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Those blatantly obvious duplicate accounts that disregard various n4g ToS on a constant basis? Seems like a big loss to me. All they would do is flip between arguing or agreeing with eachother as if they were speaking in the 3rd person. Sometimes entertaining, but mostly just outright annoying.

riiight so I replied to Zenith asking about Sasuke the NarutoXi SasukeXi guy and for some reason the comment got attached to a completely different comment? #9.3
masterfox I hate spoilers I mean despise them I would go as far to say I get a little irrational if people spoil stuff for me. Quite difficult when you work in a videogame store to deal with. Now having said that I have to say that someone telling you Naruto fights Sasuke at the end is not a spoiler. It has been a foreshadowing of the ENTIRE SERIES for AT LEAST nine years if not longer.

We have had constant flashbacks and fights that either don't end as expected or are co... #1.1
Forgive my ignorance but what the hell is XBMC Openelec? Love videogames but I am weaker in the hardware terminology dept. #5.3
Playstation 3. Odd yet true

Edited to explain this strange fact.

Let's look at the different types and ways media can be played with all systems from this current generation as well as previous

Wii : Nintendo Wii and Gamecube Games, Streaming

Wii U: Nintendo Wii and Wii U games, Streaming

Xbox 360: CD,DVD,Xbox 360, some Xbox games, Streaming, Flash Drive support

Xbox One : DVD, Blu-ray,... #42
I think there is something more going on here.

My friend bought some Amiibo's as we were told during the Nintendo direct that you could play with them and against them.

Though this is true they are really glorified AI more than anything else.

Nintendo did a good job of telling blatant lies "unintentionally" with this Amiibo's Near every cool thing they said an Amiibo could do is "true" to an "extent"
I have though. When the same exact thing happened at the unveiling of the PS3. A standing ovation transitioned into dead silence in the middle of his sentence as he said "we wanted to show what would be possible with the power of the Playstation 3 Please be advised this is not an actual game in development. (Or something to that effect)

You don't give an "advisory" AFTER you show your damn video you give it before. In the history of any TV show that require... #16.1
I must admit this infuriated me.

They got so much hate over the tease that amounted to nothing when the PS3 was announced. This was the second act of that.

I don't dislike Squareenix but their development overall seems to have shifted towards more western release games Tomb Raider, Hitman, Just Cause and less at home in Japan.

Squaresoft was one of my favorite companies I cannot say the same for Squareenix.

I do enjoy A R... #7
Wrong there will still be plenty of japanese games for PS3 in 2016. Quite a few developers are still making games just for PS3 instead of PS4.

In addition those indie titles they tout on PS4 so much the majority of them are on all 3 platforms which is a "loophole" of sorts. Persona 5 still hasn't released in Japan yet. We will get a year after that probably.

It is highly unrealistic to expect the majority of games to be made for previous gen sys... #6.2.1
Harold I want so badly to comment back but you built the damn no can do. Too awesome to disagree with even if I do. #90.1
I don't care that he told a joke I am fine with that. What I am not fine with and in fact infuriated by is that this guy's very poorly planned photo with little to no thought put in to it is head of PR for marketing. A kid in elementary school could put a better "diss pic" together with better framing that clearly shows you what was where and gives some form of context, yet this guy runs their PR. I just find it insane. There is no "clever smack talk here" This is... #83.1
I don't WANT an Assassin's Creed next year. Split them apart damnit.

Nothing like Unity should ever happen again.

Also...Crew is dead in the water. It needs persistant online play to even be viable. We had a whopping 9 preorders across ALL platforms. One guy picked his up saw it was online only and returned it seconds later.

EA is getting better about being forthright with their customers. For some reason Ubisoft is deciding to take t... #35
What is really funny about all of this is that Xbox One isn't REALLY doing bad at all. They are doing "not as well as Sony with the Playstation 4 true but that is because the PS4 is one of the fastest selling systems of all time.

I really don't think it is realistic to think 18M will be sold for PS4 through the holidays. maybe 16.5? that might even be too high. They just announced they have shipped 15m which is odd as that was the song Microsoft was singing earli... #73.1
If this picture is true awesome for him and his team if not you can't ask for worse press than you just created for yourself.

Why doesn't he tell you where the Xbox One's were stored? Circle's them somewhere points them out in some way?

The playstation 4's "Like every other system stacked in pallets in any other store are on the ground. So they don't oh I don't know fall on people get knocked over and damaged aren't knocke... #76
Now THIS is what being a games journalist SHOULD be about. Not saying it never is just that more often than not you don't get this level caliber of writing. From one journalist to another bravo!

I haven't written any reviews in years and have never written for my own site but if I did have a site and I was looking for writers I would be asking you to apply right now. Hopefully those with sites who actually are looking for writers get the message. If you ever find your... #3
Someone already beat me to it but though CNN may not approve Faux news it the one who will blow it up of proportion. #3.4
Wait wait....honey badger? As in THE HONEY BADGER...well many of us should expect to die then. OFTEN. #3.1.1
That 32 GB card is not on sale as soon as the 64 GB card was released the 32GB had a permanent reduction to 59.99 and the 64GB was released for the same price the 32GB was released for. Come to think of it the 16 GB barely is those are set at 34.99 and the 8GB are 24.99 and the 4GB are 14.99

The charger however is a good deal. Working in retail I have only ever seen those in the store once. Customers ask for them often and most of the time we can't even order them online... #10
Please tell me I am not imagining things.

Did this article just end in the middle of a thought? Was that really a closing paragraph? Sounded like it was in the middle of a compare and contrast but just ended?

I agree with the sentiment for what little was said but it sets itself up as a compare and contrast yet doesn't really offer the contrast?

Am I the only journalist here who sees an unfinished article? #17
HOW IS THIS NEWS!?!?! What has happened to the credibility of this site! Prey 2 was cancelled over 2 years ago! YEARS! This is not news.

I hear so often how gaming journalists want to be taken seriously. Really? This is not the way to go about it. #20
How do you not have more agrees? This comment is amazing.

It doesn't matter what company you prefer or loathe this comment rocks. Bubble up for you! #4.1
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