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I can honestly see it happening. "Silent Chills"? :)

Dearly hope they create a horror game together. PT was magnificent - and that was simply their announcement trailer! #1.1
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I'd say Allison Road, coming later this year, REALLY fits the bill as a PT successor: #2
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Don't worry - Nemesis is right up there for me too.

The way the creature followed you relentlessly from room to room was just terrifying ("STARS!"), and I loved the way you got to explore a whole host of different environments throughout the whole of Raccoon city: streets, offices, shops, a hospital, a park. It was extremely cool. #2.2
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It's a shame that both the REmake and Zero never quite got the respect they deserved at the time.

Hopefully these new HD versions will help bring them to a whole new generation, as well as giving those who loved them first time round a welcome trip down memory lane! #1.1
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Just as long as it still has this music: #2
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They were released in 2014. #1.1
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Magnificent, wasn't it? Haven't had as much fun with a game in years. #1.1
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I respectfully disagree. Brilliant game - but there are some significant flaws. #4
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Could not agree more. I'm absolutely loving the game as a whole, but the ability to role-play a character and tackle the world's complexities however you want is far more restricted than in 3 and NV. #1.1
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We can but hope! #1.1.2
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Is that so? That's fantastic news! Hope it finds a whole new audience in that case. It certainly deserves to. #1.1
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I think the main issue with Fallout 4 is that it's very much between two stools. The protagonist is in no way as defined, interesting or charasmatic as Shepard or Geralt - in fact, he/she are downright bland - and yet it breaks the immersion of feeling that YOU are exploring the wasteland and making decisions, every time the view changes and you're watching some dull dude or lady chatting to an NPC.

It's tough to create a compelling lead character in a RPG, but... #1.1
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Regarding malware warning, could it be down to this? #1.1
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Haven't played an AC game since Brotherhood, despite hearing how cool Black Flag was.

Maybe time to jump back in? Always loved the idea of a Victorian London setting. #1
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Some critics will always be suspicious of video game adaptations, but frankly, given the overall track record of most in the last few decades, can you really blame them?

With a credible cast and director, I honestly think most reviewers will be curious to see if Assassin's Creed pulls it off, rather than having their (hidden) blades automatically at the ready.

Let's hope it does manage to dazzle them - and us. It's high time we had a film ada... #1.1
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It's always disappointing when a highly interesting and original game fails to take off. But hopefully its cult status will help it reach a new audience and gain more widespread recognition - much like System Shock 2 did years after its release. #1.1
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I know! I was referring to both games separately. Probably could have made that sentence slightly less confusing! #2.3.1
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Yes please.

The original Soul Reaver was truly superb, the running plot-line absorbing, and I've always had a soft spot for the original top-down 16-bit adventure - naff graphics be damned.

A truly underrated series. #2
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Can't help but think that the ever-expanding roll call of costly extras attached to games is only going to get worse.

I appreciate the whole 'you don't have to buy it' line, but if a game sells itself on the basis of an experience, then having to pay potentially hundreds to fully attain that experience is just crazy. #2
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Nope...I think you've got the right idea! #4.1
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