion involving women, it instantaneously gets misconstrued as a "tantrum"?

He's right; the vast majority don't care. And in the deplorable state that EA sports' games are these days, they should be more worried about fixing the core gameplay experience, not adding leagues. #11.1.2
Beat me to it. lol #3.1.1
This again? Seriously? Stop saying that Sony "acknowledged that the account was hacked/stolen/etc"; they acknowledged that it was purchased on a different system than the one that he claimed was the only one that he had, not that it was illegitimate.

It's a crappy situation for everyone; should companies give full refunds EVERY time someone claims that it wasn't done by them? Because they WILL be conned if that's their policy. And if it's not, th... #15
That figure is worthless. Most people aren't going to run out and buy a computer and Oculus Rift at once; it's going to be largely existing PC gamers buying the Rift.

What's the price of the Rift itself? That's the question. #19
This update largely just fixes needless frustrations, not so much just making it easier - like the low storage limit being raised, arcane being kind of weak and too limited by size of bullet use, etc.

It's really only "easier" if you call in a super high level buddy, which is no longer restricted. So....yeah, easier if you purposefully ruin the game for yourself by calling in an OP friend. #13
Agreed. It just saves you from wasting time farming every time you get killed 6-ish times by a boss (happened to me with Rom) or are in an area that doesn't provide a lot of vials (Like in Burger's Worth...with Rom. lol) that you keep getting killed in. #4.1
It's about time that they recognize that they're not supporting it. If you want to cut and run from a platform that is selling like crap, fine, but don't jerk gamers around.

For everything that they did right with Vita, they did 2 things wrong.
-It wasn't very portable between the shape, size, and twin sticks.
-They didn't regulate quality of games well enough.
-They supported 3G instead of 4G.
-It was too expensive; its t... #23
I'll take a sparse year by Playstation's standards to its competition's standard of "sparse" any day. #22.1
Microsoft's PR philosophy doesn't generally involve humility. #28.1
Good example of what Spotie described, gansta_red.

Oh're serious. #25.2.2
You're so full of crap. #21.3
FFS, this stuff has been reported on a million times now. This is not news anymore. GamingBolt posts the most repetitive stuff. #29
"Inevitable" is an incredibly dumb choice of words. Plenty of games have improved from their original showing/demo to their final build. God of War 3 comes to mind.

Is it an increasing trend? Maybe. It sure seems like it sometimes. But that does not equate to "inevitable". #20
How is being just like the other systems going to make it "undercut" its competition? Unless you're picturing it being not as powerful as ps4/xb1 (as you seem to be implying) and making a major impact with a low price, in spite of it being a market where the most expensive system right now is a mere $400. #7.1
Stop it already with that. Backwards compatibility fell this gen because the CPU architecture changed and software emulation takes a lot of resources; it was not a conspiracy to "resell" games as young as like, 3 years old to people that already own them. #2.1.1
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