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Almost half of that list is not confirmed to release next year. Fact-check much? #24
You haven't heard much of Project Morpheus because they still aren't even close to releasing it.

Though I don't work for Sony or Oculus it is fairly easy to see what happened.

Sony was working on a VR unit of some kind before Oculus started to make waves, The more and more support and press Oculus received the more pressure Sony had to get a working prototype out in to the wild as soon as possible.

You can see people "reactin... #2.1.2
The Kinect for the 360 is dead has been for some time.

The Kinect for Xbox One is not even close to dead.
It has nothing to do with gaming either.

When the Kinect (first one) launched originally it sold like mad and Microsoft was really happy about it thinking that there were a ton of 360 players out there with a kinect ready to dive in to this new experience!

The reality however was quite the opposite. Something like 40% of the Kinec... #20
First of all I need to say that what I will say at the end of this isn't something I usually say I do my best to be tolerant of others and their opinions. To each their own right?

I also wanted to make sure that I wasn't directing said comment at the wrong individual so I checked your profile and a few of your comments to make sure I wasn't about to say something to the wrong person after all someone else can "contribute" an article to the site they don&... #30
2nd? Try 50th. Those only count the ones I am aware of.

I am a former employee of Best buy. Before comments like I amjust talking crap about the company because I don't work there anymore or to spite them come in. I enjoyed working there and often shopped there. This is one thing they just don't have their head on straight about.

If we offered a limited of something chances are we would not order enough to meet demand or there would be 5 extra sitting... #4.3
*prowl They have been on the prowl. prawl is not a word in any language. #24
I strongly disagree with your statement of Plus.

I agree wholeheartedly with anyone who says the basic OS is crap. I cannot agree enough I could type I agree 100 times and it wouldnt' be enough. I loved my PS3 but there were two things I disliked the most. How freaking long things took to download and update (greatly improved from PS3) and that annoyed me.

What infuriated me though? Was that XMB interface, the basics of the basics were NEVER in the menu&#... #41.1
Making deals with indie developers is cheaper for Sony, and gives completely new companies massive exposure and PR for games we may never have heard or given a second glance otherwise.

By contrast expect PS Vita and PS3 games to be retail releases 80% of the time. Playstation Plus is currently the de facto thing for anyone with a PS Vita to have to get a selection of games and PS3 is old enough now that it costs them very little to port old games.

The one tim... #46.1
Why in the hell do people keep complaining about getting indie games for PS4?

This is how it going is to be and we were told this outright when they announced PS4 Playstation Plus at E3 last year! This was further confirmed when the model structure changed

At the end of June. In the short term it isn't as good as it used to be I was and still am a firm supporter of the fact. However in the long term it will work out better in the end.

Thi... #46
Translation : How Dare bungie give Sony the beta first and exclusive content to Sony platforms for a year. I am going to go bash what is more than likely going to get game of the year instead of just getting it for PS3 or PS4. I will be subtle about it though since everyone is getting sick of Microsoft fans complaining about it and calling them out on it. So instead I will just make generic insults towards the game.

No hard feelings though Fairy Tail is a great series and Mys... #1.4.1
WHY was this approved? This is not news. This site's approval process has become a joke which is a real shame as it started out with such promise. #8
Normally I just mind my own business but there are simply too many to ignore.

First of all Playstation has had mascots before they just aren't as widespread as Mario because I mean what is? Did you really just throw Mario in with music stating it was a legitimately fun game? That is one of the only games in the entire history of Nintendo that caused the creators to simply state "my bad" so no sorry not a legitimate argument.

Then we have dude Br... #1.4.4
More than likely the "leaked release date" is a leaked release time FOR an official release date. Meaning whenever that is supposed to be is when you will have a "targeted release date window"

This is Kojima we are talking about if you think this game is being rushed you are wrong. I have a running joke with friends, coworkers and customers alike.

Which will release first

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
Final... #18
Opinion piece is it? Ok then my "opinion" is that you are an idiot.

This isn't even about me being a fan of Naughty Dog or thinking the last of us is a great game.

This is just about you ignoring the common information right in front of you.

How often do you buy GOTY edition games? Sometimes those are worth it sometimes they aren't.

What about HD rereleases? See where I am going with this?

H... #96
I didn't read your article there was no need to. The vitriol is more than clear enough in the title.

"Real" gamers. Why a "real" gamer needs to get an Xbox One.

It wouldn't matter what the system or platform said.

This whole you aren't a real gamer if you don't play ___ on ___ got old about 15 years ago. Probably even before then but that is when I myself tired of it.

Your title comes off a... #80
Wow that is a great trailer. The laws with subliminal advertisement must be less strict in Japan though.

As all of the clips from the games play the song says "If you want it, come and get it (A few times) but the majority of the time it just keeps repeating "Come and Get it"

As far as an advertising campaign goes I don't think they could have done a better job.

There is no way the sales for the Xbox One are going to be as... #36
Actually I am a beta tester for both the PS3 and the PS4 in most of its phases. A diehard Playstation fan as well. Playstation is not immune to ripping people off though. They make mistakes just like everyone else. I agree there are a ton of articles like this, but this one adds something new in the last few paragraphs. Why are beta testers being charged in the first place preliminary prices or not?

This is something that you NEED to see enough articles on that you start to... #44.1
Normally complaining about the price of something is something I would be against especially if the prices aren't finalized yet.

However in this instance I think the writer is spot on.

Especially when it comes to asking Beta testers to pay money.

Think of it this way

Sony says "These prices are not final we just need to test whether the service works properly or not and can handle the load yes?

So th... #50
Cry me a river. I prefer Sony systems I will admit this. I am NOT a fanboy I hope you understand. Insomniac Games is one of my alltime favorite developers. I am getting an Xbox One for the simple fact that Sunset Overdrive is only on that system. I do not feel betrayed by Insomniac Games it is not the fault of Insomniac Games that Sony didn't want them to own their IP. They made Ratchet and Clank Games for over 12 Years. They still don't own the rights.

This is the sa... #108
The irony here is that Ubisoft is probably one of the most female friendly gaming companies in the world.

You would say Crystal Dynamics or Eidos because of Tomb Raider? Sexualized

Ubisoft on the other hand has published Beyond Good & Evil Which was a great game that didn't sell well because others NOT Ubisoft didn't want to play as a girl. Then you have Aveline getting her own game in Assassin's Creed Liberation for Vita which recently got a re-... #16
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