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LOL'd at the story title. But, it really is true.

I remember with Resistance 3, they seemed very bitter towards Sony for some reason. It's their bitterness that's eaten their brain.

The same thing happened to Ninja Theory and guess what they're doing now... iOS.

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PS3 got Arica Harbour around Novemember.

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I agree. Capcom clearly doesn't care about keeping their top spot. If the next Soul Sacrifice has a higher budget and is open world, it could completely end the need for a Monster Hunter on Vita.

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I find it extremely odd how a person from N4G could probably lead this company better than their actual boss. I mean, what idiot decided that it would be a good idea to use the 3DS, the weakest current platform, as the main platform for Monster Hunter 4? They could have AT LEAST put it on the Wii U. But, Capcom is just too stupid.

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I don't know either, Heisenburger. I just don't know.

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I hate him too. The first time that I saw him at the Playstation Meeting, I was so irritated by his confused hands. Everything about the way he moved and looked irritated me. Then he leaked Assassin's Creed IV and GT6... Who does that? I mean, it's not a bad thing for us but this guy is supposed to be a professional. He just talks too much.

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My issue with Battlefield Premium was that I preordered the game assuming that they would not do that after EA's CEO publicly mocked Call of Duty Elite and promised that EA would do nothing of that sort.

Then, I see Battlefield 3 with Premium being sold for $60 several months later. If I had known, I'd have waited. Unfortunately, I was expecting a similar DLC model to Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Also, there are now season passes that do NOT include all o...

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Hopefully, Deep Down is what this game should have been and more. But we all know Capcom.

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Sadly, this will be the best looking Monster Hunter game for many years to come because Crapcom is too freaking stupid to develop on consoles then port to handheld. Looking at Monster Hunter 4 just makes me sad.

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That would not be cool. It was announced as a separate game. It better be one.

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I don't think that you guys understand. The mainline Battlefield series is not meant to be released every two years, just like the mainline Assassin's Creed games were not released yearly.

I believe that Battlefield 2 came out in 2004/2005. So, that is at least a six year wait. It is a little shocking and disheartening to see them release Battlefield 4 directly after Battlefield 3. What they should be doing is release another spin-off like Battlefield: Bad Company 3 ...

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For a Dead Space game, I don't think that this is good. Hopefully EA learns to listen to their fans after this and SimCity.

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I doubt that they've improved much. The cover style and art style look identical to Battlefield 3. There is also the fact that they are releasing Battlefield 4 so soon after Battlefield 3 (like what Ubisoft is doing to Assassin's Creed). I think that it's safe to say that this is just Battlefield 3.5, shitty single player and DLC heavy multiplayer sold separately.

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You're sexist.

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If it's on PS3 and 360, then the Wii U would not be the one doing the gimping.

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Of course, Sony will make lots of great games for the Vita. But the question is, how long do they plan on taking? They took around two years for the PS3 but look at it now.

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His lips looked funny.

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I usually find that they are a bit longer than 10 seconds.

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Who said that they've conquered the uncanny valley? Just wondering.

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