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I like the idea behind the list I strongly disagree with much of the order of the list. Those series of games I do agree with have quite a few series represented with games that are not the pinnacle of the series.

It seemed like going through the list the writer kept changing his mind on whether he did or did not want to include multiple games in a series, and when they did always gave more credit to games that weren't as good as others in the series.

Bes... #12
Hmm on the one hand I am glad there are no online trophies.

However on the other hand the main reason most people prefer not to have online trophies is due to servers waning in population overtime until they are eventually discontinued. In otherwords not having any online trophy of any kind makes it far easier for a company to just close the servers on something whenever they want. #15
This is NOT news in any way shape or form. This has been known for about a month.

My own opinion what Konami is doing is absolutely despicable. Though Konami has made plenty of games and has been a gaming company for quite awhile there are really only 3 successful series that push their business.
Metal Gear, Castlevania, DDR

They have made plenty of other successful games but as a series those are the only ones that have made it. I wouldn't includ... #44
All of the negative criticism directed at this article is sound.

Then the question becomes WHY THE HELL WAS IT APPROVED? #7
9hours and no one thought to point this out?

RockSteady. NOT Rockstar. Two very different companies. #18.1
I am NOT going to watch a 40 minute review.

I myself am a long-winded guy. Run on sentences, poor timing, constantly losing my topic and having to pick it up again after finishing a rant.

FORTY MINUTES THOUGH? Hell no. Even I know better than that.

I have watched a few of his videos he has some interesting things to say. It is insane to make a 40 minute long review though. I don't care who you are no one should be wasting their time on a... #23
@OP: Actually that's wrong. I wish I wrote this same article a year ago because I would have been able to. I attended a panel at Momocon about this time last year with Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker talking about their experiences with the Last of Us. Panel ran for a good hour and 10 minutes or so and about 10 minutes of it was her talking about this exact subject. I want to say this panel happened something like two months after the dlc hadn't come out. I didn't want to spoil the... #1.16
Kojima I believed you the first time you told me this with Snake Eater. Then I believed you with Guns of the Patriots. Now you are just crying like a wolf or rather outfoxing people like a hound. #56
Wow this is amazing. This is news. It is obscure, unique and bizarre

If Squareenix is short some cash to make final fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III? Usually I am against frivolous lawsuits but this isn't frivolous this is blatantly ripping off another creator. SUE SUE SUE THEM ALL INTO OBLIVION....(ahem what I mean to say is)
Get that money. Use the reflect spell on their thieving ways learn the blue magic to mug them back. #5
Like the gaming razzies but with Peter Molyneux's face emblazoned over an Ubisoft Logo? #7.2
Comment deleted #2
FINISH the game before RELEASING said game.

Honestly until you have a year of consistent releases without issue I won't be buying any of your games at launch I will give it between 3-6 months. Just picked up Unity a few days ago and now that most of it has been fixed I hear it is good now. The loadtimes are horrendous it does freeze occassionally, and those blue chests will probably never be accessible. I also hear that dead kings DLC is barely playable and that because i... #33
JJShredder I feel your pain on that so much. During Microsoft's conference last year I think it was at E3 but may have been Gamescom. They started to talk about a game series near and dear to Xbox's heart and showed a trailer. I was so convinved for the first 20 seconds or so of it I was looking at Jade Empire and I was losing my mind. Jumping up and down freaking out OMG THEY ARE MAKING IT!

I had never heard of Phantom Dust :( I am sure it is a good game in it's... #6.1
I could see a Dragon Age Expansion release but an entirely new game? Try Late 2017 mid 2018 #8
I think the Vita is in limbo right now. It isn't dead and it isn't alive. It is sitting in standby mode, locked away in carbonite.

I have in the majority of circumstances always supported Playstation when it comes to videogames. It doesn't matter.

I wanted the PSP to usurp the DS that did not happen.

It had better graphics, a great roster of games, no one had ever gone toe to toe with Nintendo as a handheld and survived. Yes I inc... #25
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"I don't even have time to explain why I don't have time to explain"

So far in the entirety of the story (haven't played the expansion yet) I would say that is the best line of the dialogue so far. #18
In your last sentence you said Apothern or Apothem not sure which it is spaced to close together. I would post this on the comments of the actual site but I am not going to create an account just to submit a correction. #3
Uncharted,Last Virtues Reward, Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice, Gravity Rush, Tearaway, Danganronpa, a ton of games that are on either PS3 or PS4 and have crossbuy with Vita.

Not to mention the myriad of PS1 games that were PSP compatible and by default are now vita compatible. #2.1.6
They aren't even a publisher it is a freaking investment firm. What the Fuck. #82
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