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If You think this List fair then there must be something wrong with your stupid worthless head !

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Nope , Playstation and PC are the Perfect places for RPG's and JRPG's
Let's not beat that dead lama called Xbox "One"

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I think Square-Enix should give this guy a job to do a Spin-off for Final Fantasy

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Who the f are you to talk about faith , And which world you living in .

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Look where the shading reached from Ripsta7th comment

Ripsta7th are you living under a rock or what , Sony is not the only company who has these issues , AND backward compatibility Please don't make me laugh , As if M$ already Gives you that HA !

Give us a favor and Shut up .

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Overloading , Fine !!?

Dude you must be one of those blind square fans who defend the game with passion just because it has the FF vibe !

Overloading = stop lying to yourself Most of those people are Free to play players , Lets see how the launch goes if you are purely right

Battle system is fine = Typical Square fans will easily defend this boring generic overused battle system , I mean haven't you read the feedbacks on their forums . <...

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If they didn't change the battle system in this game it will fail so hard and many people will leave this generic crap .

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First of all : this is an Entertainment company
and second of all I'll leave this link here to reveal the amount of ignorance in your head !


i'd rather be ridiculous with my "double standards" than being a blind sheeple who accept anything from this compan...

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@kornbeaner What in the world are you talking about ?

I'm talking about the past in you talk about the present, Who gives a crap about M$ present and how much money they make !?

M$ is Not Sony or Nintendo or Sega or even Atari in the first place to compare with , they are a Software Company and they has nothing to do with console gaming "to begin with" , Quit defending them there's no excuse to defend on how or why the bring the "XBOX&q...

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Then why would they bring a console called "XBOX" out of nowhere and shove it up our throats when they already have their own machine called "PC" , Greedy M$ they are so jealous of how Console gaming makes money

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Can't wait for Dead Rising 3 The Director’s Cut edition

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breakable in about 2 days ..


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I'm sure Nintendo will discount the Wii U to 200$ after a month or two .

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True , this itself proves how cheap and stupid those people are to fall over M$ lies over and over and over without paying attention to the whole gaming industry

I'm talking to you the "casual gamers" who tries to justify their purchases and ignore what's the best for their wallet .

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What M$ products does to you mikami !
waky waky please you are in the wrong side of the gaming industry O_O

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History or not History , i was a part of this history AND I HATE NINTENDO WITH PASSION

They literally killed my expectation in the gaming industry with M$ and I'll never forgive them

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You Guys are literally wasting your time with this article !

Its just funny how everyone easily fall for that without listening or even asking about the makers of the system .


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Its Simple , Because Nintendo Are Dickheads when it comes to a system seller game for Sony , Nintendo is jealous and its still jealous

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Hey Dickhead , I saw your provocative comment their , Are you trying to bring the same argument from Bayonetta 2 , WELL THAT"S NOT GONNA WORK THIS TIME !

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