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That could also be a possibility. I'm just hoping I'll still be able to use Sub-Zero again...just not cyborg version. XD

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I believe it's more of an expansion (keeping in style with the release of the Core sets). As far as old material, I'm not quite sure if you're talking about game mechanics or just the cards. The game itself has many of the same modes from past titles except for Archenemy mode (I believe that mode was a bit poorly received). One of the bigger differences with this game, save for the fact that it focuses on Core Set 2014, is that you have the ability to actually create decks nows.

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Very much what you said as I think it's really all just relative to what the person might see in those numbers. Much like what you said, I consider a 5/10 score to be the average. A 6/10, in my eyes, would mean a slightly above average game.

There's also the fact that sometimes you might consider some things in the game as effecting the score that others might not. I pointed at the story in my review and counted it in that fashion, but one of my friends said that he ...

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Hey everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read my article here. I really put a lot of work into it, so I'm glad I got as much positive feedback as I did. ^-^

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