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"Manic Mega Driving"


Looks more like she's hanging with Isabelle with K.K. doing cameos #1
@blue Wut? Last I checked a million is sales is good. Especially for a new IP. It's also still selling. Why must people do mental gymnastics to make it seem like nintendo is failing when they actually are surviving this gen just fine? The sooner people stop wishing nintendo or any game company for that matter to fail, the better the gaming community will be. hopefully it'll be better the more grown up the media fanbase gets. Only kids bash Nintendo these days. #2.2.2
@griever y u mad? Who cares. Its gonna be a damn good RPG. Wii U has all the exclusives this gen. The fact it isn't gangbusters in Japan means nothing. Over 1million units of splatoon has sold already. Maybe this taught nintendo the importance of good ad campaigns.

Japan numbers have never proven anything... ever. Also, the article is mistitled. Xenoblade chronicles sold 22k downloads in a week. This exceeds the amount of the number 4 slot for physical media in japan for... #2.2
@rainzor Sony and Microsoft is for shithead FPS kids who say swear words on mic and are just too insecure to enjoy nintendo games. Nintendo is for everyone and is beloved by people who really care about games. I am 33, I have many many high school friends who are currently trying to get me to play splatoon right now. It's not for kids it's just colorful and fun as hell. The reality of the real world as you get older just makes nintendo games more appealing as you go on.
@aw They did, but that shit was good enough for the main event, should have booted out skylanders and gave us some fatal fram and I doubt people would have been half as down on the Nintendo event. #2.1.2
Hate to be a broken record but they are promoting Fatal frame, it should have been in the nintendo direct. Honestly... i'm worried this is just gonna be a bad game. #3.3
This wasn't stupid to leave out.... leaving out Fatal Frame was a mistake. That game looks incredible. #2.1
Yeah, I just wanted the Amiibos. Game should be free. #2.4
Uhh they kicked ass last year, made microsoft and sony look tame. #7.3
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It was a bad E3 compared to their blockbuster last year conference. The reality was it wasn't bad just unimpressive. They had some good announcements but for some reason they didn't do enough with Wii U. Why didn't they talk about fatal frame? Why didn't they talk about devil's third?

I mean do you really think a Platnium starfox game and Mario Luigi Paperjam were bad things to show? #1.2.4
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Hopefully someday capitalization and punctuation happen too. #2.1.3
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Who is agreeing with this? I'm not even sure it's english. #2.1.1
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How long ago did disney revolutionize Animation? History is history. Noone should be wishing failure from Nintendo. They do so much good for the industry. Not many bad nintendo games. #1.2.2
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My thoughts is Nintendo had Zelda U planned but couldn't so they kinda rushed out A 3ds multiplayer centric coop game for it. I also have a sneaking suspicion The same happened for Metroid. I think they had a new prime entry planned in secret, but it wasn't ready to show by this e3. So once again, a multiplayer centric 3ds title replaced it. It would explain the style choice. The 3ds is more powerful than a gamecube, it can do prime graphics. So I think they style was a quick developm... #1.6
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It wasn't that bad just tame as fuck after the SONY press conference. Most the big release announcements were 3DS and even those were... okay, alright. Starfox and X should keep me using my wii U in the meantime. #1.5
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YEah, noone made a news story of that either. The holdover of sony's game journalism preferential treatment continues. Sony doing bad? DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT! IT'S NOT RELEVANT! LIES.


Game fanboys are the worse. Just let everyone enjoy the games they like. Stop trying to make mountains out of molehill. You can still get a wii U and you totally sh... #1.1.4
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Well... regardless of your opinion that thing is selling like crazy. Apparently kids really like it. All the stores i've visited lately here in the states it is sold out. The gamestop, target, walmart, even our local game store sold all 15 copies they got. I don't even want the game just been looking and cannot believe how big of a win this title is for nintendo.

You've never asked for a new IP from nintendo? Looks like they got one. #4.5
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No, they said no major mario releases this year. That just means this year. Which likely means a big drop in 2016. #3.4
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Someone doesn't know what a platformer is. A series of levels with an end goal. That's not a minigame. That's called a platformer. It has a singular gaming mechanic present in all levels. One based around moving through a set area and accomplishing the end goal. That's a level.

You are a very sad person if you want to shit on Galaxy. Only people who have some sort of bizarre hate for nintendo do that. Other people who don't like it don't care enough t... #1.1.5
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