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@breakbad why would anyone disagree with you , that EXACTLY what i'm feeling about the industry these days but you see a bunch of apologists justify trivial things and accept it like if its something good , ITS NOT . #1.1.2
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And you think this will solve the problem to gamers . corporate slave much ?
says the person who wrote in his profile "hate Sony , wish for their demise."
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What's with the stealth disagree , seems like someone hates to admit reality that PS2 is the best console of all time , deal with it you insecure corporates slave little B*** #16
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So you are "officially" confirming that the game is coming to PC "Only" judging by DR3 and RYSE announcements and yet all the rage and the meltdown from the PS community on CD blog doesn't mean anything to them or to Square Enix ? , remember .. same situation not always work for each side , when it comes to possibilities there is no smoke without fire #9.2
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Duh ! Square Enix are in the same level as Capcom , Its like what Capcom's currently doing with the Monster Hunter series , Bravely default series is openly on smartphones and PC ( Browser ) but it isn't something new to see this game exclusive to this handheld , its not like Nintendo paid these publishers to keep these games exclusives to their piece of plastics right .. right ? #1.1
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I have one thing to say

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There's truly some Nintendo fanboys sneaking on this article to downvote comments that want this to happen for no reason , YOU NINTENDO FANBOYS ARE GETTING ON MY NERVE #13
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The majority of gamers who loves fighting games are absolutely pleased with this announcement , its just you and few countable people are simply salty just because A: "SONY" fund the game and make it happen in the right place where all fighting fans belong , B: its just makes ALOT of sense to release the game on that system alongside with possibilities ( you should thank Sony for allowing this game to be released on PC ) i'm not trying to say... #11
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even though i'm seeing the opposite of this gif but whatever 一_一"
Kaz Hirai gifs >>>>>>> Phil spencer gifs #1.1.4
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You clearly spoke the truth , these blind fanboys are getting on my nerve on how much they deny what happen last gen because of this useless brand that causes more harm than good for the entire gaming industry , anyone who see a different view than that is clearly deaf or pretending like none of that was happen last gen because of M$ , both Nintendo and M$ ruins last gen with their gimmicks and their miss management since none of them deliver or make something unique at all , they both make e... #1.1.6
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First of all its a region-locked system
Second , Fatal Frame 4 and 5 still isn't localized by Nintendo outside Japan ( don't put the blame on Tecmo since Nintendo IS the publisher for both games )
And third , the hate mostly coming from people who are still angry about Nintendo actions when it comes to their beloved 3rd party games not being on their system of choice
don't act like this wasn't the reason , just let them desperately push those amiibo'... #11
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The characters that you are talking about are now changed by the new companies they owned currently , Sony still has rights to the original classic designs , All these classic characters are originated to the PS brand , it doesn't matter who owns it right now or who the generator behind it , they can bring them back any day #16.1.1
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"Console Exclusivity: Good for Sony, Safe for Capcom, Bad for - some - Gamers"
Fixed . #22
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Only Nintendo fanboys loves to mention that name for feeling insecure about what should have happened between Sony x Nintendo in the past , can you feel the BURN #2.3
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Am i the only person who thinks this guy is so fake that its painful to watch , he is literally on the same level as Major Nelson and i think both of them are so FAKE with arrogant attitude
Coming from someone who is moneyhatting huge 3rd party titles just to make sure they are not on PS brand doesn't shows any innocence at all , there's truly some evilness in M$ brain #12
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They did support the game ya derp
it reaches 2 million sales which is better than DMC
It was SEGA decision who sellout to Nintendo #1.2.4
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Why are you derps comparing a new IP first week sales to an unexpected sequel that creates "controversy" and gets ridiculously praised from literally every gaming site , If Bayonetta 1 were a new IP and exclusive to the Wii U it wouldn't get that much of "controversy" or even publicity from gamers in general , it would have been in the same fate as the Wonderful 101 , you Nintendo fanboys ( I'm talking to you Mario / Pokemon / Zelda / Smash crowd ) you all should b... #7
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Square Enix* doesn't want them , Squaresoft would have let this studio lives to this day if they were funded from being bankrupt , Nintendo job as always is desperately looking at the successful games on PlayStation brand and BUY THEM to keep them away from that brand and keep them for themselves , and ONLY themselves ( Looking at you Fatal Frame / Bayonetta ) #3.5.1
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Fatal Frame would have been exist OUTSIDE Japan AND on other consoles even without Nintendo "precious money" , DON'T YOU EVER EVER bring that Bayonetta argument to Fatal Frame because its has nothing to do with it . The decision was made since the FF4 exclusivity and since Nintendo make an exclusive deal with Tecmo to see if the Wii mote ( and 3DS ) works on the game , Nintendo from the very beginning was interested on the IP since the 3rd game was exclusive to Sony ( Nintendo j... #4.1.1
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Celebrating what ? the franchise has been officially dead since Nintendo stick their big a$$ on the IP for no reason , everyone deserve this potential IP not just Nintendo owners #4
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