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Couldn't agree more now a days it's cool to hate on great games. The amount I'd insecure hate on the last of us is the same way

I get it every game isn't for everyone but some games are universally great and move gaming forward

Don't compare skyrim to today's game but think about when it came out. I have yet to play it but it's in my backlog on ps4. Heard nothing but great things

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Gamer I an 34 back than there was not enough money(as a child I mean) and plenty other time and now with work and family just not enough time to sit through games to try again and again

I wasn't making a comment about crash I was just talking in general thar most games should offer different difficulty options

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Look I understand that now a days due to success of dark souls people want harder games but why not allow the game to gave different difficulty settings so people can choose how they want to play

That's why I don't touch games with one difficulty for all unless it's GTA

Some people don't have enough time to replay one level 25 times so how about you add a easy or normal difficulty

I feel like developers and publishers ...

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Could someone please explain it to me how CD project red said they won't be releasing an update for pro because they have supported witcher 3 well and have moved on to now making a patch for X

I am genuinely asking because something doesn't add up here and than xbox fanbase complains that Sony doesn't let developers take advantage of X

If we are going down this path of getting exclusives patches to update games than that's a very bad for c...

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Great to see developers supporting the game well

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And will be available to buy unlike nes classic

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Won't make that big of a difference because xbox s and ps4 slim will sell more than X and pro. Even Phil said main selling consoles will be the basics models due to their price

That's a huge lead that will take years to erase it took ps3 over 6 years to eliminate 6 million sales gap xbox 360 had

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By releasing games like they have been doing

Offer better price with better content like they have been doing

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At launch? I don't think so

What's truly sad is how we prayed the developers fit basically doing their jobs. If the game wasn't as good or stable at launch its their job to fix that

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But xbox fanbase says exclusives don't matter. millions of people will not buy pro or x just because they display games at higher resolution or better frame rate

Price matters to most gamers that's why Xbox one s and ps4 slim will be the most sold consoles and not pro or x

I think people need to temper their expectations because xbox X won't sell 5 million in 3 months neither did pro

You tell me is xbox a bigger brand th...

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Who said it was being delayed to begin with

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I think it will end up on ps4 down the road

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Thing is this nonsense of nonstop trolling is getting old. I sometimes wonder how some people on n4g actually have time to play games since they are on this site 24/7

I hate the fact we don't have a mature way of having an open conversation that could lead to some good changes in gaming but instead we are divided and publishers take advantage of that yet we don't learn and keep doing the same thing again and again

Most of ...

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You mean witcher 3 will get an enhanced patch for pro and Xbox X? Good to know

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I hope all games take full advantage of pro and Xbox X

Any news about witcher 3 enhancements for pro and Xbox X?

Instead of hating on one console or the other why not just enjoy whichever you prefer and let others enjoy whichever they prefer

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We will never know Sony and MS won't compare pro vs x instead it will be ps4 vs Xbox one in overall sales

Either way hopefully all 3 console makers find success in their own ways

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Playstation E3 pre show was filled with indies. Sony is at thar point of this generation that they have way too many games to show and most of them are coming from their own studios or partnerships

People especially in Xbox side can take those words to whatever meaning they want it to but he didn't say or mean what some of you are saying

I guess that's the benefit of not closing down studios and canceling games to focus on entry claims of power...

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I am interested in both games you mentioned but reviews are mixed

Can you list some pros and cons

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Okay I know the deal but bioware should be ashamed look at how you accept your fault and try to put your head down and work to improve the game

No man sky will be the game most wanted it to be within next 6-12 months yet mass effect Andromeda is dead and problems won't be fixed

I know no man sky will never deliver and make everyone happy but if the first 2 patches are any indication than we know big things are coming

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It's a fake not history class other games such as battlefield 1 were historical accurate but were fun

It's gaming meant as entertainment just enjoy it and if you want history lessons read books or watch history Channel

People are impossible to please, of it was 100% accurate than same people would complain that it's not fun and this was suppose to be a game not history lesson

Activision isn't targeting us as core gamers...

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