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Platform exclusive content is part of the business, sadly. It won't change, so better get familiar with it.

Outside of that, if you were an xbox fan who supported this before, you have to support the practice even when it isn't good for your end.

If you were a Sony fan who bashed the practice, you can't endorse it proudly now that it benefits you.

Pick a stance and go with it. #14
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All they showed is multi platform games? Seriously?

Will PS4 or Wii U be getting Fable Legends? Project Spark? Halo MC Collection? Sunset Overdrive? Ori and the Blind Forest? Scalebound? Crackdown? Dance Central? Forza Horizon?

Yeah, all they showed is multiplatform games... #6
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I disagree, Gears needs time to be properly fleshed out. Next years E3 for sure.

I would agree with QB, Halo, but also Fable Legends, Project Spark and a few sequels like Crackdown 3 or Ryse 2 #5
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The X1 hasn't disappointed me yet, as DR3, KI, Forza5, PvZ: GW, TF and Ryse all proved to be fun times. Glad to see the continued focus on fun games!

This looks amazing. And with other potential wins like Fable Legends, Halo 5, Gears 4, Quantum Break, D4 and more, I am a very happy X1 owner =) #79
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Well according to the "internet", this game sucked and was only CoD with mechs. So this shouldn't matter, should it?

Jest aside though, the series will go multiplatform and I hope that will allow Sony gamers to give it an honest look. The competitive play is above the rest of the FPS crowd by far, a really great experience. #95
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Wow, between the confirmed and rumored games for both the X1 and the PS4, there will only be one victim


This next month is going to take forever... #88
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I haven't heard much on it. This looks like sci-fi borderlands to me (not a bad thing by any means) but the story can be a big x factor for me in regards to how much I will get out of the Destiny experience #9.1
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I can play Destiny on the X1

I can't play Titanfall or Sunset Overdrive on the PS4

If you want to talk deals and backing, I would prefer games being playable on my platform of choice, not early betas and a conference show.

(although within 3 years of each gen I own all systems so I have all options regardless) #1.11
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I don't see what all the fuss with them leading with Sony is about. It is still coming out on the same day and date as the X1 version.

So either way, IF I want to buy destiny, I can. Although I am skeptical as to if this game will be shoddily done on the X1 based on how hard it is being marketed to Sony. Is that a matter of developer love? Or did Sony cut some nice checks to Activision/Bungie?

Either way, the option is there. So no worries. #20
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Titanfall will definitely go MP and good for it. The franchise deserves the attention that comes with being MP.

TF2 will be on all systems (so Sony fanboys can shut up with the hate and see what it's all about and Xbox fanboys can stop overlooking the honest lack of content found in the first), bring more content and contend with the major FPS series. #16
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The X1 has already delivered some amazing gaming experiences for me and this (as well as Quantum Break) are examples of good times to come.

My wallet is ready! #30
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Halo 5 will be an amazing game for sure! I led off with the X1 and have been loving it. Ryse, PvZ, DR3, Forza, KI, Titanfall, all of those have been a blast. And games like Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5, Gears 3, Quantum Break, Project Spark, Fable Legends, Class 4 and the like will keep the good times coming.

This is exactly why I will own both an X1 and PS4 by next year at the latest. I want to PLAY ALL THE GAMES!

(I waited on a PS4, as only the order and infamo... #20
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WOW. I haven't seen this much positivity on an Xbox article since...well just about ever.

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A few points here

1 - The X1 needed a price drop, 500 was way too high, especially next to the 400 dollar PS4. The cost slashing isn't desperation, per se, vice a smart move. It will eventually hit 400 (hopefully sooner than later) which will make it even more competitive.

2 - The x1 is doing well - it is outpacing its predecessor and picking up steam - it's just not doing nearly as well as Sony who has done an amazing job in sales this gen (and they... #68
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So enjoying their exclusives and their service (a matter of personal taste) is a disservice? #9.1.1
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Congrats to Sony, they are doing an amazing job.

However, millions have also chosen to play on the X1 and the Wii U. I hope gamers don't forget that it is ok to game on other platforms without being deemed a fool or other bad terms.

You go where you are most attracted based on games and offerings. Sony has the most, MS is doing well and the Wii U...well it'll pick up soon! #9
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How did MS "fail"? Their initial system rivaled the GC (which both got killed by Sony). Then, the 360 battled well against the PS3 and took a solid share of sales away from the former undisputed champ. And this gen, the X1 is selling better than the 360.

Is the X1 going to outsell the PS4? NO. But that doesn't mean it is "fail". If they sell a lot and profit while making their fans happy, that isn't a loss.
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All of this TF bashing is taking me back to the good ole ME days.

When the FIRST ME dropped, you saw so many posts on this site along the lines of either "so what, it's an shooter that claims to be an RPG" or "I'll play it on the PC f u xbox sucks"

As SOON as ME2 went to the PS3, people here praised that series to the heavens and said MS "lost their only game".

The logic of this community is why I come b... #73
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They are almost at 4 million now. They will easily pass 20 million.

And yes, Sony WILL win this generation. But that doesn't mean MS can't also do well.

MS is mixing new titles like Sunset OD, Project Spark, Quantum Break, etc. with well known franchises like Halo, Forza, Fable and Gears. In addition, they are getting 3PS such as we saw with Dead Rising and will see in Titanfall.

I wouldn't be so quick to ring the doom bell - peop... #63.1
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What is the X1's fortune?

It's doing well - Sony is just doing better. This comment reminds me about what many gamers forget: two companies can do well, but one will win.

Look at the history of PS handhelds and N handhelds. Sony loses each gen BUT does well and succeeds in its own right.

I see that happening here. Sony WILL win the console war - but MS will do well. #81.1
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