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I love how they say "...PCs max of 60[fps]," which is total bullshit. IGN doesn't do their research.

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I'm just going to grab a retail copy if they skip a Steam release. That way the store gets more of greedy-arsed EA's money.

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EA are trying to dethrone call of duty, or so they say, I seriously doubt they'll just skip a steam release all-together.

I'm in agreement with Panda that it'll be there, just not until right before/shortly after launch.

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I honestly hope it's a new IP, while I'd like to see MGS5, I don't think it will be announced until after Rising comes out.

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Even if it did, which it likely won't, it's still been in last place for 4-5 years.

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What in the flying hell are you talking about? EA has NOT removed all games from steam. The ONLY game that was removed was Crysis 2, and EA is pointing the finger at Valve. I suggest you go look at the steam page before spewing such nonsense.

I haven't the foggiest idea where you could have gotten such incredibly inaccurate information. Two people even agreed with you! Are you all mentally challenged?!

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duplicate post* sorry!

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They said they are running the game completely maxed on a single GTX 580. By the time this game comes out those will be very cheap. Not to mention that most people will turn a couple of settings down and be fine.

DICE themselves have said that if you had a PC capable of running BC2, that it would definitely run BF3.

Also, don't pull fake statistics out of your arse.

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Do you realize that BC2 is played most on PC? Devs themselves said it.

Battlefield is a HUGE franchise on PC, and I guarantee you it will sell like crazy. DICE wouldn't have built the PC version from the ground up in DX11 if they didn't strongly believe it would sell.

On the subject of the consoles, it's still early. They have several months to show of the console version, but right now, they probably aren't ready to be fully unveiled. Give DI...

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You could always invest in a PC. Then you never have to worry about what "next gen consoles will be like" because you can play everything maxed with 1-2 minor upgrades per year.

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Why don't they finish the game and release about 3-4 more triple-A titles before they try and dis Valve games.

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Nah, I'm good. I like Sony and Sony products just fine. Most of these people worship them and act like they do no wrong. It's funny. How long was PSN down again?

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My GOD you kids are so far up Sony's ass it's hilarious!

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Despite the people playing to be derps, it looks phenomenal. Can't wait!

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I couldn't give less of a shit about Vita. There, I said it. I love my PS3, but I have literally no reason to buy a Vita. If I want to play hardcore games, I do that at home, with my PC or console, on a big hdtv.

Vita specs are inferior to the current consoles. I'm not paying 250$ for something that I'll rarely use.

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Doubt it. With all the effort they are putting into the PC version (lead platform, designed with PC in mind) I doubt they would just screw PC players over by giving PS3 exclusive DLC.

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You could say the same for Sony and BF3 if you so wished. Troll.

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I find this hilarious. Were it reversed, and they were showing only 360 and PC, you ps3 guys would be going crazy. It's the other way around though, so it's all good!

Hypocrisy at it's finest.

Why anyone would want to play this game on a console is beyond me. Up to 64 players on PC with full scale maps, whereas console is 24 max and scaled down maps.

Keep in mind that if you wish to play smaller matches with scaled maps, you can a...

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Epic. Can't wait.

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Sony exclusives with the cell rock.

Multi-plats, not so much. I'd personally rather them go with a more traditional, albeit powerful architecture so as to ease the game making process for PS3.

Just my $0.02.

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