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The pcb version looks better

This is bio shock remaster all over again and just like that this is Ubi trying to quickly cash in on ac name

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BF is not outselling cod

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Please actually buy/play a GT game before talking

I guess getting official racing leagues to partner with GT is unreal and being able to get a racing license is unreal

GT is the closest racing sim we have on consoles. One GT game can outsell the whole forza series

I guess millions of fans don't know what real or sim is

Thank you

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now people will complain if it's $30

Activision just release the MW TRILOGY HD REMASTER

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Why? Gamers just love to over react that's all

Guess what remastering doesn't cost a lot
It gives gamers who didn't have PS3 or Xbox 360 to catch up with some classics
It gives new developers in the gaming business a chance to be hired
Games look and play better

You see I am not against remaster because if I am not interested I won't buy. Doesn't matter nor does it bother me. It's not like publishers c...

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It's red dead and it's coming from R*

I do hope it's not a prequel cause with ending of rdr I don't feel like playing with John knowing is ultimate fate

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The last guardian 2015/2016
For honor 2015/2016

One game is showing clear improvements while the other is another new ip from Ubi which is over hyped

I like Ubi but whenever they launch new ip their game never delivers on its potential

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New IP=Ubi doesn't add up

Maybe the seque will really deliver like all other Ubi new ip's

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Gta 5 comes out last year of this gen than a re release on pa5 and Xbox 2

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to be honest this whole year has been quite under whelming

dues ex isn't as good as human revolution

no man sky got over hyped and under delivered(should have been delayed for atleast 12 months, the potential is there for it to be an amazing game and i am sure over time it will become that but at th moment it's a average game/borderline good

quantum break was legit average. huge budget,countless delays and we have a average sto...

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realistic expectations vs gamers own imaginations on what the game should have been

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really right now n4g is a dream land for xbox fanboys who for some reason think a 20 plus million lead will be eliminated by scorpio

please tell xbox defense force to calm down and stop writing click bait articles

so they can write unwarranted hate articles but we can count argue with legit points? okay got it 2 wrongs don't make a right but what other choice is there? every article is filled with hate towards ps4 b...

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did we not get an article about 4 advantages of ps4 pro? these sites are making money from click bait articles and fanboys are more than happy to click/view

unwarranted brand loyalty to support/defend anything wrong/anti consumer policies/practices is the main reason sites like these exist and make money ...

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will be a system seller

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that's what i am saying too(the first sentence was meant to be sarcasm)

vast majority won't.can't wait while few loyal fanboys who have hurt feelings will wait

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GTA 4 dlc exclusive
started with COD 30 days exclusive
fallout(xbox360)exclusive early dlc
rise of the tomb raider exclusive paid to keep it off ps4
skyrim dlc early for xbox360

but go ahead believe what you may

i don't have any evidence i was just taking a guess from past history of bethesda/ms working together

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will pick it up in 2017 when it's under $15

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i don't know many most remasters are simply PC ports

still they should have just released MW trilogy hd

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i agree they should just do a AC collection in 1080p/60fps with all the dlc

is it really not 60fps?

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i remember around blackfriday walmart and target were either hacked/set wrong price. people ordered knowing very well that something that costs $200 can't be $20 dollars

it's one of those things where some get lucky and take advantage of it while others simply understand it's an error and move on

businesses make mistake because it human error

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