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Bravo to Nvidia I would do the same damn thing.

This whole falling out between Kojima and Konami is one of the worst events to happen in gaming in a long time. That and Satoru Iwata's death and no I am not comparing the two just saying both have really upset me you can't compare a developer falling out with their publisher with one of gaming's biggest forces dying at such an early age R.I.P. Satoru-san.

What I am saying however is that for a nation f... #28
What world do you live in where you think you can get over 3x the standard storage space for another 50 dollars? I could be wrong about this but at least when I last checked a used PS4 for 380? so for another 100 on top of that you get a 2 TB HDD instead? Keep in mind refurbished isn't used. You are far less likely to have an issue with a refurbished console then a used one. I used to work for Gamestop but never will again and frankly I don't buy any systems used ever unless they are... #1.8
(There is no order just games I am interested in)
No Mans Sky (I lied thats the top one)
Metal Gear Solid V (Though I won't be paying Konami for that one due to ousting Kojima in their pettiness. Whatever their reasons he is the creator of Metal Gear period.)
Rise of the Tomb Raider (which I will get next year on PS4 and am fine with waiting for Microsoft paid to make the game we should be lucky we are getting it at all)
Persona 5 (Shin Megami Tensei is one... #26
Full disclosure haven't read the list and probably won't as the one game per page thing is something that irritates me as well. That and the last top 10 list about videogames ruined a major event in a game I hadn't finished yet so really I am more paranoid to than anything.

I did however read every comment before commenting to get an idea of what is and isn't on the list.

I was a fan of the Assassin's Creed series keyword here is was. Sinc... #25
Wow as I was watching this and the WTF moments kept adding up I said to myself I am going to just comment. "This looks like something David Lynch would make." As soon as the youtube video finishes EVERY additional "next video" is some kind of David Lynch video. Did he actually direct this?

Yup! He did! #5
Well I read your article and came on here to defend you from everyone yelling clickbait at you but realize I am 3 days to late in doing so >< Thankfully though you cleared up the misunderstanding on your own!

I have been on off/on journalist for years but haven't done much with it I never thought your article was clickbait I immediately understood the intention behind the message.

Now if I had clicked your article and after it loaded I was presented... #7
It's sarcasm. Were I still working at Gamestop and you were a customer I was randomly telling this to it would be properly conveyed but in text I apparently fail at it and have much to learn.

I have been saying for a solid year and a half or so that once the xbox games with gold hype dies down now that Playstation Plus is mandatory for PS4 we can expect the vast majority of games featured in the service to be indie games. More often than not I defend the indie games when... #24.2.1
HOLY CRAP! This lineup is amazing! O_o

Who needs Guilty Gear Xrd or Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate for free titles when we get 3 amazing games instead!

First we have Rocket League! Which though it hasn't released is fair to say is going to an amazing title just as good as the critically acclaimed hit game Monster Madness: Grave Danger!

Then we have Styx:Master of Shadows, a gem so amazing that despite releasing a year ago I hadn't e... #24
When I used to work for Gamestop a running joke I would have with just about any customer who enjoyed both console and handheld videogames would be my reason behind why Microsoft has never released a handheld system and never will. When I explain my reasoning I have yet to find a single customer who didn't see the logic. The most hardcore xbox fans in the world agreed.

Nintendo owns handhelds period. Just the way it is.

Now before you freak out and post n... #1.3
Two equally important yet different questions.

1. Why in the hell would they stop selling anything to do with the 3DS?

2. Why the hell were they still selling Wii and DS games? #10
So it's official. Nintendo is going to self destruct. By choice. They are hiring a man who shares the last name of the main antagonist in the Mario series their most successful and most would argue most recognizable property in all of videogame history. They hire a man with that man's villain's name.

What could possibly be wrong? #15
That's great and all but the only question I have is why?

Need for Speed has been playing the shell shuffle game so much that EA has basically killed it. Once upon a time four out of 5 Need For Speed games were good. Now it is about 1 and a half times out of 5 releases.

There are many series that got cancelled indefinitely that I wish never had or were just rereleased or someone else got the rights to them that maybe it would save the series.
@Maddens Raiders

That will never happen. Capcom has lost the rights to Marvel in every way shape and form ad infinitum.

You can't even redownload the content for the games they released previously they removed it from the store entirely. Any game Capcom made that has anything to do with Marvel has been pulled. This was a really big deal when it happened about a year ago. It wasn't just capcom that got hit either anyone making a game about a Marvel cha... #1.1.12
I like the idea behind the list I strongly disagree with much of the order of the list. Those series of games I do agree with have quite a few series represented with games that are not the pinnacle of the series.

It seemed like going through the list the writer kept changing his mind on whether he did or did not want to include multiple games in a series, and when they did always gave more credit to games that weren't as good as others in the series.

Bes... #12
Hmm on the one hand I am glad there are no online trophies.

However on the other hand the main reason most people prefer not to have online trophies is due to servers waning in population overtime until they are eventually discontinued. In otherwords not having any online trophy of any kind makes it far easier for a company to just close the servers on something whenever they want. #15
This is NOT news in any way shape or form. This has been known for about a month.

My own opinion what Konami is doing is absolutely despicable. Though Konami has made plenty of games and has been a gaming company for quite awhile there are really only 3 successful series that push their business.
Metal Gear, Castlevania, DDR

They have made plenty of other successful games but as a series those are the only ones that have made it. I wouldn't includ... #44
All of the negative criticism directed at this article is sound.

Then the question becomes WHY THE HELL WAS IT APPROVED? #7
9hours and no one thought to point this out?

RockSteady. NOT Rockstar. Two very different companies. #18.1
I am NOT going to watch a 40 minute review.

I myself am a long-winded guy. Run on sentences, poor timing, constantly losing my topic and having to pick it up again after finishing a rant.

FORTY MINUTES THOUGH? Hell no. Even I know better than that.

I have watched a few of his videos he has some interesting things to say. It is insane to make a 40 minute long review though. I don't care who you are no one should be wasting their time on a... #23
@OP: Actually that's wrong. I wish I wrote this same article a year ago because I would have been able to. I attended a panel at Momocon about this time last year with Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker talking about their experiences with the Last of Us. Panel ran for a good hour and 10 minutes or so and about 10 minutes of it was her talking about this exact subject. I want to say this panel happened something like two months after the dlc hadn't come out. I didn't want to spoil the... #1.16
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