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lets look at some graphically demanding games, not destiny... betas awesome, got it paid for already, love it so far, but its not a graphical powerhouse... lets compare something really demanding!!! #14
Another thing also. Every early adopter that (months ago) chose a ps4 is dragging their entire friends list over also. Thats how it happened with all my friends. i got a ps4 day one. we had 1 other pro-ps4 person, and 2 pro-xbone people, and 2 that hadn't made a choice. well, 4 of us own ps4's now, and the one person who bought an xbox one is attempting to craigslist it. the last one will go ps4, just waiting for destiny bundle.

once the tidal wave hits of all your... #1.3
seriously, was "Raiders of the Lost Ark" unfilmable? cause its still just a scruffy dude (with a unbelievable amount of historic knowledge) looking for treasure, and killing tons of baddies... don't see how it would be harder to make, do yall? #2.1

thats why devs will continue to have the ps4 be their lead platform. they follow the money!

attach rate can be more important than install base if the situation is right. if you have the higher install base AND the higher attach rate though... checkmate! #6.1
@christian hour


as this article states, it is the fragmentation problem too, (no problem is simple usually!) but attach rate CANNOT be overstated. two of the 3 reasons have to do with consumer purchasing patterns.

Devs want to know what percent of the install base will purch... #1.3.2
well i heard they might have had some experience with that franchise in the past...

: ) #16.1
thats when i really got hyped for it, when i saw it in action during the alpa... soooo many streamers, thanks for the free ogle! lol! #12.1
its bungie, if they cant make a competitive fps mode, who can? lol! #6.2 thing tho. Watchdogs selling better on PS4 than on the 360 IS a big deal, considering the gap between them is 9mil-ish VS 80mil. Advertising doesnt make up for an install base difference of almost 10X. Advertising deals do make a difference, but the attach rates for this game on the 360 vs the PS4 are dramatically different, which shows PS4 users are out spending the most money on games. This is HUGE to developers. Why do awesome games come out on ios first and android second? becaus... #1.3
its never a good sign when a dev is bragging about hitting a standard on one of the systems... it means hitting it on the other wasn't a big enough deal to even comment on LOL! #9.1
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that is all #10.1
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UGH me too! got to play it 15min before work! REAAAALLY wish i was off work tomorrow, oh well i'll cram in a couple hours tonight! Made an Exo, it is always cool when they include something non-human! game looks great so far!

all my codes are gone, wish i had some to share too LOL! #3.2
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wow, try to do something nice and people bash you... fanboys arent whats wrong with internet message boards, @$$holes are... #8.2
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it looks ALOT sharper on the ps4 to me! i'd be pretty disappointed playing the ps3 one honestly, after waiting this long for it.

higher rez textures, higher screen resolution etc take a suprising amount of memory... its in the details man, the textures on the ps4 look hands down superior. #6.1
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im really looking forward to it! Ghosts let me down pretty hard, hoping sledgehammer knocks it outta the park! initial vids look GREAT! #1.1
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EXACTLY! FFXIV lets you switch rezzes, and if you can't tell the difference, i feel sorry for you.

my wife and i are playing FFXIV right now, im on the ps4 (1080) and shes on the ps3 (720) and the difference is HUGE! hers looks muddier and blurrier, and shes on a 57" tv, im on a 106" projector and it STILL looks crisper.

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WOW, the full list is pretty one sided! #3.7.2
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whats the first thing i do in a call of duty lobby anyway?

Mute: All

lol #1.2
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...god i hope you forgot your /s

(please be sarcasm, please be sarcasm...) #1.1.2
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EXACTLY! my wife wants a ps4 (shes really into ffxiv, and it runs SOO bad on the ps3 compared to my ps4 LOL), and i'll probably get TLoU bundle so i can have that, and she can keep the system! #2.3
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