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Hold on , he consider RE3 and CVX "good" but not great and consider RE4 better than them .. automatically not on my book , very casual taste .. anyone that prefer RE4 over RE3 / CVX is a casual RE fan to me >_>

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as mediocre as the EN voice sound , to be honest .. i always thought Bobby Edner could fit into Link character as an English voice actor ( hopefully he is the one ) , i think it fits Link perfectly .

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And you think you are different than SJW's .... wow
You are absolutely no different than them .. actually you are way worse than them , you basically wants to mislead and cause problems and wants to watch the world burn in your eyes by spewing some shady B$ coming from whatever source you believe in and doesn't ask for the "causes" that makes these countries do that , i don't call this Islamphobia , i call this the Trump-Effect .. and you are one of the brainles...

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Square Enix is way too dumb to even let them have Cloud Strife for Smash Bros to begin with , how can they be so cocky and ungrateful when they have done the impossible .. i mean Cloud Strife being in SSB for crying out loud , he was supposed to be on All-Stars but he wasn't .. and all that in favor for Nintendo

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It hurts me to say that .. I WANT IT TO HAPPEN SO SO BAD !!
But to be honest with you .. i don't expect shocking announcements from them regarding Parasite Eve :(
I hope i'm wrong , i want them to shock me at least for once

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This isn't the first time he did that , I also know someone got disapproval from Abriael claiming that the person who posted the news before him wasn't a "certified source" and got shutdown by it , few hours later turn out that this hypocrite "Abriael" posted the same news with the same info from other site who came originally from the " not certified source" .. what does that that tell you

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This is how you prepared for RE7 .. by making a shitty worthless rap song for the game
CRINGE LEVEL 999999 , this shows how out of touch Capcom is .

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Dude you don't have to worry about the disagree .. its usually one person with sock puppet accounts trying to be loud and he knows himself who he is , those who blindly defended the game will put themselves in a stupid position and regret the moment when they see the final product , those are the same idiots who bash the oldschool fans back in the days and it wont make a difference for them to see the world burn .

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Inb4 things get twisted and PG pulls the Bayonetta 2 card and pretend as if this game was saved by Nintendo , i swear if this happen no one will notice.. there's no deny of that , Nintendo and Microsoft pushes each other back under the table
or IF ......

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the whole game concept is far from being real
I always doubt that this game even existed to begin with .. it was clearly a showcase for M$ to pretend as if they have something mindblowing to attract specific type of crowds to the system , the last gameplay footage was clearly a poorly made benchmark with horrendous frame rates .

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The fact that people these days disagree with you for wanting the series to have fixed camera and all of sudden they prefer first person over it just because RE7 has it SCARES me the most for the future of gaming , this isn't the same people we used discuss with .. completely different people , its like a complete mind control and a mind twist from what they used to say all these years .. "hypocrites" is the the perfect word to describe those people who used to have a different ...

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YES PLEASE .. We need that to happen in the gaming industry these days , i'm sick and tired of how boring the industry has become in the name of "change" and "realism" , i want these days to comeback with those who has the courage to do it , unlike companies who would rather sacrifice their past and modernize it the way they want to monopolize the weak minds who are willing to "accept" anything that fits their own agenda ( i'm talking to you Capcom )

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oh so we are pointing fingers now eh !
you are not you when you are hungry for trolling , have snickers xD
nice try trying to play the victim card btw , pretending like you are someone else now huh
GAME OVER buddy .. your fake propaganda has been exposed a long time ago to the no return and that's explains why your OG account being banned ¬‿¬

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OH look what we have here , another sock puppet account from TheEvilResident1997 to promote this game like a brainless tool using the term "Classic" as if that gonna work to cover his *** , same comments , same attitude .. what a 2 faced Anti-Classic RE tool , huge lair and hate classic fans too for on reason

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what happen bo .. you cant use your OG account "NOW" huh ?

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I just finished the demo .. for a person who likes hack n slash game from PG + who has an experience with Touhou games .. i thought it was pretty mediocre
the game felt very metal and gloomy to my taste , i hated the atmosphere , i find it kinda cool that they try to make an updated version of MGS3 UI / HUD , sorry .. i'm just speaking my mind ... you need to calm down before hyping things up

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Here's the shocking part , people actually DEFEND IT !!!??
"Oh well Capcom did it for us , they listened to us , Capcom can do no wrong , its a horror game now so that means its a return to the Resident Evil roots"
NOT ITS NOT YOU NUMBNUTS , just be that quitter person and accept whatever capcom throws at you !!!
their expectations reached the roof to the point that "in their eyes" whenever Capcom do a change they think its for the best , tho...

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Oh my god , those derps are driving me crazy with their excess confidence .. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!
how many freaking times do we have to say that it looks NOTHING like the first 3 games , its just a combination of a modern VR horror experience that tries to be like the old games using the inventory system , even the inventory looks nothing like the original games who am i joking , i'm starting to fear for RE2 remake and how poorly they will execute the whole thing based on the L'...

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see those mysterious disagrees , one person tries to be loud with his whiteknighting whenever someone tries to criticize this game to make him feel better , the puppet that is @TheEvilResident1997 and his sock puppet accounts , he hasn't been active since 14 days and i know 100% that he is the one behind all these disagrees on RE7 articles , his PM's to me is just another story , he is clearly doing it without anyone noticing

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"they have been working their a**s off on this game for years and been very low key with what they choose to show to avoid spoilers"

Do you seriously call this hallway VR experience a hard work ? the development started since February 2014 .. its literally the most easiest and fastest modern development experience they made more than Revelations games and it didn't cost them that much to make it , you can disagree all the way you want but thats basically what ...

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What if it wasn't ? are you going to blame everyone with your direction and your cherry-picking ideas without asking the core fans in the first place about what they want after the failure that is RE6 ?

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