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Can't wait for this to come out. Mainly so that the team can focus 100% on Kingdom Hearts 3. WE'VE ALREADY BEEN WAITING 10 YEARS. #14
Wow Nintendo really know how to crap on different sections of they're fans. Last gen it was the hardcore gamers. Now, since the WiiU is now basically a gamecube for them, its the casual/passive section... I love Nintendo, and especially Miyamoto, for that. They know that if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have a games industry the now so can get away with anything. Want proof. Virtual Boy. #45
Really don't see how people can be annoyed by this. It's just business. Xbox ppl get CoD dlc months before anyone, Ubisoft usually gives Playstation exclusive dlc and GTA4 dlc was exclusive to Xbox for ages before it came to other platforms.

It's nothing personal people. Just good business. #58
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I was where most people were. Playing my PS2. It's not about arithmetic or thinly veiled intelligence insults. It's about the game trying to be something it wasn't. A kids game. The swearing wasn't just for the hell of it, it was part of its identity.

It is very easy to see that it was trashed by cod 2 because of the reasons you and myself listed. The point is that it shouldn't have been.

There's a lot of words I'd use to des... #6.1
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Sorry man. The ambiguity of your comment made me lean to the side of tearing " though peradventure I stand accountant for as great a sin". Thanks for the support though. By the way, the actual quote is "The lady doth protest too much methinks". Hated doing Hamlet at Uni, Othello is much better. #4.2
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Thanks for all the comments folks. It's good to know there's people out there that loved Rare as much as I did. #5
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Just to quash your accusations of plagiarism, I've not seen that article but really looking forward to reading it. Given the love people have/had for Rare I'm pretty sure there are numerous articles out there about what happened to them, and hopefully there will be many more. #4.1
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I think the innovation comes from the character animation and general performance. There have been games before were the characters have been able to emote but TLoU was the first game I've ever played were there was general emotion pouring out the characters. From the opening to Joel and Ellie's relationship to winter, there was a degree of innovation there that's not been seen in any other game. Granted PP and Tearaway's gameplay is truly innovative but TLoU did something... #15
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Makes me proud to be Scottish... #5
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Nintendo's new game - Super Mario Yewtree. Pretty sure that targets children enough. #81
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Think I've found the culprit. #8
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Come on Timesplitters 4. Please, oh very please Crytek, let it be Timesplitters 4. #6
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Iwata "I will not resign"

Nintendo shareholders "You're fired"

Iwata "I resign" #47
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This article should have maybe had a link to a flux capacitor. #2
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Haha didnt see this before I posted. Good to know other people see the pattern too. #34.1
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That's my birthday... wondering if they're related. #40
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the real reason half life 3 will never come out is because Valve hate the number 3. Take a look at this;

Portal 2
Team Fortress 2
Half Life 2
Left 4 Dead 2
(and my personal favourite) Half Life 2 Episode 2

I know this article says they're working on Left 4 Dead 3 but if it comes out Valve's head office will probably be crushed by a triangle. #38
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Two of these have already been announced... doesn't that make them the opposite of rumoured. #2
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Word brother. #22.1.1
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From the looks of it I'm the only person that actually liked the show.

These types of things are always so fake. The host smiles and tells devs how great their games are while being polite in that meeting you girlfriend's parents for the first time way. It was quite refreshing for a host to turn round to Reggie and ask him how much money they made from Mario or ask Tim Shaffer if he was high when he came up with Broken Age. I'm prob in the minority but I like that... #22
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