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Let's get the hype train rolling again! Nobody even PRETENDS to learn anything around here #23
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what people don't get is bungie will be adding content constantly, that $500mil isn't even spent yet! as we speak, bungies in their caves somewhere adding new modes and raids, and that takes money... thats why it was so expensive, and THATS why the story isn't 100% done. i'd rather the add ons actually continue the epic instead of being silly tack-ons, like infamous' carnival of blood (which was cool, but its still a good example) #3.1.1
exactly. there are dozens of people complaining about it online, and millions having fun playing it... sounds like a success to me, and im having a blast with it. maybe its cause i have friends to play it with? #1.1.1

step 1. get friends
step 2. team up with friends
step 3. dont play solo anymore #6.1
i think destiny turned out awesome! i dont know what some were expecting, and im already happy that the first week had Salvage mode for the weekend! Bungie didn't waste any time, and i can see me and my friends wasting ALOT of time on here this winter! personally i give it a 9/10! #5.1
agreed. bungie just made a bigger halo, with co-op. whether thats good or bad is up to YOU, personally i think its awesome, just what i needed! LOL #2.1.1
i agree, been playing it all week, along with about 10 other ps4 buddies... we're having an awesome time with it, i would give it a 8 or 9... a 6 is simply click-bait... #1.1
destiny has 2 things going against it...

1. going multi-plat angered ALOT of people
2. not giving out review copies angered ALOT of reviewers.

so yea, a bunch of fanboys and fanboy-reviewers are going to crap all over destiny at this point. I think its awesome, and they can continue to scream in forums all they want, ill be in the crucible! #18.1
especially how this year a game came out completely missing a single player at all (titanfall, duh lol), and it got decent scores... so you'd rather destiny shipped with just the crucible? reveiwers are garbage, not destiny! im having a blast with it! #1.5.1
if you pre-order COD:advanced warfare @ gamestop, they give you a code for destiny, its Grey Camo with Gold Trim... looks freaking sweet!

if you dont want COD, just go back to gamestop later and put the money on a different game! no blood no foul! #3.1.1
these are the reasons i REFUSE to get an xbox, not so much because of the xbox itself or the games, M$ is just such a shady company... their business practices just astound me, i cant believe people support them just to play halo...

don't sell out your values just for a game or two people... #12.2.2

money spent in one place is ALWAYS money not spent elsewhere... why do you think, during the last couple years of the 360, we got ONLY kinect shovelware, and no big AAA exclusives? because M$ has infinite money? Also, to investors, 2.5 BILLION is quite a bit of money, which they'd better see again lol! its only a small amount looking through the lenses of a GARAUNTEED RETURN. then its an investment...

if people with your degree of busi... #2.5.3
sweet! gotta get to to enter those 2 codes, i NEED more shaders! LOL, only got the COD one, looks really really good, but i need variety LOL! #3
8 or 9, its got its flaws, but its an awesome co-op game, its KILLER with friends, and the PvP is really tight and balanced. im having a blast! #8.1

looks like all the people who didn't scratch destinys surface threw out their 5/10 reviews pretty quick, maybe we'll see some better ones from people who played it a little longer.

that being said, i think the low scores were just for clicks, and now that they're popular, we'll see high scores, just to get clicks... this is what "gaming journalism" has come to... ugh. do everybody a favor and dont click on any of them!
haha! ive played WAAAY worse games than this! broken, buggy, glitchy, unplayable messes... (terminator salvation? the fighter within? LOL!)

destinys a good game, it just dissappointed you. the stress being on YOU! im perfectly happy with it, i don't know what some people expected, the second coming of WoW or something... theres plenty of loot to grind for, lots of challenge, and im having a blast with my friends! plus the PvP is AWESOME!

im pretty s... #1.3
yep, people will find anything to complain about, and the online aspect is one of them. aside from choosing when the enemies spawn, the events really cant be scripted like a corridor shooter can... i love corridor games, but the complaint that theres no variety hits them too... no branching story, events unfold the same way each time. welcome to storytelling!

destinys missions have to be completable by all 3 classes, meaning there CANT be a cool scene where you use the bo... #1.2.1
we'll have to see, but it looks like they already have a pretty solid plan in place. just got done this morning playing the new Crucible mode, pretty good, i like the small teams! (my teammates, on the other hand...) got 1 peice of rare gear, too! cant wait to see whats coming in the weeks ahead! #1.1
i dont see why people are expressing distaste for destinys dlc, when they're perfectly happy buying season passes for BF, COD, freaking assassins creed even! and for BF and COD, those are just map packs. bungie said their dlc will be for the co-op AND mp side.

it looks like there will be a few expansions a year, with new (lighter) content added weekly... sounds good to me! personally ive been having a blast with destiny, along with everybody i know who bought it. i... #2.2
anybody who thinks its too much of a pain to set up a team, which is IDENTICAL to pretty much every other game out there on console right now, will just not be happy...

lets take a notoriously easy game to pair up teams, COD... on ghosts you go into a menu, say invite, and it brings up the PSN, and you send the message... EXACT SAME PROCESS... seriously, its like 4 button presses, heaven forbid you played online in the 90s! you'd have quit gaming forever!
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