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you buy the longest and best warranty out there for it. :)

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im a ps3 junkie and I even know there are waaay better games then tho/s out there..

-GEARS 1 and 2?
-even HALO 3.
-Dead rising?
-or my personal favorite game ever on the 360 so far: PREY (prey 2 cant wait for even though my 360(s) are all gone).

PREY was an AMZING experience.. it was accually the 1st game i ever played on the 360.

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and from never seeing the anime before.. this game is strait BADASS..

1) sh!t load of combos.
2) "f" bomb galore lol.
3)graphical style is awesome.
4)bloody guts"n"gore.
5)limbs flying every were.
6)SAMUEL L JACKSON for crying out fvckin loud,cmon guys. he's efing AWESOME!!
7)some cool and funny humor.

only con imho is the story is a little weak.. just a little though,as i have never seen the...

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"controls are VERY outdated".

true dat my friend,true dat.

i think the game would be incredibly more badass if they made the control movements like Dead space... thats wut made one of the reasons dead space was the best horror game ive ever played so far.

i think RE5 is more action thriller then horror or even CLOSE to bieng scary regardless playing it at night with headphones by yourself.

i honestly thought tho,that they w...

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im gettin a ps3 for my family before killzone 2 so we (friends) can have online party's wen they come over.. and blu-ray ofcourse for my parents.

but over here were im at,i can get a brand new ps3 with a new HDMI cord,NEW game of my choice,extra controller and reciet for warranty for only $400 USD (WITHOUT PAYING TAX :)

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cuz im gunna get me one but i need to know were to buy it..

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let the WAR begin.

gamers VS media 1/29/09.

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a friend of mine works for a sony company (non directly),but none the less has allready showed me how it looks so far (things could change between now and then).

im (of course) not allowed to tell.

all i can say (that he told me) is that dont expect it anytime soon.

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btw i think grid is better just from wut ive seen of this game.

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i cant even begin to describe how addicting this game is... ive played and enjoyed alot of driving games (both off road and street) in my gaming time and i can say that from the moment i picked this game up and started playing it.. i was PUMPED by everything this game had to offer..

best and most adrehnaline pumping music EVER in a video game ive ever played (driving game)..

this imroves on EVERY SINGLE way possible then the origina...

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M$ is trying to throw all they can at sony and killzone 2..
and yet they will fail.

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some hungarian dude that only speaks slovak wrote the review lol.. just sayin.

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sony needs competition as does microsoft and nintendo... it only makes them grow stronger.
so imo wut M$ should do is focus on improving the number of QUALITY games insted of quantity,ya know,like grow more first party studios and focus mainly on tho's.

i also think they should devote some time and brains to finding ways to improve their hardware if the intend to stay in this console war for a while.

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KZ2 im glad does NOT have it as i was able to slowly but surely enjoy the story mode on KZ1 with a great experience witch compeled me to stay and play that game more and more...

KZ2 will be a massive achievment story wise (for me) and i want to sqeeze every bit of juice out of the story for myself,so that it will make for a even MORE compelling experience.

plus-MP has got your hooks on that anyways... the only ones that seem to be complaining about co-op is the s...

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a midnight launch at gamestop... then i can laugh at the 360 employe's at GS.

and im not sure why peeps down play KZ 1 wen (if you have ever payed attention) the game acually won some awards (non E3 ones)-as did liberation as well...

any true KZ fan would know that.. :):)

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you'd think the japs are more in the casual side of things,since the DSI is obliterating everything there... hmm but i guess that if their gunna go hi-def,then their best bet is the ps3.

and it looks like they are going more hardcore now then casual,witch is like a whole new generation in itself.

+ dont forget they are getting ready for FF13 this year so their staking up on their early shopping.

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no one will ever understand will they... wut are you guys? 12? 15? years old or wut.
you dudes are redonculous for the fact non of you even THINK before you open your pie-holes.

1st off,360 came out a year earlier and getting dominated MASSIVLEY from the Wii in sales.... it has the "best" online service right? it has alot of awesome games right?.. now its even less then the Wii and STILL getting its ass handed to it-

2nd,once again 360 had a year...

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