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keep it up yet we are told on this site daily exclusives don't matter

if you think like ms and make your must have games be available elsewhere than what is the value in xbox brand?

now have a great showing at e3 like the last 2 or so years

ps4 is a console for those who like diversity in games

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the jump from pro to scorpio isn't that much while jump from xbox one to scorpio is big. but you have to understand both sony and ms don't want to make their fans mad so don't expect much different on scorpio besides high res. you can't have the game run 30fps on xbox one and 60 fps on scorpio(fps wise) and don't take into the account that people playing on scorpio will have advatange over xbox one players

don't expect ga...

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yes i do agree sony has put itself in such a good position to really show a lot of games think about it by focusing on

days gone
GT sport
god of war
uncharted lost legacy

they are set

than 3rd party wise world war 3, destiny 2, farcry 5, rdr 2 can really help sony too

there are so many games that sony could really come in and bring the hammer now imagine...

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Spiderman Gameplay with release date

Days gone Gameplay with release date

God of War release date with game at or trailer

Detroit demo with release date

GT sport Gameplay with release date

Farcry 5 demo on stage

Crash trilogy

Uncharted lost legacy demo

Destiny 2 and call of duty world war 2 demo or trailer

Close the...

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you work for MS are you phil spencer?

rise of the tomb raider exclusive for a year? GTA4 dlc exclusive for a long time? titanfall 1? dead rising 4?

so now that publishers much rather side themselves with a console which has more than twice the install base of xbox one it's a problem for xbox fanboys? this E3 MS will buy another timed exclusive just so they can make some impact with xbox scorpio and you will be the fi...

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god of war
days gone

will all get release dates i think

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sony is a huge name world wide most people feel safer buying sony products like TV's

kaz did what was needed to be done and that was to eliminate the divisions of the company which were dragging other departments down

under kaz playstation has become even a bigger part of sony

what started out as side business has now turned into one of the biggest money making divisions within the company

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They just need to treat the new demo and trailer as ND did with the last of us

Show us a intriguing story trailer
Crafting weapons and stuff to survive
Night time more dangerous Gameplay

I don't think we will see the last of us 2 In any way. Days gone, God of War, Detroit. GT sport and Spiderman will be the core exclusives sony will focus on

Along wiry few surprises

Days gone could open or close...

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Ubi I don't trust your words prove it

A lot of big empty promises

Say what gamers want to hear than downgrade or deliver the same Repetitive Gameplay and quests

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Man you don't even hide your biased opinion anymore. Didn't Ms have a clause like that last generation? Oh since its ms you don't remember

The real reason destiny 2 will be 30FPS on all consoles is so xbox s and ps4 og owners who are playing at 30FPS aren't at a disadvantage Gameplay wise against pro and Scorpio players

But don't let logic get in your way of hating blindly

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Ms are in 3rd place as far as I am concerned. Nintendo with switch has gotten the 2nd place.

By announcing Scorpio early they
gave ample opportunity for both Sony and Nintendo to make an impact

Scorpio will be a premium console with a premium price$499-549 is my guess

You can't ask people to buy a Scorpio over pro and pay $150-200 more

Price matters to most

Ms will sell hope for a bri...

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LOL how about 28-30 million max

2-1 ratio or above

Or are you making up numbers to make your argument seem better

My guess

Ps4 around 62-65 million
Xbox one 30-33 million

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No I just think people are hyping Nintendo and Ms more and will be disappointed. No one is even coming close to what is doing games wise

Something for everyone

Rumor has it resistance 4 or a reboot is in the works

What I would like to see

Spiderman Gameplay
Days gone Gameplay
Shenmue 1-2 HD collection
Shenmue 3 update
FF7 remake trailer
Destiny 2 Gameplay

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Ps4 is the lead console for all publishers because of its install base and its unfair to compare a Nintendo home console to Playstation console. The last time a Nintendo console received great 3rd party support was SNES

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i hope this year ubi shows something interesting(personally preference wise)

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this was a MS article so i posted about ms but i am a ps4 fan and that's what i expect or think can happen at e3

show opens with a huge gameplay demo of a game we already know my guess is spiderman

gameplay trailer forgod of war with march-april 2018 release date

GT sport gameplay trailer with fall 2017 release date

destiny 2 gameplay/trailer with limited edition pro bundle for $34...

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yeah not a check even MS is willing to write because for EA to pass on 80 plus million ps4 owners is gonna cost a lot(dylan isn't coming in 2017 and has been delayed to give more time meaning by the time it comes out(2018) ps4 install base will be around 80 plus million) this is what i don't understand about xbox fans why do you want ms to pay for a 3rd party exclusive for a limited time and not invest that money into an in house studio to do a new IP or...

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yeah not like MS shows off games which come out 3 years later or get cancelled

how many times was quantum break delayed? and wasn't it revealed way ahead of time? same goes for crackdown 3 and scalebound

for ps fans we like that games which are coming later are shown because that shows us sony is thinking long term and isn't depending on same 2-3 IP's

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show opens with a huge gameplay demo of a game we already know my guess is spiderman

gameplay trailer forgod of war with march-april 2018 release date

GT sport gameplay trailer with fall 2017 release date

destiny 2 gameplay/trailer with limited edition pro bundle for $349

days gone gameplay trailer with early 2018 release date

dreams demo

Detroit gameplay demo with early 2018 rele...

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vast and i do mean vast majority of xbox gamers are USA based

Worldwide wide xbox brand is no where near as strong as ps and nintendo

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