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This game .. THIS FXXXXING CHEAP TRASH RE7 divided the survival horror community .. RE community is officially doomed .. we used to agree that we want more Remake style RE games , like even if you tell them that you want a remake style games and what's best for them THEY FREAKING TURN ON YOU FOR NO REASON !

RE community after RE7 in a nutshell :

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"He hates RE7 .. Let me hit that disagree button .. huehuehuehuehue"

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I wish all you IDIOTS who disagree with my comment rot in hell with Capcom , IDIOTS that STILL doesn't know what's good for their own good

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This is what you get for faking hype and paying reviewers to make your game look "great" on those delusionals eyes who still believe it is , bunch of idiots that doesn't know what's good for their own good and doesn't ask for better like sticking with the remake origins instead of taking one of the cheapest routes in gaming, i blame the entire world for giving Capcom a pass over RE7 fake hype , this crap totally destroyed the "Resident Evil" name

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STAY AWAY FROM NINTENDO .. they already stole your MH , its time to hop on Sony's lap

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Do you honestly expect the current Capcom to make a masterpiece like Remake , you seem like you are not aware that most RE teams left Capcom and for some reason you have high expectation that they will deliver the same exact experience .

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its crazy how a Korean studio manage to get all that hype from this game .. kudos to them

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How about other Squaresoft IP's ? there's tons of old IP's that didn't get sequels to this day

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Are you trying to say that TEW2 isn't horror .. even with ALL those SH references ?
the first game doesn't come close to this when it comes to horror or even gameplay style

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Obviously a Nintendo exclusive thing which is disappointing

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Do people taste suddenly becomes $hit in gaming or what .. why do people like this trash of an RE game and put it next to to the classic masterpieces , fake hype can sell and delude people sometimes , it works this time for Capcom

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I suddenly have the urge to slap OP in the face and let him know that he's blinded by the fake hype this game generate
STOP CALLING IT A RESIDENT EVIL GAME , this trash of a game with it concept has nothing to do with the RE universe

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i will never understand how this game has even fans .. i mean its all but crimes and gore and that's it

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Because Square Enix hates and despise SquareSoft IP's and nobody confront SE face to face to force them

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I will lose my *** if Sega decide to publish Persona 5 on Steam

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I'm with him .. the Japanese industry went to downhill since 2007 and it went the wrong way unlike what it used to be
i'm one of those who still wants to see a sequel for dead franchises but it seems like the Japanese companies doesn't give interest in it

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That's what pisses the crap out of me .. the whole thing is much more complicated and shady beyond their thick heads , THEY JUST DON'T KNOW CAPCOM and their shady practices ... They are like " HUEHUEHUE RE7 BEST GAME EVURR HUEHUEHUE SUCK ON THAT HAETURR" and i am like " YOU IDIOTS WHAT ARE YOU DOING " ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

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The problem is people don't realize that they are overhyping a cheaply made "RE" game .. they are strictly thinking the whole time that this game was meant for them and that this game is close to the original 3 games and this is where it gets hypocritical and ignorant based on what they see or believe since they have no freaking idea what they are doing when they are ignoring every single aspect on the game in favor of some aspects they believe that it was what meant to be .. he...

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Holy **** look at all this suspicious disagree's coming from one salty MINDLESS IDIOT who worship Capcom's mistakes
like i said before , its an overhyped and overrated trash riddled with FAKE hype and FAKE positivity with mindless fanboys who doesn't knows what the hell is going on Capcom's mind before even this game exist .

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The hell is wrong with you people ? I didn't even feel like this gen is done so why people are rushing up for the next one already ! i mean for crying out loud the consoles just released at the end of 2013 and i still didn't see that huge impact that makes me feel that we are done with this gen .. seriously who is the idiot behind all this drama

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