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And that's understandable. But I for one think this is a good thing. Kojima has wanted to move on from mgs for a while now

As long as he was with Konami fans always wanted mgs, now he doesn't have that fan pressure. He can work on whatever he wants

Pt anyone with a changed name anyone #8.1.1
I am a huge mgs fan, maybe as big as anyone. Kojima is one of the very top developers and overall great mind. But to say a good maybe even great metal gear solid game can't be made without kojima is not rue

There are a lot of talented developers out there, is it possible yes but I don't think konami will look to do another mgs for a long time

Also by now we pretty much know the story. They could do one with boss or they could do a complete reboot... #8

What's new septic you are again going after Sony we ms were caught red handed. Just stop it man. And Tha you told me few days ago that you are neutral, your comment history really really suggest otherwise

Pro Xbox one

Mr negativity with ps4

If you like your Xbox one more there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But Than you don't have to hate on ps4 every article man #1.21
dude no one is forcing you to buy it, also this is under the new publisher who bought the darksiders IP. so this could be their way of testing to see how much interest is there

also these remake or remasters are never done in house by original developer, these are done by new studios who are looking for work and get them self familiar with the tech

i am sick of people complaining about remasters and or remakes. there are more than enough new games launc... #3.1
those are amazing numbers considering that sony released it at worst time to launch their most important franchise. if GT6 had launched for ps4 it would have done amazing numbers

Polyphony digital have said that a new GT is coming out sooner rather than Later. My guess is it gets announced at Playstation event and comes out fall 2016

PD no longer have to learn the cell structure and now they can just focus on development without having to worry about the t... #10
IMO you should only pre order the games which have very awesome limited editions that you know will sell out. But not everyone wants to buy a limited edition

If you are like me and only buy regular edition than there is absolutely nothing that should force you to pre order. Pre ordering use to mean something when the was something called sold out games right after launch

Now a days you walk in or go online to any store and have it delivered to do a in stor... #7
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Really can't wait to play this

Media molecule are one of the very best creative minds in gaming industry #3
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I still hope this comes to ps4. It's insomniac and they own the ip so anything is possible. Also one positive is their long time fanbase is on playstation

That kind of announcement would do well at playstation event

Also I really hope all future entries come to Xbox one, ps4 and pc

Sony made these decisions and they are head scratchers

First said no to EA acccess

Secondly said no to both Titanfall and... #1.4
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Could you please provide me with a link where insomniac said that future entries in the series won't be multi platform?

I thought they said they had no plans to do a port of sunset overdrive to any other platform. Insomniac owns the ip and it wouldn't surprise me one but if their entry comes to Xbox one, ps4 and pc

A game like sunset overdrive is built fot playstation fanbase. Just look at crash, spyro, jak and dexter, sly and ratchet and clank #4.2.2
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I am as big of a fan of mgs as anyone but please stop it. Is that the reason that every scene she is in the camera focuses on her breasts and ass

Just admit it kojima she is half naked because that's the way we men see beautiful women and in games majority and I do mean vast majority of the times the women are presented as sex toys or sex appeal #1.7
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It's ND so no uncharted is on a different level. No doubt tomb raider looks very good but that's like saying saints row is on gta level

Uncharted 4 is almost a guaranteed game of the year contender but tomb raider won't be as strong in contention

So far

Witcher 3
Mgs 5

Some could be's

Tomb raider
Halo 5

Potentially a re... #1.8
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Oh this took hours upon hours from my life and still couldn't get it. Thankfully the pc version didn't have them or did I don't exactly remember

I thought pc players got the bike missions instead

Learning how to fly was tedious #1
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Yeh ok now show the sales and prove it. With that get exclusive lineup if Sony still gets 2 months of holiday season than what difference did it really make?

Losing all 12 months in world wide sales

Losing 10 months of NPD sales

Keep talking. Every heard of personal preference?

Not everyone is into halo and forza, both of these have been done before many many times. And halo peaked with halo 3(a fact no halo game since t... #1.5
Can't wait to play it #6
You mean that gunplay was better in just cause 2 compared to gta 4 or gta 5?

I totally disagree gta 5 gunplay is great. Just cause 2 was an open world to cause havoc with very little story and very bad Gunplay mechanics imo #5.2.1

Read again what I said and I can call you a name too. How many exclusives did ms release after last holiday season to this holiday season?

Yeh that's what I thought. I never said Xbox one has no games, it does but it's fanboys like you who get all defensive when someone say something negative about Xbox one

Deal with it

Ps4 had the highest rated exclusive

Ps4 had twice as many exckusive as... #9.5.4
True and I think if this was launched in July or early august it could have done well, it's still launching with release of mad max movie so maybe it will be a sleeper hit

I am definitely picking it up #4.1
I think this is a good game with overall something like 70-75 out of 100. I think we all expected a amazing game but got a good one instead

Still buying it because it looks like my type of game

I hope avalanche can deliver with just cause 3, for as good as people make just cause 2 out to be, it's really a over rated game imo

Story is very bad
Gunplay was just simply trash

They are talking about giving more... #5

Maybe it's not you we are talking about? Have you thought about that? We are only talking about the core Xbox fanboys

And look I agree with you both system have games I 2016. #9.5.2
The hard core fanbase of destiny reminds of core fan bases of some classic games like counter strike. There will be millions of gamers who will buy and enjoy taken king

I am not one of them but I respect the fact everyone has different preferences. To be honest I may even get taken king, the only thing holding me back is the story. If taken king delivers Atleast a good story than I will be very enticed to get it

I played it when deny launched and the ga... #1
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