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I think Xbox brand needs new IP's now more than ever before. Phil Spencer spoke of a good game yet he has fallen into the same 3 franchises sequels that his bosses before him did

It's time to rest halo till xbox 2
Irs really time to rest forza because horizon 3 is the perfect racer just give IP some time to rest

Gears shouldn't come out until towards the end of this generation

I am not saying exclusives are the ...

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$30 dollar accessory to charge controller
Voice chat over the phone
3 hours battery life
$70 for prop controller
Paid online service
Free games expire after one month
Once again need external hard drive for storage

Yes sure Nintendo didn't learn a thing from Wiiu and instead are chasing the casual gaming market which they attracted with wii

It's not hate on switch its the fact Nintendo refusing...

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So true and YouTube is absolutely the worst place for comments

Too many nu kids and kfinterndt machomen

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Yes sir thank you

It's time to give those games a break

Halo war 2 still coming so halo is coming this year

I am sorry did I say something negative about halo wars 2? All I said was a halo game is being released in 2017

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unless switch is caught on by casuals i just don't see how it can be successful without proper 3rd party support. this is wiiu launch all over again with mistake after mistake

to charge controller pay $30
to play online pay without knowing the quality of online service which will be provided
only giving free games for 30 days than expires what the heck
voice chat via phone
3 hours of battery life
$70 pro controller

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oh yes they do

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why is this news again? switch isn't as powerful as a ps4 or xbox one

nintendo simply is so out of touch with reality anymore and since wii they have been chasing the next gimmick

wii had huge amounts of casual gamers and they have all moved on to mobile gaming or other things

nintendo needs to focus on core gamers

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it amazes me that you think this was in active development for 10 years, it amazes me more that you think this game had a huge budget

team ico were always very small developer so if this game sells 2.5-3 million it will be profitable


seriously even halo,gears and forza haven't sold so what's the point?

not every exclusive needs to sell 10 million to make a profit

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But now more than ever before its just constant hate on something

Honestly maybe I am just growing older but this constant back and forth is getting tiresome. Most times I don't even comment because it won't change a thing

I missed the open zone on It gave famous and trolls a place to be just that and left regular article for actual mature conversion

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I agree with you since wii Nintendo is been looking for a new gimmick

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The 1st person driving always bothered me a lot

The constant reappearance of enemies after you clear the area is another thing which sucked

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Original watch divs was a serious game while watxg dogs 2 is trying way too hard to be hip

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I use my Xbox one for backwards compatability

I also don't have a gaming pc so some of exclusives are nice but I have no interest in halo, gears or forza

Looking forward to crackdown 3 and hopefully they will make crackdown 1-2 BC too

It's a good system

This is what I don't get. If you like PS4 more just play it why do you have to on Xbox one to feel better about ps4?( and that's coming from a Sony/Pl...

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I hope moving forward developers give gamers different setting choices like nioh is giving

Let's us choose between 1080p or 1440
30 fps versus 60

Bevayde some gamers rather not play in 4k and get better performeance at 1080p

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Ubi isn't a graft publisher anymore too many sequels and same old same old

Assassin creed really made them greedy and than they started using the same features for all their games

Instead of making feast games they want games with most boxes ticked during advertisement

Watch dogs 2 is so lost in identity crisis and that's why the sales suffered

The division is such an average game

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I guess losing all that money on wiiu is something Nintendo is trying to recoup

They can't be this out of touch with reality I meant they simply can't be

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always look at what the competition has done right and wrong and maker proper improvements

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they need to hd remaster the 1st one

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I am not gonna pass judgment on switch until after it launched because this thing could sell well like wii

Works wide pricing is so weird though

Xbox s and ps4 slim are cheaper with games bundled in so Nintendo will have to really work hard to compete

What do you guys think of pay to at online service from Nintendo? Hopefully Nintendo looked at xblive and plus to make their service great from launch

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thank you

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