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I think this game will benefit greatly from the fact Witcher 3 and bloodborne both were delayed. And i for one have great confidence in ready at dawn, they know how to develop a great story. People are just writing off the order 1886 after seeing or playing a very small portion of the game #6
Other expense
Other responsibilities

Biggest thing is time, I use to own a ps4 and didn't have time. I plan to buy one more when uncharted 4 comes out. I personally just don't have the time for a lot of gaming anymore

Wiiu is an awesome console and I want to play Zelda
Xbox one is also awesome and I really want to play sunset overdrive

Hopefully down the road I will have som... #1.2
this is complete domination by Sony, this remind those of us who were gamers back than of ps1 days and the best days of ps2.

This is why i have always said, MS can compete with sony in USA but what about every where else? Sell 1.2 million during November by giving HUGE price drop and A LOT OF FREE GAMES. Yet PS4 still outsells it.

I can't wait for the final numbers sony will release of their 2014 sales. PS4 could get to 18-20 million in words of Fluf... #1.3
Take at least 3 plus years. The way I see it is UBI sees a profitable gaming franchise and they look to make more sequels as soon as possible. Take your time

Even Activision made 3 teams giving each at least 3 years of development #5
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These console wars are just made up, fact of the matter is both MS and Sony(and Nintndo in their own way) can be successful. Fanboys make it sound like if ps4 sells 100 million and Xbox one 85 than MS failed. Reality is competition is a natural thing and all 3 consoles can be considered successful without one having to really dominate the other

PS4 105-115 million
Xbox one 90-95 million
Wiiu 45-60 million

This is how I think this console cyc... #1.8
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if GT is done right than its the best/more valueable IP to Sony. God of War 4. the last of us, Uncharted etc, also have high sales expections

GT series is right p there will halo,GTA etc,

i really hope PD take their time and do a proper GT game with all the features #1.5
it will come out in 2015 i think, no sources just my personal feeling on this whole matter. sony kind of started re developing the game in 2012 with help of sony santa monica

i hope we see something soon #3
so the xbox one outsells ps4 once in a year and all of the sudden we should take notice, seriously. look at world wide sales.(oh i forgot world wide market isn't important,. no wonder why ps3 caught xbox360 by consistently outselling xbox36o in world wide market)

also please buy sunset overdrive its an awesome game. If this game doesn't end up selling well than it proves the point that people only buy shooters on xbox Brand #1.11
bottom line is this i ND we are talking about, and the game is still a year away. so calm down we will get the best game possible on ps4 in fall 2015

it is time we should give ND the benefit of the doubt


most people bashing or complaining are xbox fanboys, so what do you expect. They see a true GOTY contender and offcourse they will bash it #1.15
Good for ms let's see how Xbox one carries on the Momentuem. I don't know why people complain because just look at this years blackfriday. How awesome were the deals? Awesome bundles at amazing prices

Competition is a healthy thing

Competition means great for consumers and blackfriday this year proved it #1.7
Because it's Sony getting a huge 3rd party exclusive for a change. It is fine as long as MS keeps buying up exclusive games and DLC. The moment Sony does it Xbox defense force is in full effect

Give me a break hypocrisy at its finest

When it was tomb raider as a exclusive it was said well it's gonna compete against UC and ms needed that so now Sony needed it to boost sales in Japan #2.1
For the love for gaming please move on, here are few things. Understand them and move on.

Exclusives started way back not during ps2 or Xbox360/one
3rd party exclusives are more console sellers tan. 1st part

Difference is back in ps2 days many debs wanted to make exclusives because the install base was so big. Than MS changed the game and started paying a lot of money for games and stakes were raised quite high when 50 million was paid for GTA DLC... #1.9

There isn't anything I can disagree with what you said. We all love GT, there is room for improvement but no doubt it's the best

Career mode is awesome just a bit more you know just that something extra

Being able to have limitless customization would be awesome, and having community make theirs than upload so others can enjoy can add more to the game IMO. Is it a killer feature no, but it will add to the whole experience <... #1.3.3
Just NO

AC series has serious fatigue, no matter how many different teams are working on AC and how they each ge2 plus years of development. Bottom line is on AC games there are 800 plus people working world wide, they are all responsible for different parts of the games

That why AC games have been lacking polish, it plays like they're are too many chefs in the kitchen

No game is ever good when it's every year release simple as that #6
I end it all the time on gaming sites where graphics aren't everything, yet it's the one thing most gamers complain about. Seriously

We are talking about CD Red Project here, they get what gamers want so let's give the game a chance. It's still few months from being released. I am sure it will be fine

Stop over reacting to everything #1.10
I am a huge GT fan but let's be honest the game needs improvements. One thing that GT has over Forza is the actual driving. Forza hasn't come close to GT in actual feel of driving

So here are few things I think next GT should do:

1-We don't need 1200 cars, we don't need we have X number of cars slogan to buy GT. It's on of the biggest IP's so we don't need gimmicks. GT series doesn't requure that

2-make im... #1.3
Before complaint people should take into consideration that ND have close to a year of development left. To my naked eyes it looked stunning.


You shouldn't be surprised man. Fanboys hate it when they see something that they know won't be appearing on their console
GS 5
Witcher 3
Uncharted 4

Goty will be decided between these 4 and I think ND are the favorite #2.6
I know it's a new IP and UBI is doing something brand new but this is sort of getting ridiculous. First watch dogs than Unity and now crew. Nothing they are releasing is up to their true potential

I hope for better with rainbow six and the division #3
They have like 2-3 different teams within Sony Santa monica so don't loose hope #3.2
You sir have won lol

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