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I wouldn't expect to get all 4 for 60 dollars that's kind of the opposite type of crazy but I would expect Yakuza 1-3 in one Release and 4, 5 and the awful zombie game on another. Or even just the PS2 games in one collection and the PS3 ones in another. It is absolutely insane the prices they are charging for the digital. The whole point of digital is to circumvent rare copies. When they do this it usually makes the rare physical copies plummet in price as they are priced affordably. ...

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Nope I never have. I also haven't seen Yakuza 1 for $30 Yakuza 2 for $40 Yakuza 3 for $40 and Yakuza 4 for $18 dollars physical copies you can hold in your hand online either.

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I hope you are being sarcastic about this being "Awesome and that you can't wait for it." Because this is terrible for the gaming industry as a whole.

Companies don't need to look out for themselves they need to look out for their employees. They make millions off of their games but the developers get very little of that. There are various unions getting started and different groups of people plan to strike. Voice actors just ...

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Which mistakes like releasing a new "not-new system" every 3 years for the foreseeable future?

Or how about making the Playstation Store more difficult to navigate with each subsequent update?

Watched the Playstation Experience and heard about the Parappa the Rapper Demo.

Something is wrong with the Playstation Store's search function. It doesn't find things until they have been on the store for nearly a month at times...

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Why are we assuming The Dog-Bird is only 10 years old though? It's a guardian after all. Aren't they generally tasked with guarding items or places of importance in history? How do they determine which dog-birds have the right to be guardians and how much training do they need to partake in before being accepted? The Guardian the newspaper has been out for about 60 years I think? Wouldn't guarding things all day get boring? If we assume many obstacles lie in the path of whatever t...

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Ok I see what happened now the problem is two-fold. We have a language barrier issue here and I removed some of the joke before I posted it which unfortunately made it harder to understand. I will now try as clearly as possible to say what it was meant to be.

There are rumors going back over 3 years that "The Last Guardian" would probably die at some point in the game. So if "The Guardian" reviewed itself that would mean it doesn't die. Because the d...

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What the hell you call an educated opinion trolling? Right I name drop the developer's name and make a joke about The Guardian reviewing itself and that counts as trolling? Are you kidding me? I was just trying to lighten the mood what with the bickering in the comments. That and I was genuinely surprised that no one else had made that joke yet. It seemed like a painfully obvious connection. I was talking about both the newspaper and the Guardian in the game itself. There have been articl...

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This game was always going to be divisive and this is something that was never in doubt. I haven't played it yet but if it is anything like Ico or Shadow of the Colossus I am probably going to enjoy it however it wouldn't surprise me at all if some negative reviews happen. None of Fumita Ueda's games are designed to "appeal to everyone" sure that is the objective but this is a very specific type of game. Wasn't ICO one of the first games developers started talking ab...

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I have no problem with indie games I pretty much expected Playstation Plus to go 90% indie titles when it was announced as mandatory to play games online. Before they offered full titles because the online was free. Now the online isn't free so they don't have to offer as many full premium games. So the constant bashing of the company for "not giving them full retail games for free just sounds crazy to me. They have given no indication during the enti...

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Why do they think online servers would be working before a game releases? This kind of idiocy is how we find ourselves in this political revolution now.

The release date was November 15th but oh no you got your copy on November 11th and for some strange reason the online play isn't working.

Is this really that much of a mystery. It's ubisoft so make no mistake something somewhere will be horribly broken when the game releases but when big budget g...

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Oh hell no!

You did not just answer FOR me as to what a hardcore gamer prefers or hates in their games.

I am a hard core gamer and I use the oldschool definition. Someone really obsessed with videogames plays and reads about them far too often.

I play videogames for the game not the frame rate or resolution. Is it nice to have a better resolution? Sure. Is it required no. Would I rather have a game at 60 FPS consistently or a game at 30...

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This is so sad. Yes Driveclub had a disastrous launch and yes the game vastly improved over time. It's sad when any game developer closes down and people lose their jobs but what really sucks is that the true reason for Driveclub having such a disastrous launch and constant delays was one of the most legitimate reasons possible a company could have for not meeting deadlines. And because that launch was so disastrous and the online wasn't working and so many other factors no one even a...

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What do you mean CrimsonWing? You mean to tell me you don't want 3 Street Fighter games a year for the next 10 years? What if every 4 games is an entirely new Street Fighter game?

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Kudos to you Hoffmann for not giving in to blind fanboyism.

Hey Kos-Mos you know what Japanese game series I would hear people incorrectly say was made by Capcom? When I was working at Gamestop these are just a few game series people told me they enjoyed playing and wished Capcom made more of.

Dance Dance Revolultion
Metal Gear Solid
Dynasty Warriors.
One Piece <...

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This has been going on for a long time but in the last 6 months or so became general knowledge. There is no denying mobile dominates Japan anymore. For at least 4 maybe even 5 years Mobile has dominated everything. I have no idea why this is and it is extremely frustrating because the majority of the mobile games don't have much substance. Yet people play them like crazy myself included.

There has not been a single month in this console generation not even AT LAUNCH tha...

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The irony is that it will sell fine in Japan. For whatever reason in Japan people will buy the same thing over and over and over again as long as it looks slightly different. I don't mean a new version I mean Nintendo usually has somewhere between 10-20 different "Special Edition" handhelds in each handheld generation. The often prefer the premium content. Not only that but they will buy Special Editions after already owning the original edition and vice versa. As long as it has...

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What is your complaint exactly? Quite impressed and blown away seem like they are synonyms for "I really liked this game?"

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Zeref it's not a rumor they announced it before E3 even started. They said releasing this fall will not be at E3. Looks like Xbox Scorpio is why. It really wouldn't look good to announce an upgraded PS4 20-30% more powerful than PS4 mere hours after Xbox announced a system 6 times the power of their own system.

Phil Spencer just played the entire videogame industry like a fiddle. We are all pissed. We will all end up on PC. Where he wanted us all along.

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this is more in response to GrontB but it won't let me reply to him directly just your comment thread for some reason.

They can't change the specs. They either have to scrap it and start over thereby wasting millions of dollars on the upgrade they made or they release it and then get even more Bad PR by releasing a brand new system 2 years after that miniupgrade comes out. Systems are planned about 4-6 years in advance of release. As a Sony fan I can see the facts. ...

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This is my curse. I have never concerned myself with getting the platinum for a game because I rarely even finish them. I think I have played about 75% of the games I own and have beat about 10% of that 75%? A.D.D. + gaming addiction = problems completing games.

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