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more like xbox fanboys are butt hurt over the fact ps4 has been getting stronger indie support. All last gen, xbox fanboys would tout that indies are better and so much more content on xblive
so now that the tables have turned all of the sudden indies are over rated and no important

Now its all about AAA games

bottom line is indies are the only ones taking risk/new ideas #1.7
sony just needs to buy back the IP, who wants to wait that long. Andrew house gave a positive response so let's not loose hope just yet #1.2
in no particular order i will enjoy these games as they come

Middle Earth
Drice club
Farcry 4
Dragon age

HD remakes have their place in gaming so instead of complaining just don't buy those games. NO one is forcing people to rebuy TLOU or GTA5

also to people who say no new games in 2014 besides my list:

Halo collection
forza horizon 2
... #1.4
lol no doubt any gaming hero can be labeled under this so nothing but a click bait article #6.1
people over reacted when 4 people left from ND, now mind you ND have over 250 very talented people working there. Also IMO ammy henning is so over rated, so was responsible for UC3 and it was not on par with UC2(which BTW was directed by same people who did TLOU)

until ND let us down let's always give them the benefit of the doubt


some of the best development h... #3

get use to it man, gamers now a days do nothing but complain.


so what if its on store shelf, is someone forcing you to buy the damn game? #4.1.4

i don't think you know what a garbage game looks/plays like. if you don't like it its fine but to say this game isn't excellent is nothing but being a negative troll

the only thing this game was missing was the 60FPS, which this next gen version will most likely achieve #3.2
this game is awesome which was hated by a lot of butt hurt DMC fanboys. The only thing this game was missing was the 60FPS(hopefully next gen version will be 60FPS)

a lot of these butt hurt fanboys never got over the fact that the developers change the look of dante,

NT went to capcom with similar look for this reboot and capcom denied it asking for a new look. So don't blame NT, it was capcom's choice

but please keep saying negat... #1.9
enough talk just show it MS, there has been way too much talk about this or that thing will make xbox one better. Now just shut up and show with your games

And believe me i am not hating, its just that every time someone talks than that feature ended up being nothing close to where originally announced its a huge letdown #1.6
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good now maybe cc gamers will stop coming into every ps4/xbox one article only to state the very obvious

pc is the way to play games, we get it but please stop #2
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don't talk just show please, E3 was a good start. Talking seems to get MS/xbox brand in more trouble even when they are trying to help #2
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Bought my one and only with borderlands 2 and wasn't happy. Never buying one again. L:e the dlc come out and than we will see, too many times the dlc isn't worth it anyway

also its pretty sad that a game developer usually has a separate team doing DLC while the main game is in development.

but the other side or atleast the argument i hear all the time is this. Well now games are supported long after release as to where once you were done with th... #4
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I think doing a new Killzone is smart since KZ games sell well. But having a new studio doing a new KZ maybe what the doctor ordered. A new studio means new fresh ideas

also this could be any number of games owned by sony

can't wait for gamescom, that's when we will find out what some of the European sony studios are up to #1.4
just announce the damn game already, its guaranteed hit so why are we having to wait years before a new fallout game #1.3
I know i been a gamer for 25 years, also its not hand holding if you can still deliver 100 plus hours of content while showing gamers where to go next. My idea of fun isn't to be lost for hours just to prolong a game #3.1.3
it's over people need to move on, Destiny is s 10 year project and will be associated with PlayStation brand with new partnership with activision

just like how COD,BF,Fallout,Skyrim etc, DLC came out to ms consoles before

just stop complaining its not a lot of content anyway. we are all getting the same single player/MP games #1.18
it is heavenly sword 2, reveal at gamescom #1.5
i feel like since demon's soul a lot of developers just making games hard only to appeal to certain gamers #3
i am a console gamer but graphics do matter, they matter a lot. look at how much hype watch dogs got when it was revealed. it was all graphics

1080P/60fps matter


brother build me a system for $399 please. a system that can play infamous second son for $399 or how about dragon age,drive club etc,

you pc fans talk like pc's are cheap to build and maintain #1.6
i am glad they got their company, its truly sad how publishers behave. I remember Obsidian entertainment didn't get a huge bonus in their contract because Fallout:new vegas didn't get 85/100 overall. They had an added bonus in their contracts saying if the game reviews 85 and above they would get extra money

that is why self publishing is so important and that is where indies are leading the way.

Bungie chose activision because they were gonna le... #1.2
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