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PC will never dominate console. Console is where the head of marketing at

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“We are fully committed to the next generation of consoles” stated Ballmer, and “in order for us to deliver the best experience for gamers, we have postponed development of the next Xbox console in favour of partnering with Sony to deliver the mother of all online experiences”.

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800?? Are u for real??!!

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$399-$450 hopefully

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That graphics more impressed me than battlefield 4

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MMM as much as i hate call of duty but i wouldn't go head and things like that. I mean we never know, they might surprise us!

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when it go beyond reality

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So Infinity-ward finally upgrade their engine. This is MW4 engine guys!

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"Assassin's Creed is becoming the new Call of Duty"
no shit!! i mean id understand if their sell were like COD, but now c mon

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talking about Call of duty is worst..look at Assassin creed series now

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u better see doctor Phil for a glassrs

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They already won the war before it even begun :p

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Lol you remind me of sokka in avatar with his boomrang

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Will be more since they said it be 10 more powerful than PS3

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since they go by horse power number on their marketing,i doubt apple console would be $900

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Silent these nutz!! They are like activision, every year some new shit come out from them..nd shit hella expensive too

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hopefully something new happening

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what a dumb bitch. fuck outtta here with that bullshit, y the fuck she didt mentioned movie, movie show gun killin nd shit too

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The video is very impressive

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