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I will pick this up because in the end thee will be chaos #3

Sony A++++
Microsoft A
Bethesda A. Doom and fallout 4 damn
ubi C+. Come on explain what the heck is division
Nintendo IC. Incomplete bases of e3 alone F-
pc B+

Sony had the wow factor, and e3 is about making an impact. Be very honest don't you Agree that they made the biggest impact. I mean they started out with the last guardian and followed that up with quite possibly the best new IP HORI... #1.6

Give us a proper new sonic game
bring all yakuza games to west at a lunch
give us shenmue 1 and 2 hd remakes
give us new street of rage #1.2

Thank you, I personally also can not wait. Thankfully the game didn't launch with any game breaking bugs. All these things in patches are minor stuff and I respect the way Cd project ed have been on top of all issues whether big or small


Thank you kindly #1.2.3
I really hope this is coming out soon. Very pumped to play #3

I wasn't trying to argur, I simply stated my opinion on this matter. And while I have your attention you do know Sony is using their service to bring games not only to ps4 buy other non gaming platforms like TV's

Also Playstation now is also about trying to offer ps1 and ps2 games.

But I am not even defending Playstation now, since I personally I have no use for it either

But this is what I want to know from y... #9.1.3

Ready at dawn were responsible for 100% of the development, ready at dawn published the game under Sony Santa monica's banner and Sony Santa Monica is under Sony's 1st party banner

Sony Santa Monica have also published other games like starhawk. Santa Monica actually helps other developers.

But at no point did they develop the game, yes they should have known the game length and it's not much features

An... #1.9
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More power to you if you enjoy the repetitive grind but destiny for me personally is,was and will be a huge failure. Now when next fall they release destiny complete edition than we may actually get the game originally promised

Bungie I am still waiting to play

Mass effect style travel and story
borderlands style loot
FPS game play is very satisfying, but overall I wonder how much of the content from story was cut to later deliver as dlc.... #2
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Personally I have no use for it, but I understand if other people do play older games. My theory is simple, it's a big feature that people make a lot of fuss about but I would love to know the percentage of people who will actually use this feature on regular bases

There is no shortage of games that are out or are coming out soon

Drive club
forza 5
blood borne
forza horizon
project cars
the last of us
... #9
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This is where the 2k team confuses me, on one hand they make a great NBA game but they did suck at making MLB games. I was hoping that 2k would treat this like it's NBA game and it would get the proper development and features

I haven't picked a wwe game for few years, so if they want people like me buy these again than make them excellent

Or or or or please just give us

No mercy HD
day of reckoning 1 and 2 HD
smack... #7
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I am in Pakistan and coming back to the states in early September. By the time I get back I will have a lot of games to play and not a lot of time, and fall lineup is crazy too

The order 1886
Drive club
Witcher 3
in September I will have mgs 5 and mad max

Damn and than fallout 4 and uncharted trilogy

I may just wait till early 2016 to get Witcher 3, it's a long game and I don't want to miss e... #1.2
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Pes is better if you want gameplay. Fifa is better features wise. But to me gameplay is king. #5
As a huge mgs fan i feel like they have already shown a lot of footage. What do you all think? I am ready for the game. But i think its a problem with gaming in general now a days. Most games show way too many demos. Leave some to mystry. But thats just my personal thoughts

Kojima you deserve better and i hope your future is even brighter. Konami are just being idiots

But like square they will learn after loosing a lot of money for few years #4
Fall 2016

Better track editor/creator
600 plus premium cars
better online features
better damage

I could also see morpheus support

Also imo they should just call it gt. No need to give numbered entery #13
the deal with MS was up so activision chose the bigger install base and a new partnership with sony. Destiny was a huge success with play station brand so making the jump wasn't that hard

i believe this deal will be huge benefical to both sony and activision, this was the worst time for ms to give the deal up

look at it this way, sony has deals with some of the biggest games coming

call of duty
assassin creed
star wars... #1.7
i thought ps4 would get to 30 plus million by december 31st, now i feel like sony may crush that number before that date. Simply put there is just no stopping ps4

i can't believe and i seriously can't believe that ps4 has sold so well yet 2016 will be its biggest year software wise

uncharted 4
the last guardian
GT7 most likely
among other exclusives

could ps4 hit 50 million in abou... #1.9

Give us your opinion when you actually buy a Playstation console. People like you will claim they own every console yet in our faces show their true fanboys colors

I am in luck, I sold my ps4 because I was going back home to Pakistan. Coming in few months so I will get this newer model plus by than I will have so many games to play

The order 1886
Witcher 3
mgs 5 should be coming rig... #1.1.4

Ending in the last of us didn't cure anything, the world was still a mess so Its not like they got to ending snv now can live happily ever after.

THE sequel could be about building a small world which can be protected from outbreak. Imagine it Turing into building stuff and gathering the materials

It's ND so whatever they decide I am buying #3.5
ND have 2 development teams, so one is doing uncharted 4 and the other is for sure working on a different project. It old be the last of us 2, jak and dexter or even a new IP

Uncharted 4 is 2016
next game from ND fall 2017 #1.11
That's not even a question. Witcher 3 is better in every way. And it's not a glitch fest like skyrim was.

story is better
bigger and better open world
interesting side quests #1.11
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