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that's why i stopped playing. i just can't deal with that

why can they let offline single player gamers enjoy without the hassle of getting everything stolen


point of FOB was never ever that. It became that because of you know $$$$$ #1.4
PlayStation brand is once more dominant like ps1-ps2. PS3 was dominant in its own way. But ps4 is a different beats and if the rumored price drop takes place world wide than the demand for the system will only increase by a huge margin

sony said they expect ps4 to surpass 36.3 million by march 2016. so by december 31st 2016 we could see ps4 between 45-50 million

in about 3 years time if you can sell 45 plus million than that's amazing

... #1.6
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whether these so called journalists like it or not Shenmue 3 will happen and will come out. The hype behind the game is too big that even if sony has to pay whatever else is needed funds wise

i hope at PlayStation event sony/sega/suzuki announce a shenmue 1-2 HD remaster #4
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nice keep the momentum going with a world wide price cut #3
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first of all sales don't matter to me, i don't own any stock. I just always had a great time going back and studying the sales data of past gens. I don't know why but i just like data

also since my interest is Business this interest me a lot. It's amazing how one console does so well because of how big the other screwed up

lastly if a console does better sales wise it will get more software support. #1.4.6
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if this happens than holiday sales will favor ps4 heavily. I already thought month of september and november would go to ps4. but this price drop will help ps4 be the leading console sales wise for the foreseeable future

$350 star wars bundle
$350 Call of duty bundle
$350 Uncharted bundle
$350 destiny taken king bundle(if it's still available)

the word price drop will just play a major role during advertisements.

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i had a lot of fun with mass effect series but i am holding my judgement till i actually get the game in hand. we have all heard this before to create hype, our game is looking better yet i wouldn't be surprised if the final game is again downgraded

i am to a point where until i see it and or play it, i am not making any assumptions. been let down too any time already. especially these big publishers #5

Respawn doesn't report sales, but unique players. Tweet is an update on total players, not sales. Information updated to represent that fact. -Christopher

not some people but that's an actual fact. it didn't sell as well it it should have

if this game would have sold 8 to 10 million than EA would be all over announcing the sale number


it sold so well that the sequ... #1.19
with the same directors from uncharted 2 and the last of us, i think its a safe assumption to think that uncharted 4 will be the best uncharted game and quite possibly set a new standard for action adventure games #2.6
drake isn't dying. ND may not do another Uncharted but that doesn't mean sony can't hand the IP to another capable studio(not as good as ND)

the IP is too important and drake is the star of uncharted #1.5
honestly i would pay $20 or more for a huge expansion. Look at destiny's first 2 expansions, people bought them even though they were average at best

i just want anything more that has something to do with MGS5 and kojima #1.6
is there anyway to stop other people from hacking mother base? let's say my system isn't connected to net, would that stop? #4
showtimefolks my psn #4.2
whether you are on psn or xbox live, services go down time from time. if any of you are happy that psn or xblive is down than you are pro hacking and not pro gaming

the psn hack few years back is a steep learning lesson for both ms and sony. when gamers suffer we lose, only people winning are fanboys #1.7
especially the first one, the 2nd one was rushed and it showed. #4.1.1
I hope FF7 remake will use FF15's combat system with improvements. please don't make it turned based #1.1.1
i guess do more research its an update people both psn and xblibve will get many more updates. Is it possible to make everyone happy? Is it possible to make everyone happy with psn-plus and xbox live free games?

there will be those in vast majority who care very little and than there is the vocal minority who acts like only their opinions matter

i wanted a media player on ps4 and i got one, thank you sony. both ms and sony know what features people want,... #1.15
Rainbow six patriots where are you? I am a single player gamer so absolutely no but for me. Rainbow six Vegas had awesome single player Co op story

After all its UBI, I don't expect any better

Money grabbing greedy publisher. Worst than EA #4
uncharted series deserves all the high praises and than some. it's one of the best action adventure gaming series in gaming

tomb raider reboot happened IMO because of how well uncharted did and how great of an action adventure game it was

now originally uncharted happened because of tomb raider and indiana jones #1.3
yeh uncharted 2 10/10
uncharted 3 9/10
uncharted 8/10

all remastered in 1080P/60FPS and make actual gameplay improvements along with that. but now it's a 7/10

if someone actually needs a review for this collection than go watch the reviews when these games came out. this series doesn't require a review score its ND nuff said #1.12
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