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don't even bother with Xbots , they would even like to watch the world burn under M$ feet , Xbots are the worst thing that happens to gaming and they are fans with no dignity #91.1
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And that's what pisses me off , the franchise is officially Co-owned by Nintendo , its like we are forced to live that way with choices , on the bright side the Wii U controller fits the game ( VITA as Controller for PS4 works too ) but the dark side that you wont smell it outside Japan add to that the Wii U is region locked which makes things even worse and worse , if the game were developed to be a multiplatform it would have been localized immediately with no region lock whatsoever but... #8.2
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No you derpy "N" fanboy , its being made to fulfill gamers in general not specifically Nintendo fans , The PS community has many DQ fans if not even more so it make a lot of sense to port the game , and no i'm not begging @
mikel1015 .. i'm just suggesting for a "better chance" for SQUARE ENIX to make the game reach more audience hands , not specifically from Nintendo since the game is already on PC . #1.1.4
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More importantly , Why can't this be on Sony consoles instead of 3DS ? #1.1
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Because Xbox 360 was the cancer of the industry and it harms everything Sony built after the PS2 ( Sony also harm themselves with PS3 price + launch time )
M$ Not only harms gaming , it also harms the Japanese industry specifically exclusive titles coming from big names , Now look how M$ separate Kingdom Hearts / Final Fantasy fans because most of them are picking Xbone version instead of the lead platform , The PS4 version which kinda saddens me that people are no longer being loyal... #30.1
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Less talk Nintendo fans show some support and go buy the game if you really care about it #15
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OH REALLY ? #5.2.2
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*Remember when video gaming used to be fun?*
Oh yeah , well i do remember the PS2 era being fun with no console wars whatsoever , its just people giving M$ a free pass to do anything they want to create more fanboyism on the gaming community by moneyhatting some titles originated to Playstation , back in the day people rarely call each other fanboys , till the XB360 reveals and things becomes worse and worse #5.2
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Hey what about the PC version of Bayonetta 1 PG ? people have been asking for that since 2009 and yet you have no problem improving and pushing the wii u version , how about you show some support with sega for these guys who reached 10,000 signs since you are known for being an Anti-PC studio
Does the Wii U ver of B1 means it stays... #6
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If blind fanboys like you wish Capcom to partner with M$ its like asking a major company to dig their own grave , its either Sony ( or maybe Nintendo ) has the opportunity to teach Capcom a lesson on how to make good games , M$ is the reason why Capcom greed and arrogance becomes unstable since the last generation and for that no one shall wish them to go to that side again EVER #1.2.4
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Xbox logo on FF Type-0 , OH THE HORROR ⊙Д⊙ #3
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Xbone port and no VITA !?
WTF Square Enix , W T F ! #20
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They been ruining the gaming industry since the reveal of Xbox 360 and nobody notice that #6
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M$ Logic in gaming : "if you can't make them games , BUY THEM!"
M$ logic in business : "If you can't beat them , COPY THEM!" #18
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Butthurt or not , that's none of your own business
I'm here to express my opinion about this Malicious fanboy and his studio who has been talking crap about PS brand for 2 generations , if you haven't read his old tweets sir YOU MISS A LOT , he is been very negative and aggressive about Sony , every time he got asked about PS brand stuff he get mads for no freaking reason , while if others asked him about Nintendo / M$ he will play the innocent card in front of them , the... #16.1.2
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Kamiya , Aside from all the loses the company has been suffered , you came out of nowhere to say this nonsense
WTF is wrong with this studio , I swear they are living in some conspiracy theory i don't know about , they are always ALWAYS an Anti-Sony studio for no freaking reason and they didn't say anything positive about the PS brand for once of their lives since they were Clover Studio , I DARE YOU to talk negative about M$ , You can't ?
Of course you can't y... #16
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B2P / F2P or let it die if it has subscriptions #7
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A dictatorship becomes a great leader , are you people lose your minds !
President of the world !???
What is wrong with people these days
LightDiego , i swear there's something really wrong with your brain , your opinions always comes out of nowhere and its not even funny , its stupid #5.1
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Yo Septic , Your showing your bias by flagging xHeavYx into "trolling"
Does facts hurts your brain "MOD" ! #1.5
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I agree with you

Keep in mind that the one who disagrees with comments is gantarat #6.3
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