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sony even had exclusive rights to GTA4(under the same deal with made past GTA's exclusive for ps2 for a limited time period)

LA:noire is another

the way i see it is that sony has been bending over backwards for R* so R* really need to deliver #4.7.1

Sony let them out of GTA4 deal otherwise that game would have had to be exclusives on ps3 for a period of time.

Than R* turns right around and make exclusives content for xbox360

sony let them out of LA:Noire deal so i agree that a exclusive game from R* is due #4.8
PS brand is in business much longer so more people are aware of it, sony did an amazing job revealing the console than at e3. Since than IMO sony has done an excellent job

by comparison MS did a bad job and now are catching up to sony, they are always 2nd. Its like sony announces something than MS say oh xbox one does it too

I thought under phil spencer but not really he has the same mindset as others and that's not to invest but instead buying timed e... #1.8
let's judge a game which is still more than 5 months from release, seriously all we have seen are sall gameplay sections and the trailer at gamescom looked awesome.

ON one hand i hear it all the time we don't want remakes,reboots or sequels we want new IP's. Okay well than when we are getting new IP's we rather bash them 5 months before release #1.26
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i have to see much more before this could be considered the IT game, looks interesting though #5
looks interesting will give it a shot

if this was coming to xbox one than xbox fanboys would be all over it, but since its on ps4 than hate mode supercharged #1.4
ND vs Crystal dynamics

track record
GOTY awards


Notice how both MS and SE said Exclusive IN fall 2015 lol, This may end up on ps4/pc by early 2016(since that's not fall 2015 lol)

Personally if i can only play one it is UNcharted 4 which is being co-directed by same guys who did UC2 and TLOU. So yes i am excited

also if you ask even the baddest xbox fanboys they will e... #1.2
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this game is from gthe guy who made beyond good and evil 2, he left UBI to make his own studio. So here is how i think this went. Since sony is known to support these niche games

he went to ssony and presented his idea which i would imagine sony liked, and since he is a well know developer too. I am not sure if sony is publishing/funding this

on the other hand, this is how MS works:

we will give you $100 million to make tomb raider excl... #7.3
if his ideas are to buy every 3rd party exclusive than there is only so much MS will support him with. It all comes down to results

10 million sold in less than a year so it means ps4 could be 15 pus million b y end of the year, i just don't see ms ever catching up to sony. MS had a 6 million lead and a year start yet it took sony till end of last gen to catch up and that's with amazing 1st party lineups

2015 is gonna be even bigger for sony, some... #1.1.3
so uncharted vs tomb raider in fall 2015 lol

ND nuff said #1.35
okay for MS to buy exclusive games but not okay for sony to buy destiny exclusive DLC?

i see how this works, as long as MS is doing the buying its okay #1.10
i agree, i still think we won't see anything UC4 related till next year's e3. I feel like sony held a lot of stuff back at this years e3, if MS had brought their actual A+ game than it would have been so much fun

BTW not hating on ms, imo no one really brought a lot of stuff at E#. It was pretty boring for me personally. But i am expecsting some fireworks at gamescom #1.3.2
GG will show their new IP, that's pretty much given. Its been in development for over 3 years now. Not ready at E3 because sony held it back, there are games sony rather show at gamescom, than there are games sony rather show at TGS

gamescom will be mostly about European studios under sony or as 2nd party partners

Media Molecule most likely show their new game sometimes in 2015

I don't expect GT7 but i do expect a GT6 for ps4 with... #1.3

Uncharted will continue and here are some options:

sony can ask ND to make a 3rd team which will only work on UC series every 2-3 years a new game. Since it will be under ND banner fans will really get behind it

give the series to the stduioo that did UC on Vita(sony bend)

or have a brand new team take control of it(less likely), look at LBP3. The team did LBP for Vita than sony gave them LBP3. Since Media Molecul... #1.2
but that's unfair to the game and developers, 3 of the games i wanted badly were delayed

witcher 3
the order 1886
drive club

now drive club delay is gonna end up being an year or close to it, and that sucks. But than the other side to that is the fcr a publisher is willing to delay a game in order to make it better

drive club would have done gangbusters at launch even if the game had gotten mid 7's, because there was... #3.1
here here i want a UC 1-3 for ps4 on one disk #1.1.3
yes sir i can't wait to play it, i hoep as a added bonus we will get demon souls in HD too #1.3
yes but do some research R* North are like the main guys responsible for dealing with a lot of studios under them

Max payne
Midnight club
Table Tennis

so while you are right its 2k the developer, in most cases R8 are also helping them in some way. It doesn't have to be R* North, R* have so many other teams under them #5.1.1
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