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EVERYONE including me and my friends wants this to happen not just me , literally every person i met and discuss with them about this topic they despise the fact that this franchise is no longer exist on their system of choice , its almost like the franchise doesn't exist anymore in the eyes of people which makes so so mad on how Nintendo was the reason behind all this mess since FF4 and how it killed the FF community ( at least outside Japan ) , Nintendo isn't on the position to co-o... #5.1.1
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Can't you derps get to your senses and ask Tecmo to take the franchise rights back .. USE YOUR MINDS FOR ONCE , they will have thousands of options to publish the Fatal Frame games without Nintendo , its unbelievable how Nintendo fanboys STILL justify this for their own good without even thinking how they keep digging their own grave for a niche survival horror franchise like this #5
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and therefore i disagree with your attitude because i love Survival Horror games that gives you the ability to make choices .. can't wait for Siren announcement on PS4 , PS: you may cause others to be flagged ( which seems a bit fishy .. *wink wink* looking at you Septic ) but i think you did a great job revealing your true bias , gratz #2.12
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seeing her filling the Tumblr / deviantart sections makes this topic extremely useless , she's overexposed everywhere .. literally EVERYWHERE
The most underrated FF characters are Zidane and Vaan #12
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She's the Chris Redfield in Resident Evil , except worse and has no history whatsoever #10.1
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Instead of fixing the problem you put more oil to the fire ?
I wish there was a "DELETE" button to erase try-hards like this #9
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enough with all these side-scrolling 2D worms games , GIVE US A NEW 3D GAME #2
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@Gunstar75 "lots" of xbox gamers was an exaggeration to be honest with you , last time i checked the gab between SF community in XB and PS the difference turn out to be HUGE ( and painfully un-comparable if that's the right word to use ) #5.1.2
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Because Activi$ion is a Jew company , the last thing they would care about is to give gamers what they want , who knows maybe Sony pays them to change their mind #1.3.1
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That warning and that view on the beginning was spot on but let's be honest here , i can appreciate that he upgrade the development engine from Unity to U4 and put some camera effects to it and new soundtracks .. but what he does is still extremely lazy and unoriginal considering he pulled out all the resources from Outbreak and RE chronicle games , don't be fooled by a simple footage , literally not all what he showed is original but still . he does it for FREE and that's what co... #8
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In other words "lets ruin the gaming industry before we leave" #5
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ONLY Nintendo do arrogant things like this to make themselves feel better , look at Fatal Frame and the way they market it they co-own the IP for no reason just to mess with fans from other consoles #3.1
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I guess that we call "Karma's is a b****" , look what happen to them now
Nintendo was ridiculously arrogant and selfish at that time to collab with companies #4.3
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"Fatal Frame 4 and 5 and should have been on all consoles"
Fixed #5
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I ship them Phoshida (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) #6
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Apparently his so called "followers" using multiple accounts to cover his biased A$$ and I'm not even sure if yarbie1000 is the person himself

not gonna lie but i can guarantee he has "relationship" with M$ the recent years since the Xbone launch and xbo... #7.2
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Is this actually happening , WTF LOL !?
Nintendo get to your senses before the table flip on you #35
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Seriously , who the f want to play FF7 remake on a system that never smelled FF7 or any old FF games before ?
i can only justify this if its coming from newcomers to the franchise if they had an Xbox only but "FANS" , seriously what happen to those people who used to play the original game on PS1 , its just feels weird to see those people play something nostalgic like this and outside the core community , that's like giving your nostalgia multiple stabs in the back , jus... #18
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@Concertoine speaking of the gap between the 2 releases , i didn't know Wii Party U was more appealing to Nintendo fans than Bayonetta 2 , Oh i'm sorry i'm so wrong that the Nintendo community don't care about hardcore games /s #7.1.7
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This is literally the most dumbest comment i have ever witnessed , its really sad to see people like you who have reached it to the point that they don't really care or want others to support these games and still prefer it to be isolated to the company you favor for no reason , if you are still jealous by the amount of support the original bayonetta on the PS3 gets you should be honest with it , you can't be really this much in denial to throw shade on others and ignore the fact that... #7.1.1
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