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I'd prefer if people refrained from clicking on this article... it cant have much substance with a blatant click-bait title like that... pathetic. #10
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lets be fair, theres idiots on all 3 sides on this site, its pretty pathetic honestly. #15.1
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really sick of all these complaining articles, lets get something new around here... nothings good enough for some people... #7
"many gamers have felt cheated for spending money on a machine that has failed to deliver on its promise so far."

umm, biased much? considering the sales, i dont think TOO many people are feeling bad about their purchase, or they'd tell their friends, and word of mouth would spread. this would SLOW the momentum of ps4 sales, and by all accounts, thats not happening... #17
sadly thats not enough for some people... #10.1
slightly worse = worthless

raid gear is what i want, but my stuff is pretty good! just went 19/0 in the crucible yesterday, so i think it gets the job done... #1.3.1
not looking... not looking...

wanna be suprised! LOL! #1.1
seriously, ive picked up 2 raid groups, all knowledgable and we ran through really quickly... plus, i added them to my friends list, so we can do it again next week! got around 25 people on my friends list raid-ready now!

if you'd really like to participate in the raid, thats the best way... if you just want to type in all caps in a forum, while being non-constructive, you can do that too. but you shouldn't act like theres "no way" you can... #4.1
you already have cool gear if you're lvl 29... its just you won't have the VM, or the set of raid gear... thats the only things you'll be missing. besides, you don't actually NEED to go any higher, cause you already have access to everything in the game at that lvl, its not like you'd be lvl restricted on anything. have fun doing whatever you like!

btw is a life saver, picked up 2 raid groups so far there, all really cool peeps. #5.1
i'd be cool with it if you were highlighted early, so you at least had a few second warning... oh well, ive beaten the VoG 2 times now, so at least this will make it a little harder now!

bring it on! #1.1
agreed! also, trucks tend to guzzle gas, making them more expensive to upkeep... so far, ive spent around $1,200 on my gaming rig, making it much more expensive than my ps4. its really a luxury item, in the sense its unnessasary.

gotta love it though! LOL #6.1
me too! just got my first exotic primary, Universal Remote! cant wait to get some hours in this weekend (once i get off work, ugh!) #10.1
"Then came the flood of Tweets and posts about the Auto Rifle and Shotgun exhibitions that were dominating the Crucible. Then came the User Research data. It turned out that the vast majority of you were, in fact, using the same weapons to turn your enemies into burning cinders to be carried away on the wind."

this is what people need to remember... i saw a bunch of people, after this patch, saying that bungie was just listening to people who cried about the auto ri... #2
true. find me a guy who hacks into these areas and actually PLAYS A MISSION... until then, theres some content on the disc, but nothing complete enough to let gamers play it.

remember SFXTekken? when people got into that disc, it actually had FULLY FUNCTIONING characters on the disc, that you could select and play an entire round with... THATS a bad practice. the placeholders are just that, and thats what bungie is doing right now, working on that content to fill those are... #7.1

maybe a /s would help, because most people on here ARENT joking when they say that exact thing... people act like if they arent guaranteed an exotic for winning, its not worth playing. sorry, going 20/2 isn't enough to get an exotic, heck, ive only gotten ONE exotic from any form of drop, in the raid (universal remote, woot woot!).

also, i think competitive multiplayer in BF, COD and Destiny are similar enough to warrant a comparison. all fps. a... #1.2.3
really? you mean period? if so, i guess im running the raid a few more times lol! #6.1.1
why do good in battlefeild, or CoD, or ANY MP MODE EVER?

that argument seems pathetic to me, you do good to do good... the RNG at the end is just an added bonus. the "reward" (because you apparently cant just play a game for fun i suppose) would be Crucible Rep, and Crucible Marks. the RNG at the end is just for fun, a slot machine to spice things up... also, all the crap blue loot the crucible gives away regularly will only appeal to lvl 18-22 guardians anyway..... #1.2
...if you played the beta, it should be EXACTLY what you thought it'd be. the game is EXACTLY like the beta, anybody who bought into "hype", when the game was fully on display to everybody with $5, needs to get their expectations managed. #4.1
funny how people only like reviews when they agree with their pre-formed opinions... Meanwhile, 5X more people play destiny than anything else right now, what a crap game! LOL! #9
I know! no matter what, the only constant is that people here will always cry! RNG? cry! Exotic item Store? cry! raid gear too hard to get? cry! crucible rewards too easy to get? cry!

its really starting to make our "community" seem pathetic... #4.1
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