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SMH at you , Ever forget that the MH franchise originated on PS Consoles or your super selfish mind forgot that , in case that you don't know the MH exclusivity deals with Nintendo will be done in 2015 , this exclusivity madness for potential franchises needs to STOP , Nintendo needs to leave the Fatal Frame franchise alone and let Tecmo have full control with it to even PUBLISH IT , stupid company with so much restrictions doesn't deserve great franchises , they need to be ignored an... #14.1.1
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Awwwww Tsukiko Amano T_T
Fxxxking Nintendo , they stole our memories and our precious game to push their stupid gimmicks , never forget never forgive , long live Fatal Frame , Death to Nintendo :( #2
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*Xbox One Version of Madden NFL 15 Offers Some "Exclusive" Advantages Over PS4*
FIXED ^ #32
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Look I'm not predicting its exclusive or not but haven't you know that the original Silent Hill game was a PS Exclusive , even the teaser itself uses the same music from the original game , totally makes sense to me #24.2
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Are you kidding me ?
Have you forgotten the PS1 / PS2 ?
The Xbox brand as a whole is built from Casual FPS games so don't even try
Praising the Dudebro console as a Hardcore you say , nice try >_> #2.1.6
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Sony doesn't need to "moneyhat" to get exclusives like what M$ does repeatedly
Its publishers and developers themselves decide which brand they pick whether it was based on how big the user base or how better the system of choice is
Gamers choose the PS4 , and so is Developers and Publishers who knows better
Its not our fault if you picked the XB1 over the PS4 and felt salty about this situation by trying to downplaying it using the term "moneyhattin... #32.2
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Sunset Overdrive is an exclusive
Destiny isn't so your logic is failed when it comes to betrayal situation , a trivial small content isn't comparable to a whole new game so tell me how's that feels for your M$ money-hatting mind #2.3.1
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I think M$ should officially move to mars at this point , earth doesn't appreciate you M$
I have a better choice for you : Get out of the gaming industry with your failure #40
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More like butthurt multi account user who flags comments as trolling #48.1
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M$ is desperately reaching for Chinese MMO developers to port PC MMO's for their Console #7
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I hope anonymous group hack M$ to make them feel the pain Sony felt last gen #36
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That's exactly what i was thinking the whole time
they were already planning under the tables
Titanfall + Exclusive deals + The always-on DRM
It was all planned before the XB1 reveal , its a conspiracy people #1.3
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Absolutely NOT its a completely different situation , No the history didn't repeat itself , First of all the PS3 is a Japanese console designed for Japanese players and the global market not the US specifically
Second , PS3 launched after XB 360 for a year
and third the PS3 power almost looks identical to the 360 add to that the PS3 was the first console that uses Blu-ray technology at that time so there's no need to downplay that and compare it to the failure called X... #18
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don't even bother with Xbots , they would even like to watch the world burn under M$ feet , Xbots are the worst thing that happens to gaming and they are fans with no dignity #91.1
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And that's what pisses me off , the franchise is officially Co-owned by Nintendo , its like we are forced to live that way with choices , on the bright side the Wii U controller fits the game ( VITA as Controller for PS4 works too ) but the dark side that you wont smell it outside Japan add to that the Wii U is region locked which makes things even worse and worse , if the game were developed to be a multiplatform it would have been localized immediately with no region lock whatsoever but... #8.2
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No you derpy "N" fanboy , its being made to fulfill gamers in general not specifically Nintendo fans , The PS community has many DQ fans if not even more so it make a lot of sense to port the game , and no i'm not begging @
mikel1015 .. i'm just suggesting for a "better chance" for SQUARE ENIX to make the game reach more audience hands , not specifically from Nintendo since the game is already on PC . #1.1.4
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More importantly , Why can't this be on Sony consoles instead of 3DS ? #1.1
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Because Xbox 360 was the cancer of the industry and it harms everything Sony built after the PS2 ( Sony also harm themselves with PS3 price + launch time )
M$ Not only harms gaming , it also harms the Japanese industry specifically exclusive titles coming from big names , Now look how M$ separate Kingdom Hearts / Final Fantasy fans because most of them are picking Xbone version instead of the lead platform , The PS4 version which kinda saddens me that people are no longer being loyal... #30.1
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Less talk Nintendo fans show some support and go buy the game if you really care about it #15
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OH REALLY ? #5.2.2
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