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"Manic Mega Driving"


no we didn't sony kids did. There was like 50 stories every single time ps3 outsold wii in japan. #1.3.6
you do realize noone got arrested, Right? Criminal activity is just the category the moderator removed the post under. Who cares. #3.2.1
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Exactly, and who posts links in miiverse, they wouldn't even go anywhere. User didn't get banned but the post was removed for pretty obvious reasons. #3.1
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Honestly would prefer it on wii U. These COD games dry out on other systems but seem to remain strong on wii U. I can still boot up BLOPS2 on that system and find a zombie game. There being less competition for FPS online makes COD a good title for the system. Not to mention free online with voice chat. Gotta love that. #1.3
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More great games than it's alive competitors it would seem. If Wii U is dead, it just proves that modern gamers have bad taste in games I guess. #2.8
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Well... yeah. Nintendos vast majority of big drops are typically reserved for E3. Right now everyone has a new 3ds so they spent much of the nintendo direct on 3ds news. Doesn't mean they are abandoning wii U.

I mean... nintendo hinted at Wii U in 2010.
The timing is not outlandish. Author is basically assuming because wii U news is sparce that that means Nintendo is abandoning the console. It's just silly. #6.1.1
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pretty sure his final point will be made null when E3 comes around. He forgets that Wii U is nintendo's hardcore system and they know that platform is the best place to reveal wii U announcements. #6
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With nintendo's amiibo production I wouldn't want to see them take something like that up. Just I'd build the fuck out of a gundam style model like those. #1.1.1
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Wow, I sincerely hope bandai takes notice of those robots and makes some model kits for em' That would be sick. #1
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I'm really happy capcoms got a winner with Monster Hunter 4U. It's been holding a top 5 mark and actually been moving up. This marks quite a turning point for the Monster hunter franchise. A entry that has sold gangbusters in the states. Meanwhile, where's bloodborne? For that matter... where is a single PS4 game on that top 5? #2.2
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... You have zero knowledge of how business works? #1.2.6
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I'm a big fan but this really disappoints me. It's not like it can't be done just nintendo doesn't do it because of the stupid fear of backlash from parent activist groups. Getting sick of nintendo dodging this feature at every turn honestly

The worst part is omitting the voice chat feature hurts sales. Here in america we like having that feature built in. It's really going to hurt their new IP and any chance of this title becoming a system seller. That... #1.8
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What!?! WHY!? Just add more dlc to 8! does this author know just how long MK8 took!?! you don't just pop those games out. #5
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I would kill for this on my wii U. Loved MH3U on that system. However, awesome that the game is selling in the states this well. It really deserves it, it's incredible. 80 hours in now and I'm still only high rank. Like knowing I'll always find someone to hunt with online. #2.1
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Unsure why the missing 3rd party AAA titles should bother anyone at this point. Not only have most the releases been kinda disappointing (IE destiny, evolve, titanfall). But if you want those titles a decent PC can play those titles just fine with whatever controller configuration you prefer. #2.1.3
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I have no idea why you would need to be sold on it at this point. There's tons to play. More than any other next gen system has to play. Don't like nintendo franchises? Bayonetta 2 and wonderful 101 has tons of gameplay. Nevermind the coming of the next zelda, the HD remake of windwaker. Like dense rpgs? MH3U is also on the system and is still pretty active online. Indie games? Also has that in spades.

Still, you're depriving yourself ignoring any of the nintendo... #1.10
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Monster Hunter 4 doin pretty good too. #1.5
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Good to seem Monster hunter 4 riding number 3. It deserves it. Incredible game and really makes the new 3ds purchase worth it. #13
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@canary That was the weirdest thing I've ever read. "You nintendo fanboys you only seem to care about the games. What about the platform?"

Answer: Does it have good games? Yes? Okay... I could care less about specs. Wish they'd sort out online, give in to voice chat. but it's able to run every game butter smooth with few problems. I have a PC and I can play most those games that are on the other two consoles. With the exception of 2 or 3 games apiece. I cou... #2.2.4
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Awesome things I've done is binge watch MST3K on youtube and play Bayonetta 2, MK7, and smash brothers.

It's a fine system. People dismissing it are really missing out. Good PC and a Wii U is the best combo this gen. Maybe when PS4/Xbox one get something worthwhile I can't also get on my PC... maybe I'll consider adding another system. Right now the exclusives are still awol on those two. #1.1
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