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So I sound entitled by saying I don't want to buy a year old game for $60? That's makes perfect sense. And you made it sound like square Enix actually had the option to release the game and charge for dlc once more. Ga,e of the year editions aren't anything new and that is what rise of the to,b raider basically is on ps4

3rd party exclusives have been less and less since last gen. Game development costs more and publishers much rather release games on every ...

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Should have been priced $39.99 and the remaster version of to,b raider reboot should have been included on the disk

My question is simple as a ps4 fan why should I spend my $60 on a year old port when there are brand new games launching

Buying It used
Paying under 20
Rather give my money to someone on the eBay or GameStop but not giving it to square Enix

I am against 3rd party exclusives unless someone is funding it...

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I want to believe it because I truly believe that it was gonna be at E3

Now I really don't want to buy into the hype

I think R* will announce this game like they did gta 5 so don't expect team to attend any conference

R* are one of the few developers who can announce a game at 2AM yet still get massive amounts of hype

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Should have priced it $39.99

Still waiting for it to go below $20 and even than buying it used

Not giving my money to square Enix

If ps4 fans can wait a year I am sure many don't mind waiting few extra months. Paying $60 for a year old port isn't gonna happen when you have brand new AAA games being released

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Spin it any way you want but excuses are running out for why Xbox one isn't selling as well as ps4

Wait for halo 5 they said
Wait for the greatest exclusive lineup in history they said
Wait for $299 they said
Wait for the DA CLOUDZ they said

Now it's why would anyone buy a Xbox one when Xbox s is coming. In the month of August ps4 will outsell the Xbox one and that's the month Xbox s is coming out. What will be t...

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I am excited but I also understand those are are a little angry at this

But the landscape of console gaming is changing and with change sometimes there is a growing pain part

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this is the way i hope their conferences are in the future

just show games without taking time to talk about other stuff

this e3 sucked because almost every game was either announced/leaked before the e3 event

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point is simple to xbox fanboys playstation doesn't have any worthy exclusives

but it's cool to make controller for xbox one using playstation exclusive characters

that's my point

that stop having this double standard

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many thought xbox one would be more poweful than ps4 and we all know how that all turned out

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you can't compare vr game prices to regular games

Immersive gaming via vr

Not for me for don't discount the fact it's different and for different gamers

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i think because there is so much to explore and it will become the next minecraft

meaning live streams daily
a lot of youtubers will make a lot of money

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i still think it's a fall 2017 release at the earliest

all we have up to this point are rumors. even early rumors suggested Scorpio coming in 2016 yet it was announced for 2017

instead of just releasing specs like ms did sony could steal the thunder by having an event in march or april 2017 and show games actually running on neo

i aso think neo will be on par with scorpio if not a bit better. ms showed their hand way too early ...

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people wanted borderlands 3 yet got this instead

what i don't like is how your level ups don't go to next area and instead each mission puts your at level 1

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fallout 3 and new vegas remastered

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Can't wait

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Every ip slows down

Cod:IW will outsell battlefield 1

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one after another sony has a lot of really talented studios

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this is so epic

god of war stole the show no doubt about it and many god of war haters even admit that they are very interested in this new game

what a way to start the show

i honestly thought sony couldn't out do last year but they did and than some

not wasting anytime talking on stage just game after game

scary thing sony still has many studios who have yet to even reveal what they are work...

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shows how awesome shu really is and so is phil spencer

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