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It's an awful lot, that's for sure! Personally, the most I've ever sank into a game was about 300 into Fallout 3.

That's if you exclude Championship Manager of course. My addictiveness rating was 'remember to breathe'. #1.1
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Fallout 4 is going to be the ruin of many a private and professional life, I'm sure. Clocked up around 200 hours on both 3 and New Vegas, so I'm preparing to go off the grid for a while!

It's all the cool-looking indie titles that have got me most excited though. Some really interesting creations on the way, and as a non-PC gamer, great to see so many on console too. #1.1
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Judged on their own merits, I thought they were kind of fun, in a silly, disposable trashy way.

But it really irks me just how much the Resident Evil movies miss the point. It may have been inspired by schlock, but Resi was always about intense atmosphere, survival and moody dread - and yet we ended up with someone kung-fu kicking a zombie dog in mid air!

Look at the first RE film. The mansion is literally a facade. Then we spend the rest of it in a bor... #1.1
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Some games are better suited to a shorter length, particularly when they rely on atmosphere and the building of suspense.

A good example would be Alien: Isolation. As awesome as it is, at 15 hours it feels overly drawn out and repetitive. 8-10 hours would have been perfect. #1.1
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Seems like we're in the minority here.

A lot of people seem to think this article is somehow attempting to inappropriately use a tragedy to justify Nintendo's policies. Nowhere in the blog do I see that line of argument.

On the contrary, I think it's mostly a warm tribute to one of the industry's greats ("he was a gamer first and a company director second...he was eager to please Nintendo’s fans, to entertain, and passionately believed in... #3.3
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While the world itself is packed with amazing characters and stories, the landscape as a whole just doesn't feel as special to me. It's vast, sure, but the forests, swamps and settlements don't quite pack the distinctive atmosphere, architecture and evocative tone that I got from Bloodborne.

Just my opinion - I know that many disagree! #1.1.2
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No. He's using it to point out that though we may well have valid criticisms of developers, publishers and major companies, gamers' passion and enthusiasm can sometimes lead to a situation where we continually berate the people behind our favourite games in a way slightly out of scale with the issues at hand.

Iwata spent some of his last months on this earth dealing with widespread consternation and apologising for things that, when you think about it, probably are... #1.1
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I actually had a very similar experience to the author, only with Bloodborne instead.

After spending 60+ hours in Yharnam, Witcher 3's combat and gameworld just felt that little bit underwhelming by comparison - though its excellent characters, side-stories and quests have kept me interested.

I'd say that From's universes are so all-encompassing when they pull you in, that everything else suffers slightly by comparison. It's part of the... #1.1
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4-player splitscreen deathmatch on GoldenEye has to rank among my favourite gaming experiences of all time - along with passing the control pad back and forth, and trading good natured jibes/insults, while playing Worms with a friend during the PlayStation era.

Online play is cool, sure, but there's something really special about getting a bunch of people together in a room and playing competitive and co-op games that just can't be equalled. #2
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Rather than just a throwaway NPC or in-joke, I think it's amazing that they actually had him perform a proper stand-up show you can watch.

That's real class right there. #1.1
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Yet another example of CD Projekt Red being utterly awesome. #2.2.1
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It seems weird now to think I'd sit there for ages reading about the game I was playing/about to play from a little pocket-sized book.

But I did. And I loved it. Anybody have any particular favourite manuals from back in the day? #1
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I think the reason why the Mega CD is mentioned is that, together with the 32X, it was a crucial part of Sega's major mis-step in terms of putting out constant hardware releases over a number of years instead of concentrating on building a single kick-ass successor to the Mega Drive.

Completely agree on 5200 though. Would have included the 3DO too. #1.1
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Haven't had chance to play Arkham yet, so I'll reserve judgement. All I'll say is it would have to be spectacular to top Bloodborne and W3 - but this write-up certainly does make it sound/look spectacular.

That gif off him flying out of the batmobile and gliding made me drool! #1.1
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Huge shame it's turned out this way. I really feel for you and other people who shelled out for a season pass, and (rightly) expected so much more.

Bungie built up insane levels of goodwill over the years with Halo, and it seems they're in danger of squandering that now. #2.1
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The sad thing is, a LOT of people keep on buying unreasonably priced DLC and extras, which is helping make it an established norm. #1
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Was so unbelievably excited to see that Fallout 4 is coming this November.

Then I realised that means I basically won't be playing any other game the entire back-end of the year!

Oh well, priorities I guess... #1.1
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RIP gaming bloggers... #1.1
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Could not agree more. Having an absolute blast with the game.

You can tell how much care and attention they've taken with it. #1.1
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To be fair, that's what NG+ is for... #1.1
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