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This E3 was talked about by so many for so long and I feel like it's been very below average

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There will always be halo, gears and forza but with that hopefully wltgete will be a lot of new experiences

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Because I like playing as a male character because I am a man myself? Sometimes it isn't about sex or political agenda

I am all for giving gamers options to pick and choose but than don't force either side to pick

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While I agree with you somewhat he isn't the head at ND

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What nioh 2? When where exclusive how? I thought don't saud expect no surprises 😂

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Great hopefully they do it with their own twist on what carries forward

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it more more of the same besides the studio announcement and few of the studios were xbox related to begin with

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i could see it happening once all the series comes to west on ps4 but than again it's a lot of games

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yes we are gonna ignore games which are years away from being released to discuss a online fallout game that not many asked for especially after their campaign last of of saving single player

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Will be playing as male but having the choice isn't bad. I have Never played any game as female lead where it gives you the option to choose

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It's ubi they and state Enix love to puzzle people with special and collectors editions

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If you were gonna do this atleast remaster fallout 3 but no you rather show us a teaser of a game 4-5 years away and people stand to clap

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Exactly pro and X don't measure up to OG ps4/Xbox one sales wise

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Nintendo will never take a loss they are selling cardboard box for $60

Everything Nintendo related always is under powered yet costs more than ps or Xbox

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I saw those comments too and I was completely lost I am like just because they said we are working on a next Gen console or buying 5 automatically gives them next generation

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these 3 will be high on the list for sony

blue point games

don't worry whether they buy kojima or not he isn't going anywhere. he was already a huge PS brand fan and with the amount of love, respect and resources sony have given him he won't be leaving anytime soon

platinum games are very interesting we know for sure they will never accept a buyout from MS so it'...

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i think he meant with release like SOD2 and SOY just buying studios won't automatically mean quality release. MS must have a quality standard for their exclusives

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thank you for the giggle LOL

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