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This was more of an investor meeting than anything else. The investors could care less what the design of the console is, the design will have NO affect on sales numbers. Sony has YEARS of experience in product design and has always done a good job. The cosmetic status of the PS4 was irrelevant at this meeting.

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i think for a lot of people it will make it harder to get into the game with a female as the lead. personally ill feel a little more g killin folks with a hot chick.

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The data plans are ridiculously priced and that will be what kills the 3g version. MyWi on my iphone will work fine when im not home so at&t can suck it easy!

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I think it could have been marketed better. I do marketing on the side and BF3 marketing just seemed outdated. The whole UI and chat made it a killer imo tho. One of the main things in the COD series is you talk (shiit) to the other team. BF3 doesnt have this, or the ability to plug and play with a headset and quickly talk to your friends. The squad system sucks! the UI sucks! It looks like MW3 UI is custom made to be easy to use with a controller, BF3's UI is basically made for a mouse a...

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just fix the problem when I play with friends from the east coast!!!!! the lag is unbearable. I live in California, I have a few friends that I normally play with quite often than live in Virginia. When he is the host I'm about 3/4 of a second to a full second behind the enemy and vise versa when he's in my room and I'm the host. Makes the game unplayable unless my friends from Ca. are on or I play alone.

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On ps3 the worst and only thing that would make me consider returning the game is the fact I get 2.0-3.0 kdr when I play by myself and with a couple local buddies. On the other hand...when I play with a friend of mine in Virginia the connection is HORRIBle!! If he's the host I have about a 2 sec lag behind everyone else in the room and get a kdr of around 1.2-1.5. Complete change in gameplay. I can only play with people in California or what?? There's more than spawns that are bs in t...

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not to mention this was posted 6 hours ago and its the 14th. nov 11 and its 2 day sale has come and gone. better to wait for black friday anyways. deals are better. im sure amazon will even have the same games best buy and wal mart have so you wont even need to leave your home

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wasnt planning on getting it this year but these reviews are pretty crazy. 9 and 10 across the board

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so if i dont use online where do i get the cheaper version of the ps3... the one that doesnt include 'online' in the price tag??

there is no different one because no matter how you swing it; PSN is free. TOS states Sony can revoke your right to use the PSN at any time for any reason, and on top of that they have EVERY right when a security issue is involved. Just consider this a widespread temporary ban =)

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They're not gonna be so Anonymous pretty soon. It's hard to be considered smart when you do such dumb things

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Looks like their attacking black ops now!! theres a bunch of glitchers and the lag makes it unplayable!! ... ..

wait a sec... its always been like that?

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i know i would be on my roof with my laptop and an internet connection making sure i knew all the latest gaming news on n4g after an 8.9 earthquake! =P

god bless! my prayers go out to everyone there. i will do what i can to help!

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wow i cant even believe how different they look. one has a PS logo at the bottom one has an xbox logo. devs really need to make them look more identical!

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price and battery life are the info we need now. im getting one regardless but if the psp2 can succeed in those two categories it will dominate the handheld market

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Cant wait to get this! sad to say it looks a little ugly to me. i was expecting a little more design change. psp could use a new image anyways. an iphone4 or galaxy look would have been soooo much nicer. the more i look at it the more im disappointed, i sure hope they do some minor changes. if it gets just a few minor changes it would dramatically make it look better. i understand it will be awesome inside but i like my electronics like my women; sexy AND awesome on the inside!

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this game looks great! first RDR now L.A.Noire, rockstar makes some of the best settings and environments in the business! even if you didnt like red dead you have to admit the environment and scenery were amazing. made me feel like i was in the old west. cant wait for la noire!!

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marios kinda right, the gears in LBP 2 look really detailed! cogs and bolts look great as well! i heard rrod and power rangers add on pack is coming for free because thats all they have left! a 33% discount rate will be added to all failed purchases and recognized as 2 new sales. 55 million gears actually equals 33 million. then abandon the hardcore gears and copy the wii gears when its already too late and on a decline. pathetic MgearsS

all youre doing is making the artic...

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no score but its a really good review. kinda surprised it came from kotaku. i guess they cant even deny how fun LBP2 is

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1. its vg chartz =?

2. the ps3 has been doing this since launch. finally, good job 360!

3. Subtract the 33% failure rate and it brings the 360 to around 35m 'sold'...or on shelves/warehouses. ps2 was being played in homes not rrod on a shelf or warehouse. big difference.

cant wait for the next halo!

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this is why i can care less how ign rates games. if they rate it an 8 its probably a great game. 9.9 and up are usually a joke to me.

if you put super mario at the top then flip the list its a little more accurate.

no GOW3 makes the list invalid. good try guys!

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