I don't represent HYPEGATE banwagon sheeples and idiots , i speak my mind and tell it like it is


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Sony needs to team up with SE to make a new game for the strongest female in gaming Aya Brea

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Why the hell do the likes of casuals like you jump on me for dissing on this TRASH .. how many times do i have to tell people like you that i'm Survival horror fanatic and i freaking despise action games , I DON'T GIVE A Fxxx what Capcom or the internet try to define to me what back to roots is , i don't even like RE1 and i prefer RE3-RE2 over it so why would you bring that Spencer mansion influence to me , i'm speaking my mind and i give 0 shits what anyone says based on what...

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I stopped taking this fat fxxx seriously after shilling and praising that trash that is called RE7 , at that matter i don't trust ANYONE who praise it even if he was meant to be a veteran trusted critic ,we should never ever ever EVER let this trash destroy the origins that is called Resident Evil in the name of "realism" and sacrifice that past for Capcom's cheap plans to turn this franchise into another repetitive first person indie horror rehash beside the 99999 rehashes ...

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Welcome to the age of realism .. where iconic characters lose their charm in the name of "realism"
If people are accepting this .. WE ARE Fxxxxxed !

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What a generic list .. the author act like he never get into videogames since 1996 since most of them on the list comes from modern games

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That's .... sad :\
the problem with the Switch OS is that it been built on an android / IOS-like x64 architecture which makes it 10 times easier to bypass the inner system protection based on the chips , its like they didn't care about the safety of the system

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I can't stand people with Batman's joker avatars , literally the most ignorant and obnoxious people on the internet would be automatically labeled as that when you see them use a joker as an avatar

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Its not my fault that you guys born with TERRIBLE tastes and doesn't know how to tell the difference between how to make a deep RE videogame in general and how to make cheap looking one like RE7 .. apparently you guys are far from knowing why i always bash this game , RE7 is like the prefect example of how a pile of crap considered a "masterpiece" to the eyes of those who praised it and those who still consider it as a RE game , every person who prefer RE7 over the original clas...

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A risk of what !? tell me a risk of what !! they didn't even made a modern fixed camera RE game with HD pre-rendered backgrounds to take the REAL risk in this day and age .. how is that supposed to be a risk when there thousands of indie games does that RIGHT NOW ( its crazy how i think RE7 look like an indie game and far from being an AAA game ) , they took the cheapest road and made a first person experience which every indie developer does these days .. why is it hard for people like ...

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Yeah .. i can guarantee you it will happen 100% and soon .. that Nioh greatness shakes Capcom headquarters to the point that we may also see William appear in Onimusha which is crazy , a collab between Capcom and Koei-Temco is highly expected with this game .

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Its already confirmed that the PC version coming in March 10th 2017 means 2 days after the release of the PS4 version

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Everyone .. PLEASE support them
This game is being worked by the directors of RE3 and the director Parasite Eve 2

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The character design may not have been the right choice for the game but it absolutely does look like it inspired from the original 3 , it even has that Racoon City streets touch that we miss all the time , its unacceptable how an indie studio does what Capcom didn't do since RE4 and yet you have huge amount of sheeples and IDIOTS praising them for the abomination that is called "RE7" and doesn't want to see something close to this or the vibe of the original games , even t...

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Learn the difference between a visually demanding game and a Cel-shaded game

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Silent Hill 2 Remake and MGS3 Remake
imagine both been announced , will Konami redeem themselves with these announcements ?

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"RE7" should have been a Clock Tower / Haunting Ground sequel and both of those games owned by CAPCOM , it literally has every single element from the oldschool clock tower game since Marguerite and Jack felt like the new versions of Mary Barrows and Scissorman , except that it adds weapons that makes you defend yourself

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Shipping /=/ Sales

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Currently my GOTY , unless there's a contender

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naruga .. what's with unstable disagrees number in your comment .. this isn't the first time i notice that but you are clearly targeted by someone , this is beyond out of control and N4G mods should look into the source behind all these disagress

OH RIGHT i remember now .. what else can you expect who will do all this ಠ_ಠ .. hmmmmm .. OH that's right people .. ITS HIM .. AGAIN ,, its WelcomeToTheFamily in his flesh by himself behind all this crazyness

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