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Yeah but how much did the DLC for them cost, how much of an advertising budget did it get and is Activision really the type of company to get behind an IP, Deadpool, and throw money at it which hasn't been proven to succeed yet... or are they the type of company to fling out a game cause they think it might be popular... like I said I'm still moderately happy.

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Erm no but he does have a point about how cover art is getting worse.

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AHHHHHHH I'M SOOOO HAPPY!!!! It's being made by Activision.... I'M STILL MODERATELY HAPPY!!!!

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OMG OMG YES YES YES!!!!!!!! I've been waiting so long for a new Kingdom Hearts console game and this is the first absolutely amazingly greatest step that anyone could ever take. Really finding it hard to express how happy this makes me. Now if turns out not to be true :(

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I'm not surprised this is happening to Game, their prices and about as competitive as a 2 legged horse. The main problem with Game though, is that most of the staff are pretty much clueless about games. Almost everytime I have tried to strike up a conversation with them when buying games I get looked at like I'm a geek (which I am but Game is meant to be the land of geeks). I'm really hoping that Gamestop buys them since they seem to employ staff that can actually hold a gaming...

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Yes... end of.

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When you buy a used car, you own that car and you can drive it your hearts content and it was the same for video games back in the day of single player days.

But now imagine buying a used car and you can drive it but that's it and all the other extras which have came along because of the increase of technology such as bluetooth connectivity, asb, automatic gear box (I'm not too good with cars) was locked out unless you paid for the car then paid to unlock all the extr...

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Is it just me or is the solution to all of these problems very obvious?

When a game is sold brand new their are different percentages of the price divided up between, mainly, the publisher, developer and retail however when a game is sold as a trade in all the money, as the article said, goes to the retailer. The solution is that the retailers introduce a policy where a small percentage of the used game goes back to the publisher and developer.

This strate...

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I like the face he says that every game in the Metal Gear series is linked by an overarching aesthetic except for "crazy spin offs like Metal Gear Ac!d"... and Metal Gear Rising is what then, a subdued spin off.

People are failing to see the main point here though. There's a new Platinum Game's game coming out!!! They could do an et game and it would still be awesome.

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I would probably get trained up with Dr Doom if this was true. Please make it happen Seth.

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Seems a bit unfair having Seth as referee considering Ono is his boss... but awesome video :D

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As much as I want this to be true, it's not good business to offer PS2 emulation when you're releasing HD collections as you're going to lose money. Don't get me wrong it's amazing for the consumer and I'll be doing a Kingdom Hearts marathon if it is true but some how I doubt it.

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It could come out on whatever console it likes (as long one of them is the PS3) for all I care as long as it hurries up and bloody gets released all ready.

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This means I could spend every spare second of the day making LBP2 levels... WIN!

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This isn't really that big of a deal really. Love Resistance and Insomniac but I want to see them do different things. Overstrike is going to be an awesome new IP and like the guy said, Sony aren't just going to hand the franchise over to anybody.

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Is that Dr Strange chaining traps with projectiles I see? That could be quite a game changer.

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LMAO Kuma's ultra is disgusting but bloody awesome.

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And now two major reasons it's worse;

1 - you can't access your xmb while in it anymore and

2 - it's as laggy as a 56k modem trying to play COD.

I've got a 30mb connection which work perfectly with the old version but now I can't get through a single program without it lagging towards the end.

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I would pre-order this the second it got announced. Kingdom Hearts 1+2 are 2 of the best games ever made, it was Kingdom Hearts that convinced me to buy a PS2 and I've never looked back.

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