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"Manic Mega Driving"


3-4 years. Can be imminent. So much for Wii U being nintendo's last console though. #1.5
Smash brothers tore me away... unlocked everything. I can't wait for those new tracks. Note, in the teaser image He's racing in what appears to be a track with Hyrule castle in the background.... please!!! Be a Legend of zelda mario kart track. It opens up so many unique possibilities for the title. #1.1
watched the video in the article he flips out about not being able to agree. 100% totally ignoring that between the two lines that are very important. It prevents you from altering or modifying the system or software... "UNLESS OTHERWISE PERMITTED BY LAW". IE, if the government states that modifying or altering your device is legal it anulls that threat.

The following part states that the system may update functionality and system automatically. Not that they intend... #1.1
I mean, it's his prerogative as a reviewer to pick his review scores and justify it. However, it seems more like a . "I'm afraid of social justice warriors will come for me if I give it too high a score." Than that he genuinely felt the game deserved that score. Personally, I feel the oversexualization is just part of the ridiculous nature of the game Bayonetta still kicks ass with awesome gameplay. It's almost mocking oversexualization to the point of parody. I wouldn&#... #1.2
Check out the disagree squad. People disagreeing with people just stating they enjoy and are happy about something. #1.3.1
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Holy shit. That was a rush. never has a 20 minute demo been so freaking incredible. Those controls are genius! So much damn fun. Gotta preorder this if I have enough. That was beautiful and seamless. #1.3
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Windwaker HD just got awesome-er #1.2
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Been playing my launch 3ds for years now. One of my favorite gaming systems ever. Now I can get a version with a better specs, improved 3d, better battery life, and a 2nd joystick and set of buttons. All for the same price as buying an XL right now. I'm looking forward to it. Finally, the excuse to upgrade I've really been looking for. #1.1.2
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Ugh, whoever this guy is he purposely got someone who is bad at defending his opinions. He got a yesman. I'd love to talk to this guy about this topic. Whoever makes these videos is terrible. He has no clue. I'm 32, I can name... jesus... 10, 12 people who are adults who bought a wii U for themselves. He is so laser focused on saying, "nintendo is for kids." over and over again. He doesn't understand the concept of all inclusive.

In fact, i'm sure t... #1.1
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Context. Iwata's quote at the start was in reference to why amiibo figures. Though, I as adult will also buy the shit out of them.

Meanwhile, I like seeing what nintendo is doing with DLC. The packages are great on their own but with additional benefits to simply elongate the game. they aren't needed and they always give you your money worth.

Look at fire emblem dlc. The DLC wasn't necessary, but it was a great additional way to get gold, relatio... #2
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Ugh, terrible. Did he do this in an hour? Halfway through he can't even pace the text with what he's saying. What an stupid video. He does realize all his wii peripherals work with it. He said he got a wii. What a dumbass.

Sounds like the typical whiner articles but in obnoxious narration mode. I feel bad for GOG for having their info at the start of this god awful video from an unfunny person. #3.2
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You clearly have too many bubbles. Go back to whatever you're from. I see right through you. There's no convincing you because this is ALL YOU DO. Go outside. damn.

Nintendo never left us, they focused on casuals with wiifit, wiisports, and... that's pretty much it. Galaxy was for the hardcore, Galaxy 2 was for the hardcore, twilight princess was for the hardcore, excite trucks/bots was for the hardcore, xenoblade chronicles was for the hardcore, skyward sword was... #1.2.17
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He must have started feeling irrelevant again. Whenever that happens he forcasts doom for nintendo. He just wants attention. #1.7
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I expected them for 19.99 a pop so these are pretty inexpensive in my eyes. Preordering Link and samus tomorrow. I don't really mind if they aren't terribly utilized. They are nintendo made figures. Nice size and detail. I want it for decoration. Plus, I expect these things are gonna be very collectable. #1.4
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If Nintendo is keeping it's "We're working for the hardcore" promise, then we have a chance. God damn, it looks so good and so damn spooky. #1.2
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Seriously doubtful it ever would. For one it's the conventional 2d mario, even if they recreated all the VC titles it would not feel the same. Also, providing the next mario is 3d or 3dland style. 2d fan made mario levels simply cannot compete.

However I hope this will help nintendo to get new Ideas on what to do with the basic 2-d mario formula by seeing what fans do with all the tools. #1
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I'd say Bayonetta 2, devil's third, X and a new fatal frame is a damn good start. #1.1.5
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An uptick of 5,000 units. Just not enough to overtake handheld sales. #1.3
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I'm pretty skeptical. Duck hunt dog makes me worry about the authenticity here. Bowser Jr. does seem like a natural though. #1.4
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Sony needs to get off their assess and start making some games for their new system. They're lucky they aren't losing sales in america too. There has been nothing worthwhile released since infamous outside of a ps3 hd-er remake of a game slightly over a year old. #2.2
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