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Remember when the ps4 power fans got happy against pc version?


All versions are not impressive. #1.6
Hottest christmas gift? lol #5
yay! #1.4
lol Dice carrots.. This ad is a hardcore gamers nightmare. #1
my pc cost less than that. #1.1
lol they spent 100 million making that controller? look at that bulk battery pack! lmao.. So 2005. #1.10
Xbox Fanboy Logic:

Who cares about exclusives?

"Titanfall xbox & pc multiplat exclusive only." - artcle.

xbox >>>>>>>&a mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;g t;>>>>>>> ps4 HAHAHA KNACK???

Eh It's a shame xbox fans need to compare themselve to $400 gamers. In the end ps4 will shine.

Check out this amd graph..
708d ago by shutUpAndTakeMyMoney | View comment
GameBoy master race reins supreme. We shall return.

PC and consoles are awsome.. I would be sad if any platform died.. If anybody thinks consoles or pc is dying they dumb ass iphone drones.. Also if pc died I think console would die. We swimming in the same pissy waters. Keep it clean folks.

Also forget the last part I said. #1.2
Runs on the mirror engine. #1.4
Both versions look meh. As always ps4 matches pc in games that don't push hardware. Try BF4, witcher 3 and other super high end games. Ps4 version of COD & diablo matches pc.

Really impressed?

I am sure ps4 could run pong at same settings as pc also for cheaper..

Greatness awaits. #1.1.4
709d ago by shutUpAndTakeMyMoney | View comment | Intelligent
As long as the price is good! #1.1.3
This is about last gen.. Wii is dead lol. ps3 lives on.. #2.2
I am sure some people are cancelling xbone orders for ps4. #1.2.2
AMD needs to make it open source for all. This will move pc in a new direction. But they want to profit from this so it will probably die. #1.4
"Plummeting Wii U Sales Could Change Nintendo"

They better or go 3rd party for home consoles.

They have no choice but to learn. Or they are stupid.

Sales are getting a lil better since mario and if sales keep rising for more than 3 months then good for nintendo. #1.3
"Just like console "OS" eh?"

Console OS is actually optimized though..

Limitation is needed then. #1.1.3
I think telltale could make the last of us spin off. #1.1
Wonder how much pre orders for xbox lol

ps4 will out sell it 10:0 #1.1.2
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