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You mean Valve? Steam is a platform, not a company. Lol. #1.10.1
Sony wouldnt be able to afford the Xbox brand lmao.

Besides, I'd rather it be sold to samsung if this ever happened. #1.6
Until your ps4 overheats 35 minutes into the game... #2.1.2
They're not as expensive as people were making them out to be.

Pretty cheap if you have to ask me! #1.1.11
Unless of course the games come with the patch on disc. Would be the sensible thing to do, you know?

Not everyone has internet xD

Thank god i do though :3 #3.7
You just won the idiot comment of the day. Congratulations!

Whats wrong with using one of the best engines in the

It saves them LOTS of time and money from creating their own engine.
Also, almost all companies use 3rd party engines so there's no reason for 1st party studios not to. #4.3
They both use Bluetooth, so i don't see why not. lol. #24.1.1
"Multiple industry sources have indicated that developers are keen on making use of this hardware feature. However, given the unfinished and evolving state of early Xbox One development kits and considering that development on launch titles was already well underway, we won’t be seeing its utilization any time soon."

Guess you didn't read that, eh? #3.2
I'm talking in movement. It looks like it has a slight delay, but probably because this controller isn't built around the PS3 and BF3 notoriously having input lag on the PS3 version.

Idk, might just be lag from crap youtube. #19.1.1
Am i the only one that sees input lag? #19
Lol, reading the comments on there, shows that redditers don't even read.

They ask the same damn questions even after the guy said its free without gold. smh #2
Lol, the PC market has been fragmented with hundreds of GPU's.
No difference here. #1.7
I play BF3 on PC with a controller and seem to play better than most people who use the "superior" mouse and keyboard... #2.2.2
That's your opinion. #1.1.11
Just report the fangirl for trolling. #14.1.3
Playstation fanboys for ya. #1.4.1
That's because there are barely any developers who know how to do horror now days. Hopefully The Evil Within will change that. But you also have Outlast, Amnesia and some other games with the same style.

I know they don't have zombies, but i bet they'll still scare your pants off! #4.1.2

If you only believe MS is holding PC gaming behind, you're obviously a bias fanboy.

If you were smart, you'd know both consoles are holding PCs back. And it'll be like that for the rest of time unless consoles someday become modular. #2.1.4
Obviously. Its a beta. Its not using all of the assets of the full game. You can tell after the building comes down that everything is lacking textures. #2.2

Odd, because the PS1, 2 and 3 had problems at launch too. Every console does. You're just a blind troll. #2.1.3
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