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That ride into Mexico in Red Dead has to be one of my all-time favourite moments in gaming. Rockstar created a beautiful open world - and that sequence showed it off at its most mesmerizing. #1
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Without doubt. I was blown away with the cleverness of the reveal too. To keep a project this big under wraps so effectively, and then use an awesome playable teaser to unleash its existence, was absolutely phenomenal. #1.1
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Exactly. Sometimes I feel like developers are being forced to stick too tightly to convention in order to emulate what's already popular. When genres are based so rigidly on tried and tested gameplay mechanics, there's not enough room for manoeuvre. #1.1
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That's a really interesting point. Personally, I feel that if a developer is going to go to the effort of giving a character a fully-fledged backstory, and have them interact extensively with other people in cut-scenes, it's pretty vital that they inject them with personality and distinctive qualities.

I can see the whole idea of them wanting to make you 'feel like the protagonist', but I'd rather play someone who's interesting or entertaining, and ha... #1.1
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Exactly! #1.1.2
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Unlockables do still exist, but I think the nature of them has changed. They're very rarely 'secret' or difficult to obtain anymore, nor do they usually tend to be anything particularly fun or interesting. More often than not, they're purely cosmetic.

I think it's a sign of the times. Why include something really cool that only very dedicated gamers will be able to enjoy, when you don't have to? #1.1
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"As an alternative to killing Nazis but still having some pretty murder-worthy foes, here are other popular video game series with some serious big-bad..."

That's literally in the article. #9.1
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The Wolfenstein series is actually pretty interesting, because it's alternated between being a silly, tongue-in-cheek pastiche and a straight-faced, gritty FPS.

Given how drab the 2009 game was, at least The New Order looks comparitively intriguing! #2
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Outlast is a good game with some neat ideas, but from the moment someone yells "you must get out of this terrible place!" about two minutes in, it kind of becomes clear subtlety is not its strong suit. #1.1
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The music when you crossed over the border into Mexico was an absolutely astounding moment too. #2.1
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I'll be honest: I've heard great things about Black Flag, and the setting/premise for Unity looks great - but I was all Assassin Creed-ed out after playing the original, the second, and Brotherhood within a very short space of time.

I like the series, but I got franchise fatigue very quickly. Anyone else feel the same way? #1.1.1
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I actually think Journey was over-priced too - as was Limbo at launch.

Both games are extraordinary. Both deserved to do well. But it was definitely a factor in my mind that they seemed to be quite expensive for what they offered in terms of content.

This isn't an argument specific to Ground Zeroes. There are quite a few games that have arguably short-changed gamers over the years. But I feel GZ is perhaps the most galling recent example. #1.1
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I think it definitely depends on the team making the project, and how much they actually care about the original game/source material.

But it's surprising how often it works, considering how many cash-grabs you get in gaming. REmake, Fallout 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the list goes on.

I for one would actually love to see a modern remake of Resident Evil 2 - or a proper series reboot. I think the franchise desperately needs it. #2.1
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Completely love the idea of a Breaking Bad game. Particularly if you get to play as Huell. #1
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Interesting how it comes in clusters isn't it? 2010-11 was indeed a fruitful period - and 1996-1998 was just insane. #1.1
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Just been looking through the list of games now and it goes on and on and on. Amazing variety and depth. Bit of a golden age, in many ways. #3.1
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My main bugbear is tagged-on competitive multiplayer. I'm actually a lot more agreeable to the optional co-op aspect, to be fair. If it's implemented well, it can be terrific - and actually add to a campaign experience.

That said, if the co-op actively denigrates the campaign, as with Resident Evil 5, then I'm definitely opposed! #1.1
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Eternal Darkness would also be in here for me. It was pure class. #2
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Journey was definitely on the contenders list - along with Condemned and Fallout 3. So many great atmospheric games out there! #1.1
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Good call! Was amazing to see Martin Sheen taking on that role. #1.1
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