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NO DOUBT 60fps #4.3

but could we please get features that ps3 had for sop long on ps4? like external harddrive support for media files? #3.4.10
sony i want to be able to use my external hard drive on ps4 to watch videos and stuff, we had it on ps3. why is it taking so damn long on ps4 #1.2
never had any doubts, this is the better version of a 10/10 so yeh 10/10 very much expected #1.2
whatever they do decide we know its their choice and sony won't be forcing them to do a sequel. Look at MM not wanting to do LBP3, sony found another studio and now MM are doing something new(which we most likely will see at gamescom)

I for one and i know i am in the minority want to see not only a sequel to TLOU but i also want to play with the same Characters. The story was left so wide open with the ending that ND could go in any new direction. Its not like by the e... #1.3
i think we will see something about next mass effect at next year's e3, but i also think its coming fall 2015. ME3 was a while ago so the team has had a long time to rethink/develop new game if fall 2015 it is #1
getting it day one again but i am not trying to hate on the video or the game but the ps3 version looked stunning, i don't see that big of a difference

now before people disagree or start calling me blind/fanboy lol

ND just did an amazing job on ps3 version
plus i guess in videos its hard to tell

can't wait to play it now only matter of few days

for the people who didn't on ps3 or didn't have a ps3... #1.3
you are 110% wrong

that number is for launch of destiny not lifetime of the IP

from bobby kotick himself

Activision Blizzard will spend $500 million to launch the upcoming Destiny #6.1.1
you can fool people into the hype once and destiny will succeed at that

people bought into hype/advertisement of Titanfall and we all know it didn't even come close to living up to the hype

next watch dogs and same thing again, over hyped/very well advertised

last year it was BF4, all we saw in the advertisements was buildings falling down/ships drowning. For a broken game BF4 sold amazingly well

come this fall Destiny... #4.1
I care and i want to play it but 500 million dollar from activision for development/advertisement is insane.(i am guessing most of that money will go towards advertisement because the game is nothing special)

the story seems generic
its has the Halo FPS(IMO that's the only saving grace)

this is what i expect and maybe the blame is on me for over expecting:

Mass effect universe sort of travel/story
borderlands loot
... #6
it will sell well but ps4 will outsell it, not only here but world wide. People are so consumed by usa sales that they are forgetting that ps4 is outselling xbox one 4-1 world wide

arguments have been made so it really doesn't matter:

titanfall will do it
kinect less xbox one at $399 will do it
halo collection will do it
well xbox one has better updates

stop making so many excuses, all last gen m... #1.13
lol black friday my ass

where are the $10 games #1.2
mass effect atleast had a decent story to follow i just don't see destiny delivering on story

as of now its halo with loot, borderlands has its humor but destiny to me is the boring version of that #5.1.1
seriously people need to take a chill pill, i am really looking forward to destiny but i don'[t think it will be as good as people think. Expect review scores to be mid 8's with some 9's mixed in

i feel like the story will be the weakest part of the game and for a game trying to deliver on a diverse world, the story has to deliver #1.2
the story in this is the weakest but what R* were able to achieve on ps3/xbox360 is nothing short of amazing. R* showed with GTA5 what was possible on ps3/xbox360, something UBI couldn't deliver on next gen machines

also to me GTA vice city would always be the best because it had the most memorable missions, GTA3 has a very special place in my heart also. GTA:SA well what more can i say

would love to see a new GTA in still 80's Vice city #2.13

no doubt i agree, ad yes comparing KZ to destiny isn't right. One is a straight forward shooter while destiny is trying to do more

i still hope bungie can deliver a great single player story #1.1.4

thing is fall is the best time to launch and EA usually spends big on advertisement. also most companies or big companies push for fall releases

we can blame EA for announcing an false release date all we want, atleast the right thing was supposedly done so now the games will get more development/polish time

I know everyone hates EA and EA has done a lot of crappy things, but let's not just bash them even when they are tryin... #1.2.2

that's why i asked, i didn't come across any. I played for like 2-3 hours straight

will give it another shot, don't get me wrong destiny is a day one buy for me. I love borderlands so this is borderlands's version done by Bungie

I just hope it has a strong narrative

i am really hoping that destiny will be like:

Mass effect(travelling universes)
... #1.1.2
Killzone is great looking not doubt

i am just not impressed with destiny because the story(which is the only reason i am interested in it)seems to me will be the weakest link of the game

also there are way too many people running on same servers doing exact missions so you are in a line to hold SQUARE so your ghost can deploy on a mission

also what's the deal with public events? are they part of the beta because i haven't come across... #1.1

where in my comment did i mention infamous second son? also you can say whatever you want but right now its the best looking next gen game on any console(even thought its short as hell and not as much fun as prior infamous games)

My point is exactly what you are saying, ps4 has more horsepower so it is $399, xbox one is a weaker system so it should be $349. And believe me i am not hating on xbox one, fact is the way its selling another price d... #1.10.2
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