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Personally, I love games like Gone Home, Firewatch, and The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter. They do a great job of creating atmosphere and investing you in their story.

That said, I would never expect everyone to like that kind of thing. They can be short on actual gameplay, and - at times - feel a bit pretentious. Narrative adventures/interactive stories aren't for everybody. Each to their own, really!

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I'd like to see them do something more interesting with the formula at this point. Was hoping Batman might embrace the whole 'world's greatest detective' thing and be a bit more along those lines. But it doesn't look like it.

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I have such fond memories of the Official PlayStation Magazine with its demo discs, meaty features and cheats section. But the sad truth is I can get such a wealth of gaming news, review, articles and opinion from anywhere on the web for free, that it seems redundant to pick up any mainstream gaming mag for a hefty cover fee now. I can see niche publications, like retro ones etc, still finding an audience though.

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Man. I lost so many hours to this mini-game, trying to collect and win all the rare and unique cards into the bargain. I'll never forget the sheer level of panic when I briefly lost my Zell.

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I reckon there are quite a few games now that justify the label. LIMBO would get my vote too of course.

I suppose it depends on your definition anyway. If films can be considered an 'artform', then gaming as a whole should surely be too.

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Thing is. I THOUGHT that's what I wanted too. But if I want to play an early Resi game, I can play an early Resi game. Hell - the Remake is still great, and they're doing an HD version of Resi 2.

It's actually really cool that while the rest of the industry is piling on remasters and sequels that trade purely on nostalgia, Resident Evil 7 is doing something completely unexpected and different than its predecessors.

Who knows if it'll work...

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I'd love to see both, personally. Morrowind's world and story would be amazing in hi-def graphics for sure. And I have a real soft-spot for Oblivion. It has some of the best side-quests of any RPG I've ever played. The one where you have to sneakily murder all the people at a mansion party is amazing.

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Er...nope. All on one page.

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A flawed, ambitious gem in my opinion. Some great story moments. Loved the crime-scene investigations and interrogations at their best. It didn't all quite hang together - but at least it tried to do something different.

Shame it didn't have the commercial impact it needed to spawn a series. They could have improved upon the formula I think.

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Pretty sure they're going with a completely new lead in the second one - and I'm glad.

When it comes to Aiden, 'bland' really is the word.

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Agree completely. It's the sheer depth of even the minor side-quests that gets me. Especially after playing the largely dull and repetitive 'radiant' missions in something like Fallout 4, or Ubisoft's open-world games.

Every single strand seems to have a compelling plot that you end up following right down the rabbit hole.

CD Projekt Red have definitely put their heart and soul into offering a lot of bang for players' buck. The probl...

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Radically expanded, certainly. Lots of cool-looking stuff on its way.

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I think it's more the fact that the NX would be coming so soon after the Wii U. Could feel like a slap in the face for some Nintendo fans, who've only just invested in an entirely different console. Also worryingly reminiscent of the 'dark days' of SEGA - when a rush of hardware came thick and fast!

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Now, wouldn't that be nice?! :)

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@BrendanT - I'm thinking more along the lines of Telltale's approach, rather than the FFVII remake!

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Being influenced by another medium and taking cues from it is fine. But I can remember a time when developers seemed to think 'interactive movies' was the ultimate goal, FMV was a thing, and a whole lot of games were basically just dull film clips linked together.

I'm sure we'll get a few mis-fires with the increasing TV model too, but in theory it could work. I quite like episodic gaming formats (with the right material), and enjoyed Alan Wake's attemp...

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Not had the pleasure yet - but really interested to try it. Love time-warping mechanics in games when they're utilized well, and Remedy do sheer style like few others.

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Absolutely. And you just don't get the same level of euphoria when progressing in a game that holds your hand.

Dark Souls and Bloodborne are tough for sure, but when you succeed, it feels doubly exciting - like you've really EARNED it.

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Wow. That's a blast from the past!

In the same vein, maybe a few Spectrum classics should get an update. Manic Miner, Dizzy, R-Type...

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Yep. Crystals, dreams and heroes racked by angst have been pretty much present throughout.

Watched this video on recurring themes only last night:

Zooming around in a classic car looks cool though!

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