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Wow the negativity is strong on this one.

Yes, the X1 has a lot of catching up to do. And yes it may never catch the PS4.

But if it is successful and profitable and releases fun games, should all the hate be necessary?

This gen, I have played Ryse: SoR, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Titanfall, Killer Instinct, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Dance Central: SL, Halo Collection among others as well as some fun multiplatform (ps4 and x1) titles.
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That is why I put the quotation marks around hateful. Many in the gaming community see a 6 and immediately dismiss the game, mock the game's fans and owners of the console. That score is usually associated with hate.

You may buy a game with his review but most see a 6 and walk away. Also I read the review and that made the 6 all the more baffling.

The campaigns were well done. And there are FOUR OF THEM. But due to online issues he had (which were awful),... #49.1.1
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Metacritic is an yes, is is certainly one of the lowest out there. #44.1
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So what?

It means the system is improving and delivering on the promise of good games to play on it.

Will they pass Sony? I would bet no, due to Sony's popularity and the strong upcoming 2015 line-up alongside the edge in multiplatform performance.

However, the X1 has released a lot of fun games, has a lot more set to be released and is going to do well enough for the brand to continue.

So what... #55
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Metacritic: 87
Gamespot: 6

Of course, the "hateful" review will be the popular one on here, due to the toxic state of gaming where every failure is met with joy from the internet and any good quality is overlooked.

The MP has already improved thanks to the last patch, so even in its current state it isn't 100% broken (although due to the issues x amount are having, I agree with a 2-3 point deduction).

But you have 4 func... #49
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As stated above by True Samurai:

"Just read this in a halo forum
ADS is NOT in Halo 5. Let me explain.
For all Halos there has been a scope, and when you scope you zoom in without seeing the gun instantly with no delay. In this game it seems there are optional detachable scopes, as shown in the footage with the gun. When the player zoomed in, it was instant, ADS is never instant, not even in COD. Now, because it was instant, that matched with the old s... #60
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So we are going to ignore Ori and the blind forest, Fable Legends, Quantum Break, Halo 5, Crackdown, Scalebound, Phantom Dust then? And that is right after releasing a wide range of titles like DC: S, D4, FH2, SO, etc.

The system is dead, it is just behind Sony. And the fact it isn't far off from the Wii U with one less year is a good sign for it. #67.1
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Is this X1 a lost cause in the sense that it can't win this gen? True.

Is this X1 a lost cause in the sense that it can't turn a profit or earn a decent fan base? Not at all.

The X1 is a MUCH better machine one year later in comparison to how it was, it's releasing a good amount of games and has a good amount of games coming in the next year or two.

Sony will be the "champ" but the X1 will have a good fanbase. I am one o... #74
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Poor choice of words by the author but I think he or she meant something else besides "fun"

Most games try too hard to be the next big epic saga or try to focus on social agendas and issues (illegal immigration, feminism and so forth).

SO is about fun. It isn't trying to tell an epic heart wrenching saga. It isn't trying to change your personal views. It just wants to give you something happy and fun and carefree.

I love SO... #13
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We are comparing two different games in widely different genres, with one being way ahead in development time for the purpose of...what?

People who own an X1 will keep an eye out for SB gameplay.
People who own a PS4 will keep an eye out for BB footage.

That's about it... #54
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So we can forget about games like Halo 5, Quantum Break, Fable Legends then? That won't do anything to offset UC4, Bloodborne or the Order?

And that is assuming both Crackdown and Phantom Dust and Scalebound aren't also 2015.

Both systems have a good 2015 at the least. So I agree with your "own all systems" belief but I disagree that sony will murder 2015 any more or less than they murdered already #13.2.2
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1 - GG isn't about this, nor does it relate to it. Nice try.

2 - This game is violence without context. It is sick and derranged. You do nothing but kill innocents and law enforcement for the sake of doing it. If this does it for you, get help.

3 - NO ONE (with sense) is arguing this will make killers out of normal people. However, I do believe only a certain kind of person will be drawn to this experience.

4 - They have every right to m... #51
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Sony has first place on lock, as the Wii did last gen.

To those who think the X1 has no chance to capture second place..

Ori & the Blind Forest
Sunset Overdrive
Project Spark
Forza Horizon 2
Halo MC Collection

Fable Legends
Quantum Break
Halo 5
Phantom Dust
Gears 4

And that is only w... #20
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I can agree with a 6/10 review for Destiny. And that is because a 6 SHOULD BE considered something that is playable and can wield some just isn't great.

It doesn't have the epic "feel" Halo did. It doesn't have the charm that Borderlands has. And it didn't have anywhere near the writing quality Mass Effect did (since those are the three games I have seen it most associated with).

At the end of the day, Destiny is a gorgeous... #59
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I liked the original Disgaea in my younger years. But wow do those games demand hundreds of hours to get to the truly epic content/levels.

As a working adult with kids, I just don't have the time to dedicate to the series.

For those who have a lot of spare time, this series is a MUST PLAY #6
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Platform exclusive content is part of the business, sadly. It won't change, so better get familiar with it.

Outside of that, if you were an xbox fan who supported this before, you have to support the practice even when it isn't good for your end.

If you were a Sony fan who bashed the practice, you can't endorse it proudly now that it benefits you.

Pick a stance and go with it. #14
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All they showed is multi platform games? Seriously?

Will PS4 or Wii U be getting Fable Legends? Project Spark? Halo MC Collection? Sunset Overdrive? Ori and the Blind Forest? Scalebound? Crackdown? Dance Central? Forza Horizon?

Yeah, all they showed is multiplatform games... #6
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I disagree, Gears needs time to be properly fleshed out. Next years E3 for sure.

I would agree with QB, Halo, but also Fable Legends, Project Spark and a few sequels like Crackdown 3 or Ryse 2 #5
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The X1 hasn't disappointed me yet, as DR3, KI, Forza5, PvZ: GW, TF and Ryse all proved to be fun times. Glad to see the continued focus on fun games!

This looks amazing. And with other potential wins like Fable Legends, Halo 5, Gears 4, Quantum Break, D4 and more, I am a very happy X1 owner =) #79
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Well according to the "internet", this game sucked and was only CoD with mechs. So this shouldn't matter, should it?

Jest aside though, the series will go multiplatform and I hope that will allow Sony gamers to give it an honest look. The competitive play is above the rest of the FPS crowd by far, a really great experience. #95
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