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"Manic Mega Driving"



Someone is in denial. Have you played mario Kart 8? I have played every single mario kart, that is THE BEST mario Kart.

Have you played Pikmen 3? Pikment 3 is THE BEST PIKMEN.

Have you played Smash Brothers 4? SURPRISE! THE BEST SMASH BROTHERS!

Kids are going to be nostalgic about Splatoon in 10 years like I was nostalgic about goldeneye.

Bayonetta 2 and wonderful 101 are the best of their genre.
Better analogy, Nintendo is like comic books and Microsoft/sony franchises are like the gritty tom clancy and stephen king novels slated to become movies. Both have their place, both serve very different audiences. Both very valid entertainment that doesn't threaten 1 or the other. #5.1.2
I love how people agree with you just because you are saying something anti wii you. You know all those people must be like 14 because they also have no clue how to spell the word service, #5.1
If the remote control functions of the gamepad ever reached it's promise I would have used it. However, lack of any expansion of the IR remote features basically killed it and kept me from using it. No DVR, it wasn't quite compatible with how my tv switches inputs, no external audio system control. This basically kept Tvii from being little more than a interactive tv guide to me. I would be sad about it going but nintendo really never put enough effort into it for me to ever miss it.... #1.1
Really? That's how I play exclusively. Compared the two control setups side by side and the gyro controls are just smoother and faster. Guess that explains why i'm always in the top two. Everyone else is fumbling with dual analog controls. The fools. #1
Ah well, kinda figured. Shame they committed to it. However I had a feeling when every version released except for the wii U version. I'll just keep playing mario Kart then. #1
Don't forget that we get all the in game online features without the psn/live pricetag. Minimal DLC, no day 1 patch. Just pop that game you bought in and go. No voice chat? That's what skype is for. #1.5.2
@chrono If you mute the mics by default then why is it bad Nintendo doesn't have the feature. Personally, if I want to voice chat on a nintendo game I just use skype with my friends. Actually works pretty well. Meanwhile it is really stable for even a wifi connection. Do have to hand it to Nintendo, sometimes their online does act strange but for the most part it never goes down. Personally, I think the article took the wrong angle. If nintendo deserves any credit it's for releasing a... #1.1.5
@alabtros are you like... 12? You have the grammar of someone just starting middle school. Also 1. 3rd party games are always on PC I never play those on my ps4. 2. If you think wii U games are "HD REMAKES OF WII TITLES" then you just proved that you've never played a single game on wii U. There is not a single game that fits that category... now ps4 and xbone, They basically ARE doing mostly "HD remakes" of already HD games. So I think you're assuming Nintendo is... #1.5.4
I also liked this quote,

"But has anyone ever stopped to wonder why the loudest voices in gaming are lusting over Nintendo's supposed death rattle? Why are we so angrily shouting for the end days of a company that's staunchly refused to abandon its pursuit of innovation and experiences that provoke childlike wonderment? Is it because we're actively trying to murder our childhoods? Has Nintendo become the blankie we're all afraid to admit we hugged tightly... #1.5.2
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Guessing you didn't read too far then. It's by multiple authors from Engadget. They're right too. THere is not a whole lot of local multiplayer experiences this Gen... except on wii U.

The article is interesting. It's multiple authors, some who didn't like the system initially. Basically saying it will be a dreamcast or a gamecube. In that in years to come it will be seen as a highly underrated gem of a system. Nothing even close to MK8, Smash, bayonetta 2... #1.5
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In his honor there will be only like 100 made and they will all be passed off to resellers directly. #1.2
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I got over wanting games to be mature to enjoy them when I completed puberty and saw a vagina in real life. Now i prefer a game of mario kart over wanting my games to be like movies. #2.3
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If only the games weren't so great. Damn all the millions of people who recognise the difference between milking a franchise and consistently reinventing franchises so they survive. Why can't all these people just be happy missing out on incredible gaming titles because they are afraid of being seen as immature by those around them. I mean, mario doesn't even have blood. How could an adult ever enjoy that? I mean. There's not even guns or some desperate attempt to reach the le... #1.1.6
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Looks more like she's hanging with Isabelle with K.K. doing cameos #1
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@blue Wut? Last I checked a million is sales is good. Especially for a new IP. It's also still selling. Why must people do mental gymnastics to make it seem like nintendo is failing when they actually are surviving this gen just fine? The sooner people stop wishing nintendo or any game company for that matter to fail, the better the gaming community will be. hopefully it'll be better the more grown up the media fanbase gets. Only kids bash Nintendo these days. #2.2.2
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@griever y u mad? Who cares. Its gonna be a damn good RPG. Wii U has all the exclusives this gen. The fact it isn't gangbusters in Japan means nothing. Over 1million units of splatoon has sold already. Maybe this taught nintendo the importance of good ad campaigns.

Japan numbers have never proven anything... ever. Also, the article is mistitled. Xenoblade chronicles sold 22k downloads in a week. This exceeds the amount of the number 4 slot for physical media in japan for... #2.2
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@rainzor Sony and Microsoft is for shithead FPS kids who say swear words on mic and are just too insecure to enjoy nintendo games. Nintendo is for everyone and is beloved by people who really care about games. I am 33, I have many many high school friends who are currently trying to get me to play splatoon right now. It's not for kids it's just colorful and fun as hell. The reality of the real world as you get older just makes nintendo games more appealing as you go on.
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@aw They did, but that shit was good enough for the main event, should have booted out skylanders and gave us some fatal fram and I doubt people would have been half as down on the Nintendo event. #2.1.2
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Hate to be a broken record but they are promoting Fatal frame, it should have been in the nintendo direct. Honestly... i'm worried this is just gonna be a bad game. #3.3
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