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What do you mean CrimsonWing? You mean to tell me you don't want 3 Street Fighter games a year for the next 10 years? What if every 4 games is an entirely new Street Fighter game?

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Kudos to you Hoffmann for not giving in to blind fanboyism.

Hey Kos-Mos you know what Japanese game series I would hear people incorrectly say was made by Capcom? When I was working at Gamestop these are just a few game series people told me they enjoyed playing and wished Capcom made more of.

Dance Dance Revolultion
Metal Gear Solid
Dynasty Warriors.
One Piece <...

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This has been going on for a long time but in the last 6 months or so became general knowledge. There is no denying mobile dominates Japan anymore. For at least 4 maybe even 5 years Mobile has dominated everything. I have no idea why this is and it is extremely frustrating because the majority of the mobile games don't have much substance. Yet people play them like crazy myself included.

There has not been a single month in this console generation not even AT LAUNCH tha...

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The irony is that it will sell fine in Japan. For whatever reason in Japan people will buy the same thing over and over and over again as long as it looks slightly different. I don't mean a new version I mean Nintendo usually has somewhere between 10-20 different "Special Edition" handhelds in each handheld generation. The often prefer the premium content. Not only that but they will buy Special Editions after already owning the original edition and vice versa. As long as it has...

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What is your complaint exactly? Quite impressed and blown away seem like they are synonyms for "I really liked this game?"

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Zeref it's not a rumor they announced it before E3 even started. They said releasing this fall will not be at E3. Looks like Xbox Scorpio is why. It really wouldn't look good to announce an upgraded PS4 20-30% more powerful than PS4 mere hours after Xbox announced a system 6 times the power of their own system.

Phil Spencer just played the entire videogame industry like a fiddle. We are all pissed. We will all end up on PC. Where he wanted us all along.

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this is more in response to GrontB but it won't let me reply to him directly just your comment thread for some reason.

They can't change the specs. They either have to scrap it and start over thereby wasting millions of dollars on the upgrade they made or they release it and then get even more Bad PR by releasing a brand new system 2 years after that miniupgrade comes out. Systems are planned about 4-6 years in advance of release. As a Sony fan I can see the facts. ...

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This is my curse. I have never concerned myself with getting the platinum for a game because I rarely even finish them. I think I have played about 75% of the games I own and have beat about 10% of that 75%? A.D.D. + gaming addiction = problems completing games.

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Since I worked there 7 or so years ago? Wine Coolers as well. All seasonal items in appliance section. Though online has hundreds of thousands of niche products that though not sold in stores can be delivered to stores for pickup.

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Damn I just realized another thing that sucks about this. All PS4 games will remain compatible across both consoles, House adds, with Sony expecting "all or a very large majority of games" to be optimised for the new PS4.

I have desperately been trying to delete games to make space for more games while updates come in and screw up the whole process. I recently learned that for an update to go through the PS4 needs to have DOUBLE that space free on the HD. Aside fr...

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What are you talking about? I prefer Nintendo handhelds. They have an absolute stranglehold on that market. I don't think Playstation is even going to bother to release another handheld. They have lost so much money on the Vita (which I still have and still enjoy) I am just not under any illusion the Vita accounts for more than a grain of sand in handheld marketshare between Nintendo/Android/Apple. If however you think "Nintendo" has never been "trumped" by Sony or Mic...

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Definitely not true. It's not the majority of people but it is way more than a vocal minority. I would say its about 50/50 which from a business perspective is really bad. If half the people didn't like it but were willing to accept it that would be one thing but we have some people who are ok with upgrading and even welcome. Some people who might upgrade eventually. Some people who are disappointed but don't care that much and will just play the PS4. Then you have the rest of us ...

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Won't be at E3? That may be one of the smartest things they have done since their terrible decision of making this product. They would be getting boos and hisses far more vile then when they announced I think it was the Playstation Move pricing? I forget what it was but they had an announcement about 4 or 5 years ago Where the audience was so unimpressed there was silence and a few boos. This would have been people throwing stuff at the stage.

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wow is that why I have so many disagrees? A simple typo? Or does it come off as anti PC Gamer? It's not. I have been a console gamer for a very long time and in the last I would say two years or so I have started to lean far more heavily towards PC. However I want to stay on Windows 7. I don't want to be forced on to Windows 10 and that is exactly what Microsoft is doing. This is just another way to do it. I get that people disagree with everything for lol's but I find it pretty s...

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So it's not enough to shove Windows 10 upgrade requests down my throat every 5 seconds now I have to have Windows 10 to even play PC Games?

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Ok so as a Sony fan myself I generally try to defend this site as not being PRO sony all the time but then I see positive comments about The Order and the character Galahad and really have to eat my words.

Don't take crap from the companies you like. Hold them accountable for it. The PSP God of War Games were decent. The Order 1886 was very visually impressive and an extremely underwhelming not very good at all title. When you praise companies for garbage you are just g...

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There are NO AAA titles Ubisoft doesn't downgrade. This has always been done in the industry but a few years ago starting I think with Assassin's Creed Revelations Ubisoft took it to a ridiculous level. Before that the most obvious culprit was Killzone 2? It was really frowned upon but wasn't something widely practiced. Now almost every single major game that releases (not all of them but at least 80% of them) are "downgraded" before re...

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False. The only rumor Nintendo has outright dismissed as incorrect was the one a few months ago talking about how it was more powerful than PS4 and Xbox One I forget the exact specs they were talking about but a Nintendo spokeswoman publically dismissed the rumor on multiple platforms. Seems like a very strange thing to not want people to talk about. They can't exactly lie about how powerful the system will or won't be so the sooner they rip that bandaid off the better I suppose? Yet ...

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Indies are great tons of great games come out in the indie front all the time but the indie game industry is never going to "BE" the industry it will always be the outlier of the status quo. It's great that indies are great it is but it's a damn shame of what that proof represents. Games with 10% of the budget and 5% (or less) of the staff on these small titles are creating much better games then the companies with thousands of employees and insane resources....

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You bring up a good point about the tone reviewers take compared to how they used to. It makes me remember that it has only been a few years since all videogame sites have to disclose bribes (sorry I mean "gifts") from publishers for favorable reviews. I also agree with indies kicking ass as of late. We get tons of amazing indie games all the time now. I should have been more specific I meant the AAA game industry landscape has changed.

As far as delays go I have no...

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