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I think the reason why the Mega CD is mentioned is that, together with the 32X, it was a crucial part of Sega's major mis-step in terms of putting out constant hardware releases over a number of years instead of concentrating on building a single kick-ass successor to the Mega Drive.

Completely agree on 5200 though. Would have included the 3DO too. #1.1
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Haven't had chance to play Arkham yet, so I'll reserve judgement. All I'll say is it would have to be spectacular to top Bloodborne and W3 - but this write-up certainly does make it sound/look spectacular.

That gif off him flying out of the batmobile and gliding made me drool! #1.1
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Huge shame it's turned out this way. I really feel for you and other people who shelled out for a season pass, and (rightly) expected so much more.

Bungie built up insane levels of goodwill over the years with Halo, and it seems they're in danger of squandering that now. #2.1
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The sad thing is, a LOT of people keep on buying unreasonably priced DLC and extras, which is helping make it an established norm. #1
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Was so unbelievably excited to see that Fallout 4 is coming this November.

Then I realised that means I basically won't be playing any other game the entire back-end of the year!

Oh well, priorities I guess... #1.1
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RIP gaming bloggers... #1.1
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Could not agree more. Having an absolute blast with the game.

You can tell how much care and attention they've taken with it. #1.1
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To be fair, that's what NG+ is for... #1.1
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The second-half of Condemned 2 was one of the most disappointing of my gaming life.

Loved the first game, but Bloodshot turned from a cool, intense horror into a weird sci-fi FPS that made absolutely zero sense. Probably one of the reasons we never got another sequel, which is such a shame. #1
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The FFVIII one brought back some (horrible) memories.

I love that game to death, but my God that section was infuriating. Climbing Shinra tower in FF7 could also be soul-destroying if you chose to take the stairs! #1
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You get a summoning bell early on that you can use to call for people to come and help you - though it uses up 'insight' points when used. #1.1.2
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I had the exact same fear, but trust me - it's worth it!

The first few hours are probably the toughest in the entire game. Once you're through that, you feel you can take on the world, and though there's the odd tricky boss or tough area, the gain is always worth the pain. Hell - just call for co-op help if needs be!

It's not for everyone, that's true, but as a complete Souls novice who ended up in love with it I'd say maybe give i... #1.1
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That's actually a very good point.

Geralt is a fantastic character and I love playing as him. But being able to create and shape your own unique protagonist is something I really enjoy about other RPGs. Hell, I even create my own back story for them sometimes, because I'm sad like that...

Still, Witcher 3 is an absolute monster. No pun intended. #3.1
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I think the 90s saw arguably the most rapid transformation of gaming both technically and as a cultural force. And the original PlayStation was just a beast. So many great games... #1
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It honestly depresses me to think what will happen if Konami just buries the likes of MGS and Silent Hill, and sits on the IPs so no one else never gets the chance to re-visit them. That, and the PT/Silent Hills debacle generally... #2
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Manic Miner both enthralled and terrified me as a kid. Those sound effects still haunt my dreams.

Golden Axe probably my favourite though. I still remember that huge rush of achievement beating the arcade version (God knows how many coins I spent though!). #1
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Never actually heard about that game until now! Was it an official movie tie-in? #1.1
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So pumped for Witcher 3. My only fear is that I'll still be stuck half-way through Bloodborne when my pre-order drops through the door! #1
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There's something genuinely great about a game that's so bad it's good - probably because it's a rarer thing to find in gaming than, say, movies.

Back in the day I got obsessed with a really weird FPS called PO'ed. It was rubbish in so many ways, but it had more personality and character than pretty much any other shooter I've ever played. #2
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Given how enjoyable DA:I was, I think it's a good thing they're potentiallty cross-transferring some of the features - or at least doing something similar.

Seems sensible to put some of the best ideas into their other popular action-RPG series. #2
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