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Interesting all of those images look like HD reskin's of existing areas from previous games. Well 3 of them do I can't place one of them.

The one with a forest background looks like that forest you crash in in Final Fantasy VIII The image with the lake and the crystals in the far lower right corner look like the lake you fight that blob that changes forms in in Final Fantasy X

The one with the stone staircase looks very familiar to me but I don't... #48
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Don't hate the money hate the payer? #13.1
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I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok
I sleep all day and I play all night.

I don't know how, to chop down trees
unless its in a game.
For if you want to know how.
Then buy the DLC.

I'm in advertising and I'm ok
Rip all you off and sleep just fine.

I wave my hands, I scream and shout
and say important words
this game is not a good idea
but i'll sell it anyhow.
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I can not recommend Zero escape enough. If you like cerebral mysteries it has by far some of the best character development and twists I have ever seen in ANY artform not just videogames. #2.1.4
@Eiyuuou, _0EDMIX-_ and the many silent disagrees. Wow really? People are this upset at my calling a company out? Once upon a time Squaresoft was my favorite company.

Squareenix has made a lot of great games but they aren't Squaresoft. I know its popular to defend your favorite companies tooth and nail but I actually expect more from them because of it. So when a company with an otherwise good reputation or known for having a better reputation in the past starts to disapp... #9.3
This game is still at the top of my list of most anticipated games but the quote talking about them "worrying about the game being too long" when it is only 40 hours has me deeply concerned.

If there is anything you can say to your fans more stupid than we are bringing FFVII to PS4! (Roaring Applause) as a digital download of the PC version! *Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down*

It would be telling your fans. Hey I know we specialize in... #9
So full disclosure I am definitely more of a Playstation fan always have been and always will be but Phil Spencer is a class act. If there is anyone working for a competitor that I respect most it is Phil Spencer hands down.

He tells it like it is he doesn't bs you on information. See if this were Ubisoft they would be talking about how DX12 is going to give you 3x the capability of the system how it will allow you to use the new Microsoft Hololens right out of the box. H... #20
I am all for hating on Disney and EA they do some pretty despicable things but in this one rare instance I would probably have to side with them.

1313 Was one of my anticipated games hands down, but as soon as Disney bought Star Wars there was zero chance it was ever going to happen. The most we could hope for is they would rehire some of the team for a new game, maybe some characters, assets, backgrounds, or game mechanics would be adopted into a new game. Nothing else was e... #1.1.5
Hmm so having a extensive and current background in videogame retail (for a competitor full disclosure and also that I don't think my companies prices are always all that great either)

Of the 96 games on offer There are 10 are so that are decently priced and maybe 2 or 3 actual good deals. The majority of this stuff you can usually find in clearance bins for far cheaper elsewhere.

One example I found Glory of Heracles for 2.99 at Gamestop they have it lis... #7
You are objecting to Contra being on a difficult game list? That one is quite legit. Go ahead and post a gameplay video of you speedrunning it without using the Konami code or reloading save states to prevent from dying. Then I will believe you. Before you ask no I can't do it myself I am not the one saying the game is easy.

People had so much difficulty completing the game that Konami themselves RELEASED the contra code out into the wild. They didn't hide it. #31.2
Considering your list only has 8 games and you have both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls on the list I must object to the redundancy

Where is Megaman 2?
the Original Castlevania?
Super Meat Boy?
Mega Man 9
Anything in the Ghosts and Goblins series like Super Ghoul's and Ghosts.
Any of the other hundreds of insanely difficult indie games (I only list them because you have FTL in the li... #37
Weird why can I not reply to one of the comments below they have more than one bubble. Oh well.

@Death Personally I agree with you saying it is too soon. At least from a consumer perspective.

There are a few things that are different now compared to then though.

In addition your own information reveals a pattern.

First off what is different is the adoption rate of the system Playstation 2 between the 3 previous systems was de... #1.7
@Godmars290 Playstation, PS1, PSOne, and PSX are all the same thing. Just different ways of saying it. Neither of you are wrong. #1.1.2
@Dark Ocelot No it doesn't. Square-enix explicitly stated not that FFXIV will not be releasing on Xbox One but that it NEVER will because of the way FFXI was handled on Xbox 360.

It all had to do with the Xbox Live policy. FFXI was an MMO as is FFXIV (obviously) Squareenix wanted to host the game on Xbox without requiring xbox live membership since it had a membership fee already. Microsoft didn't just turn them down they responded in the equivalent way that Sony resp... #1.2
Hmm I like the article but I disagree with some points. For me at least it isn't that the game ships "broken" It is the boldfaced lies companies think they are going to get away with. PR is a joke for almost every major videogame company. We shouldn't have to put up with this crap and really with the instant transmission like information relay for videos,audio,pictures, chat, links. We REALLY shouldn't.

As in not that we shouldn't put up with it but... #21
I don't think it will be 5 years but it will be shorter than PS3 was this has to do almost entirely with the tech.

Though the PS4 is an impressive system the leap forward isn't anywhere near as big as it usually is. More often than not a system is on par with a mad range pc for about a year then gets left in the dust.

This time around it is on par with a mid range pc THREE YEARS AGO. This is VERY BAD.

Essentially though PS4 and Xbox O... #2.1.2
Whoa whoa hold on a damn second.

They did NOT create Okami.

Okami is one of my favorite underdog games out there and they did NOT create it.

They ported it. I am not saying that porting a game does not require skill I am sure it does but it is nowhere close to the same thing. I don't claim to be an expert in how exactly it works but my speculation would be a much larger more complicated form of changing the format of a video you downloade... #51.1
Hmm my view has always been that this is going to be a trainwreck. I am not happy about it but it has just given off that vibe to me from the beginning. I don't remember what it was I read but there was an article with one of the developers last year and he came off as defensive,apprehensive, and elitist all rolled into one. Not only is that a difficult combination for a person to accomplish but to me has just been a big red flag planted in the ground.

Again I DON'T... #54
If it is delayed I don't think it will be in the US just Europe. Here in the US we are assbackwards in regards to censorship. All Violence is fine just don't show sex and you are all good. Where most everywhere else is ok with the sex and the excessive violence is frowned upon which in my opinion makes a hell of a lot more sense but to each their own. #17
Don't get me wrong I love the Uncharted series. Hell Naughty Dog is actually my favorite game developer across the board as far as consistency in quality goes. Uncharted 3 could of been better what it wasn't bad by any means just not as good as Uncharted 2 and Jak X Combat Racing was eh. That is it in their entire repertoire of videogames those are the only "not great" games they have made in my opinion of course.

Squaresoft used to be but Squareenix is a sh... #28
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