Manic Mega Driving


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Wow, didn't realize N4g was still fanboy clickbait. Now I see why I don't bother with this site anymore. (it's because it sucks)

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with youtubes terrible music policy probably best to turn off the in game music if streaming it.

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Jesus, between xenoblade, mario kart 8, splatoon, and MH 3 ultimate. the hours are outrageous. This guy clearly has no taste in games or just forgot to keep up on the release schedule.

I got my wii U for first party titles and my PC for third parties. Still haven't found a need for xbox one and ps4. None of the exclusives on those systems have interested me at all. only thing my PC doesn't have is bloodborne. Not enough to snag a ps4 yet.

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That's odd because nothing I've seen of the game has anything from starfox 64. Like... anything. A few mechanics but everything from the enemies to bosses to additional vehicles looks nothing like starfox 64. I think you're just being salty.

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nice repost of a gif from reddit on friday is what it is. I'd be more interested if they showed the rest of the level.

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It's not over until the fat baby sings.

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I think you're right. I'm 40 hours in and not even touched the multiplayer outside of uploading my avatar,

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I got everything I ever wanted from wii U. I could care less if it ends soon because the sheer number of what will be timeless games is amazing. I think i will be happy to put it perpetually on my shelf with the game selection. There's nothing quite like it this gen. It's quirky and beautiful in it's selection.

If only a few more games come out for it from nintendo. I'm happy with it.

Besides, Xenoblade Chronicles X will more than keep me busy...

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Too true, 3ds is still selling gangbusters, amiibo is making em cash. It's more than enough to hold them over was they drop the final big titles for wii U and move to nx. Wii U is truly this gens gamecube. expect in 10 years folks will be talking about wii U games like they do n64 titles.

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Do you like 20fps and choppy sound. well I gotta wii U for you. Seriously, there's no way they're going to get it playable before wii U is a last gen system.

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aerogague... shudder. I got that thinking it was n64's wipeout. How wrong i was.

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tought for them going into the holiday season with no new games to market wii U.

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this is what sjw's are doing to gaming

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Felt the same way, in a fun game like bayonetta, I get it. Different look and style in the game. this? It turns into a cosplayer horror movie.

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Google says there's malware on the link.

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Seriously, Wii U deserves way more sales than it has. People who don't have one are totally missing out. Some of the most amazing games I've played this gen have been on Wii U.

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I'll totally take you up on that. At best a handheld will be released next year, not the NX. Nintendo is on a 5 year cycle and with the steady income of amiibos and 3ds. Nintendo is not even close to hurting enough to make that kind of decision.

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It was a good ride. Glad to be part of it. Some of my favorite games this gen were on wii U. The right move to make is to hang onto it after it's over. In 10 years people will be clamoring for these titles with extreme nostalgia sad they missed out when it was still going on and top 10 lists of this gen singing these titles' praises.

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Wii U is currently HD dude. Mario Kart 8 runs at 60fps in 1080p, bayonetta 2 runs 60fps at 1080p too.

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"repetitive franchises"

What? Like Halo, God of war, Call of duty, assassins creed? Oh wait, none of those had recent entries that were are half as well rated as any of nintendo's endeavors on wii U.

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