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Nintendo should get on their knees and be thankful that the smartphone market save their cheap greedy elephant A$$
Nintendo is useless without expanding their market .. they are NOTHING without the quick easy cash !

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I'm so glad that this article exposes those fake a$$ Nintendo fanboys and show their true identities

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⬇⬇⬇ Nintendo fanboys in a nutshell ⬇⬇⬇

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THAT'S IT , somebody needs to stop this company from being dicks and trying to dominate the internet by deleting an ENTIRE archive of roms , once these archive of roms are gone THEY ARE GONE PEOPLE , a huge years of effort from decoding the roms from the cartridges will be wasted because of Nintendo !

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"They saved Bayonetta 2 from oblivion"
You put that picture into your mind .. I DON'T
this is Micro$oft Xbone desperation all over again

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) !

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This guy Septic ( AKA : Gazz Lehri ) his actions and the way he talks remind me of that girl Hottie from the show flavor of love being fake and talks about things that fits his own agenda ( and he is a straight up D!CK too ) , future caution for those who replay to him , DON'T feed this d!ck by clicking on the link .
- mind the language folks but s*** hit the fan with this troll -

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Count me in .. Resident Evil Survivor > RE5 / RE6 / ORC
i should have listed some with them but this may piss-off the fanboys hehe

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RE3 is literally BY FAR the best RE game ever created more than the overrated / overhyped RE4 and RE2 , i mean how could anyone forget Nemesis and how much he fright our childhood , the game has an epic story + best cutscens and best music , best level designs and best voice acting on top of it, HOW !? > Opinions

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Calling him a "Theatrhythm" star now huh ?
is that the best thing you could pull from being a cheap side character in these games .. oh wait you can't pull anything other than being a requested character from the desperate fanboys who requested him on the SSB "ballot" , you Nintendo apologists are something else , pathetic and has no reasoning whatsoever (⌐■_■)

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@smashman98 <<< if someone with a name like this consider this trolling then i have no place for you to open discussion with , I'm done with shady people who consider anything trolling and say nothing , is this a new way to run away from discussions / arguing ?

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NO , if you and your SSB community ( including Nintendo fanboys ) stop spreading these stupid random ballot requests around to Nintendo the industry would have been fine , Cloud being on SSB is just screams a thirst for domination from Nintendo and this is just the beginning , pulling him from the other side into this game is a straight response to Sony in particular since Sony is no longer has share between them and SE , this doesn't make any sense to anyone since history proofs that Nin...

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Its not Cloud himself , its a Trance system that makes you transform into specific "customs" that let you have these characters abilities , it has Tifa , Lightning and Cecil customs too

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How did you got 10 freaking bubbles by doing nothing !?

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Hold the phone , if SEGA have the possibility to release games that related to Nintendo to PC SPECIFICALLY , then why in the world we still haven't seen Bayonetta games ?
like i remember Kamiya himself visiting Valve for some odd reason last year in october .. but we still haven't heard anything , SEGA .. YOUR MOVE !

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"Like Year Walk proves PS4/XB1 gamers aren't interested in mature"
You must be delusional or just a Nintendo fanboy to think that not everyone is interested in these type of games these days and say stuff like this publicly to the gaming community when they don't have easy choices to their hands thanks to the company you still worship we no longer even know Fatal Frame is even exist .

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Is she Kardashian ? she looks like one of the Kardashians smh

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"I used to hate I miss it?!"

it wasn't even an old game to begin with let alone memorable and you missed it already !?

Seek help .

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I get the reference ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

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just because the game sold well that doesn't mean it has anything to do on how the actual content works or AS IF the game meet the buyers expectations , this includes RE6 too
you should thank the game cover for the mislead marketing

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