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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 replaced the Blood with purple effervescent gas.

Way to reduce gore i say.

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Can CRITERION bring the NFS back with MOST WANTED..

I want CROSS-BUY(Vita + PS3)

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STREET FIGHTER and COD from CAPCOM and ACTIVISION are the Prime contenders for Milking the heck outta franchises.

Mario's a different story coz it brings so much new to every single game, Super Mario Galaxy and Karting for example.

Am I Right, or Am I Right ?

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Just Downloaded BORDERLANDS 1 through my Playstation PLUS..

Wanna play Online Co-op on PS3?

Hit me up and lets rack up some headshots!!

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MANHUNT is Hands down the most Sadistic gory game I've evr played!

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Definitely Buyin Borderlands 2.

The Co-op is gonna rock my socks off..Yippee.

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KILLZONE Vita @Gamescom looked Loads better than the Call Of Duty abomination.

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Love to watch Kratos rip heads to shreds on the Gorgeous VITA Oled screen.

Though there were a few lag issues while playing the game on the Vita via remote Play, it might be due to a slower internet connection.

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I couldn't digest the Gore in Manhunt though.

MANHUNT-Only Game that makes the PS MOVE worth buying.XD

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-Halo 3
-Halo wars
-Halo ODST
-Halo Reach
-Halo Anniversary
-Halo 4

Same stupid game...on one console.

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FF-XIII was worse compared to FF-XII and X by a mile.

Hope FF-versus-XIII stays a PS3 Exclusive and retails the full CGI-esque gameplay experience.

XBOX 360 is the Major Culprit with it's Meager DVD capabilities that Square-Enix has a hard time cutting the Epic CGI cutscenes and God of War kinda scale that ain't possible on a 360 frankly speaking.

Try porting The Last of Us in under 8 DVD's if you guys know what I mean.

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rachet and clank has brought something new to the table each year they had released a game. same goes to battlefield.

call of duty stopped bringing new things to the table once cod 4 came out.

and it definitely has been more than 8 games in 9 years for call of duty

Call of duty: finest hour

Call of duty 2: Big red one

Call of duty: roads to victory

Call of duty: World at war...

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But XMB and the entire PS Store interface looks Dated and lacks Eye-Candy compared to the Brilliant interface of Xbox Live. Only a FOOL will disagree with this statement!!

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Quite Obviously the 360 doesn't have any of the Franchise Defining games based on the list.

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Love DOOM still to this day.
Will DOOM 4 ever see the light of day in the Current or Upcoming generation??

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Does Borderlands 2 have Competitive Multiplayer game modes??
What all Online Games modes does it have?

FARCRY 3 versus BORDERLANDS 2 people???

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This game, my friends is as Strategic as a game of Chess.

Thoroughly enjoyed it as a kid, still do, on my VITA.

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Definitely Getting Borderlands 2 and LBP VITA(Hell yeah!!)

Haven't played any DOA game before..

How does it Compare to TEKKEN 6?
More Strategic/Button Mashy??
Gotta choose between DOA 5 and Tekken Tag 2...!?!

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Tomb Raider came first.

So Nathan Drake is 'MALE' Lara!!

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Hope TOMB RAIDER 2013 does justice to the Legacy of Lara Croft and the Franchise..
Fingers X'sed

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